One Day

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for, and of, someone very special to me…


She walks through the door of the beautiful cabin, anxious to see him.

It is remote, quiet, perfect for a dream.

To finally be alone with him. No thoughts of anything else, anyone else. No inhibitions, only loving each other, and getting to know more about him.

She needs him. Her body knows his voice, his words always move her. They make her want him even more. She knows that this need would soon be met and the knowledge makes her chest tight.

She feels like a girl still in high school, never dreaming that this feeling could come to someone her age.

She is dressed in a black summer dress that is tied around her neck, exposing her ample cleavage. Her red hair loose about her shoulders, her green eyes bright, and her step light.

She walks through the cabin familiarizing herself with the things that were about. This would be home to her for the next few days, a place she could forget about the rest of the world, a place she could “just let go, and just be.” Be his. Her heels click along the wooden floor as she walks from room to room.

As she gets to the largest bedroom, she sees the lights have been dimmed. Roses lie on the large, log bed, near a note and a long silk scarf. Champagne is chilling on the nightstand. She walks to the bed, sees her name on the note and lifts it to open it.

“Sweetheart, enjoy some champagne, then put the scarf around your eyes, lie back and wait for me. I love you,” the note reads.

She smiles, knowing he had beaten her here after all. She pours some champagne and sips it, thinking of what may be. She’s dreamed of this moment. They’ve shared what they hoped it would be. She thinks of all the things she hopes for, and how she has wanted this so badly.

With a sigh, she sets the glass down, slips her heels off, ties the scarf around her eyes, and lies back on the bed.

She must’ve dozed off, the combination of jet lag and champagne making her sleepy.

She is awakened by the feel of warm breath against her face, and she hears his beatiful voice say “finally, baby,” as she reaches to take the blindfold from her eyes. He takes her hand gently in his, halkalı escort whispering, “not yet.”

He leans to her ear and tells her all the wonderfully wicked things he plans to do to her while she is there with him. The words paint beautiful pictures of abandon and need.

She feels his pull over her, and feels the moisture begin to gather within her. She presses her legs together at the thought of the things he’s promising, the pictures he’s painted, feeling her body preparing for them all to come true.

He kisses her along her jaw and rubs his face against hers to imprint his scent upon her body, letting her know his smell.

“Mmmm” she says, “You smell so good, my love.”

He takes her hair and pulls her head to the side as he feasts on her neck, his lust beginning to get the upper edge, and overriding his hope of making her slowly burn for him.

Her body starts to move, trying to push against him. He denies her the comfort of his body and he hears her moan as her lips part and she moans, “please.”

He slips his hand into the low neckline of her dress, finding her nipples hard as she pushes up into his hand, needing more of his touch on her flesh.

He unties the halter top of the dress and peels it down, gazing at her breasts. His eyes darken. She pushes her breasts up hoping he will take them in his mouth. He grabs her hands, pulling her arms up over her head, imprisoning her head between her arms and he feasts on her lips.

He kisses her deeply before moving down to her breasts. He kisses along the upper curve of her breasts and feels her body begin to slowly move against him, her back arching, begging him to take her nipples.

Holding her arms tightly, he looks up at her flushed face, her moist lips parting, and he knows she is his. He lowers his face to her breasts and engulfs her nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue until he hears her panting, and moves to the other. His control of her is complete and she surrenders to his passion for her.

She feels his hands leave her arms and grab her dress, pulling it down her hips. Revealing she has dressed for him. His eyes darken taksim escort and smolder as he sees she is in black lace that rides low on her hips and just hugs her enough to cover and tease his senses.

He can see her lips are swollen in her need of him. She wears a garter belt below the panties that is attached to silky hose that make his hands want to play along the tops.

She can feel his look. The heat of it. It burns into her through the blindfold, and her need becomes a furnace. A fire that needs to be fed. She whispers his name.

He lowers his head and places his mouth over her mound, over her panties. He doesn’t move. Just lets her feel the moist heat of his mouth centered over her throbbing sex.

Her moan is one of heat and need.

He lifts his head and slides the panties to the side, slowly slipping his tongue into her slit, sliding sideways, running on each side of her clit.

He tastes her liquid heat as it begins gathering, lets her know how good she is to him by his groan, and it makes her ache for him, more. She needs more. She pushes hard to his mouth, when she feels him lift himself from her.

“Please, take me, baby” she begs him. “I need to feel your cock in me. I want you so much.”

With that she feels the panties being slowly lowered from her body, hears him lift them to his face to smell her scent.

“Please, take me,” she begs again, as she feels him move her legs apart placing them around his hips.

He hears her begging for him, for the release only he can give, and his cock aches with the need to give her what she wants. He knows he will not last long with this woman, not this time.

He positions himself at her warm, wet center, one he knows has ached for him for a long time. As the head of his cock sits at her opening, he leans forward, face near hers, pulls the blindfold off, and pushes completely into her body at the same time.

“Oh, yes!” he moans as he buries himself deeply within her. As he feels this woman he’s wanted for so long wrap him in her warmth.

The shock of his entry, and the vision of his beautiful face was everything she had dreamed of. A fantasy come true. She feels him pull back to şişli escort push back in. Pushing in deep, pulling almost all the way out, only to push in deep again. His cock feels so wonderful, better than she had imagined. She is filled by him body and soul.

He pumps into her hard, pushes into her so fully, so deeply, the crown of his cock so full that every stroke into her, her body is opened wide by it.

As he pulls out, he feels her walls stroke him. As he pushes in, he feels his foreskin being pushed back. Deeper, he wants deeper. He needs to feel more of her.

His cock rubs her, in all the places she loves best. It was made for her, and her alone. It touches her, it pleases her. The more he pushes in, the more she pushes back, wanting more, needing his cock buried as deep as he can within her.

She feels the tingling begin. It comes from her belly, her legs, her sex. It builds, and he plunges faster.

She feels her orgasm begin to move, begin to center. The intensity so strong. The need so heavy. She locks her legs around his waist, and she lets go, becoming a creature of feeling, of need and release. She comes for him. Crying out his name, her body convulsing and throbbing around him.

He watches her as she comes. For him. He’s waited for this for so long. The look of her face, mouth open, head thrown back. Her body arched and thrashing into his own. Her nipples tight. Her body convulsing around his cock. His name a cry from her lips.

He feels his own need mount. He feels the churning in his balls, the thickening of his cock. He keeps moving, pressing into her. The drive to push into her harder, deeper is all he can think of. He feels it build. He feels the tingle of it moving up his shaft, his cock so hard and full.

He pushes deep, holding her tight. He hears her call his name again, as her inner walls shudder against him. At her cry of his name, he comes. Deep within her, he fills her. His body pulsing, his toes curled, his shoulders tight. His heat washes her. Marks her. Making her his – at last.

He holds her close, his body still held sweetly within hers. Their heartbeats slowing to a normal rhythm. Their breathing more easy. He whispers words of his love for her. Kissing her lightly.

She holds him close, feeling loved, cherished, treasured and tells him of her love for him – of how he’s made her feel.

They look into each others eyes, as both feel it start again. The need to give and receive pleasure, it stirs them both, sending them on their way to making another dream come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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