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I spend time in the sun and at the beach with my girlfriend during the summer and get pretty damn jacked and tan. We work out together – run, lift weights, and relax in the sun. I shave everything on my body because it feels cooler and I like the way it looks. Our sex life is pretty good but part of me still wonders what it would feel like to be with someone else.

I was at the gym one night near closing time which is when I can spend time in the sauna alone. It kind of sucks when you go in there and some big fat bald dude is exercising by sitting on his fat ass and just sweating. I am in good shape for my age (older than 18 and younger than 60) and I really take care of my body, so when I see someone at the gym who is getting in shape and making some effort, I approve. When I see the fat lazy loads standing around the equipment taking up space and talking about golf I get annoyed. The worst is the jelly rolls sitting in the sauna making puddles while I’m trying to stretch and relax after a workout. Lift big or stay home. And, yeah, maybe rub one out. Being alone matters.

So I’m sweating, I’m naked, so I do what comes naturally when I’m alone. I start to rub one out when the door opens and this dude comes in and sees what I’m doing. Busted.

“So, working on your wrist curls, huh?” He said with a smile and sat down on the bench not too close.

“Sorry man, I thought it was just me in here,” I stammer all embarrassed feeling like I did when I was a kid my mom walked in my room without knocking first. I started to get up to leave kind of trying to hide my face so I ran into him in the weight room he wouldn’t recognize me. Shit.

“Relax buddy. You think you’re the only one?” he said kind of laughing. I sat down again, my wiener quickly losing that loving feeling I had been giving it. We sat sweating in the heat yakacık escort for a while. I noticed that he was in great shape. As a bodybuilder, it is normal for me to check out other guys and compare. Shaving everything looks somewhat gay even though I’m certainly not. This guy had a fair amount of body hair but I can see good definition under it. He had great abs. Shame to hide them under that carpet, I thought. I can be a critical bitch sometimes.

He caught me looking at him and smiled again. “Hey, do you want to take a picture or something,” he asked being funny and stuff. He turned to face me.

“Nah, I’m not like that,” I said embarrassed again.

He suddenly looked more serious and said, “I’m just like that.” I was freaked out by that. He was coming on to me! I have wondered what being with a man would feel like never had the balls or chance to actually try it.

I looked back at him and said, “Really? Maybe you’re not the only one, either.” I think I sounded a lot cooler than I felt forget about the sauna heat. “Maybe we can help each other out.” He leaned his back against sidewall and put his feet up on the bench opening his legs to me. I put my hand on his cock like I have done this before and began stroking it. It got hard and getting him hard got me hard too. It felt awkward like helping someone else put on the tie.

“Use your mouth,” he said. I hesitated and then did what he said. I knelt on the bench lowered my mouth to his cock. I have never given a blow job (obviously) but I had had a lot from girls, of course. Of course, I wanted to act like I was experienced. I can even be a critical bitch to myself. The taste and the feeling of the man’s cock in my mouth was strange but I liked it. I licked the tip. Then I took it between my lips and sucked it a little. Then I decided zeytinburnu escort he was going to get the best blow job I could give him. His cock was very hard and I slid it as far into my mouth as I could and sucked it like a popsicle that I wanted to last. When I felt it against the back of my throat and almost gagged, I looked into his eyes and began to breathe through my nose and took it into my throat. I held it there for a moment loving the smell and feeling of his pubic hair against my nose. My girlfriend says she hates pubic hair she’s giving head but not me.

“Let’s try something different,” he suggested breathing heavy.

I took a break and said, “Sounds good. What do you have in mind?” I asked even though I had pretty good idea. He moved behind me on the bench. I had tried butt sex on my girlfriend and I thought if , plus if I did this, it would make me legally gay.

“Hey, wait a minute. I would do anything for love but I won’t do that,” I told him half joking without a lot of conviction in my voice. He smacked my butt like my football coach except for the being on my knees and naked part then I felt his tongue in my ass. “Whoa Nelly,” I mumbled. It felt great as his tongue opened me up and I pushed my shaven sweaty ass into him. Shaving back there had always seemed strange to my girlfriend and to me but when I shaved everything else I figured doing that too was just being meticulous, or anal, in the Freudian sense of the word. Now I was glad for it is I squirmed spreading myself wide for him. I knew I was clean.

It felt okay when he slid his finger slowly into me and began to make little circles with it stretching me using his saliva and my sweat lubrication . I got harder when he began to rub deeper and hit the spot that had always felt strangely good when the doctor gives aksaray escort me my prostate check. After I had begun to make happy noises for a while, he pushed in two fingers which felt even better.

“I think you’re ready,” he whispered and stood behind me on the bench. He smacked my ass again, harder this time, and then did it some more. “Just trying to get you loosened up and ready.” I felt ready. He rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my ass teasingly. I remembered to relax and to loosen all my muscles. I felt his tip against my ass hole. It felt big but I took a big breath and really, really relaxed. He slid his cock very slowly into me and it still hurt but so does benching 250 pounds so I just felt it and then he was all the way inside of me. He pulled out slowly and I could feel everything relax and get soft down there as he began to fuck me in earnest. Just like when I’m doing heavy squats, I focused on the negatives.

The pain turned into pleasure and I could feel the muscles down there squeezing him and trying to pull him back in when he pulled out then relaxing letting him push back in. I could feel his rough pubic hair against my shaven ass. Sweaty smell of the wooden bench, the hardwood under my knees, and my body being filled his with his cock. I started to moan helplessly as it seemed to last forever and I loved every second. He reached around and stroke my cock lightly and I came like a rocket feeling my body squeezing his cock as I orgasmed.

He pulled out of me and moved back in front of me his back against the wall. I knew what to do and took him into my mouth. I slurped his pulsing cock just a couple times then he emptied himself into my mouth and I swallowed every drop wanting more. I told myself that cum has to be loaded with testosterone and other good things. This wasn’t being gay so much as it was a nutritional supplement.

My new friend laid back smiling. “I wasn’t that fun?” He said with a grin. I leaned in and kissed him deeply,

“I think so.”

We lift together five times a week and then we work out. My girlfriend knows but so far, she is cool with the results.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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