Opposite Worlds Ch. 04

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As always:

Thanks to “Alpineskier” for editing.

Thanks to “Doc” for story ideas.

All characters involved in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age. (So get your mind out of the gutter!)

Chapter 4: Reconciliation

Tim and Mae believed their son’s story and was confident he did not switch Chelsea’s pills. He spoke clear and concise and with conviction as he recalled every aspect that occurred between him and Chelsea, even the details that were sexual in nature. That didn’t sit too well with Mae, but she also believed him when he said they had not had intercourse. The recount of an altercation with a girl named Tiffany right before their son made a public display of affection to Chelsea stuck with them the most. Jason said it appeared “heated.”

The next morning, Mae was up early. She couldn’t sleep. Mae quietly got out of bed and checked on Jason. He was still lying on his stomach, sprawled out above the covers, still in his slacks and dress shirt, eyes open. He looked like he just came home drunk from a party.

“Honey, do you want to take a shower and then come downstairs? I’ll make you some blueberry pancakes.” Mae paused, hoping for a response. “Honey, would you like something else? Anything?” Mae literally meant anything. She would’ve bought him his dream car, the Delorean from the Back to the Future movies if he would’ve asked.

All Jason did was flip his head so he wasn’t facing her anymore. It broke Mae’s heart to view her son this way. He was always so strong and confident. At that point, what mother wouldn’t try to fix the pain her son was feeling? She took a deep breath, now determined. She silently snuck back into her room and got dressed. She went downstairs and grabbed the keys to Chelsea’s Beetle and went off, first she got a dozen donuts and coffee, then drove to Chelsea’s house. One more deep breath and Mae pushed the doorbell. After a minute, she pushed it again.

Janet yelled from upstairs. “Just a moment!” She made her way downstairs, muttering to herself. “This had better be important for 7:15 AM on a Saturday.” Janet opened the door to a smiling Mae Akers. “Mrs. Akers, what do you want?” The annoyance was apparent in her voice.

“I would like to talk to you about our children.”

“I’m still suing your son.”

“I brought coffee, donuts, and your daughter’s car.” Mae lifted the coffee to show the keys were in the cup holder.

“Just you here?” Janet looked past Mae.

“Yes, just me.”

“Alright, come on in. and give me one of those coffees.”

The two mothers sat at the kitchen table while Chelsea snuck downstairs so she could here every word, knowing very well her relationship with Jason could hang in the balance of this very conversation.

“Miss Pollack, I understand you do not know Jason, in fact never even met him, but he didn’t switch those pills.”

“Mrs. Akers, if that is all you’re going to say is that he is innocent, we are done here.” Janet said harshly.

“I wasn’t finished. I’ll just skip ahead to what Jason told me.” Mae took a sip of coffee. “Jason told me everything that happened between the two of them this past week, and I mean everything”.

Chelsea cringed when she heard Mrs. Akers emphasize the second everything.

Mae continued. “One particular incident occurred Tuesday. Jason saw Chelsea come into the cafeteria and the two acknowledged each other. Tell me, do you know a girl named Tiffany Prater?”

“Yes, she is one of Chelsea’s friends. Why?”

“Well, apparently, she and Chelsea got into a heated debate in front of all the students. After which, as Chelsea came towards my son, the entire time Chelsea kept looking back at Tiffany and she would signal for Chelsea to keep going.”

“So what’s your point, Mrs. Akers?” Janet was wondering where this was going.

“My point is whatever this Tiffany girl wanted bakırköy escort to happen, didn’t, because Jason stood up and hugged your daughter and convinced her not to.” Mae had a tone of defiance. “I believe your daughter is a victim for standing up against some asinine peer pressure stunt in which my son was the target.”

“It’s true, Mom.” Chelsea ran into the kitchen and landed on her mom, crying. “She wanted me to throw my lunch at him because I was seen with him the night before. After I didn’t do it, she said I was so dead. Please Mom, let me see Jason again. He didn’t do it.” The tears were cascading down her face without end.

Janet was surprised at first, but the compassion overtook her as she returned her daughter’s embrace. After Chelsea’s tears subsided, Janet pushed her up, but still had her hands on Chelsea’s shoulders and their eyes locked. “Chelsea, is this who you really want?” Janet asked in a soft tone.

“Oh yes, Mom, we love each other and you should see how he looks at me and treats me. He’s a gentleman and more mature than any other boy I’ve been with.”

“I’m a little worried that you say you love him already. I’m afraid your judgment may be clouded. Its only been a week.”

“Mom, I thought I’ve been in love before with Dave and we had gone out for a while. This is totally different. I’ve never felt this way about anybody before. I know it’s love.”

“For my son, it hasn’t been a week. It’s been four years, Miss Pollack.” Mae added with a smile. “Ever since he met her in 8th grade and she gave him a can of Silly String.”

“Four years?” Janet peered at Mae in disbelief.

Mae nodded.

Janet turned to Chelsea. “Alright Chelsea, you can see him again.”

Chelsea jumped back onto her mother’s body. “Hey, I’m not done, there is one condition that has to be fulfilled.”

“Anything, Mom, anything.” Chelsea had a beaming smile as she stood up.

“I meet him.”

“Okay. Can I go get him now?”

“It’s still kind of early, Chelsea.” Janet grabbed her hand.

“How about this?” Mae offered. “Let her take me home and my husband and I will watch them for a couple hours and have breakfast. I’ll call you when I send them back to you. They’ll only be alone for the short trip from my place to yours. Would that be acceptable to you, Miss Pollack?”

Janet considered the arrangement as looked at her daughter. Chelsea was biting her lower lip in anticipation. “I suppose that will be fine. It will give me a chance to get a shower.”

The impact of Chelsea’s embrace was hard. “Thanks, Mom.” She then pulled back. “Are you ready Mrs. Akers?”

“I told you, call me Mae, and don’t you think you should get dressed first? You’re still in your nightgown.”

“Oh, yeah. I’ll be back down in a minute.” Chelsea gave a small chuckle and darted upstairs.

“Miss Pollack, let’s start over.” Mae extended her hand. “Hello, I’m Mae Akers.”

Almost as soon as Chelsea was gone, she come running back downstairs. “I’m ready Mrs. Akers. Bye Mom!” And she went out the front door.

The little bug backed out the driveway and headed for the Akers house.

“I know you’re excited Chelsea, but maybe I should drive.”

Chelsea glanced at the speedometer and immediately slowed down. “Sorry ma’am. I really miss Jason.”

“That’s alright, and one other thing while we’re alone.” The car stopped in front of the Akers home.

“What’s that ma’am?”

“No more oral sex and driving at the same time. I don’t want you two to get in an accident. I know it wasn’t one of my husband’s rules, but I don’t assume you thought it was a possibility.”

Chelsea blushed. “I apologize. Um, it won’t, uh…”

“I know Chelsea, now what are you waiting for? He’s probably still in his room.”

“Thanks Mrs. Akers. See you inside.”

Chelsea ran into Jason’s room and dove beşiktaş escort onto him. “Oh Baby, I missed you.”

Jason turned his head. “Beautiful, is that you? Am I dreaming?”

“It’s really me. I’m here Baby.”

Jason rolled onto his back and the couple embraced and kissed each other, content to spend eternity in each others arms.

“What’s all that racket out here?” Tim dragged himself out of bed at the commotion.

Mae put her finger to her lips and waved her husband to the doorway of her son. Tim put his arm around his wife as they watched the two teens display their love for each other. Tim kissed Mae. “I’ll make breakfast today. It looks like you already had a busy morning.” Mae patted his hand as Tim headed for the kitchen.

“Baby, I love you.”

“I love you too, Beautiful.”

“Good, now I’m going downstairs and let you take a shower, because Baby, you are ripe. Do you have a rotten egg under your pillow?” Chelsea flashed a big smile.

“There’s that straight forward honesty I missed.” Jason kissed Chelsea again. “I’ll be with you in a minute.”


After they were pulled apart the prior night, the young couple was determined to make up for the loss of their date night by being attached to the others hip for the rest of the day. Chelsea was amazed how she was being treated at breakfast, despite Mr. and Mrs. Akers knowing about her sexual episodes with their son. They treated her as if she was family, even Jessica was happy to see her.

Afterwards, the pair went to the Pollack home so Jason could meet Janet. Jason was petrified. He saw how vehemently she loathed him last night and just being in the vicinity of her almost made him pee his pants. Normally a confident person, last night taught him he had one legitimate fear, losing Chelsea. And this woman could cause that.

Janet was impressed with Jason, first when he pulled out a chair for her and her daughter, but most importantly of how he spoke so warmly about Chelsea. He told the tale of his first meeting her, him falling in love, and some of the events of the past week. He even explained how frightened he was during her daughter’s seizure.

Then it was Janet’s turn to voice her concerns. She realized no one could prove or disprove who did it. If she found out it was him, she would go after him personally. But she trusts her daughter and she believed in his innocence. Then there was the issue of sex and pregnancy. She had Phillip when she was 18 and only with the help of her family did she make it. It was extremely difficult for everyone involved. She just wanted them to be careful.

Jason’s responses to her statements sealed her view of the young man. He spoke passionately about protecting Chelsea from harm and openly about future goals and how they included Chelsea and her dreams, and his understanding of how starting a family would hinder them. By the end of the conversation, Janet realized one more thing; Jason’s hand seemed unable to separate from Chelsea’s hand. With that, Janet gave her blessing. Smiles erupted on the couple’s faces and they gave each other a quick kiss. Jason appeared grounded with a firm grasp of reality versus Chelsea’s wild and spontaneous personality. He would be good for her. Maybe you can be in love after a week. At that moment, Janet had a hint of envy for her daughter. Ah, to be young and in love.


Later that evening, Chelsea was cuddled up to Jason on the couch at his house. The two were watching a movie in the dark with the rest of his family. After the horror of yesterday, today was perfect. Chelsea leaned up and kissed Jason on the cheek.

“We had our date, so now your friend down there is mine.” Chelsea looked down, grabbed his bulge, and seemed to finish by talking to it. “Is that okay with you, Baby?”

Jason’s eyes went wide, hoping none of his family beylikdüzü escort were watching what was transpiring in his lap. His dick was becoming alive.

“Ooh, that’s a yes.” Chelsea chuckled softly.” Save it for tomorrow, my mom always goes shopping on Sundays.” Chelsea then kissed him on the cheek and went back to cuddling.

Jason shook his head and whispered. “Why do you always do something like that in front of my parents?”

“It’s because you’re so confident, I feel it is my job as your girlfriend to keep you on your toes.” Chelsea beamed a smile.

Jason arrived at the Pollack house Sunday morning. He wanted to cook breakfast for Chelsea and her Mom. It pained him that Miss Pollack still viewed him as a suspect in switching Chelsea’s pills. He would never hurt Chelsea, and now he felt he had to prove it.

After breakfast, the three watched some TV before Janet announced she had some errands to run.

“Alright you two, be good.”

“Bye Mom, we will.”

The door shut. The couple stayed on the couch until they heard Janet’s car leave.

Chelsea pulled Jason up and gave her lustful smile. “You heard her, you better be good.”

“I don’t think that’s what your mom meant.” Jason’s arm began to hurt a little at being dragged upstairs.

Once in her room, Chelsea and Jason locked lips. Intermittently, the kiss would be broken to remove an article of clothing before being drawn together again. Once nude, Chelsea backed Jason up until his legs hit the bed and he fell on it. She pushed him down and straddled his face. She bent over and took all of him inside her mouth and down her throat in one movement. She began bobbing her head slowly.

Jason was better than most novices, but there was definitely room for improvement. After a few suggestions by Chelsea, he proved to be a quick learner, and was building her up rapidly. Jason began sucking on her clit as his fingers penetrated her depths.

“Holy shit, Baby. I’m cumming!” Chelsea exploded and Jason lapped up her sweet nectar, not wanting to miss a drop.

Once she calmed down, she crawled up next to Jason. “Baby, since this is your first time, how do you want me?”

Jason answered honestly. “It doesn’t matter. I just need you.” Jason began kneading her breasts.

“Well here, let me do all the work this time.” Chelsea put a condom on Jason and then lined his cock up with her pussy. “Ready Baby?”

Jason nodded.

Chelsea lowered herself slowly upon Jason, allowing both of them to savor the moment. Soon she was completely impaled on him. “Oh, wow, I feel so full right now.” Chelsea fought the need to ride him hard, remembering Jason wanted to make love.

Slowly, she began rocking into him, developing a rhythm. Jason caressed her tits lovingly and started lightly pinching her nipples as he matched Chelsea’s motions by thrusting back into her. Chelsea swayed her hips with a circular action. Jason took on hand and played with her clit. With this, Chelsea started going hard. Going all the way up until just his tip was left in her, and then slamming all the way down. When she bottomed out, she ground into him.

“Beautiful?” Jason moaned out.

“Yeah.” Grunt. “Baby.”

“Sorry if I hurt you.”

“What? You’re not hurting… Whoa.”

Jason grabbed Chelsea’s hips and flipped her, sending her back to the bed with him on top. Chelsea’s head came mere inches from the headboard. Jason re-entered her and began to piston hard and with fury. Chelsea couldn’t catch her breath as every penetrating thrust caused a small orgasm, building towards that massive wave of ecstasy.

“Oh Beautiful, I’m almost there.”

“Me too, Baby.”

Suddenly, both their screams filled the air and Jason collapsed on top of Chelsea.

After a few minutes, Jason whispered, “Beautiful, that was perfect. Thank you.” Jason looked at her that way again.

Chelsea, though experienced, now understood what Jason meant about the enhanced pleasure a connection of a relationship added to the act. “My mom only said to be good, but Baby, you were phenomenal. But if you keep staring at me like that, you better be prepared to go again.”

Next Chapter: Betrayal

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