One Lucky Guy Ch. 01

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Accidental Nudity

I had been looking forward to this day for nearly a week now. Today our entire class was traveling to New York for a three day long field trip. We were going to visit the sites, museums, and other “educational” places every day from noon to six. Believe me, that’s not what I was looking forward to. I was just very lucky how our sleeping arrangements were going to work out.

The hotel we were going to be staying at had limited room available throughout the entire week. We had a small class, only twenty two students in all. We were to take rooms in pairs of two, and of course had to bunk with members of the same sex. However, due to the difference in male and female, one lucky guy would have the luxury of getting a room with another girl. After room choosing had gone through and everyone had their room, two people were left. Me, and Jenna. We were going to share a single room.

Jenna was a beautiful girl, absolutely stunning. She was tall, slender, long blond hair, and a bit tanned. She was a real knock-out, especially for her age. Although, her breasts weren’t huge, probably around 38B, but they were perfect for my taste. I wasn’t exactly the most popular guy, but I was good friends with most everyone. However, never managed to get too lucky with girls as beautiful as Jenna.

Luck didn’t stop there either. Due to a few unforeseen events at the hotel, there was only one room left for me and her. The room was a single, only one bed. Our teachers fought for awhile but decided there was nothing that could be done about it and simply let us stay in the room.

After a long flight to New York City, we had landed at nearly midnight. We were quickly rushed off to the hotel in multiple vehicles. We made our adjustments, got our keys to the rooms and headed off for the night. The elevators were jammed with the students until no one else could fit inside of the small room. We were all squished into the elevator taking the ride up. As luck would have it, my room was on a higher floor.

The entire ride up, Jenna was standing right in front of me. I was squished against her, my crotch pressed right against her ass. I could already feel an erection growing in my pants as we made our way up. I started to think of disgusting things trying to get it to go away, but it continued to grow bigger and harder. My dick was starting to go in between her thighs. I was almost sure she could feel it but she said nothing. The elevator started to become less crammed with people, I backed off a bit, my erection receding. I was a bit embarrassed, I was sure she had to have felt it at least a little.

As we made our way to the higher floors, it finally reached the teachers floor. She turned around and held the door open with her foot. She looked both at me and Jenna for a few moments and began to speak. “You two are sharing a bed, but I expect nothing to happen. If I find out you two did anything, you’ll be in serious trouble.”

Me and Jenna looked at each other, both of us beginning to grow a little red. I started to laugh a little bit when the teacher turned away to leave. She turned back and simply held a finger up and left again. The elevator started back up again, only me and Jenna inside. We were both still a little red but it dissipated quickly.

“Well, that was awkward.” I chuckled a little bit looking at Jenna.

She turned toward me trying not to laugh. “Maybe she has something to worry about.” She spoke softly, looking at me in the eye as she said that. She turned back to the elevator doors. We rode up in silence, me thinking about what she had just said.

We silently made it to the top and into our room. I opened the door and allowed her to walk in before me, as a gentleman should. I planned on at least making a few moves and attempts. I closed the door behind me and put my stuff down next to the bed. I walked over to the window and opened the shades. It was beautiful. Even in the dark of night, the lights of far buildings lit up the sky, along with the stars. I smiled as Jenna approached and stood at my side staring out the window.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” She smiled and kept her eyes glued to the lights outside. I looked at her, admiring her beauty for a few moments. “Not as beautiful as you.” She turned and looked me in the eyes, we stayed with our eyes locked for what seemed like an eternity. She smiled and finally broke the silence.

“I’m going to take a shower.” She turned and grabbed a few things from her bag and walked towards the bathroom door. “Do you want me to set up an area on the floor for myself?” I spoke, keeping my voice steady, waiting for the answer I was hoping for. She turned, still smiling at me. “No, we can share a bed.” She turned back around and shut the bathroom door behind her, water flowing from the shower soon after.

I moved my bag and set it aside next to a desk. I laid down on the bed thinking for awhile until my phone started to vibrate. I took it out and started texting back. istanbul escort A few of the guys were just joking about me sharing a room with her and such.

After awhile it stopped and I thought I could hear something in the bathroom. I silently approached the door and held my ear against it. I could here what sounded little muffled moans. I listened for several minutes more, listening to her start to pant and moan a little louder. Quickly, she made several loud moans and then shortly after the water turned off. I quickly laid back down on the bed. A huge erection growing knowing that she just masturbated and came with only a door between us.

I tried to hide my erection as best I could when she came out of the shower. It was a little difficult considering I was wearing shorts and was about eight inches long. When she came out she was wearing short-shorts and a small tank top. I stood up as I needed to take a shower myself. I grabbed a few things from my bag and when I reached the door I turned around.

“Mind if I sleep in my boxers? I don’t like wearing shirts and shorts when I sleep.” She turned around, almost eager to answer. “No, it’s alright, I understand. I usually sleep naked.” She gave me a grin and flipped on the TV. “Feel free to do so.” I smiled after having said that and shut the door behind me. I thought about her sleeping naked for a few moments and laid a towel on the counter.

I turned on the shower, quickly stepping into it. I stood under the hot water for a few minutes, thinking about Jenna. She had came right where I was standing. I quickly began to wonder exactly how she did it. My dick was already standing at full attention. I started rubbing myself, using the water as a lubricant. I continued masturbating for a little while when I was interrupted as the door opened.

I quickly let go and started rubbing my head as if I was just washed out some shampoo. Jenna wasn’t looking in much, just cracked it open to talk. “I forgot my phone in here. Can I grab it?” I smiled and turned sideways ever so slightly so that when she walked in, she would see my erection. “Sure, go ahead.” She opened the door further and grabbed her phone off the counter. She looked into the shower for a few seconds before she left. There wasn’t any shades, simply a distorted glass window. But, it would still be easy to make out my dick, standing long and hard. I heard her breath heavily a few times before she shut the door.

I continued to masturbate until I came, quickly cleaning up. I turned off the water, dried off and opened the door, wearing only my boxers.

Luckily, my erection was definitely gone, it would have been impossible to miss now. Jenna had already fallen asleep and was laying on the bed on her side. I laid down beside her, pulling the blanket up over myself. She was facing the inside of the bed, as was I. I watched her for awhile, thinking about her more. I lifted up the blanket a little to see if she had taken my offer, it seemed as though she hadn’t. I turned onto my other side and slowly drifted into sleep with dirty thoughts in mind. I was looking very much forward to the rest of the week.

When I woke up I could tell Jenna was still in the bed, quite easily. Over the night, we had managed to get into a spooning position. She was in front of me, one of my arms wrapped around her. My hips pressed against hers, very erotic especially considering the slight lack of covering clothing. I could feel an erection swelling in my boxers, quickly pressing against her inner thighs. But, I did nothing about it. I simply watched her from behind.

She started to move around a bit, stimulating me more. I could tell she was waking up. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. She moved around a bit more, now realizing what was pressing against her thighs. My arm was stretched around and placed on her stomach, not even an inch away from her chest.

She started breathing a little heavy again as she slowly took my hand away and got up. She sat on the bed and looked at the clock. She spoke very quietly and said, “Crap, we’re running late.” She stood up and messed around with her bag a little bit. “Now I don’t have time to shower.” I opened my eyes a crack to see what she was doing. She was changing! Right in front of me, she was changing!

She pulled off her tank top and dropped it on the ground. She wasn’t wearing a bra at all, but she was facing the opposite direction so I could only see her back. She bent over pulling down her shorts. Underneath…was nothing at all! I carefully watched as she bent over, taking her shorts off all the way. I didn’t have an amazing view but it was still great. From back here, I couldn’t see any hair at all around her pussy lips. My erection quickly grew larger than it had ever been before. However, as quickly as she had bent over, she stood back up pulling on a thong. Still, I admired her ass, wishing avcılar escort I could just do her here and now.

She slid on a little miniskirt, bra, and a tank top again. Once she was fully dressed she tapped my shoulder slightly to wake me up. I pretended to be drowsy and didn’t want to get up. But, I was very awake, not wanting to sleep at all. “Jesse, I’ll be down stairs eating. Hurry up.” She left and I quickly got dressed heading back downstairs.

I went to the dining hall and sat down with some buddies, quickly eating breakfast. They continued to joke and asked if anything happened. I said no, not wanting to tell them what he had seen. After awhile the entire class was huddled out of the building and onto a few historical sites. We were to stay with our room partners the entire time and work on the things we were told to do as we went along.

After awhile we were done with the first few areas and were sitting down to have lunch. We were allowed forty five minutes to go to any food place we wanted and eat.

Me and Jenna looked at a map and decided our destination. We quickly made our way there as it was only a few blocks away. We ordered our food and went to sit down to eat. As we approached our table a guy on a bike swiped Jenna and knocked her over. She toppled over onto me, causing me to fall because of the quick surprise. She landed right on me.

We were face to face, not even an inch away. Her hips right on mine, our crotches separated only by a few light layers of clothing. She quickly got up, embarrassed. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean too!” She cried out as I stood up. I hugged her and smiled. “It’s alright, don’t worry. Let me buy some replacement food.” I smiled, ended the hug and ordering more food. We ate and spent most of the hour just talking. We quickly noticed how fast the time had passed and left for the rest of our class.

The most of the day was rather uneventful from that point on. Me and Jenna just flirted for most of the day, joking, laughing, and having a fun. The time with the class was almost over and we were soon to head back to the hotel now. Jenna dropped a few of her pens.

I stopped, standing behind her as she slowly bent over to grab them. Her skirt ruffled and now barely covered her. I adjusted slightly to see her beautiful ass in the thong again. She seemed to take her time picking up her pens. When she started to stand straight up again I stood normally and continued walking.

Several hours later we made it back to the hotel. Now we were free to do whatever we wanted as long as we stayed in the hotel. Once me and Jenna walked in through the front door I looked through the clear doors. The hotel had a pool, I had almost completely forgot. It looked like no one else was there. I turned to Jenna and whispered in her ear so that no one else might think to go to the pool. “I’m going to go for a swim, wanna join me?”

She turned and smiled, nodding her head. We quickly raced to our room and through the door. We both changed and grabbed a towel heading back down stairs. We reached the pool, and luckily no one was inside still. I threw my towel down and stood by the side of the pool. I smiled as Jenna approached. We both stood there for a few moments until I turned and playfully grabbed her.

I wrapped my arms around her stomach, holding onto her. I picked her up gently so that her ass was resting on my crotch. I held her like that for a few seconds and jumped into the pool with her in my arms. We plunged into the water, it was cold at first but I adjusted quickly. As Jenna swam back up, I let my hand ever so lightly trail along her stomach and legs. I rose back up, both of us smiling and laughing.

She was wearing a nice little white bikini. It had a few flowers on it. A flower over each breast and one right where her pussy was. I glared at it for a few moments until she spoke. “Cute, isn’t it?”

I looked up at her and smiled. “Yes, you are.” She splashed me with a bit of water, still smiling. We swam around for quite awhile until we both grew tired. I climbed out and sat on the side, watching her swim until she popped back up. “I’m going into the hot tub, wanna come?” Again she nodded, climbing out and following me into the hot tub.

We sat across from each other, making small talk. I was eying her body, admiring her beauty. It seemed as though she was doing the same. “So, do you really think I’m cute?” She smiled, looking me in the eyes. I returned the looking, staring deep into her hazel eyes. “Your more than cute, your beautiful.” I smiled, still looking her in the eyes. She stood up a bit, leaning over towards me.

Our lips met and we started kissing. I could feel her tongue make it’s way into my mouth. She sat on my lap, still kissing. I moved my hands to her lower back, rubbing along her back. I broke the kiss for a moment, staring into her eyes. I smiled and started kissing her again, our tongues doing a şirinevler escort dance of love. I slid my hands down a bit, rubbing her ass.

She broke the kiss and slid back a bit, still smiling. “I’m going back to the room.” She climbed out of the hot tub, slowly walking away back up to the room. A short time later, a few of my friends came in and joined me at the hot tub. They had seen Jenna leaving the pool, smiling. After a very short time, I left the pool to head back to the room.

I made my way up the elevator up to our floor. I walked through the halls to our room. I used the card to unlock it and walk in. I looked around the room a few times, noticing Jenna was in the shower again. It was getting pretty late and I figured she was getting tired and just showering before she went to bed. I stripped down to my boxers again and laid down in the bed. I staired up at the ceiling for awhile, just thinking. After a short time I heard the bathroom door open.

I averted my eyes from the ceiling to the door. Jenna walked out, completely naked, not even holding a towel. My jaw dropped slightly when she walked out. I sat stunned having just seen her completely nude. She really was beautiful. She was completely shaven, her pussy bare and sexy. Her tits were perfect too me. They looked amazing, absolutely stunning.

She quickly tried to cover herself with a nearby towel. I turned away, still looking out of the corner of my eyes. She blushed, her face turning red. “Sorry Jesse, I didn’t realize you were in here!” She pleaded, still covering herself up. I smiled a little, still watching her out of the corner of my eye. My dick started to grow hard again. This time, there was nothing I could do to hide it. I was wearing only my boxers, it clearly made a tent of it. She looked at it, blushing again. “Believe me, it’s alright.” I spoke, my voice a little unsteady.

She stood there for a moment, still looking at my growing dick. She dropped the towel and didn’t bother to cover herself up. I looked at her again, admiring her naked body. “You are so sexy.” I spoke, staring at her tits and pussy. Looking up and down her body, enjoying it all. She smiled and ran a hand between her chest.

“Well, you’ve seen me naked. It’s only fair I see you naked.” She climbed onto the bed over me, her hand hovering inches from my boxers. I smiled and nodded. “Go ahead.”

She smiled and moved her hand to the top of my boxers. She started to pull them down. I adjusted slightly to help her get them off. Quickly she pulled them off past my knees. Again, I adjusted slightly to get them all the way off. I sat there, my cock mere inches away from her. She smiled and looked down, staring at my dick, standing at a little over eight inches now.

She looked back at me and kissed me again. Our tongues met, playing with each other as I lay back, allowing her to lay on top of me. My cock rubbed against her pussy lips, rubbing against the inside of her legs. Her pussy started getting wetter, making a nice lubricant. We continued kissing for a while longer, still rubbing against each other. She broke the kiss and smiled as she started moving downward.

She stopped once she was inches from my cock. She took it with one hand, gently rubbing me. She smiled, looking at me. “God, it’s huge.” I smiled, watching her play with my dick. That was one thing I knew I had over all the guys in my class, and it was certainly a nice endowment.

She started to lick the tip of my head, massaging all around it. Slowly, she took it into her mouth. She started sucking a little faster, her tongue massaging my dick as she sucked. Her head bobbed up and down as she used her other hand to play with my balls. Her head started bobbing faster, still massaging my balls.

I had gotten a blow job before, but this was by far the best yet. She was amazing, almost getting my entire cock into her mouth. I could see she was playing with herself, sticking her fingers inside of her pussy. This turned me on even more than before. She started sucking faster, massaging all along my dick with her tongue. I watched her as she sucked my dick and fingered herself. “I’m gunna come soon!” I said quietly as I could, breathing a little heavy.

She started sucking faster now, almost completely taking my dick in her mouth. I shuddered slightly as I started to come. She stopped and started swallowing the cum. Her head slowly bobbed as she sucked all the cum from my dick, swallowing it all.

She sucked one last time and crawled back over to me, laying on me. I could feel her tits pressed against my chest, a truly heavenly feeling. I smiled as she kissed me again. “That was amazing.” She smiled and rolled onto her side, pulling the blanket over our bodies. I laid on my side, snuggling close to her. I wrapped an arm around her, gently rubbing her stomach. I smiled and kissed her on the cheek, drifting asleep.

I woke up, my arm still around Jenna under the blanket. I smiled remembering last night. Quickly, I got an erection again, pressing against her pussy. She shuffled a bit, waking up. I kissed her on the cheek and started to rub her stomach again. She smiled and turned towards me, kissing me on the lips. Our tongues interlocked as she started to move her hips, massaging my cock with her pussy lips.

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