Office Affair Ch. 06

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As it would seem, I found his weakness. Then, he in turn, found mine. My co-workers and I were still working on painting the office, so I came in wearing civvies. However, I had to change into my uniform to go to the staff meeting. It had been my every intention to change earlier, but I had honestly not yet gotten the chance.

Lunchtime rolled around before I knew it. So, I waited until my counterparts took off for their lunch break, then began to gather up all the parts of my uniform. Just as I crossed the room to lock the door, the knob slipped away from my hand. “Hi,” he grunted, walking in like he owned the place. I watched him as he walked across the room and sat down at the conference table, unpacking his lunch. I waited until he looked back up at me, still standing in the doorway, before I pulled it shut and turned the lock. “I have to change for the staff meeting,” I replied to his upturned eyebrow.

“Gotta change anyway, might as well show off for someone who actually appreciates the way I look. God knows nobody at home is looking!” I thought to myself as I crossed back over to my desk. I felt his eyes on me as I reached down and slipped my shoes off, one by one. I made it a point then to come back around the desk in order to allow him an unblocked view of my impromptu strip-tease. Then, stealing up every ounce of courage, I looked purposefully away and unfastened my jeans, forcing myself to release the zipper slowly. Just as slowly, I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and slid them over my hips and down my legs to expose creamy thighs. I bent just slightly as I pulled each leg free, making sure he had the perfect view of my bared ass cheeks framed only by the mint green thong I had chosen to wear that day.

“Hmph… Is he even looking?” I thought to myself. Not one to be swayed, I straightened up and made a big show of folding my jeans neatly before setting them off to the side. Still, he sat at the table, calmly eating his lunch. “Alright then, you can’t stop now!” my brain commanded. I took a deep breath to settle my nerves, then reached for the hem of the cute little tee shirt I’d picked out in hopes of catching his eye. I remembered taking istanbul escort forever this morning standing in the closet, before settling on this one- a dark blue baby tee with the words, “Face it. Scary girls are hot!” emblazoned across my breasts. I found myself wondering if he’d noticed it as I slipped it up and over my head.

The coolness of the room gave rise to a layer of goose bumps over my exposed flesh, now covered only by the matching set of undergarments that really didn’t cover much at all. Again, I stood there and carefully folded the discarded garment, sneaking a peak at him before walking back around the desk. “Guess not,” I sighed to myself as I laid it on top of the jeans. “Well, nothing left to do now but get dressed.” More than a little disappointed that I’d failed to entice him closer, I forced myself to remain calm as I reached casually for the sand colored tee shirt, instead of snatching it on to cover my embarrassment.

I pulled the offending garment over my head, wriggled my arms into the sleeves, and turned back to look at him, only to find his chair empty. My head snapped to the left just in time to catch him sneaking up behind me, and I nearly jumped out of my skin to discover him mere inches away. “Oh!” I cried out in surprise. I only barely managed to catch the hand-in-the-cookie-jar look on his face before his last step brought him up to stand behind me.

In one fluid movement, he crushed himself against me and leaned in to press hungry kisses against the left side of my neck. His hardness pressed into the small of my back left me no doubt that my insecurity was completely unwarranted. Was that what brought the smile to my lips? To know I’d affected him? Or were the delicious shivers caused by his touch?

His hands were already in full exploration mode, under my shirt to squeeze my breasts, down my belly to slide over my bare thighs and in between to tease against my closely-cropped mound. Already, I felt myself beginning to moisten at his touch. I turned slightly into his kiss, afraid to move and break avcılar escort the contact of him pressed against me, but hungry to taste him.

Our lips meet wildly, tongues entwining immediately, passionately. His kisses and touch sapped my strength and my knees buckled beneath me. I felt his hands move to my hips and swing me around to set me on the edge of the desk.

No sooner than my bared cheeks made contact with the cold metal, then he had already knelt in front of me and slid my thong to the side to expose me to him. I watched him as he moved in closer, feeling myself growing wet with the anticipation of what I knew was next. I moaned aloud as the first touch of his tongue sent a shockwave straight through me.

He licked and kissed and nibbled at every inch of me- along the fleshy expanse of each outer lip, my sensitive clit, my inner lips. I moaned again when his tongue teased the edge of my opening, then slid inside a bit before he ran it back up my slit to tease against my clit again.

I was trying so hard to stay silent but he was really making it damn near impossible. The teasing flicks of his tongue against my skin were maddening, and already bringing me close to a powerful orgasm. It was all I could do to remain motionless when he moved in even closer to suck the engorged nub gently between his teeth as he slid a finger inside of me. All I could do to sit still as he ran his tongue down to lap at my wetness while his fingertips explored until they found just the right spot. All I could do not to buck away from him, break the contact of his lips and tongue as they circled my clit again while the friction of his fingers sliding in and out of me drove me to distraction. All I could do not to beg him to stop his teasing and fuck me.

But he continued. Against my squirming, he continued. Expertly, his touch brought me higher, closer and closer to my climax. Each flick of his tongue elicited a moan I could no longer suppress. My hands gripped at the edge of the desk fiercely in an effort to remain motionless as I felt myself heating up from the inside. I wanted to grab his head and grind myself into his şirinevler escort face until I found the release he was slowly teasing me to. But my thoughts betrayed me. I remembered doing that once, a long time ago, at home. I remembered all too well the teasing afterward, “You were trying to kill me!” my husband had said. Even now, his insensitive comment brought a flush of shame and embarrassment to my cheeks.

Instead, I kept my hands firmly attached to the edge of the desk. I looked down at my new lover, gently lapping at every inch of me, then smiled at the fact that I’d thought of him as my new lover. “Well, if the one at home was too dense to appreciate me, here was one who wasn’t,” I thought wryly. Then, I put the ugly interruption of thoughts of my husband aside, and gave myself more fully to the moment at hand.

He must’ve sensed my thoughts had strayed, for he left off with his teasing kisses to look up at me. He searched my eyes and held them, replacing the laving of his tongue against my sensitive clit with gentle circles from the pad of his thumb, while the fingers he held inside of me found and kneaded my g-spot. I squeezed my eyes shut, both against his scrutiny and the rise of pleasure his teasing ministration began to elicit. I felt the warmth of his breath when he dipped his head again, as his lips trailed along, blowing gently against my skin. The teasing pressure of his fingertips inside were maddening, almost frightfully so. When his tongue seamlessly replaced his thumb and found my button again to tease me further, it was more than I could take.

I bucked furiously against the edge of the desk as I came, only just barely managing to stay upright. Spasm after spasm shot through every inch of me as I felt myself contract repeatedly around the fingers he still held buried within me. Each gentle tug as he sucked and nibbled at my clit brought forth a fresh wave of sensation, and with it, another soft groan from between my parted lips. Finally, he released me and withdrew his fingers, allowing me to float back down to some semblance of reality. He stood back up and kissed me then, allowing me the exquisite pleasure of tasting myself on his lips. Then he calmly walked back over and took his seat while I fumbled with the rest of my uniform.

Just a few short moments later, I took my seat in the staff meeting, still completely dazed. “Well, you asked for it,” I said to myself, still quivering. Lost in thought, I completely missed my cue, and had to brief my notes at the end. Oops!

To be continued…

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