Our Fantasy

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This if for my IM buddy. Hope you like it.


My flight landed in Florida in the early afternoon. I’m so excited. Not only to meet you, but at the idea of all the things you’ll do to me, all the things we talked about online.

You pick me up at the airport and we just grin at each other like kids, all the way to your car. You put my suitcase in your trunk and steal a quick kiss while the trunk’s up, giving us a little privacy. I love having your big body so close, finally, and I can feel my panties getting damp.

You open the passenger door for me, like a gentleman, then quickly jog over to the drivers’ side and jump in. Pretty soon, we’re on the highway and you’re telling me about the hotel room you booked for us. I just smile. As long as there’s a nice big bed, I really don’t care about the rest of it.

While you’re talking to me, I sit quietly, listening. I reach a hand out and place it on your knee. Your leg jerks a little at my touch and I know you’re as wound up as I am. My smile turns into a wicked grin, and I let my hand slide up to the top of your thigh, the tips of my fingers brushing your fly.

We stop at a light and you slide your hand over my knee, pushing my skirt up a little. Suddenly, the light changes and you reluctantly turn your attention back to the road, but I can see your eyes darting back to my skirt. I decide to have some fun. Placing my hand flat on my thigh, I slowly pull my skirt up with my fingers. Inch by inch my skirt goes higher and higher up my leg and you can start to see my stockings, then the beginning of my garter belt straps. You let out a sigh as I pull the side of my skirt all the way up, so you can see my black lace panties.

I mention, laughing, that you’re going too fast on the highway and you make an effort to slow down, your eyes still glancing at my lap. Deciding that I’m over doing things, I tug my skirt back down. You groan in protest, but I just laugh, promising that you’ll get the full view soon enough.

Ten minutes later, you pull the car into the parking lot of a well know, modest, hotel. You already checked in, so we could go straight to the room. You can’t get my suitcase out of the trunk fast enough and we practically run into the lobby, heading straight to the elevator.

We jump to the back of the elevator as it quickly feels up with people. I’m standing so close; I’m practically plastered to your side. I feel your large hand on my ass, feel you give me a gentle little squeeze, and I feel a shudder course through me. My lips are pressed together, trying not to draw attention to us, as you push a finger between my ass cheeks. I look up at you and you wink. I can tell from the look in your eyes that you’re going to have your way with me the second we get into istanbul escort the room, and I feel a bolt of excitement.

Finally, the elevator stops at our floor and we rush off, walking quickly down the hall to our room. The minute the door closes, you push me against the wall, but you don’t kiss me. You just use your body to push me against the wall, letting me feel the bulge in your jeans pressing against my stomach.

I try to kiss you, but you spin me around so I’m facing the wall. Now you’re pressing in between my ass cheeks and I can feel my body pushing against you, trying to get closer. Your hands close over my breasts, squeezing them and pinching my nipples while you kiss my neck, gently biting my earlobe. “Oh God,” I let out on a sigh. I try to turn around, but you won’t let me.

You grab my wrists and, holding my arms behind me, forcibly walking me into the bathroom, stopping in front of the sink. You let go of my wrists and order me to take off my blouse and bra. I try to do what you tell me, but my hands are shaking so bad from excitement, that I keep fumbling with the buttons of my silk blouse. You slap my ass, telling me to hurry up, but that only makes my shaking worse. Getting impatient, you rip my blouse off and tell me to hurry up and remove my bra, which I quickly do.

We’re staring at each other in the mirror and you smile as I remove my bra, my large breast popping free, the nipples already hard as pebbles. You reach both hands around and start fondling and pinching my nipples, pressing against my back, pinning me between you and the sink. I can feel your erection pushing against my ass crack, trying to burst free of your jeans, and another shudder runs through my body. You feel it, and start to laugh. When we talked on the internet, I told you how much I love anal sex and, feeling me shake, you know how turned on I am and why.

You grab my arm and spin me around, pushing me until I’m sitting on the lowered toilet seat. You reach down and lower your fly, freeing your penis. You chuckle as you watch my eyes take in the long length of you. Instinctively, I lick my lips, and that sets you off. You grab the back of my head and push my face into your dick. I know what you want, so I start licking you. I take my time, running the tip of my tongue down the front, glide it over the head, then run it up the underside of your penis. You let out a sigh, so I repeat this a few times.

Soon, you want more, and growl at me to go down on you. I start to slowly lower my mouth over you, using my hand to guide you in. I get about halfway before you grab the back of my head and shove yourself in the rest of the way. I gag a little at first, but quickly relax and deep avcılar escort throat you, rubbing my hands over your balls, squeezing a little.

After a few minutes, you pull out and yank me up off the toilet seat. I feel your incredibly large hands clamp down on my waist, and then you’re lifting me up, setting me on the edge of the sink. I grab the edge of the sink, holding on, but you order me to pull my skirt up. I quickly do what you ask; pulling my skirt up until it’s bunched around my waist, giving you a clear view of my garter belt and panties. Your hand shoots out and grabs the crotch of my panties, ripping them off with one quick tug. I gasp in surprise and my hands clamp back down on the edge of the sink, trying to keep myself from falling off the edge.

You tell me to sit still and I watch, wide eyed, as you undress. Next thing I know, your standing between my legs, your penis reaching out towards me. You grab my hips and pull me forward so my ass is perched right on the edge of the sink. I’m starting to really shake now. I’m so turned on; I’m surprised I’m not dripping all over the floor. All I can do is stare, transfixed, as you use your hand to guide yourself until the head of your penis is pressing at my entrance. I can feel the tip right there, and groan with need.

I feel your hands on my hips again and I get ready to feel you slide into me. I scream as you shove into me with one fast stroke, my hands automatically reaching for your shoulders to steady myself. I can feel you, thick and long, buried deep inside me. I can feel the walls of my pussy relax a little, getting use to your large size. I start to wrap my legs around you, but you tell me not to. You want me wide open, spread as wide as I can. You tell me to use my hands to hold myself open.

I do what you tell me, leaning back against the mirror. I pull my feet up so they’re flat on the sink counter and grab my ankles, trying hard to keep my legs as open as possible. Your hands slide back to grab my ass. The feel of your fingers biting into me makes me jump forward a little, pushing even tighter against you. Holding on tight, you start to slowly pull out, stop just at the tip, and then slam back into me. You do this a few times, then pretty soon your slamming in and out of me, pounding my pussy. I can feel my vaginal muscles clenching and unclenching around your hard length as you piston in and out of me, faster and faster. My hips are bucking wildly against you and, for a brief minute, I wonder if I’ll fall off the sink. I’m gasping for air, getting louder and louder, begging you to fuck me hard. Finally, you slam into me and stay buried, your hips jerking against me, mine meeting your every thrust. I can feel the pressure building to an şirinevler escort almost unbearable level. I’m moaning and screaming your name, then suddenly, our bodies jerk tight against each other and I feel my orgasm break loose, my whole body shaking. I can feel you cum, your sperm shooting into me in fast, hot spurts.

Finally, we collapse, you leaning over me, pushing me further into the mirror. Slowly, our bodies calm down and I wrap my legs around your waist as you pick me up, pulling me against you. You carry me to the bed and we fall onto the mattress. As we lay there, our hands gentle caressing each other, I can feel you getting hard again, still inside me.

Pretty soon, your mouth is sucking my tit and one hand is pinching and rolling my other nipple between your fingers. I’m getting excited again and I start to buck against you, slowly at first. As we start to pick up speed, you jerk away from me, standing up at the foot of the bed. I can see your penis jutting straight out and know you’re more than ready to go another round, but I’m confused as to why you pulled away. I yelp as you suddenly grab my ankles, flip me over onto my stomach, and then quickly drag me back towards you. I can feel my legs clear the bed. When my pussy is right at the edge of the bed, you let go of my ankles, letting my legs drop to the floor, then quickly settle in behind me.

I feel you pressing against my rosebud and I know exactly what you’re about to do. You slam into me again and I scream, feeling some pain at the sudden invasion. You hold still, giving my body a minute to relax. I feel my muscles slowly accommodate you and I relax a little. I feel a tingle between my legs; feel my stomach quiver, and my heart leaps, excited by feeling you fill me up, stretching me.

Feeling me relax, you start bucking against me. You don’t start out slow this time. Faster and faster you slam against me. I slide a hand under myself and start to quickly rub against my clit. You reach around and push two fingers inside me, matching the rhythm of your fingers to your penis as you butt fuck me.

The pressure inside me builds so fast; I’m trying to hold my orgasm off, wanting to feel you cum at the same time. I tell you I’m waiting for you and you grunt at me that you’re almost there too. Now, I’m grabbing the sheets with both hands as your fingers disappear from inside my pussy. Your hand moves back so your holding my hips in both hands, and your speed picks up. I can feel you rock hard inside me and start to scream as my orgasm breaks. Seconds later, I feel you cumming, slamming against my ass. We’re both so loud we wouldn’t even hear a gun shot.

You shoot your load into my ass, and then collapse on top of me. I love having your weight against me, but it’s getting hard to breath, so I try to push you off to the side. Taking the hint, you pull out and fall down on the bed, pulling me up with you. I turn on my side so my back is against your chest. You curl your arm around my waist and pull me against you. We fall asleep together, both needing to recharge before we go again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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