Oh My! Ch. 03

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Steven took a half day at his job today and decided to surprise his live-in girlfriend with some flowers and chocolates that he knew she liked. He slipped off his shoes and closed the door when he heard the television on in the bedroom.

He quietly walked across the carpeted floor and slowly peeked in through their already opened bedroom door. He could see her topless sitting at the end of the bed and he could faintly make out that she was probably watching one of their 25 pornos they have around the house.

She had her hair in pig tails and was wearing small white panties with little teddy bears on them. She looked adorable he thought to himself. She had her left hand squeezing her left breast and shoving it as far upwards as she could. She even tried to lick it but just missed and he could see the frustration come across her face. This did not stop her from manhandling it. Her face leaned over her tit again and then she dropped a glob of saliva on her nipple. Her hand quickly rubbed the spit over her entire front of her tit and began using her thumb and forefinger like a mouth nipping at her tit trying to pull on them but just sliding off due to its new slick surface.

While doing this she had her right hand slowly and methodically rubbing her pussy on the outside of her underwear. With slow and deliberate pressure, in an up and down motion, she pushed her underwear against her pussy until she could feel her own wetness.

Steven, enjoying the show, went to rub his cock when he remembered he still had her gifts in his hands. He frantically looked around for a table nearby to put everything on. He carelessly placed them down and hurried back to his personal peep show. bakırköy escort He briefly rubbed his cock through the outside of his pants before he took them off.

When he returned to the door he observed Julia just finishing taking off her panties. She was kicking them off as he peered through the door opening again. She spread her legs wide while sucking on two of her fingers on her right hand. She then placed those fingers on to her clit and began rubbing; her eyes fixated on the images in front of her.

Her left hand moved to her right breast and she started to mash it with her hand just like she did the left one. Again she lifted it up to her mouth but to no avail.

She began to use longer strides with her fingers on her pussy when she took one long stride down, curled her fingers in a little and expertly shoved them into her tightness. Her eyes closed and mouth opened when she did this but no sound could be heard.

She would thrust upwards three or four times then take it out and rub the juices over her clit. Then she shoved them back in again ensuring to press her palm against her clit to hopefully get double stimulation. Four strokes later she takes her fingers out again and pressed her entire hand against her pussy and rubbed in a circular motion.

Steve could tell she was getting close. He has seen that look in her eyes before. He just stood there and watched her with his hand rubbing his cock through his underwear.

Julia then re-inserted her fingers into her pussy and released her breast from her grasp. She violently attacked her clit with her left hand while at the same time she fucked herself with her fingers.

She beşiktaş escort then fell backwards on the bed starting to convulse in ecstasy. Her legs, working like a vice, squeezed her right hand which was up inside her as far as they could go. Her left hand grabbed a pillow and shoved it into her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure.

Her legs released their grip on her hand and she removed the pillow that was covering her face. With her eyes closed she brought her hand to her mouth and enjoyed her own personal fountain drink.

“Save some for me.” Steve requested of her.

Julia’s eyes opened to see her man standing in front of her wearing a blue dress shirt and white (almost see through) jockey underwear of which the head of his dick was sticking out above the waistband. While walking through the door he wondered why she wasn’t scared when he spoke then his attention was taken by what she was watching. It was one of the movies they made of themselves making love.

“Of course honey. Here.” She said sticking out her fingers. Steve walked over and slid on to the bed beside her taking her fingers into his mouth and sucking the rest of her juices from them.

He proceeded to unbutton his shirt while she slid off his jockeys. She sucked on his dick until his shirt was completely off and lying in a pile on the floor.

She then slid back to the head of the bed placing her head on a pillow. She then opened her legs and Steven crawled up the bed on top of her and with ease slid his little warrior into her castle. He assumed the pushup position and lowered himself down do suck her tongue into his mouth while thrusting his hips beylikdüzü escort in and out of her. He could feel her moans vibrating through her tongue in his mouth with every forward thrust.

He took his left arm and placed it to the inside of her left leg. He then took her ankle and placed it on his left shoulder. He then did the same thing with her right leg.

Steve’s body now resting on her legs he placed his hands on both of her tits to maintain his stability while he plunged into her depths over and over again.

His sweat covered body was rapidly approaching muscle failure and Steve could sense an early orgasm rising out of his balls. Steve slowed his pace and was about to pull out when Julia screams “Don’t you dare fucking stop. I’m about to cum.”

It took everything he got to not fall down in a heap but Steve continued his thrusting and summoned a burst of energy he didn’t have before. He leaned back onto his knees, grabbed her ankles with his hands forming a 90 degree angle with the rest of her body and started pounding away faster than he was before. He was able to watch his dick slide in and out of her with such ease.

“Oh god yes!” She screamed as the orgasm passed through her body. Steve watched as her pussy squeezed around his dick and squirted her love all over him; shooting more and more out with every push forward.

Steve then let out an unintelligible scream as he shot his load deep inside of her. Unable to control himself, Steve lost his balance and fell between her legs. He was able to catch himself just before landing on her face. Her legs wrapped around his ass locking them with her ankles, pulling him closer to her so her best men did not leave her too soon.

A few minutes later after she caught her breath, Julia excused herself to the bathroom. She grabbed Steve’s shirt that he wore that day and said with a devilish grin “By the way, your boss called about 30 minutes ago and said when you come home to give him a call.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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