Orange County Cheer Squad Ch. 01

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Monday seemed different for Cody Carlyle. The previous Friday he’d been just another new kid at school, albeit one with dreams of playing big-time college football but a new kid nonetheless. He had found himself self conscious of his Oklahoma twang in his new West Coast setting, and the old pickup truck he drove to school only helped him feel out of place.

What a difference a weekend made-Cody was no longer an anonymous transfer student, he wasn’t even “the big guy from Oklahoma” anymore. He’d emerged into a household name amongst the halls of Mission Vista High School, suddenly saddled with a reputation of being the next big thing to come out of Orange County. His performance on Friday night had made him a star, someone people wanted to know.

At lunch the attention came to a head. As he walked out to his truck to leave off-campus, he heard a feminine voice calling out. Cody wasn’t entirely sure if he was the intended recipient, so he continued walking only to hear her shouts continue. He paused long enough to see a pretty red-haired girl now approaching him at a brisk jog, books in hand and backpack cinched on her back. Cody recognized her almost immediately, from the sidelines at Friday’s game and from the morning pep rally the day of the game. Her name was Jacqueline, and she was head cheerleader. The towering young man stopped, his attention turned to the attractive girl as her jog slowed to a walk as it became apparent that Cody had acknowledged her.

“Hey there!” the young redhead said to him cheerfully. “How you doing?”

“Pretty good,” Cody responded briefly, back to being self conscious of his accent.

“Oh I’m sorry,” Jacqueline continued, acting as if she was embarrassed of her manners but clearly not. “My name’s Jacqueline, and I just wanted to let you know that you were awesome on Friday night!”

“Why thanks,” Cody answered, curious as to where this conversation was going. “I saw ya cheering a bit on Friday too…you’re pretty great too.”

“You mean you actually paid attention to us cheering,” the redhead said, her response again veiled in false astonishment. “I didn’t think anyone actually watched us!”

Jacqueline then took Cody’s hand in hers, encouraging his massive palm to engulf her slender features and walked with him.

“So Cody, I was wondering if you could do me a favor,” Jacqueline propositioned.

“Well, I should have known you weren’t just being nice,” Cody responded cynically, almost set to dismiss the cheerleader right then.

“Oh no it’s nothing like that, in fact I think you’ll really like what I have in mind,” Jacqueline said, doing her best to reason with him. “You see, here at Mission Vista us cheerleaders have a tradition…we pick one senior football player each year and show them how much we appreciate what they do for our school. As head cheerleader I get to pick who this year’s senior is, and I was hoping you’d give us the honor of being our man for the year.”

This seemed to put Cody at ease; the cheerleaders had always done stuff back in Oklahoma to show their appreciation for the football players, usually baked them desserts, decorated their lockers, or helped out at the annual preseason and postseason banquets. sarıyer escort It seemed slightly odd to him that such was offered to only one senior, but he figured it was just a California thing.

“Well Jacqueline, I definitely think that’s something I could do for ya guys,” Cody answered. “In fact I’d be honored.”

“Awesome! I’m glad to hear that!” the perky redhead said, looking up at Cody with her blue eyes. “Does that mean I can be the first to show my appreciation?”

“What did ya have in mind?”

“Nothing too big,” Jacqueline responded, her voice now hinting a tone of pseudo-timidness. “If it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle, I’d really like it if you could fuck my brains out.”

Cody was immediately taken aback by the response and wasn’t sure what to do; standing in front of him was easily one of the sexiest women he had ever seen, and the fact that she was offering herself to him was definitely seemed to good to be true.

“Are you serious?” Cody probed. “How do I know you’re not trying to set me up?”

“Like I said we have a tradition here,” Jacqueline explained. “We select exactly 15 seniors to the cheer squad every day, one for each day of the school week. One senior gets to have his way with each of us over three weeks, and at the end he gets to decide which of us he wants to keep for his personal use the rest of the year. That’s our way of showing our appreciation.”

Cody was still skeptical, but it was visible to Jacqueline that he had come around; every senior class since she had been there said it took little convincing to get a guy on board with fucking 15 gorgeous cheerleaders. Her hand still in his, she guided him towards a destination.

“The dance classroom is available at this time every day; we’ll go there.”

Once they arrived at the classroom, Jacqueline guided Cody in and locked the door behind them. It was your standard dance room-wood floors, mirrors, and completely empty minus a single chair and blanket in the middle.

“I came prepared,” Jacqueline said with a mischievous grin, walking Cody towards the chair and sitting him down in it. She stepped away from him so he could get a better look at her, to which he did intently.

He committed every detail to his memory: her red hair that cascaded in natural waves several inches beneath her shoulders. Her sultry blue eyes that radiated a mixture of playful mischievousness and sadness. The navy button-up blouse that covered what he imagined to be a tight, toned torso. The blue and green plaid skirt that allowed her to proudly display her well-toned legs to the world. After turning around to face Cody Jacqueline grabbed at the bottom button of her blouse, undoing each button before sliding her top off of her shoulders and revealing a purple lace bra that concealed her perky breasts. Jacqueline’s body had yet to disappoint Cody; she had the feminine tone and definition one would suspect from a dancer, and her porcelain-white skin put off a sense of innocence that belied the current circumstances. Cody felt his member grow rigid in his jeans, and was engulfed with desire for the girl standing in front of him.

“You like what esenyurt escort you see so far?” Jacqueline asked, standing over the young linebacker as she unbuttoned his plaid shirt.

“I do,” Cody said, placing his hands on the redhead’s slender waist and sliding them around to rest on her firm yet ample bottom. “Why don’t ya show me what type of panties you’re wearing?”

Jacqueline eagerly obliged her lover’s request, allowing her fingers to leave Cody’s shirt buttons in favor of unclasping her skirt to reveal a pair of lace boyshorts the same color as her bra. Cody pushed the shorts down the cheerleader’s body, slowly tracing the length of Jacqueline’s athletic legs while doing so. As the shorts fell to her ankles Jacqueline stepped out of them, and Cody noticed a visible droplets of moisture clinging to the fiery curls that covered her slit. Jacqueline smiled at her lover as she took one of his hands, placing his pointer finger in her mouth and suckling on it.

“Does that feel good?”

Cody nodded his head to the redhead’s question.

“Well imagine that, times a thousand, and on your dick. That’s my pussy.”

The redhead then reached around her back to unclip her bra and threw it aside; once the bra fell to the ground Cody started working over Jacqueline’s young, pink nipples, alternating between soft kisses and impassioned suckling.

“Ooooohhhhh fuck!” the young, red-haired cheerleader cried in passion, completely engulfed by her sexual arousal. She put her hands on his dirty blond hair, cupping his head as he furiously sucked her hardened, puckered nipples. “You’re getting me so hot baby!”

With his mouth still busy with her breasts Cody placed one of his hands between Jacqueline’s legs, rubbing her slippery slit and pressing on her engorged clit with his thumb. Jacqueline’s impassioned screams seemed to grow in intensity, and Cody moved his mouth down from her breasts to the toned abs surrounding her pierced navel, then closer and closer to the triangular junction of red curls where her soaking-wet pussy lied.

“You better get up from there if you want any of this,” Jacqueline warned just before he began to slurp at her pussy. “I need you to fuck me with your big dick now.”

Not needing to be told twice, Cody stood to his feet and removed his shirt, revealing to the sweat-soaked redhead a pair of massive pecs and a chiseled, washboard stomach. He dropped his pants to the ground, unleashing his rigid nine-inch cock, and sat down on the chair. Jacqueline wasted little time straddling his lap, impaling her pussy on his monstrous rod. She kissed him passionately as she felt his dick bottom-out inside her, then began sliding herself up and down on hardened maleness.

“Oh! God! Yes!” Jacqueline squealed in delight as she felt Cody’s 18-year old member work inside her. “This is so great baby…you’re gonna make me cum.”

The same thought ran through Cody’s head as he felt himself slip and slide inside of Jacqueline’s tight, warm pussy, the walls of her femininity gripping his maleness as they worked each other towards climax. Cody was amazed at how great Jacqueline was at what she was doing, and expressed his amazement avrupa yakası escort aloud.

“Damn your pussy’s tight,” he grumbled, cupping Jacqueline’s tight butt in his hands as she bounced up and down. “I love watching you work.”

After continuing in their current position for several minutes, Jacqueline removed herself from Cody’s member, moving to the blanket and getting on all fours in front of her lover. Cody followed almost immediately, forcefully thrusting his cock inside Jacqueline’s soaked pussy as his large hands grasped the redhead’s breasts and massaged them. Jacqueline worked her pelvis in unison with Cody’s strong, forceful thrusts, and expertly contracted the muscles of her pussy around his throbbing cock, bringing her young lover extraordinary pleasure and taking joy in knowing that she was the best fuck in Orange County.

Cody’s semen-filled balls bounced off Jacqueline’s ample bottom as he wondered how their screams and the aroma of sweaty sex hadn’t been noticed in the neighboring class rooms, when it dawned on him that this tradition was so entrenched in the school’s culture that at some level it was not only accepted but encouraged. He couldn’t help but think that Jacqueline had spent the entirety of her young adulthood preparing for this, and that this afternoon of passion was the crowning achievement of her dedication. During a pause from their primal lovemaking, Jacqueline provided Cody with her final instructions.

“Lay me on my back,” the sultry redhead cooed as the powerful man behind her softly kissed her neck. “I want to look into your eyes as we cum.”

Once again Cody pulled out of Jacqueline and she assumed a new position, this time lying on her back with her legs bent at the knee and spread for her lover’s pending re-entry. The blanket they were on was now soaked in the nectar of Jacqueline’s pussy, and both of their bodies glistened in sweat as Cody thrusted his cock inside his cheerleader slut for their final climax.

Cody first worked slowly inside Jacqueline, making deep and drawn-out thrusts inside her pussy. Jacqueline moaned in orgasmic delight, cooing a series of “fuck mes” and “don’t stops” as she felt the pressure of his swollen cock fill her pussy. Then, Cody sped up his thrusts, making brief, shallow plunges in her and then switching back to the deep, slow thrusts he had used just moments before. Both loudly voiced their pleasure as each was on the brink of earth-shattering orgasm.

“Here it comes girl,” Cody groaned while watching Jacqueline’s blue eyes get bigger in anticipation of her pending climax.

“Eh…uh…oh…uh,” Jacqueline grunted loudly as she was being fucked. “That’s it, I’m right there baby…FUCK ME!!”

Suddenly Jacqueline’s pussy tensed up, and Cody’s thrusts went from long and drawn out to short motions where he never left the redhead’s pussy. After a couple of these efficient thrusts the horny cheerleader unleashed a loud, uncontrollable scream in response to her pleasure; it wasn’t long after this until Cody felt his seed exploding from his cock, overflowing Jacqueline’s pussy with his thick cum and feeling his hardened maleness twitch with every ejaculation, the last twitch coming over a minute after the first. Physically spent, the two young lovers lied still on the sex-soaked blanket.

“That was unreal,” Cody told Jacqueline as he got dressed, still in a daze from the ecstasy she brought upon him. “You really know how to please a guy.”

“If you thought that was great,” Jacqueline responded. “Wait until you have Alaina.”

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