Office fun

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I knew he was looking. I was sitting at my desk but I could feel his eyes on me. And it wasn’t only his eyes. It seemed that every guy in the office and all those who visited just couldn’t keep their eyes off me today. And I didn’t think I looked anything more special than usual. I was wearing a light green silky blouse which I’d often worn before, with a white half-cup bra. I must admit to having tightened the straps a little today and this lifted my firm breasts to their perfect height. But surely that couldn’t be what was drawing their eyes. OK, I had left one more button undone than usual, but glancing down it didn’t show much more of my cleavage than usual. I had on my shortest skirt, but again I often

wore it to the office and I’d not noticed the guys reacting this way before.

Then my friend Cindy came into work and the first thing she said was “My goodness, Sara, you look stunning today!”

I wanted to ask her why, but she just went on to greet all the guys and fool around with them as usual. I think they considered she was the office plaything. She certainly enjoyed all their attention. As I thought more and more about all the looks I was getting, I began to feel some nice things happening in my pussy. In fact within a few minutes, I could feel my panties getting quite damp. I had just bought a vibrator – it arrived in the mail two days ago and I’d been experimenting with it every moment I could. I’d been late in discovering self-pleasure, in fact only last year I played with myself for the first time and enjoyed a stunning orgasm. Since then I’d been careful not to do it too often, but then I ordered the vibrator. Cindy had been telling me how much fun she had with hers and it gave me quite an ache in my pussy after I’d taken what to me was a bold step to order one. Cindy had given me precise details of the one she used and I was quite nervous when I opened the package. However, it didn’t take me long to get the hang of it and find that I could enjoy orgasm after orgasm, almost at will.

This morning before work, I’d woken up early with a delicious ache in my pussy. Out came my new ‘friend’ and I enjoyed about 10 orgasms before I managed to control myself and stop. I couldn’t believe the pleasure I was getting from this electric object, but I also couldn’t resist it! I nearly put it in my bag to take to work, but just the thought of that gave me another orgasm just standing in the doorway, so I dropped it in the drawer unit just inside the door, thinking that I could wait until after work. I went to work in a very horny state, wanting to finger my pussy in the car and when I was in the elevator going up to my office. I somehow resisted the temptation, but I was grinning like a cat as I sat at my desk and looked around. Perhaps that was it, I thought, perhaps everyone could see I’d been enjoying lots of orgasms. I’d heard about the ‘glow’ that women are supposed to get when they’re getting enough. Perhaps my ‘glow’ was even brighter as I was sure I was now getting too much, even though it was delicious. In any case, I was feeling great and I grinned at all the guys.

My boss came in late apologising about his wife keeping him longer than she should. I smiled, wondering whether they’d had a row again about the kids. He seemed to be always disagreeing with her about something. He went straight to his office and then called me in via the intercom.

“Well, Sara, you do look very beautiful today,” he surprised me by saying.

It was the first time he’d more than just acknowledged my presence! He was a hunky guy of around 40, very good-looking, even according to Cindy but I’d never thought of him in any other way than as my boss – that is, until this morning. The way he was looking at me was just like the other guys – lustfully! I wanted to ask him too what it was that was special about me today.

Instead I said, “Thanks, Bob. Is everything alright at home?”

“Well, actually, yes,” he grinned. “Susan was feeling very fruity this morning.”

I looked shocked as he’d never spoken to me in this way before.

“In fact, she wouldn’t let me go to the car without giving her another one before I left!” he finished, with a broad smile.

“You’re glowing!” I giggled.

“Sorry, yes I probably am,” he admitted. “But good sex makes me feel good, doesn’t it make you feel that way?”

“I’m only just beginning to find that out,” I admitted, blushing profusely.

“Sit down please, Sara,” he bakırköy escort suggested with a sexy smile.

“You want to dictate something, Bob?” I asked, innocently.

“Well, actually, no, Sara,” he grinned.

I sat down across from his desk, watching my short skirt slide up my thighs. I kept my knees close together as his eyes riveted on my legs immediately.

“You know, Sara,” he started, smiling sexily, “I’ve admired you from a distance since you started working for me. How long ago was that?”

“Uh, I’ve been here about two years, Bob, and with you for the last 18 months,” I smiled. “You mean admired my work?”

“Oh, yes. That too!’ he chuckled, “But I mean you, as a person, as a woman, as, dare I say it, a very sexy woman!” I blushed again, thinking, my boss has been having randy thoughts about me!

“Bob, I don’t think we should go down that road!” I warned.

But teasingly, I let my knees open just a fraction and watched his eyes dart down there immediately. This was one very horny boss today.

“I think Susan gave you just a little too much this morning,” I smiled.

“Yes, she did, actually,” he agreed. “She’d already made me cum twice in bed and then she wanted to suck me off in the doorway,” he continued, watching my reaction.

I was amazed that he was talking to me like this – amazed, but also getting quite aroused. I guess I showed this by allowing my knees to part even more. It was actually quite involuntary as I could already feel my panties getting now very wet! I could also feel my breasts starting to tingle and I was sure my nipples would get really hard soon. I glanced down and sure enough they were beginning to poke out through the material of my bra and blouse. Bob stood up and moved round behind my chair.

“You see, Sara, I’m a very capable lover and I really appreciate all you’ve done for me. By the way, you don’t have a boyfriend, do you?”

It was a matter-of-fact question, because he probably had already seen that I live alone and didn’t flirt much with the office boys.

“No, I don’t. But I do have a new friend,” I suddenly blurted out.

“What do you mean?” he looked closely down at me as I looked over my shoulder at him.

“Oh, nothing, Bob!” I stammered, immediately regretting that I’d even mentioned it.

“Now come on, Sara,” he urged, looking decidedly interested. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, it’s not that, although Cindy and I are very close,” I admitted. “I bought a vibrator!”

Now, there I’d said it, but why to my boss? Silly girl.

“A vibrator, now that is interesting,” he grinned. “Susan has a whole drawer full and she uses them almost every night.”

“But I thought you and her….” I murmured. “Oh yes, we do – almost every night. But Susan is insatiable. She needs orgasms like other people need to eat.”

I giggled, “Really. Wow!” This conversation was going in a direction I’d never expected.

“Yep, even though I can give her a dozen or more any time she wants, she just needs to cum and cum and cum.”

I was astonished as Susan was not particularly sexy to look at, but she did have a great body. I wondered why Bob had chosen today to tell me about this part of his life. Now his warm hands came down onto my shoulders. He’d never touched me before after the first handshake on my first day. But his touch was electrifying. His hands were warm, almost hot, and he started to gently massage my neck muscles. I could not stop my groan of pleasure.

“Nice, isn’t it?” he murmured bending close to my ear. I nodded. “Do you also like your ears nibbled?” he said softly, his tongue licking along my ear lobe and then taking it between his lips and chewing gently.

I’d heard of erogenous zones, but this gentle caressing sent surges into my pussy and I could feel my panties were now getting to the almost useless stage, I was so wet. I moaned with pleasure and tried not to squirm too much as his hands slid from my shoulders inside the material of my blouse. His soft touch moved lower onto the mounds of my tingling breasts and now I could see my nipples were erect and sticking out. But soon he’d moved his fingers inside my bra cups and he was holding my breasts in his lovely soft hands. His fingers played with my nipples making them ache and grow even bigger.

“I’d like to suck on your nipples,” he suggested.

“Oh, Bob, don’t! This is wrong,” I tried to protest, but it sounded very weak. beşiktaş escort I knew he’d won me over and I’d be aching for him quite soon.

“Shall I lock the door?” he suggested, leaving my breasts for a moment as he crossed to the door and turned the key.

His office didn’t have windows to the other rooms, just to the outside, but there were no other buildings that overlooked our floor. He was quickly back beside me and soon knelt down on the carpet to one side of me. His hands expertly and slowly unfastened the six buttons of my blouse and then he unclipped the front clasp of my bra. As my breasts are so firm, they didn’t spill out. He had to move the bra away to be able to enjoy looking at them. But when he did, his eyes were just so full of lust.

“Susan’s are already sagging – a little,” he grinned, “but yours are magnificent.”

He pushed his face between my breasts and moved to one side to take one of my large nipples inside his mouth. I couldn’t avoid the physical response he was generating and I came explosively under his caresses. He sat back amazed.

“Wow!” he chuckled, “I wasn’t expecting that!”

“Nor was I,” I giggled, “but it was very nice. Now you hadn’t better stop.”

“Oh, I won’t” he murmured, returning to suckle on the other nipple and causing me to almost orgasm again. “I want to enjoy your pussy now,” Bob said flatly, but with a grin.

“Please, Bob. I think we’ve gone far enough,” I wanted out now before we went too far.

“Oh no, Sara,” he smiled, “not half far enough. I’m going to pump my cum into your hot pussy and you’re going to scream so all the boys can hear you.”

I was yet again amazed that he was talking like this to me. Susan really must be some horny woman. But there was no denying the ache that he’d already generated in my pussy and as he moved on his knees so that he was between my legs and parting them as wide as the chair allowed, I couldn’t move.

“Such a delightful sight,” he giggled, “Wet panties on the office dish!”

His hands slipped under my skirt for a moment, and as I raised my ass for him just a little, he quickly pulled off my soaking panties. He put them to his nose,

“Ummmmmmmmm, horny hot young pussy – the best,” he chuckled, throwing my now-useless panties onto his desk. “And this is also a delightful sight.” he said, feasting his eyes on my soaking pussy. “You’re clean shaven. I love that!”

“I hate too much hair, even though I’m blonde,” I giggled as he bunched my skirt even further up round my waist.

“Has anyone ever…” he began, “..licked you…” he bent his head down “here…” his tongue caressed my pussy lips.

“Noooooo…” I groaned as an intense wave of pleasure washed over me. I pushed his head harder between my thighs, “But you can!”

Within seconds I was in another world of pleasure as his tongue caressed, excited and stroked places I’d only before touched with my fingers and recently my new vibrator. It was such an incredible feeling. I was soon spasming all over his face and drenching him at the same time. After I’d managed to calm down, probably after about my sixth orgasm, he came up for air.

“I love a woman who cums with juices,” he grinned, his face covered in my sticky cum juices.

He returned to licking my clit and pussy, this time pushing some of his fingers inside my pussy too. I came several more times, each time making some noise, but not much.

“Stop!” I cried eventually, feeling like I couldn’t cum any more.

He lifted his head and grinned. “I’ve always wanted to make a woman cum until she told me to stop. I can’t do that with Susan – she just keeps going.”

“I’m sorry,” I smiled, “I’m not Susan!”

“Oh please, Sara,” he spoke quite angrily, then apologetically, “I wouldn’t want that and I’m not wishing you were. Do you want to continue?”

“I’m not sure now,” I replied. “My body wants to as you’ve found, but…..”

He looked disappointed and I thought he might try and use his position as my boss to do more with me. However, he didn’t stop me as I dressed quickly. He still had a huge tent in his trousers as I unlocked the door.

“I’ll send Cindy in to help you with that, if you like,” I suggested. He looked embarrassed,

“It’s OK. I’ll manage. And thanks anyway, Sara.” I managed a weak smile as I left.

If only he knew how close he’d been to enjoying me as a virgin! And I was now so damned horny I could have eaten beylikdüzü escort anything, male or female. I tried to sit at my desk for a while but after a few minutes, Bob dropped a pile of documents in front of me with a short word to make copies of them all. I smiled at him and immediately went downstairs to the copying room. We’d had to move the photocopier there when it was used so often and became very noisy. I also knew that Cindy used the room for enjoying her many male friends in the office. I made sure she saw that I was on my way down there so that she wouldn’t be disappointed if she got horny with a guy today. I set the documents up in automatic copy mode and moved into a dark corner to sit and think about what had happened with Bob today.

In fact, I was still so aroused that I’d soon settled down and slipped my hand under my skirt to play gently with my horny clit. I couldn’t believe how nice it felt to play with myself after Bob had given me all those orgasms not long ago. But good it did feel and I was soon aching to explode into a big cum. At that moment, the copier room door opened. Cindy looked in.

“Good,” she whispered to someone outside, “Sara’s put it on automatic and gone off somewhere!”

She pulled the guy in behind her and I almost gasped when I saw it was Bob. I was just hidden enough from them so that I could now quietly move away but still be able to see what they were going to do.

“Did Sara get you all horny, sweety?” asked Cindy gently as she pushed Bob so that he was sitting on the table beside the copier.

“Ummmm, yes,” he grinned as she carefully but quickly unzipped his trousers and reached inside.

Within moments, she’d pulled out his already big cock and she cradled it her hands gently.

“You’re always so big for me,” she cooed, stroking his big shaft lovingly.

He just groaned, as I almost did too as I couldn’t stop my orgasm from erupting at that moment. I came hard and wriggled around wildly, but I guess the noise from the copy machine masked my moans of pleasure. I felt my skirt getting really wet and I wished I’d brought down my spare panties. As I slowly calmed down from my orgasm, I glanced up to see that Cindy was swallowing Bob’s big cock almost whole. When she stopped going down on him, her mouth was fully up against his belly. He was so big, I thought, that he must be down her throat and from her position that was the only place he could be. Amazingly for me anyway, Cindy seemed to be loving it, as she was groaning and moaning despite having her mouth filled so full of man-meat. And Bob was noisy too – it was obviously not their first time together here. She stroked his shaft when she lifted her mouth along the length and that made him groan even more. I just kept playing with myself as it was such a hot sight.

He groaned loudly once more and cried out “I’m cumming….uuuugh, uuuugh, uugh.”

I could see Cindy’s mouth sucking and swallowing as he obviously spurted his cum into her mouth. She didn’t take her mouth off his shaft until she’d squeezed every drop of cum from it. Bob now wanted more and he tried to push Cindy onto the desk and lift up her skirt. But she was having none of that.

She pushed him away saying, “That’s enough, Bob. I promised to relieve the lust you had for Sara. If you want pussy, I’m sure she’ll offer you hers soon!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – my best friend selling my pussy to my boss! I almost got up from my hiding place and protested, but I managed to keep still until they’d rearranged their clothes and left. How I wish I’d brought my vibrator with me as I was now so horny I just had to cum again. The copy machine was still running and I could feel the vibrations again through my body as I pressed myself against it. I found a place where I could press my clit against a wildly vibrating part and just stood there feeling the vibes pushing me closer and closer.

Suddenly, as I heard the door open again, I came in a huge orgasm, unable to control my groans and cries of delight. When I recovered, I looked up into the eyes of the newest boy in the office, a guy called Tim. He was only 18 and appeared to be so naive. Now his face was wide with shock at catching my wanton display of lust. I grinned at him.

“Ever seen a girl cum like that, Tim?” I giggled.

“N..n…n..nooooo!” he stammered, unable to conceal the fact that it had aroused him and his trousers now bulged with a big package.

“Would you like to help me with something?” I asked him gently.

“OK. What do you want me to do?” he asked innocently. I bent over the copy machine and lifted my skirt.

“Do you know what to do now?” I asked with a smile.

“I think so, but it will be my first time,” he replied hesitating.

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