Obsessed with Aunt Laura Ch. 04

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The rest of the week seemed to fly by. I spent a lot of it with Lauren, almost to the point that it felt like we were living together. We only spent one night apart, and that was the night I spent camping with my group of friends. I missed Lauren the entire time, but it was nice to hang with all my buds.

Ever since Lauren and I first had sex, it was as if some kind of sexual spirit animal unlocked inside of her. When we weren’t out doing something, we would be either at her place or mine, fucking like it was going out of style. And it was usually her that initiated it! It was like she was Jekyll and Hyde, except with a cute innocent side and then a ravenous sex driven side that only I saw.

One day, seemingly out if the blue, she suggested we make a list of porn videos we could watch together while I was away. A long distance mutual masturbation session playlist, if you would. I suggested a few of my favorite actresses like Carmella Bing, Ava Adams, and Lisa Ann, unbeknownst to her that they all made me think of aunt Laura. Every so often she’d suggest a random video with a big titted actress that I’d usually also like. I was starting to think she might have liked girls almost as much as I did.

We eventually coined the term “porny”, which we used to described a sexy lady we’d like to see in porn or perhaps, if I was being a good boy, would join us for a metaphorical threesome. For example, the busty woman working at the game store we frequented was very porny. I almost thought Lauren might have been into her more than I was, and it made me love her that much more.

And of course while I couldn’t tell Lauren this, I thought aunt Laura was very porny.

Speaking of aunt Laura, with the exception of a couple of texts every day, we didn’t do much interacting the whole week. Uncle Mike and aunt Laura owned a small chain of sports bar/restaurants and because they had just opened a new location in another city, uncle Mike had to overlook the launch and make sure everything went smoothly. That meant aunt Laura was in charge of the restaurant in their city. Whenever we did chat it was usually when she’d have a moment at night or wanted to vent about something going on at work. I felt kind of bad for her so I tried my damndest to not initiate any sort of sexy talk. She would always sound grateful that I was coming to help her, and never once brought up the other day when we perved out with each other. I almost started to feel like our one day of fun would be just that: one day.


It was Friday, the day before I’d be leaving. I was having second thoughts about having to be away from Lauren for a month but she assured me we would text all the time and video chat whenever I wasn’t helping at the restaurant. Plus she was excited to try out our playlist together. She had the innate ability to cheer me up with just her smile and a few encouraging, and sometimes dirty, words.

We spent the last evening of the week at a romantic restaurant followed by a movie. Kind of a cliché date, but as long as we were together we loved everything we did. I loved her so much, in fact, that after the movie I thought it would be a good time to tell her just how much she meant to me. We danced around using the L word for the last little while, but that night I outright told her how much I loved her and what she meant to me. I told her that I was probably in love with her since the day I first met her and I couldn’t begin to imagine my life without her. Of course she felt the same way and told me I was her best friend and nobody would be able to replace me. Many happy tears were shed as we spent the remainder of the night in my bedroom.

I was on the train bright and early the next morning. Lauren and mom came to see me off and as soon as I sat down at my seat I texted Lauren telling her I already missed her.

“I wish you could go with me.” I sent.

“I know dear, but it’s just for a couple weeks. It’ll be over before you know it.” she replied, followed by a heart emoji.

After a few minutes the train started moving. I figure I’d text aunt Laura and let her know I was on my way.

“I’m on the train! I can’t wait for the 12 hours of sitting and crying babies.” I said, over exaggerating. The truth is there were only 3 other people in my train car and none of them had a baby, so I was just being dramatic.

“LOL! That’s the best part, you get free entertainment!” she replied.

I started getting anxious at the thought of what would happen when I saw aunt Laura. Did our lack of conversation over the last few days basically confirm that we’d act like nothing happened between us? I was also getting a little excited that we might do something right in her car before leaving the train station. Various scenarios played in my head until I got a video chat request from Lauren.

“Hey babe!” she said when I picked up. “Are ya there yet?”

“I wish. I can already feel the leg cramps building up and I’ve only been sitting for a few minutes.” I replied.

We chatted for about an hour before she had to go. She wanted adalar escort to go for a run before it got too hot out and then go hang out at the mall with her friends again. I told her to say hi to the porny game store lady and we hung up. I plugged in my phone to charge and tried to take a nap.

Of course I couldn’t sleep, I could barely get comfortable in the seat that reclined a whole 2 inches. My mind tried focusing on something so I could relax. Due to the somewhat bumpy ride, the vibrations I was feeling in my seat were causing a bit of stimulation to my lower half, specifically in my cock. I started getting hard and the thoughts of aunt Laura returned. The same thoughts that would have caused me to spark up a pervy conversation with her any other day. I wanted so badly to message her and tell her to just wait and see what I’ll do when I see her. Instead though, I kept my backpack in my lap to avoid any awkwardness in case someone happened to walk by, and tried to sleep again.

The rest of the train ride was a mixture of trying to sleep, watching YouTube, and listening to music. When I was about half an hour away I let aunt Laura know and she said she’d be there to pick me up. I started getting nervous again, not knowing what exactly these next few weeks had in store. I also let Lauren know and told her about the way the vibrations of the train car were giving me tingles down below, to which she replied saying we should take a train trip in the future.

Once I got off the train I went inside the station and looked around for aunt Laura. My heart was beating in my throat and I could barely stand how anxious I was. After a few minutes I sent her a text.

“I’m here, are you inside the train station?” I asked.

“I’m in the car out front, I’ve been on the phone with your uncle since I got here.” she answered.

“Oh great.” I thought to myself. “Our first interaction will be in the small confines of her car where anything could happen and I couldn’t escape the awkwardness.”

I made my way outside and immediately saw where she was parked. She rolled down her window and waved me over.

“Put your stuff in the back!” she said when I got within earshot. I tossed my backpack and suitcase in the trunk and got in the passenger door.

“Well look at you!” she said when she saw me. She leaned over and gave me a hug before I even had time to process where I was.

When she pulled back she smiled and then unmuted her Bluetooth and resumed her call with uncle Mike, saying I had just gotten in the car. After a few short greetings they continued whatever they were talking about earlier. It sounded business related so I stayed quiet, not wanting to interrupt. While she drove I was able to get a good look at her and noticed she was dressed as if she had just finished working out or was just at one of her personal trainer sessions. She had on a sky blue sports bra that cut off just above her bellybutton, and tight fitting yoga pants that hugged her very toned thighs. I noticed her top was also very snug on her chest, like it was struggling to contain her massive globes. The material was stretching outwards and I could see a lot of cleavage. I was surprised the zipper was surviving. Surely this wasn’t what she wore to her sessions? She was definitely classified as porny right now. I tried not to stare too much as we made our way home.

Aunt Laura was still on the phone when we pulled into her driveway and made our way inside the house. She motioned for me to bring my stuff downstairs to the guest room before she walked in the direction of their home office, still on the phone with uncle Mike. I hadn’t been in this house in over a decade but I still remembered it like I was just there yesterday. I made my way downstairs and to the end of the hallway to where I would be bunking for a month. I dropped my backpack on the bed and sat down, pulling my phone out to let Lauren know I had arrived.

“Finally made it!” I said. “Just putting my stuff away.”

“Take some pictures of your aunt’s place, the way your mom described it made it sound like a mansion!” she replied.

She wasn’t that far off. The place had its own indoor pool for cryin’ out loud. Suddenly my mind went to my pool scenarios with aunt Laura. How was I going to survive this month?

Coincidentally the pool was just down the hall from the guest room. I took a few pictures of my room, which felt about 5 times larger than my bedroom back home, and made my way down the hallway. I took pictures of the gym, the bathroom with the new shower aunt Laura told me about, the theater room, and then finally the pool. Everything felt so familiar and nostalgic. After a few minutes of standing by the pool I heard aunt Laura’s voice over the intercom asking if I was hungry. I replied in the affirmative and made my way upstairs while I sent all the pictures to Lauren. The last picture I took of the pool made me think about my many pervy dreams about aunt Laura. I had to adjust my cock in my pants before I made it up the stairs so she wouldn’t see anadolu yakası escort it.

“Did you get all situated?” she asked, almost as if she somehow knew what I had just done with my pants. “You can hang your clothes in the closet and put stuff in the drawers. Living out of a suitcase for a month is no fun.”

I let out an internal breath of relief.

“Yup!” I agreed, even though I had no experience with that.

“Your cousins are sleeping at a friend’s this weekendso it will just be us. Anything specific you want to have for dinner?”

I didn’t answer at first, I was too busy replaying the fact we’d be alone tonight through my head.

“Uhhh” I said as I snapped out of my thoughts. “I’m starving so I’m down for whatever!”

She smirked at me as if to say “I bet you are” and pulled out a bunch of menus from a drawer on their huge kitchen island. I liked that she was still wearing the same thing she had picked me up in, so as she was studying the menus I got to study her cleavage. I quietly prayed that she’d be dressed like that often while I was here.

As I was admiring my aunt, my phone suddenly started to buzz in my pocket. It was Lauren replying to all the pictures I sent.

“Oh wow, that makes my house look like a shack!” she said. In reality Lauren also had a really nice house, considering the part of town they lived in.

“Is that your mom?” Aunt Laura asked as she saw me typing a response.

It suddenly occurred to me that I’ve never mentioned Lauren to aunt Laura, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to just yet.

“Yeah” I lied. “I just let her know that I got here.”

She looked at me for a second and then told me to say hi to her. I wondered if having my phone out reminded her about the day we had our sexting fun together. I replied to Lauren and then actually did let my mom know I had arrived and that aunt Laura says hello.

We ended up ordering pizza for dinner and ate it in the living room so we could watch a movie on the giant tv. I sat on the 3 seater couch that faced the tv, while Aunt Laura sat in the smaller adjacent couch. Once we were finished aunt Laura cleaned off the table and brought the leftovers back into the kitchen. Their main floor was open concept so she could still see and hear the tv from the kitchen. I wasn’t that into the movie, it was a rom-com that I’ve seen a few times, and they always played it to fill air time at night. I was too busy sneaking peeks at aunt Laura’s sexy frame in her workout clothes that she still had on to care what was on the tv. When she came back she brought more drinks and then sat beside me on the larger couch. I nervously took a sip of my beverage.

“Good movie huh?” she asked.

“Yeah but totally unbelievable.” I replied very matter of factly.

She laughed. “Why’s that?”

“This kind of stuff doesn’t really happen” I said, nervously looking at the tv now. “No goofy guy like that actually ends up with the hot girl!”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “Is that so?”

She bounced closer to me on the couch until her leg was touching mine.

“You’re saying you’ve never heard of the hot girl and the funny guy getting together?” she said, now looking at me.

“Never.” I said, eyes still glued to the tv. I was starting to get the warm, familiar feeling I would get when aunt Laura and I had our pervy talks. I didn’t want to look at her otherwise she would be able to tell.

“Alright if you say so!” she said, smiling and turning back to the tv.

We watched the rest of the movie and another one began shortly after. At one point without a word aunt Laura stretched out across the couch and rested her legs on my lap. Her pants cut off just below the knee so her bare calves and feet were right on my crotch. I truly thought she was testing me as I struggled to both not get hard and concentrate on the movie in case she asked me any questions about it. Every so often she’d shift around a bit to get comfortable which caused a bit of a commotion for my cock. More than once I thought about just whipping it out and jacking myself off using her feet.

About halfway through the movie Aunt Laura got up and announced that she needed a shower. I looked up at her, feeling slightly bummed that I didn’t get a foot job. She went off in the direction of her room, so I shut the tv off and headed back downstairs to the guest room. I guess I could take a shower too, if only to cool off. Plus I could try out the newly upgraded shower that aunt Laura claimed was so amazing. I texted Lauren asking if she was still up but after waiting a while and not getting a response, I dropped my phone on the bed and headed for the bathroom.

I turned on the lights and immediately it felt like I was walking into a public bathroom just based on the sheer size. The shower itself looked big enough to park two cars inside. I closed the door behind me and hung up my towel on the wall mounted hanger just beside the shower. I turned the water on and got undressed. Just the thought of being naked with ataköy escort aunt Laura upstairs was exciting, which caused my cock to start getting hard. I immediately regretted leaving my phone in my room, as I could have looked at my stash of aunt Laura media and jerked off. I shrugged it off and figured I could do it before I went to sleep at least.

It took me a minute to figure out how the fancy shower worked. Everything was controlled by a touch screen built into the shower wall, which I thought was really cool. I chose the setting that made it feel like it was raining and jumped in. I quickly started to realize what aunt Laura meant when she said this shower was so great. I had my eyes closed and spent a little too much time soaping up my hard cock when it happened.

I heard a sound, so I opened my eyes and spun around. There was aunt Laura in nothing but a towel standing in the doorway of the bathroom. In my state of shock I didn’t even have the mindset to cover myself. It felt like an eternity that we just stared at each other.

“Hey, I thought I said I was going to take a shower.” she finally said as she took a few steps into the bathroom.

“Uhhhh.” I sheepishly let out. I had assumed she was going to take a shower upstairs since that’s where it looked like she was heading.

She slowly made her way over to the shower door and opened it.

“Feels good huh?” she asked, before slowly letting her eyes wander south. Her lips curled in her trademark sexy grin when she saw my hard soapy cock pointing straight out at her.

I still couldn’t move or say anything. I was still in shock that this was happening and on the first night I was here. Being fully exposed to her lit a fire in my belly that made me not want to cover myself up, so I let her look at me.

She smiled as she turned around and took her towel off. I stared at her bare ass as she hung her towel up beside mine and then turned back to face me. My eyes immediately went to her tits and she knew I was looking.

“So.” she said as she came into the shower, closing the door behind her. “Checking me out in my workout clothes huh? That wasn’t very hard.”

Unbeknownst to me, Aunt Laura dressed that way on purpose just to get a reaction out of me. And the whole ordeal on the couch was preplanned too. She knew I was sneaking peeks at her the entire time I was doing it.

She got close enough so she was standing under the water, but an inch from making contact with my hard tool. I was about a foot taller than her so I had to look down to meet her eyes, which were still glued to my cock. She put her hands on my shoulders, almost like she needed help balancing.

“Want some help?” she said, finally looking up at me.

I didn’t know exactly what she meant so I didn’t answer. I swallowed hard as she brought her hands from my shoulders and down my arms. She moved in closer so now her tits were pressing against my chest and my cock was sandwiched between us, then she began to lower herself. I felt her hard nipples press into my skin as they passed my bellybutton. My soapy cock slid between her tits for a second as she kept going, all while I did everything in my power to hold in a moan. She eventually stopped when she was eye level with my cock, which was close enough I could have poked her face if I so much as breathed. She stayed there for a moment, almost as if she was admiring it in all its glory. She reached down and grabbed a bottle of body wash from the floor before standing up, but not before making sure my cock made another pass between her tits again.

“Want me to wash your back?” she asked innocently as if nothing had just happened.

I nodded and turned around. I felt her soapy hands lather me up all over my back and down my sides. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation aunt Laura was giving me. Every so often she’d move her hands to my hips and then slightly forward so she was almost reaching around me. Each time it felt as if she was getting closer and closer to grabbing hold of my cock. On her final pass around to my front, she finally made contact and wrapped both hands around my swollen shaft. She looked around me so she could see just how big it was in her hands. She gave it a slight squeeze and then let go.

“Want to do me now?” she eventually asked, snapping me out of my trance.

“Sure.” I said as my voice cracked. I definitely wanted to do her, but I knew she meant wash her back now.

I rubbed soap onto my hands and began lathering up aunt Laura’s back. I loved the feeling of her wet slippery skin and had to hold back from using my mouth instead of my hands. Every so often I’d bring my hands out and around to her front, like she was doing to me, except I would soap up her big tits. I slightly groped and kneaded them, making sure I got them nice and soapy. I was in heaven. At one point she put both hands on the wall and stuck her ass out a bit, causing my cock to rest nicely between her cheeks. I could have sworn I heard a moan come from her as she ever so slightly grinded her ass against my cock for a couple seconds. I brought my hands down and began soaping up her ass, which was just an excuse for me to grope it. I kept pressing her ass cheeks together, adding a bit of pressure and squeezing it around my hard cock. I wanted nothing more than to start fucking her ass cheeks and probably would have if she hadn’t turned back around.

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