Oh My Family Ch. 04

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I was in heaven. I had shared dad with mom and my aunt. Next day was a Saturday and I slept till late to find dad was out. I spent a lot of time in bed and dragged myself out of it. My body was practically vibrating with happiness. I felt truly loved. The orgasm I had with dad made me smile and I felt blood flowing to my lower body. I thought about mom and my heartbeat increased. I shook my head as if to clear it and made my way to the shower. I took my time to soap myself. There were red patches where mom had given me her full attention during her orgasm. I almost started to rub my pussy but changed my mind.

When I went downstairs, mom was already in the kitchen.

“Hey mom!”

“Hey, baby girl!”

She wore a flared skirt and blouse. Her body shook as she cut a carrot. I stood their watching her. Her back was turned towards me. I wore a pair of shorts and tank top and nothing underneath. I felt so hot watching her body shake that I moved swiftly towards her and grabbed her from behind running my hands around her soft tummy. She sighed as I leaned over her shoulder and kissed her neck. Goose bumps sprang up immediately all over her body.

“Looks like you are still hungry! Its too early to be naughty Anna.” she said laughing.

I didn’t reply. I started to suck her neck making wet noises. I could see her breasts jiggle inside her low cut blouse. I bit her neck making her gasp. I pushed my hands under her breasts and caressed them. She was wearing a bra underneath but I could feel her nipples start to respond. I spotted a nice long cucumber next to the carrots which gave me an idea. It was as long as dad’s cock. I picked it up and pushed it to mom’s mouth. She tried pushing it away.

“C’mon mom, doesn’t this look like dad’s cock?”

“Oh you are one little bad girl aren’t you?”

“Just taking after you mom!”


“Yeah mom, you are one horny mom aren’t you?”

I pushed the vegetable into my mouth sucking it noisily. She half turned and looked at me, her eyes were wide and disbelieving. I pushed the other end of it towards her mouth and she smiled, her face going red. Eventually she turned a bit towards me and started to lick one end. I felt naughty as ever and pushed it gently into her mouth. She sucked it like a cock. The green vegetable looked partly obscene going into her mouth. I spotted one more cucumber slightly smaller and picked it up. I had her cornered now as she was close to the corner of the kitchen leaning against the sink. Her breasts struggled against her blouse as her breath came fast. She looked so sexy sucking the cucumber.

She stopped sucking and looked at me.

“What do you have in mind you little minx?”

“That’s a secret!”

I leaned across her and took a dish cloth. She looked at me perplexed.

“Close your eyes mom.”


“Close your eyes mom!”

She closed her eyes. I blindfolded her. She was breathing hard.

“What are you doing honey?”

“Anything you want mom!”

“Hope no one is watching this!”

“Don’t worry mom, we are safe.”

I moved out of her range and took off my clothes. I stood naked in the middle of our kitchen. I walked to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of honey. I left it outside to make it warmer.

“Anna, what are you doing?”

I didn’t reply. I moved closer. She seemed even more excited. I moved closer making sure my body wasn’t touching hers. Then I started to touch her hands running my fingers lightly over her soft warm skin. She sighed as she felt my touch.

“Gosh you have a nice touch, Anna. Where did you learn these?”

I didn’t say anything. I moved my hands to up and down her arms then shifted towards her tummy running them upto her breasts. Still my touch was light. I lifted her blouse, tying up the ends so that her tummy was exposed. The skin was soft and warm. I gave her tummy light kisses with my lips. She sighed again trying to relax but the blindfold made her more aware of my touch and as she did not know what was going to happen next, it seemed to excite her. I took one of the cucumbers and pushed it to her mouth. She opened up and started to suck it hard, moaning a little. I took the other cucumber and rubbed it on her hardened nipple over her bra and blouse. I stopped for a moment to loosen up a few buttons on it and then licked her massive cleavage. Then I wet the cucumber and pushed it between her breasts.

“Is this how dad fucks your tits mom?”

“Oh istanbul rus escort gosh, you are a bad girl!”

“Tell me mom, has he fucked your tits yet?”

“Yes I have been fucked there!”

“Did dad fuck you there?”

She didn’t answer. I continued to fuck her breasts with the cucumber. I took the other and started running it up her legs under the skirt. She whimpered.

“Do you like that mom?”

She moaned. I left the cucumber stuck between her breasts and knelt before her and pushed my head inside her skirt. Her thighs were starting to get moist from the wetness seeping from her pussy. She was not wearing any panties. I licked the juice off her thighs and continued to follow the trickle up to her pussy. The other cucumber followed my tongue. Her legs were shaking at the touch of my tongue. I pulled back my tongue and ran the cucumber along her wet slit and heard her groan in anticipation.

“Oh god, Anna, what are you doing? Are you going to do what I am thinking you are going to do?”

I didn’t say anything. I continued to rub her slit with the cucumber. I licked the top of her thigh and moved closer to her pussy, licking the top of her slit seeking her clit. It was hard and seemed bigger than I remembered it. She started to move against my face and I stopped licking. She tried to pull me back to her but I started to get out from under her skirt. I pushed her down onto the floor and straddled her tummy. I was dripping wet and I made sure that my wet slit rubbed against her bare tummy. I leaned over her and kissed her lips hard poking my tongue into her mouth. She kissed me back, without showing even a trace of resistance. I kissed her harder and I felt her hands cup my breasts, squeezing them. Her hands were hot and loving on my hard nipples. I moved forward and let her suckle my tits. She was starting to go crazy judging by the intensity of her mouth on my breasts. I was in heaven. I scooted over and sat on her face covering her mouth with my wet pussy. I felt her deliciously probing tongue poke my pussy. Her hands were all over my ass moving slowly down my crack to my ass hole. Her finger rubbed the rim which was wet from my juices. I crushed her mouth wanting her tongue deep inside me. I let her lick me some more and then got up to get the bottle of honey which was just the right temperature now. I opened up her blouse and unsnapped her bra. Her breasts looked enormous in daylight. I poured some honey on them and rubbed it all over her. She was moaning. I put some of it on my breasts as well. Then I slid over her body rubbing my breasts against hers. Our union was sticky and wet. I slide over her body making sure to pour more honey between us. Finally I ended up near her skirt which I unzipped and pushed all the way down. I had my blindfolded mom on the floor covered in honey. I grabbed the bigger cucumber and wet it with more honey.

I made her spread her legs and lay between her legs. I wanted to push the cucumber in her pussy. It was as big as my dad’s cock and I was sure she could take it. I pushed one end of it into her opening slowly. She moaned and shifted her legs letting it enter her. She lifted her legs and slid her feet close to her buttocks while bending her knees spreading her pussy for me. I pushed it in further. She moaned as she felt it going in slow. The cucumber was around 8 inches long which was longer than dad’s cock. But it was little thinner than his. I pushed it in as far as it would go and started fuck mom with it. She moaned my name and bucked her hips against my thrusts. I wanted to do something more. I stopped fucking her with it and looked around and found what I was looking for. There was a tin opener with a very smooth handle. I got her to get on her hands and knees. She wanted to know what I had in mind but I didn’t say anything.

She stood there, still blindfolded and I started to move the cucumber again. I moved closer and started to lick her ass hole, making it moist for my next project. Once it was well lubricated, I took the smooth handle and coated it with honey and pressed it against her anus. She groaned again trying to get away. But the cucumber kept her distracted. I pushed gently and felt her open up. The handle was quite thin and went in easily into her ass. Now mom was being fucked both ways. I felt so naughty.

“Oh baby, how did you know I like this?”

“It was an educated guess mom.”

“Oh gosh, baby, fuck me harder. kadıköy escort Fuck your mom harder!”

I continued to move the cucumber and can opener in and out of her. After a few strokes, she said she wanted to lick my pussy while I did it. I crawled under her body and she lay on top of me and spread my legs. Her mouth was hungry for my pussy. She lapped at it noisily while I continued my onslaught on her pussy and ass. It didn’t take long for her to move faster alerting me to the on coming orgasm. I kept moving the two objects faster and faster and then she came hard. I kept up my fucking until she asked me to stop almost jumping off my body. She lay down next to me exhausted with the cucumber sticking obscenely out of her pussy. I hugged her close and kissed her mouth taking off the blind fold finally. She kissed me back but she seemed totally lost. It took her a while to get back to normal. She looked at me lovingly.

“You are a bad little girl aren’t you?”

“Just like my mom and Aunt, mommy.”

“Mommy, might have been worse!”


“Let there be a few more secrets about me for now.”

She took the cucumber out and looked at it. I pulled her hand towards me and started to suck it. She looked at my mouth in wonder as I sucked her juice off it.

“I wish we had two cocks now to fuck us mom.”

“Oh yeah, wish I could have had two and the third to suck!”

I was truly shocked as I looked at her.

“Maybe even four!”

“Oh my god mom, I don’t think I am as naughty as you!”

“It was Aunt Karen’s fault, she brought home three boys once and I had to entertain all them when she came too soon.”

I was shocked and looked at her with my mouth half open. She smiled like a professional footballer and nodded.

“Cat got your tongue?”

She reached for the blind fold.

“Now it’s my turn.”

I giggled closing my eyes my mind delirious from imagining mom with three guys. But she had other ideas. She turned me around on my tummy and pulled both my hands together and tied them with a string. I felt a lovely thrill of helplessness in her hands. Then she started to rub my back with gentle but firm hands. She kneaded my shoulders and moved down to my waist and buttocks, releasing all of my tense muscles. Her hands were practiced and confident. I wanted her to touch my pussy but she ignored it and moved to my thighs and then finally to my feet. I was feeling frustrated that she was taking her time to touch me where I wanted her to. My pussy was screaming for her touch. I spread my legs wide trying to entice her. She just giggled.

“Oh come on mom! I want you to touch me.”

She giggled again.

Then I felt her climbing onto my back and her full body lay on top of me. Her warmth and softness calmed me down a little. Her breath was in my ear and she started to lick the outline of my ear. She took care not to crush my arms which were still tied behind my back. I rubbed her tummy as she licked my ear. It was very sensitive and her tongue licked the inside of my ear, making it wet. She then moved to my neck making me moan. Her mouth explored the exposed part of my neck, sucking the skin gently into her mouth. I loved it. Then she moved towards my half turned face and kissed my lips. She sucked each lip into her mouth. Her breasts were rubbing against my back like two large pillows. She turned me around and looked at my blushing face. She moved close to my face and we started kissing tenderly like long lost lovers. Her mouth was warm and wet and loving. Her tongue caressed my own and for the first time I let someone else dominate me. It felt nice to let her do all the work. I kissed her with passion I felt deep within me. She must have felt it too because she moaned into my mouth as if the intensity of our feelings overwhelmed her. I wanted to melt into her body at that moment. Her kissing continued and I kissed her back. She got hold of my tongue and sucked it as hard as she could. When we started needing some air she moved lower to my armpit and probed it with her tongue. I lifted my arms up so she could suck the skin their. I loved her attention there as it was so sensitive. She licked it like a pussy biting the smooth skin there. I could take it no longer and I told her so.

She moved to my breasts and kneaded the soft flesh. Her touch was so warm and gentle. She took her time to reach my nipples that were quivering in anticipation to meet her kartal escort loving tongue and mouth. She sucked it all into her mouth, making me moan. Her tongue flicked my nipple repeatedly while holding it inside her mouth. My legs jerked every time she flicked her tongue over it. After a while it became too much for me and she moved onto the other nipple and repeated the process. I was going nuts but I was ready to let her continue at her pace. Her tongue licked the underside of my breasts and moved to my tummy. Her hands were all over my skin caressing it gently. She moved to my crotch and I spread my legs wide for her. She looked up and smiled.

“Your juice is dripping onto the floor, baby!”

I looked at her in half crazed passion. I was feeling high on her love. She licked the upper part of my crotch and moved lower at a very slow pace. I just lay there and enjoyed her tongue. She reached the dripping lips of my pussy and her tongue probed between them. The contact sent shockwaves down my spine. Her tongue was slow and insistent. It probed every part of the opening right down to the perineum and beyond. I lifted my hips and gave her access to my anus. Her tongue rimmed me deliciously. I was in heaven. The only thing missing was another tongue on my pussy and a cock in my mouth. Her tongue was driving my ass crazy. I pushed against her mouth. She covered it with her mouth and licked around the rim and gently probed the opening, making it open lazily. Her tongue was half buried in there and she moved back to my pussy. She did the same, pushing her tongue as much as she could. I moaned and pressed harder against her.

Her pace increased and she was licking slightly faster. I had my eyes closed now and I felt the cucumber enter my pussy. It was slow and insistent like her tongue and I groaned as it slid slowly, filling me up. Her mouth was at my clit and I was started to slide uncontrollably towards a magnificent orgasm. She must have realized this, since her thrusts with the cucumber increased in frequency and her tongue followed suit. I bucked my hips against her setting the pace and the orgasm started to appear like a light at the end of a tunnel moving faster and faster towards me and finally when it hit, it was like an express train. I must have squirted a lot of juice and my screams I am sure would have been heard for miles. My mom’s face was drenched when I opened my eyes after what seemed like ages. I was still in a delirious state.

She moved up to my face. Her face was covered with my cum. I licked her face all over tasting it and then we kissed deeply. In my state I vaguely registered her crotch rubbing against my knee and realized that she was horny again.

“Do you want me to lick you again mom?”

“Yes baby girl,” she replied hoarsely.

She scooted up to my mouth after reaching behind me and releasing my hands. She straddled my face with her dripping pussy. I reached up and licked her swollen lips gently.

“Go hard on me baby, mommy can’t doesn’t want you to be gentle!”

Hearing that, I bit the top of her crotch and slapped her ass hard making her squeal. I wet one finger and drove it deep into her ass hole.

“Oh yes, like that! Be rough baby girl!”

I made her lift up a bit and slapped her wet steaming pussy. She groaned in ecstasy. I pushed her roughly onto her back and stuck two fingers up her pussy and one in her ass while licking her clit. Then I started moving my fingers in and out very fast. She went crazy screaming my name out loud. Her hips bucked against my fingers like a crazed bull. I loved the fact that she was totally crazy over what I was doing. She bucked and bucked for what seemed like hours. My hands hurt. I managed to slip another finger into her pussy making the total count 3. She accommodated me without much effort. I loved watching her crazed face while I fingered her faster. Her orgasm was huge. She lifted her legs high and her tummy went into spasms so many times that I lost count. Her whole body shook telling me that she had a wonderful orgasm. She pushed me away almost in pain wanting me to stop. I was exhausted and I lay my head on her tummy. We lay like that for a few minutes and I went back up to her face and made her taste all of my fingers. She licked them hungrily and suckled my breasts after that. We went upstairs straight and got into the shower. It was nice to be washed by mom after a very long time. She cleaned me up completely and I did the same for her. We ended up having another fingering session just out of pure horniness, but we could not reach orgasm. I was not surprised. Finally, when dad came home we looked like two women who had got fucked by a group of men or so it seemed to me.


Hope this was good as I made it a more lesbian story. Write me your comments.

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