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So, I’m sitting here at my desk and day dreaming of you. It’s late, after hours and I think that everyone has gone for the evening. I’m working on a last minute report and I’m typing away at my computer. I’m so fixated on my work that I don’t initially see you standing in my doorway. I notice your scent, and I look up. Apparently, you’ve been working late too.

I look up and see you standing there, leaning against the door jam. You smile at me with a mischievous grin, and tell me that you’ve been thinking of me. I ask you what you’re doing here, and you reply that you’ve needed to catch up on some work yourself. You go on to explain that while you were working, you had stumbled on an old email of mine and that got you thinking about how wonderful we feel together. You say that it started to get you wet thinking of me, of how my hands feel on your skin. How my hot breath and wet lips feel when we kiss, make you weak in your knees. You tell me that you had to stop working and leaned back in your chair and began to feel your own legs, imagining that they were my hands on you. You explained that the feelings and thoughts, made your hands go up under your short skirt and found the wetness that had begun between your legs. When your hands reached your damp center, you imagined that my hot breath was only inches from your wet material and that your hands became mine as you felt the heat from your wetness.

You begin to close you eyes as you continue telling me how your pulled your skirt a little higher, allowing your hands better access to the dampness that seemed to have spread. You say that one hand began to pull the material of your panties up tight against yourself as the other roamed over the center and spread your juice. You begin to move a hand to the front of your skirt and absently begin to press your hand into yourself as you tell me that soon your panties were so wet, and that you felt that you needed more, but wanted to share this experience with me, even if I weren’t there.

You open your eyes and see me staring at you in awe. You tell me that you got so wet that you had to take your panties off, and then you produce them in your other hand. You said that you were going to come into my office, sit in my chair and make love to yourself. You wanted to cum for me and to make sure that you wiped your juices with sarıyer escort the panties and then leave them for me to find in the morning.

Watching you like this and hearing your story and your plan, has gotten me hard. You notice that I’ve dropped a hand under my desk, and you smile knowing the effect that you’ve had on me. You flip the light switch off, and the only light is coming from my computer screen and the full moon that is outside. You walk towards me and gently push me back away from my desk. You glance down in my lap and see the outline of my hardness under my hand. You look at me and smile again, and tell me to open my mouth. I comply without hesitation, and you slip your wet panties into my mouth. I suck greedily at the wet material, tasting the sweet poignant flavor of your love juice. I moan at the sensation and taste and you laugh a sweet girlish laugh.

You lean back onto my desk in front of me and you pull your skirt up higher. You leave your panties in my mouth for me to taste as your hands ride up your legs and slowly spread them. Your hands continue up your legs, pulling the front of your skirt higher with each passing moment. Finally, I can see the wetness that is between your legs, it glimmers in the soft light that has filled the office. I see your fingers light travel over your wetness and see that they quickly become coated with your love. As you bring your wet fingers up to your mouth, you close your eyes and lean slightly back and lick the juice from your fingers. Handling my own hardness and seeing you taste yourself, I moan letting your panties fall from my now dry, yet hungry mouth.

As you continue to lean back, your hand returns to your wet center, and again I see you slide your fingers over your wetness. You open your eyes and moan to your touch, and then you tell me to take off my pants. You want to see me and watch me stroke myself. You tell me how wet it makes you to see me pleasure myself while watching you, and knowing that I make you wet, makes me hard.

You begin to feel a wonderful throbbing at your wetness, and you slowly slide a finger into yourself. Your finger slowly disappears into your hot, wet, throbbing pussy, as your eyes flutter from filling your need to be entered. You slide it all the way in esenyurt escort and slowly remove it and bring it up to your waiting lips. As you suck your wet finger into your mouth, you watch me slide my slacks off of my legs and see my hard shaft sticking straight in the air. As you bring your cleaned finger back to your waiting pussy, you slide not just one, but two fingers into your wetness and watch with delight as I wrap my hand around my hard cock.

You moan in pleasure as you shove both fingers deep into your hot pussy, as my hand rides up and down my shaft to your motions. You slowly begin to rhythmically slide your fingers in and out of yourself, while watching me make love to my own hand. As you feel your wetness start to flow more freely, you decide that you need more. Why pleasure yourself, when you have me right in front of you.

You remove your fingers from your wet pussy, and lean forward to me. You grab my head and slip your wet fingers into my waiting mouth. I suck them dry and ask for more. You oblige by pulling my head forward and down to you waiting mound. I slide my chair forward and allow my face to be drawn into your pussy. I can see that your lips are swollen and that your wet juices have flown down to my desktop. I lower my tongue to your waiting lips and begin to lightly run it over your entire pussy. I lap up all of your juice and begin to bury my tongue into your lovely hole. You let your hands rest on my desk behind you and lean back giving me more room to eat. You slide your sweet ass up slightly, and let your feet rest on the arms of my chair. This opens your lips even more for my tongue and mouth, as I begin to slowly slip my tongue in and out of you.

Your head is thrown back as you begin to moan and tell me to fuck you with my tongue. Your hips start to gyrate against my mouth, and your words encourage me on. I hear you say, “Oh God, you feel so good. Oh my God, don’t stop. Yes, right there, right there” as you feel my lips surround your hard little clit and feel my tongue slide against it back and forth. Your hips begin to hump my face, as you feel the sensations of my tongue against your clit. You tell me to slide a finger into you. You say, “Oh God, this feels so good. Oh fuck, your tongue is so good. Put a finger in me, oh please. Yes, slide it in, avrupa yakası escort Oh God, yes.” I feel that there is no resistance to my probing finger and I slide another into your waiting pussy. I hear you begin to moan loader as my tongue is on your hot clit and you feel my fingers begin to pump in and out of you. My fingers slide freely and as I turn my hand, my finger tip begin to rub the top of your pussy walls.

You bring a hand to the back of my head as your hips are now thrusting to meet my hand as I pump your hot, throbbing cunt. Your head is rolling back and forth as you feel my fingers rub the inside walls with each and every thrust. With my tongue now circling your hard erect clit, you forget where we are and continue telling me not to stop. You tell me that it feels so fucking good and that you need more. You pull my face away from your burning pussy and say, “Fuck, me. Oh please God, fuck me, I need your fucking cock in me right fucking now. Please fuck my cunt you bastard, fuck me now”.

I stand, and I cover your babbling mouth with mine, which you hungrily lick, kiss and slurp the juices from my face. You’re still mumbling for me to fuck you as I plunge my hard cock deep within you in one stroke. You yelp from the sudden pleasure and begin to kiss me passionately and wantonly as your pussy becomes filled with my hardness. You begin to breathe very heavily and your hips begin to hump me harder and harder. Your legs wrap around me pulling me deeper into you while your breathing is being interfered with from our kissing. You break away from my mouth and start to breathe heavily. The feeling of my cock sliding all the way in and then almost all the way out is so intense that you begin groaning into my neck. I can feel your nails start to dig into my back as I hear you say, “Oh, God, yes. You feel so good. Don’t stop, please oh God, OH. Oh Fuck. Oh, God. Yes, yes. You’re going to make me cum. Fuck me, please, Fuck me hard, Oh no… Oh… fuck… Don’t… Stop… Oh… God… Oh… God… Oh… Oh… Oh… I’m Cummming… Oh… O… O… Oh… Oh Fuck… I’m… Cummmmmmiinng…!”

I feel your legs tighten around me and feel your hot cunt begin to spasm as your ass bucks onto my cock, causing my cock to erupt at the same time as you cum. I feel your pussy milk my cock, and I feel your heart race as if it’s about to explode from your chest. We hold each other for what seems like and hour and I can feel our juice drip from your worn-out pussy and onto my desk. I look you in the eye and tell you that this was much better then finding an empty pair of panties the next day. You smile back, and tell me that we’ve only just begun…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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