One Night of Lust

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I arrive at the airport, seeing you as I get out of the baggage claim area, and I smile at you a little tiredly. We kiss softly before going out and hailing a cab to our hotel. We arrive at the hotel and check in, going up to our room. We take turns checking emails and other messages while we each have a shower to recover from our respective flights. Once we are both showered, we sit and talk for hours, sharing of ourselves and marvelling at the fact that we are finally together in person.

We get dressed and go to dinner and a movie, trying to ease the nervousness we both feel over the meeting, but slowly getting more comfortable with the real instead of virtual encounter. Dinner passes quickly in conversation but we miss most of the movie between kisses and long looks. By the time we get back to the hotel, we are barely noticing anything around us, merely eager to get back to our room. We kiss deeply the moment we get into the room, our hands roaming each others bodies.

We stop kissing enough to catch our breaths, and find we are down to only a few pieces of clothing each. You put your hand on my chest, stopping me from coming closer, and you pick up one of your bags, taking it into the bathroom and locking the door behind you. I order something for us to drink and a little snack for later, and wait impatiently sitting on the edge of the bed for you to join me. After what seems like an eternity I hear the door open and look up to see you emerge from the bathroom.

You are wearing far less clothing, but a much more alluring selection than your dress. For a top you have a short black camisole, while a pair of black sheer panties is the only clothing below the waist. Your hair looks amazing, completing the most stunning, sexiest look I have ever seen, only made more amazing by your beauty. I am nearly speechless, only being able to emit a soft “Wow…” as you give me a twirl to show off your outfit and body.

I watch you, speechless, as you walk over to me. My paralysis ends when you get down on your knees to look at me eye level, kissing me deeply, passionately. I return the kiss with as much or more fire, moving my hands over the silken material. My hands move over your back and then down to your ass where I squeeze a little and earn a moan into my mouth. I eventually move my hands between us, brushing over your clit as they move up, then resting on your breasts, letting my fingers run in circles of varying sizes, over your skin.

Here and there my fingers brush across your nipples with a fingernail, until your nipples are hard and perfectly sensitive. As I break away from the kiss, you look at me sadly, but you moan loudly as I move my mouth down to your left nipple. I suck it into my mouth, cloth and all, and use the silk’s rough nature when wet to my advantage to stimulate your nipple even more so. You run your fingers through my hair; grabbing small bunches when you are hit with a spike of pleasure, trying to keep yourself from moaning too loudly.

I move over to your other nipple, satisfied your left cannot get any more sensitive. This one I lick roughly, and kiss around, not wanting to yet suck it into my mouth. I look up at you, and see your head thrown back in pleasure. Wanting you to look at me, I stop and it takes only a moment for you to notice halkalı escort the lack of pleasure. You look down, and that is when I suck the nipple into my mouth, and nibble gently at it.

You swear softly under your breath and stagger. I wrap my arms around you and swiftly turn our bodies so you are the one on the bed. With your nipple still in my mouth, being licked, sucked, and nibbled, I begin to run my hands slowly, softly up from your ankle, starting with the left. As the soft touch of finger tips and nails reaches your knee, you begin to shift your lower body trying to subconsciously move your pussy toward the edge of the bed, closer to my fingers.

I begin to move even slower, but take one hand away to begin on the other leg. Happy that your nipples cannot get any harder or more sensitive, I give each a kiss, and move my mouth back to yours. You kiss me as if I was the last drop of water on earth, drinking me up and holding me tight. You wrap your legs around me, pulling me tight to you, and groan in frustration as you realize you can barely feel me through my pants. You reach down, running your hand along the length of my cock and moan.

You move your hands to the belt, trying to undo it, and I take the hand that is nearly at your pussy on the left side and hold your hands so you cannot. You look at me questioning, the lust clear and strong in your eyes, and I whisper ‘one piece for one piece’ to you. I lift my shirt off, leaving me with only pants and underwear left, then smile down at you with lust in my eyes.

You almost tear off your Camisole in your rush to pull it off, and then move back to my pants. This time I let you undo my pants and stand up to allow my pants to fall to the floor. You stretch your hand out once again for my cock, but I move to stop you, letting my hard cock outlined in my underwear tease you. Once we are both down to one piece each I kiss you, showing you my lust, my desire making you moan. I flick my tongue at yours, showing you what I will do to your clit, and suck the tip of it into my mouth.

I release your mouth, leaving you wanting more, and kiss along your neck, nibbling and nipping here and there. Having lost all desire to take things slow, I quickly kiss and lick my way to your right nipple, and hungrily suck it into my mouth. I tease your nipple as each of my hands massage a breast, only adding to the stimulation. I move to the other, the hand massing your right still moving, massaging, but now squeezing and teasing your nipple as well.

You don’t notice my other missing hand until you feel it moving slowly over the material of your panties, and I smile when I feel how wet they are. You moan as I pinch your clit through your panties, a small convulsion telling me where you want my attention. Your instincts take over as I release your nipple, and you realize where I am going. You try to pull my mouth back up, trying to stop me from what we both want me to do.

I move my mouth up to yours, give you a deep kiss, and then quickly push you back, so you are lying on the bed. I move my mouth down, kissing quickly across your stomach, and only slowing as I reach the top of your panties. I stop for a moment to take in the scent of your taksim escort body, closing my eyes to imagine what I know awaits me. I then open my eyes and begin to lick my way down, over your swollen clit, all the way down to your entrance.

I extend my tongue, moving it slowly and roughly past your clit, my mouth move back up your body, until I reach your breasts, which are falling and rising rapidly with your quickened breath. Sucking for a moment on each nipple, I then finish moving up your body and lay completely on top of you. I press my cock against you through two layers of clothes and kiss you deeply. Your hands, desperate for something to do or hold, move over my back and your nails dig in lightly here and there.

You slowly move our bodies until we are on our sides, relieving the press of my cock pressed so hard and temptingly against you. However, this leaves room for our hands to wander even more. Your hands wander down to my hardness, and you begin massaging my very hard cock. In response, I reach my hands down, and pull your panties up until the fabric is outlining your clit and pressed tight between your lips. You moan as your clit is pressed against the rough material, and then almost scream as I run my fingernails playfully over it. You respond by reaching into my underwear, pulling my cock out, running your fingers over it and getting them covered in precum.

You lick your fingers off, enjoying the taste of my cum, and move your body down. I consider trying to stop you, but as you wrap your lips around the head of my cock, I lose all concentration on anything but holding my release back. You suck at the head, and are rewarded with more precum, which you suck up eagerly. You suck hard on the head until I am moaning, and continue adding to my pleasure by sliding your tongue up and down my length.

After a few minutes you can resist no longer and you put the head in your mouth again. This time you do not stop and instead slide more and more of my cock into your mouth. My head feels like it is going to explode from this much concentration, and I am grasping at whatever I can to take my mind off the growing sensations as you finally get the entire cock deep into your throat.

I feel my control weakening as you slide your mouth up and down my cock and after a minute or two you are rewarded by warm cum shooting into your mouth. You swallow every drop and then lick my cock clean, using just enough sensation that I stay hard. I look down at you and our eyes meet while you give the head of my cock another quick suck, then stand up. With my hard cock between our bodies we embrace and kiss more, this time a little less hurried, but no less passionate.

My hands wander your body, lingering here and there. Your shoulders where I rub and massage them. Your back where I tease playfully across your skin running my nails back and forth. The back of your knees reach the edge of the bed and you stumble a bit, not having realized I was moving you intentionally towards there. You fall softly to the bed and thinking I am asking for more head, you reach out to stroke my still hard cock, which makes me moan, but I reach out to stop you.

This time it is my turn to get onto my knees, and I bring myself down to your şişli escort level. I kiss you again, but this time only briefly, before I begin kissing other places. I kiss your neck, and nip at the skin there, eliciting a low growl from you. I kiss the top of each of your breasts, starting with the left, moving to the right, and then moving around each with petal soft kisses. By the time the kisses reach the center of your left breast, your nipples are hard again, and I have no trouble sucking the nipple into my mouth.

I massage it with my tongue, pressing it somewhat forcibly against my teeth and making you moan softly and then loudly when my touch progresses to a nibble. I move to the other, and do similarly, but spend more time sucking at it, until I am satisfied. I push you gently back, and you fall back with a sigh, kicking your legs gently into the air and making sure they land on either side of me.

I take your right ankle into my hands, stopping it from falling, and preventing you from keeping your head up to look at me. You still try to look up at me and I smile at you, bringing your foot to my lips. I kiss the top of it, and then move my kisses around to the side. I kiss slowly and softly, but lovingly, up your inner leg, stopping when I reach the knee to lick and nip at the back of it. As I move higher and higher your moaning and signs of pleasure grow stronger and stronger, until your hips are gyrating as I kiss within tongue distance of your pussy lips.

I spread your legs and you let me, eager for some attention, but I merely kiss the spot between your legs and your lips. I blow warm air across your wet lips as well as your swollen clit and then move away, causing you to moan loudly and reach out for me. I move quickly out of your reach, however, and take hold of the other foot. I begin once again to kiss from the tip of your foot and kiss slowly up your other leg, along your calf muscle, nipping a bit here and there at the skin.

I keep kissing, slowly moving towards your knee and lift it up to gain access to the back of your knee. I kiss, nip, and lick at it lovingly, giving it as much attention as I can before you squirm to prod me on further. I smile up at you and pull myself up, pulling your legs apart more as I prepare to kiss my way further up your inner thigh. I move my mouth to your inner thigh then swiftly to your clit, giving it a quick flick with my tongue, making you gasp. I then suck it into my mouth roughly, making you gasp and then moan loudly.

I suck at your clit for a minute or two, making you moan and squirm, then I let go and run my tongue roughly up and down your lips, then inside your hole. I slide two fingers, easily, into your wet, waiting hole, making you moan loudly and move your hips in a clear indication you are begging for more. I slide them slowly in and out and move my mouth back to your clit, sucking and nibbling at it.

I keep doing this until I feel you begin to spasm under my attention but I only go faster, adding another finger, and sucking furiously at your clit until your orgasm washes over you, making you squirm and twist away. Even with your body torn from me, your cum is still coating my fingers and I watch in rapture as your most powerful orgasm yet takes over your delicious body.

I pull my fingers out, licking and sucking your cum off, and then proceed to lick you as clean as you licked me. I stand up and reach my hand down to help you up, you gaining your feet just as I hear a knock at the outer door of the suite. I grab the towel from an earlier shower and walk out of the room to get the room service while you catch your breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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