Oh, Granny Ch. 01

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“Sure mom…we’ll be there,” Mrs. Trivedi spoke to her mother over the phone.

“Oh lovely dear! It’ll be great to have you all after such a long time. After all, its been almost 2 months since we last saw Raj!”

“Mhm-mmm…” Smiled Mrs Trivedi “He’s eager to meet you too!”

Raj Trivedi was playing Dragon Ball Z on his computer. He was a tall, scrawny, boy of 18 with thick black fringe of hair and large round spectacles. On first appearance anyone would put him down as a classic nerd…typically weird, hated sports, never much success with the ladies and spent most of his time on his desktop or reading comics. His mother came in…

“Raj!” She barked, “we have to go to grandad and granny’s today. So be ready by 7.”

“Yeah mom,” Raj sighed. He loved his grandparents but he always got bored there…they’d make him sit and ask him about his boring old life and feign interest in it.

“I’ll just go and buy some stuff from the grocery,” Mrs. Trivedi said.

His mom gave a disapproving look to the screen. ‘Why is he such a bore?’ She thought on her way out… ‘All these other boys are so exciting and handsome and energetic…and see this fellow, always on his bed or on his computer’ she sighed.

Mrs Kalpana Trivedi was a social woman of 38…despite being the mother of two and entering the 40s she seemed to carry herself with a certain grace to which even the neighborhood ladies fell prey of jealousy. And that was just beside her near perfect figure, seductive eyes and luscious lips that were always held in a slight pout. Rohit’s mother was always ankara escort marvelled at by his girl cousins for her straight black hair which she had maintained beautifully… right from its waist-length to its sleek shine, giving the 40 -entering woman a young look.

Raj saw his chance. As soon as he heard the front door close, he opened the porn magazines he’d got from a friend… The pictures were tantalizingly sexual and made his penis erect in no time…after which he began jerking off…his thoughts strayed from one female to another. His school crush, Tanaya (oh what breasts she had), his French tuition teacher, Ujjwala ma’am (typical mallu material). He came in no time, the white, sticky fluid dripping over his hand. He heard the front door open, signalling that his mother was back and hastily stuffed the magazines under the pillow and zipped his trousers up.

20 minutes later…

“Well if it isn’t my favourite grandson!” Raj’s granddad chuckled as he opened the door. Mother and son entered. “Sugandha, dear!” He called. “They’re here!”

A moment later, an old lady with a kind face, swathed in wrinkles hobbled into the drawing room. Raj’s grandmother walked ever so slowly. She hugged her daughter and then her grandson. Granddad was now 74 years old. After battling osteoporosis and following a successful operation, he was still advised to use the wheelchair – which he seldom did, much to the annoyance of his wife (“Fine! Don’t listen to me then and then stay bedridden like you were for 2 months!” She’d scold him). They had lunch where they discussed the escort ankara various ongoings in their respective lives…it was a pleasant affair. Before long, Granddad got up to retire to his room. “I’m going to bed,” He croaked and slumped onto his wheelchair. The wheels squeaked noisily as he rolled away into their bedroom. Mrs Trivedi got up to help with the dishes.

“Those wheels really need oiling!” Granny said. “Now, Raj dear, I’d like you to help me out with something, whilst mother cleans up,”

“Go on Raj… help your grandmother out,” His mother said from the kitchen.

“Yes mom,” He said and obediently followed his grandmother to the adjoining corridor out of the kitchen. Two rooms opened on the left, one being his grandparent’s bedroom and the other a sort of storeroom.

Raj walked in behind his Nani (grandmother) into the spare bedroom. “Child, my legs are paining a lot. It’s all because of your grandfather,” She frowned “Made me shift all our old furniture to this room yesterday.”

Sure enough, the little bedroom was crammed with antique items. An old personal computer stood at one corner, a metal almirah (cupboard) in another. “Now be a good grandson and give your old grandma a massage,” She said, smiling. “Of course, Nani!” Raj replied.

A dusty single bed was towards one wall, with a pillow and single chaddar (blanket). As Grandma bent down to dust the bed, Raj couldn’t help but stare at the curvy protrusion which constituted her buttocks. He knew his grandmother had had an operation a few months ago to correct some pelvic inflammation… ankara escort bayan Maybe it was why she walked with her backside jutting backwards all the time. It was seductive, watching her bent forward and dusting the bed sheet with forceful movements. It made her look as though she were twerking. And before he knew it his penis was erect again! He stifled a groan… The third time today! Why was he always so horny these days, he thought to himself. “Now where is that bottle of oil?” Grandma asked herself. “Humph! He must have kept it in the kitchen again,”(by ‘he’, she was referring to granddad). And with that she walked lamely out of the room.

Raj observed his grandmother… He felt an odd sense of guilty conscience rising in him as his gaze fell to his grandmother’s butt and the way it jiggled up and down as she hobbled over to the kitchen. Whilst she struggled to keep the frying pan on the top shelf, he couldn’t help but notice her saree’s graceful curve, accentuating her huge backside. Through the draping, he caught a glimpse of her purple, silk blouse, tightly fastened behind, evidence of her saggy and yet huge breasts. But Raj’s malicious eyes caught something even more incongruous to his 67 year old grandmother other than her busty old figure… her hair. It isn’t every woman to have entered the 6th decade of life to have a well maintained, voluminous black hairdo. In Raj’s granny’s case however it was. As he scrutinised his Nani’s features from behind, he marvelled at how well she’d maintained a luscious and below shoulder-length mane, adorned with a few grey streaks here and there. “Its all that thorough oiling of her hair with coconut oil that’s what,” Raj thought, watching her hair glistening in the sunlight as she moved about in the kitchen. “Now I know where mom gets her great hair from,” He smiled.

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