Oily Goodness: The Cop And The Ex-Con

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Rico had been out of the joint for three months before he found work. His uncle Frank introduced him to a friend who needed someone to do a little truck driving work. The pay sucked, but it was cash in hand and no one else was in a rush to hire a hulking ex-con who had just done eight years in the clink for knocking over a convenience store. So Rico found himself trucking boxes of baby oil from a factory down the interstate highway to a wholesale depot in town.

The early starts never really bothered him. He’d learned to rise early inside, according to the warden’s schedule, and even though he was free and clear these days he still found himself wide-awake every morning at 6.30am.

Still, a little coffee helped to keep him fresh on the road, and Rico had made it a habit to stop off at a little diner down the highway after he’d loaded up his first run of the day. They did a bottomless re-fill that he couldn’t avail of, needing take-out as he did, but the cute little redhead behind the till seemed to have a soft-spot for him and let him fill up an oversized beaker for the same price as a small cup.

One morning he came through the double doors, grunting a greeting to the waitress as she breezed by, and then did a double-take at what was in front of him.

A pair of long, shapely legs that went on and on and on, encased in a pair of tight-fitting navy dress pants. His eyes slowly rose upwards, drinking in. The woman was bent over slightly as she counted out some change onto the counter. Rico’s eyes bulged as he took in the way the slacks stretched tight over her perfectly rounded ass. The way the light was filtering through the diner window shone directly on her, and he could see the faint imprint of a thong through the material.

It was such a primo piece of ass, perfectly displayed for his delectation, that Rico took a split second too long.

The woman, stopping what she was doing and sensing hungry eyes on her, turned her head towards him, tossing a mane of tied-back blonde hair in the process. Rico took in a pair of icy, dismissive eyes, and then realised with a start that he was looking at a highway patrol officer. The cop turned fully towards him and Rico’s eyes dropped to the heavy garrison belt she wore, studded with the accoutrements of a sworn peace officer. A mid-size automatic rode her hip, next to it a folded up baton and pepper spray. On the other side was a radio, handcuffs and spare magazine.

She turned fully to face him, and in the process Rico’s gaze was drawn to a very generous chest. The cop was stacked! Her blue shirt was tailored close to her slim upper body, and accentuated a serious rack that would have done a playboy playmate proud.

“Citizen, have you got a problem? Something I can help you with?” Her voice was steely. Rico guessed she got a lot of his kind of gawking, looking like that on the job.

“No ma’am.” he sighed, and walked to the far end of the counter. As he went he couldn’t help continuing to eye-fuck her though. Shee-it… The girl was too hot to be a cop. And the way her pants were practically sprayed-on told him she knew it.

Although, he sighed, she was unlikely to break him off a piece given his rap-sheet.

A moment later and she was gone, sauntering out of the diner with a swaying walk and a large to-go coffee.


A few minutes later Rico was back at the wheel of his truck, his own large coffee in the centre console holder. He noticed idly that the cop’s patrol car was turned on but idling ahead, parked sideways in a handicapped space. The engine was running and he could make out the cop inside holding a mobile phone to her ear and gesticulating wildly as she spoke into it. Whatever was going on, she appeared to be pissed at whoever she was talking to.

Shrugging his shoulders, Rico started up his truck and manoeuvred it out of the forecourt and onto the highway. It was still early enough that the traffic was light, and he quickly found himself out in the arid empty stretch that reminded him of the badlands you saw in cowboy movies.

A moment later he caught a glimpse of lights flashing in his side mirror. The cop!

The patrol car was coming up behind him at a crazy speed, easily pushing one hundred and twenty miles per hour. Responding to an emergency, he guessed. He tried to pull in the truck a little, but the loose gravel by the side of the highway could be treacherous and he figured the empty road gave her plenty of room to overtake.

The patrol car slid by him and Rico caught a glimpse of the cop still shouting into her phone as she overtook one-handed, tires screeching and sirens wailing. A moment later Rico had to slam on the breaks as the cop’s vehicle cut right in front of him.

She’s misjudged it and come in too soon!

Rico grimaced as the rear right tail of the cop car clipped the front right of his truck. The bigger vehicle shuddered and he heard a hollow boom as his tire blew out. The cop car had bounced ahead and was righting itself, pendik escort but Rico felt his truck begin to fishtail and pull sharply towards the desert ditch…

…He was going to crash! Rico grimly tightened his hands on the wheel and shut his eyes as he felt the vehicle begin to roll.


Ten minutes later Rico sat by the side of the overturned truck, with barely a scratch to show for it. Baby oil was gushing from the broken bottles (in their thousands), and soaking the desert floor. The ex-con looked down at the six-pack of unbroken bottles at his feet, all he’d been able to salvage.

The cop, patrolwoman Taylor Anderson, he’d learned, was stood in front of him and was still wringing her hands and apologising.

“I’m so sorry, I mean – I was on the phone to the lieutenant, and he was telling me to get my ass back to the station ASAP to complete this paperwork I’d forgot – and…. jeez… I guess I’m just a terrible driver…”

The desert sun was beating down and Rico saw that’s she’d unbuttoned her shirt, revealing a nice patch of perfectly bronzed cleavage. A bead of sweat was forming just between her two bounteous cups. Even despite the miserable situation, he felt his cock stir against his leg and shook his head in amusement.

“Damn girl, you about totalled my truck, but you are one hot piece of ass.”

The cop frowned at him.

“Now, I’m apologising to you citizen, but that’s no way to speak to an officer of the law. Why, you need to …”

Rico spat onto the desert floor.

“After this I’d say you’re about down as a cop in this town, honey. You just wrecked this truck, with about ten grand worth of primo luxury baby oil. The guy that owns this company plays golf with the Governor. I’d say you’re going to be looking for a new job once they see the dash-cam footage from the truck and see that you caused this whole accident.”

The blood drained from the cop’s face, and she raised a hand to her forehead. Her bee-stung lips opened and she slowly exhaled.

“Oh…. Shit.”

Rico grinned. “Yep, that’s about the height of it.”

The woman walked shakily past him to the bonnet of her patrol car, parked nearby, and braced her hands on it, hanging her head in despair. In the process, she showed off that perfect ass once more and Rico groaned as he felt his dick get as hard as granite now.

“There’s one way we could probably sort this out though… Officer… Hey, can I just call you Taylor?”

The cop nodded dejectedly and looked at him beseechingly as Rico came over to stand beside her, plonking down the box of baby oil onto the car bonnet next to her.

“Well,” Rico mused. “I guess I could be nice to you and make sure that no-one sees the dash-cam footage. I guess I could say I had a simple blow-out, and then the truck rolled. No one would need to know there was any cop car involved in the accident. I could be real convincing. They like me at the factory, I think they’d buy it. And hell, that’s what insurance is for, right?”

Taylor raised blonde eyebrows hopefully. “Really, mister? You’d do that…? Gee, that’s be just swell. But what do you… what do you need me to do for you? I mean, there’s a catch, right?”

Rico let his eyes drop to her tits and then slid his gaze down her tight form. He confidently reached out and pulled her into him in one yank. The cop gasped but didn’t resist as he mashed her shirt-encased tits up against his pecs and grabbed a fistful of her ponytail.

“Officer… Hell, I’m just going to go ahead and call you Taylor, what I want is simple. In exchange for me keeping my mouth shut about you, so that you can keep your job, I want you to be friendly to me. I mean, I want you to be REAL friendly to me. I think you know what I mean, bitch.”

Lower lip trembling, the cop nodded slowly. “I get you. But… I have a boyfriend.”

Rico laughed. “Shit girl, I got an old lady too. I won’t tell yours if you don’t tell mine.

Taylor nodded slowly, her mouth downturned as she raised dainty hands to her shirt and slowly began unbuttoning.


Rico was sweating in the desert sun. He was naked, and his skin glistened with sweat as he stood over the cop.

Her shirt was discarded, cast onto the roof of the car, as was her pristine white sports bra and vest. Right now the girl was gasping and moaning with surprising enthusiasm as he face-fucked her. Her tits, slick with sweat and saliva, were bouncing around and mashing up against Rico’s legs. He glanced down and grunted with pleasure as he saw her pretty pink lips mashed up against his groin. Rico was a pretty hung guy – nearly nine inches of thick cock-meat, but this slut was able for him. He guessed that perhaps this wasn’t the first time she’s needed to trade sexual favours for on-the-job protection of one sort or another.

“Officer.. Taylor…” Rico moaned, as he felt a familiar tingling beginning in his ball sack. Her tight throat was getting him off, no doubt, and kartal escort soon.

She broke free from her sucking for a moment, gasping, and looked up with wide eyes.

“I’m going to give you a choice, honey. Do you want to swallow my load, or do you want me to cum on you? Either is good for me.”

The cop’s brow wrinkled as she thought for a moment, and then she said quietly. “On my face, please.”

Rico nodded, and slapped the slippery head of his cock over her lips and nose. She opened to take him back in, but the ex-con shook his head and pushed her away. He began kneading his cock in his hands, and rubbing the sensitive tip and glistening hole over her lips. His precum was flowing and he left a trail over her pretty features as he went. After fifteen seconds or so of masturbation and tugging, Rico’s legs began to shake and her grunted loudly, catching the cop’s hair with his free hand and pinning her firmly in place at his knees.

“Yeah, I’m gonna cum you freakin’ slut. I’m going to jerk one out on your pretty face. But I want to you to touch my asshole when I’m coming.”

Taylor wrinkled her nose, trying to shake her head against his grip.

“Do it, bitch, or I’ll tell everyone you crashed into my truck!” Rico was still pulling himself off franticly now, as his orgasm approached.

Sighing, the cop brought one perfectly manicured finger up between the ex-cons legs and slid it upwards. Her finger quested for a moment before finding Rico’s anus. Grunting, he pressed himself a little onto her finger and nodded to her to continue.

Her finger penetrated him a moment later, and the look of disgust and defeat in her eyes was enough for him.

“AAAAAAAaaaarrrghh… Fuck… fuck…. Aaaaaaarrggh”

Rico’s cock ejaculated profusely onto the cop’s face. It was the kind of ropey, perfectly white cum that porn star dreams are made of. Thick streams splattered over her tanned features, gluing one eye shut and spraying her blonde hair in the process. She tried to pull away, and in the process opened her mouth to shriek in protest. Rico blasted a thick rope of jizz into her open mouth and then followed up with his whole cock, for good measure.

He kept cumming, grunting like an animal as he did, and all the while kept his eyes on her face. Her cheeks ballooned out as her mouth filled with fresh hot sperm. Her eyes were closed now, both of them, and the beginnings of tears were evident.

The orgasm subsided slowly, but pleasurable after-shocks wracked Rico even as he slid his cock from her mouth. The tip dangled down towards her cleavage and a few final droplets fell to spatter over he sweat-beaded breasts.

“Nice work, officer. You’ve been very accommodating. I’d say we’re nearly even.”

The cop came to her feet with a snarl, wiping a thick handful of jizz off her face (and some tears too).

“What do you mean NEARLY, asshole! We’re done…” She stalked away from Rico, her ass swaying in those delectable pants. Kneeling in them had ruined them – they were sand-encrusted and drenched with sweat now.

“Baby,” Rico chuckled. “We ain’t done yet. I haven’t even got you out of those sweet-ass pants so that I can see that banging ass of yours. And hell, look what we got here..”

She looked back at him angrily and saw that he was holding up the box of intact baby oil.

“With all of this here baby oil left over it would seem a pure sin for us not to make use of it.”

Rico tossed a bottle from hand to hand and gave her his best smile.

“I’m going to insist that you let me slide my dick into that sweet ass of yours before we conclude our business.”

For a moment he thought she was going to shoot him.

But she didn’t.


She placed her hands on the bonnet of the car and Rico ran his hands over her small waist. She was slim. Athletic. Just his type though, in that she still had the body of a stripper. Busty, hard and willing.

The cop shivered a little as he unzipped her pants and tugged the snug material down over her hips and firm ass. A white thong bisected a bronzed, rounded ass. The flesh quivered as Rico gave it a hard slap, and then another. He saw Taylor straighten in anger, but she said nothing, merely biting her lip.

“That’s it, officer. Eyes front and let me do my business. We’ll go our ways soon enough. And hell, you might even enjoy this in the end.”

Rico slid down the thong, taking his time, and tugged her pants down to that they pooled around her ankles. He separated the bountiful cheeks of her ass and exposed a perfectly pink little ring-piece. He saw that she was still sweating in the desert sun, and figured there was probably enough lubrication near enough that he didn’t even need the baby oil. Chuckling, he decided “what the hell” and still upended an opened bottle from the box. The oil ran out like watery honey, hitting the small of her back and running in rivulets down her ass. A thick stream of it fell between her asscheeks maltepe escort and Rico eagerly massaged it in.

The pad of his thumb met her ring piece and he felt the cop stiffen as he began pushing gently. She squirmed and looked over her shoulder at him. Rico saw some fear but also a hint of something else… Anticipation?

“You ever had a guy do you in the ass, Taylor?”

She looked away, biting her lip.

Then nodded.

“Once. I was drunk. It… it was a mistake. It was a friend’s boyfriend.”

Rico whistled.

“Damn..Pretty filthy.”

Taylor flushed with anger, but hung her head in shame. Rico smiled and pressed his thumb forward, feeling the elastic ring piece give gently. The oil made it easier, and he was able to slide his thick digit deep into the girl with minimal effort. He felt Taylor’s ass clench around him, and she seemed to shiver with acceptance and something that might just have been pleasure.

“Did you let him cum inside your ass, bitch?”

She gasped raggedly as he began to use his hand to fuck her ass.

“He… aaggh…. I… Ugghh.. Yes. Yes, he came in me. It was a lot. It hurt, but when he came in me I liked it and … uggh… I came as well. We never did it again. But I wanted to.”

Rico shook his head. Turned out he’d landed a serious freak. Guess this is a good day, he thought.

He let his thumb slide free and Taylor barely had time to whimper in protest before he brought his cock up between the cheeks of her ass. The cop was shorter than him, and probably half his weight. He used one hand to control her hip and the other to hold his cock as he began mashing it into the tight valley of her ass. The oil and sweat combined to create a fetid, hot lubricant that made his never endings come alive.

“I’m going to put my dick in your ass, girl. I’m going to own your ass.”

Taylor’s hands were opening and closing on the bonnet, and he mouth was agape with anticipation as he let the thick head of his penis, bulbous and throbbing, touch her asshole.

“Push back onto me, slut. I want you to slide back onto my dick so that you know that you actually CHOSE to take me into your ass, for real. That it was you who did it yourself in the end.”

Taylor’s shoulders shook and Rico thought he saw a fresh tear drop onto the bonnet of the car. Well, it could have been a droplet of sweat, he guessed. The cop didn’t answer him, but a moment later he felt her arse press back against him, rubbing up and down, massaging his penis. Grunting, he placed the tip of his dick just so, against her puckered hole, and ….

…. She pressed herself back onto him with a quiet sigh.

Her oiled asshole opened easily for him, and Rico felt a hot ring of flesh envelope him. Her ring piece clutched him and his full nine inches slowly sank into her ass. Rico groaned as he felt her bronzed cheeks press against the top of his thighs, and he closed his eyes in pleasure. He could hear her breathing raggedly and when he opened his eyes and looked down he could see her looking back over her shoulder at him with a hot gaze.

“You’re… So… big…in my ass.”

Rico began moving his hips, and glanced down to see the thick shaft of his cock briefly emerging from her ass as he thrust. The impact was enough to send her juddering forward onto her hands each time, and the flesh of her ass rippled as he fucked her. Quickly her breathing went from ragged to animalistic. She gasped and groaned as Rico took her pleasure in her oiled ass.

“Fuck me… Fuck my ass. Penetrate me…”

The cop moaned as Rico caught a handful of her air and went into overdrive, pounding her ass hard into the white and blue bonnet of the cruiser.

This time, Rico didn’t bother to give her a choice, didn’t bother to tell her anything. Her ass was a furnace, and had given his dick a clasping, slick massage that he couldn’t resist. He bottomed out inside her and felt a series of tremors rack his body as he began to cum.

The cop squealed as she felt the first hot jet of semen inside her. The grunting, sweating ex-con atop her was like a rutting bull, still hammering her even as he ejaculated profusely inside her. Shit, she thought… He didn’t even have a condom on!

Truth was though, she admitted, she wouldn’t have wanted him to wear one anyway.

As Rico finally came to a halt, his twitching penis still buried tight inside her, she dropped her forehead onto the bonnet of the car and cursed herself for being such a goddamed slut all the time.

The ex-con shakily pulled back from her, sliding his dick almost reluctantly out of her asshole.

“Shit girl, I guess you held up your part of the deal. We’re even now.”

Taylor turned onto her back and collapsed down on the bonnet of the car, shielding her eyes from the sun.

Rico was looking away, she noticed, back towards the main road thirty feet away and a little uphill.

Several figures were up there, she saw with a start. Some motorists must have come across the crash tracks and realised what had happened!

Sunlight glinted off a camera lens and Taylor realised with a start that she was looking at a film crew.

With a sinking feeling, she brought her hands up to cup her breasts.

Rico’s laughter filled her ears.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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