On Her Knees Ch. 04

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With one hand she was able to reach into her purse and pull out the apartment’s key and open it to let them in. They carried her drunk husband on their shoulders into the apartment, practically dragging him in. Andy kicked the door closed behind them to close it; he didn’t want Anna’s neighbors poking in if there were any coming by at that late hour. She guided them to the direction of their bedroom, there they just dropped Clifford on the bed; he was practically falling off so they had to readjust him.

Andy began to rub his left shoulder, it got sore from having to drag around his boss from the office party to his apartment. He looked over at Anna, his boss’s wife, she didn’t seem to have that problem. From what he could gather, she was used to dragging her drunk husband around so her shoulder muscles were used to it.

“Want to get a drink with me?” she asked.

“Are you just going to leave him there like this?” he asked. “Should we take his shoes off at least, or his jacket.”

“No, I like to leave him like this when I have to take his drunk ass home,” she answered. “If it makes him feel uncomfortable, it’ll be part of his punishment besides his hangover and me yelling at him for being an idiot. So, do you want to get a drink with me I or not?”


In was a large apartment, something he would expect from someone who made a good six-figure salary. She led him to the game room, where there was a small bar in the corner set up. There she pulled out a couple of small glasses and poured them a drink. They made a small toast, clinked their glasses and took a sip.

This all started several hours earlier at the office when they were having a retirement party for Paul Myers, a senior V.P. of sales who has been with the company for 25 years. Clifford, Andy’s boss, was one of the named partners of the company and he presented him a gold watch and gave him a very well thought out farewell speech. Clifford about 40 years old, just a few years older than Andy, and the only reason he was in the position he was in because he inherited it from his father. He didn’t know much about the business, but he knew how to get other people to do the work for him so he could take credit. For example, the speech he gave at Paul’s retirement party, it was Andy who wrote that speech for him; a speech that everybody loved but could never take credit for.

For a few months now, ever since Paul announced his retirement, Andy and a few others has been doing everything they could to suck up to the bosses and outdo each other to get that open position. Clifford, of course, wasn’t making it easy for them. It was one thing when they had to prove themselves in the company, it was another when he made them do favors for him. One guy had to wash his car once a week, another did his taxes for him, and one person was paying for his dry cleaning. Among a variety of things Andy had to do gain his bosses favor, he once had to be the wedding date for Clifford’s socially awkward niece, a woman very much obsessed with anime and couldn’t stop talking about it.

There were also other things going on. People were buying him lunches, getting him small gifts, doing favors for him around the office. Technically speaking he shouldn’t be getting his workers to do these tings for him, but Clifford had a loophole around it. He never straight up asked for these things, all he had to do was talk about it casually in a way that suggests he was just saying things out loud but never asking people to do those things for him; if the person hears him talking what he needed and they offered to do it for him, then it was technically voluntary.

Andy felt that he was of course the number one choice for the position. He has been with the company for ten years and he has a much higher sales record then everybody else. But in this company that sometimes doesn’t matter; he has seen people less deserving of a promotion or raise for far less. He’s not entirely sure, but he’s sure the head of marketing, who’s barely out of college, only bakırköy escort got the position because he’s sleeping with the daughter of another partner in the company. So, although Andy felt that he was deserving of the position, it could easily be taken away from him.

One final ace up his sleeve that he was sure would get him the promotion were tickets he got for his boss’s favorite basketball team. The seats were in the lower section and mid court too. It cost him a lot of money, but felt it was worth it to stay ahead of the others going after the job. Andy was casual about giving him the tickets, he pretended that he couldn’t go to the game because of a family event and offered them to his boss, which he gladly took.

And then there was the speech he wrote for his boss to give to the Paul on his retirement party. Andy spent two weeks working on it, making it as perfect as he could. He checked his notes and saw that he just under a hundred different revisions of that speech. Everybody loves it so much they couldn’t help congratulating Clifford on it.

After the speech he looked for Clifford around the party, wanted to talk to him about the position. He felt that it might not be a good time, but then he saw some of this own competitor swirling around him and needed to be nearby. Clifford was standing around a group of people with his wife, Anna, on his arm; more like his second, younger, trophy wife. She was in her late 20’s, long dark hair, an amazing figure and was wearing a blue dress that was showing way too much on top. He knew for sure that her breasts were augmented because he actually knew her a few years previously when she was a secretary of Clifford’s who he was having an affair with and got divorced over. Like most of the guys in the office they remembered her figure from before the marriage and saw the difference. She didn’t need to get implants, they were a good size C-cups, but then they suddenly grew to D-cups.

By the time Andy got to him in the crowd he could see how tipsy he was starting to get. He was making dumb jokes that weren’t funny but everyone was still laughing at, and every time he wanted a new drink someone was more than happy to get him one.

“By the way, I want to introduce you all to someone,” Clifford started to say with a slurred voice. “Brad, get your ass over here.”

From the corner, was a tall, slender man that no one has seen before. He walked out of the crowd and stood next to Clifford.

“This is Brad, my old college buddy, and a heck of salesman,” Clifford began to say and took one big gulp of his scotch that he was holding in his hand. “Anyway, long story short, he’s the new VP of sales. So, this is your new ass to kiss.”

This took Andy and several others who were vying for the position by surprise. After all this time of ass kissing, it took being an old college friend to take the job. They had no idea of who he was, or what his background in sales were, or if he was really deserving of the job. When the shock was starting to wane down, everybody, including Andy’s other competitors, went up to congratulating him. Andy was the only one to walk away, unlike everyone else he was too upset to be kissing the new guys ass.

Later on, when he finally had enough of the party, he decided he was ready to go home. Outside the office, in the parking lot, he was about to get an uber driver on is phone when he saw Anna carrying out her drunken husband.

“Damnit, you asshole, keep it together until we get to the car,” she yelled at him.

Andy was just going to ignore them, he didn’t want to get involved, especially not with Clifford.

“Hey Andy,” she called out to him. “Can you help me please? I just need to get him to our car.”

Andy thought quickly, he couldn’t think of a reasonable excuse to say now, so he reluctantly walked over and helped her take Clifford to their Mercedes. She opened the door and they propped him up in the backseat and put on his seatbelt for him.

“Thank you,” she beşiktaş escort said.

“No problem,” he answered. That’s when he got a good whiff of her breath and smelled all the alcohol coming from her mouth. “Have you been drinking?”

“Oh, yes, but I’m ok,” she said as she started to stumble towards the driver’s side.

That’s when his guild started to take over; although he was angry at his boss right now, he couldn’t in good conscious let her drive him home while impaired. She didn’t seem that drunk, maybe a little tipsy, but it could be a problem for them.

“Give me the keys,” he told her as he walked over to her. “I’ll drive.”

“Oh, you don’t have to,” she began to say.

“I insist,” he told her as he grabbed the keys from her hand.

So, he took them both home and dropped his drunk, ungrateful boss on his bed and was now having a drink with his extremely attractive wife.

“By the way, I know it was you who wrote that speech he made tonight,” she revealed to him. “He told me you did it; it was very good.”

“Thank you,” he said. “At least one person know I actually wrote it.”

“And I know about all those things you and your coworkers were doing to get that open VP position,” she continued to say. “I’m sorry you all had to go through all that.”

“Thank you,” said Andy.

“I tried to talk him out of hiring Brad, I said picking one of you guys was the right thing. But he said he wanted to have one of his buddies around to have his back at work.”

“Of course, he did,” he told her. “Don’t tell him I told you this, but after tonight I think I’m going to start looking for a new job.”

“I don’t blame you,” she said. “When I used to work there, I remember how well you were doing. Don’t tell him I told you this, but you could do so much better than this lousy company.”

“Cheers to that,” he told her.

They clinked their glasses one more time and took a big swallow of their drinks and slammed the glasses on the counter. Andy couldn’t help glancing at Anna’s cleavage; he did his best not to stare, but it they looked so good in that revealing dress he couldn’t help looking a few seconds longer than he should have.

“Nice, aren’t they?” she said.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I should not have looked.”

“If I didn’t want men to look at my tits, I would have dressed in something that covered up more,” she said and took another sip of her drink.

“Still, I should not have stared.”

Anna took a few steps back away from the bar and reached behind her back with both arms. Andy heard the zipper go down, then he watched as Anna pulled down the shoulder straps of her dress and push the dress to the ground. Andy just stared in disbelief as he saw this incredibly sexy woman, without any warning, take off her dress and was now wearing a black strapless bra and matching panties.

“What are you doing?” Andy asked.

“I’m going to show you my tits,” she replied.

Before Andy could say anything, she quickly took off her bra and revealed her breasts to him. They were large, perfectly round with perfect half-dollar size nipples.

“Oh, damn” was all that Andy could say.

“Touch them,” she told him.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea,” he responded.

“This may be your only chance to do so,” she said.

Andy reached up with both hands and grabbed them both. They felt perfect, probably the beast tits he ever had his hands on. He knew they were fake, but they looked and felt like the real thing to him. He gave them some good squeezes and she enjoyed it, especially when he began to rub her nipples. Anna reached up her hands, grabbed his belt and began to unbuckle it.

“What are you doing?” Andy asked. “I don’t think we should be doing this. As much as I would like to, your husband is not far from here.”

“Relax, we’re not going to fuck,” she assured him. “I’m just going to suck your dick.”

“What?” he said shockingly. “We can’t do this.”

“Well, you have from now up until beylikdüzü escort I put your dick in my mouth to stop me,” she told him.

She god down on her knees and quickly unzipped his pants. She pulled down his pants and then his boxers and his already erect penis shot up into her face. She grabbed it and remarked to him how amazing it looked to her which gave Andy very happy to hear. She told him to let her know when he’s about to cum and then took his whole dick into her mouth. She didn’t even hesitate when doing so, it was abundantly very clear that this wasn’t the first time she was fooling around on her husband.

Her lips were sealed tight around his shaft as she began bobbing her head back and forth. Her tongue lathered his dick with her saliva with every push into her mouth. She grabbed his balls with one of her hands and began fondling them. Andy began moaning slightly, he never had a woman work her mouth on his dick with such intensity as he was getting now. Anna pulled the dick out of her mouth and then moved her lips to Andy’s balls where she took them into her mouth. She played with the balls with her tongue while her hand was stroking his shaft again.

“Oh, this is incredible,” said Andy.

After a few more minutes of playing with his balls in her mouth, Anna went back to sucking on the shaft. She went with the same intensity as she did before, but Andy wanted more. He grabbed the back of her head with his right hand and guided her to go faster. Eventually she was doing it on her own, but he still kept his hand on her head, enjoying the sense of control that he was getting from it.

The blowjob seemed to go on forever. She slowed down when she felt that it was getting too intense for him, and then picked up speed at just the right moment. She had enough experience to know how to keep a blowjob going for the man she was with.

Finally, it was getting too much for Andy to control. He attempted to hold off as long as he could, but it was getting too much for him. He warned Anna that he was about to cum, she sucked on the dick a little more before pulling it out of her mouth and began to stroke it. She felt it getting ready to ejaculate and positioned herself and angled the dick in the way she wanted. The dick exploded in several streams of warm cum right on to her chest. The cum hit the top area of her breasts before falling down in streaks; droplets of the cum were about to fall off her tits to hit floor but she managed to catch them before they could with her free hand.

Anna stood up and Andy got a good look of how his cum covered her tits. He wished he could take a picture of her, even thought about asking her if he could take a picture with his phone, but decided that she might not like that and didn’t want to ruin the moment with her. Instead, he just stared at them intensely to maintain a perfect memory of her cum covered tits.

“That was wonderful,” she told him. “I’m going to go wash up, I’ll be right back.”

She walked away and out of the room towards the bathroom. Why she washed the cum off her tits, Andy put his pants back on and got himself another drink. Anna came back to the room, still topless, and with the cum cleaned off her tits. She grabbed the dress and bra she left on the floor and put them on the bar counter.

“Give me your phone,” she ordered and Andy complied. She typed in her number, dialed it so she could have his number, then gave the phone back to him.

“Give me a call sometime, we could meet up with each other somewhere. Your place, hotel, wherever.”

“Not that I’m not grateful,” he began to say. “But I need to know why you’re doing this.”

“Just like you’re not panning to stay with my husband’s company, I don’t plan to stay with him as well. I’m working with a lawyer to file a divorce soon, and I don’t want to wait until after the marriage is over to start fooling around, so I thought I’d begin with you.”

“So, you want to start a relationship with me?” he asked.

“What? No. I just want to fool around, that’s all. Is that a problem?”

“No,” he answered.

“Wonderful,” she said with a big smile.

They had one more drink together, she was still naked the whole time they were drinking it. They agreed it was time for Andy to go, she gave him a kiss on the mouth and sent him on his way.


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