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I do part-time photography. It’s basically a hobby but I do get the occasional client who wants me to do some proper photos for them. I’m quite good and I don’t charge the earth and the odd paying job effectively pays for my hobby.

I have a small studio that I use for indoor work, including a nice green screen at one end. A very useful thing, a green screen, when coupled with a good photo editor. Apart from that my props are rather scanty, a divan and a chair basically. Some people like to sit or recline and if you’re taking shots of kids you need somewhere to put them. Stand them on the floor and they’ll start running, generally towards the most breakable thing they can see.

I had a rather odd request a short while ago while at school. Nancy, one of the cheerleaders, approached me and cautiously asked if I ever did nude photos. I hadn’t, I told her, but I was quite willing to do so as long as the subject was eighteen or older. Under that age and I could find myself in all sorts of legal trouble.

After assuring me that she was eighteen she asked me what my rates were. I confirmed that she did know I wasn’t a real professional, just a very good photographer, and then explained to her that I was willing to do some shots for her at cost. As long as she paid for the photographic paper and the ink I used to do the printing, assuming she wanted some printed, I was willing to waive labour costs. The experience would be good for me.

She seemed quite happy with that and explained she wanted a few good photos of herself for her boyfriend. He’d been nagging her to let him have a nude photo but she was reluctant to let him take one. If she stripped for him she knew damn well that he’d take it for sexual consent and she wasn’t ready to go that far with him. The photos would be a teaser to help attach him. I was slightly surprised at her no-sex stance as according to rumour she wasn’t what one could call a hundred percent virginal, but it was her choice.

“Um, you don’t mind if I bring someone with me to act as a chaperone?” she asked.

“Fine by me,” I told her, “but only one or two people and not your boyfriend. I don’t want him getting jealous in the middle of a session and trying to hang one on me.”

“I’m not bringing a male chaperone,” she protested, blushing.

“Where do you want me to do the shots?” I inquired. “At your place or at mine? I have a small studio in what was the garage and I have quite good lighting there. Alternatively, if you want them done at your place, in your bedroom, for instance, I can bring a couple of floodlights along. Normal house lighting isn’t the best for really good shots.”

“You still live at home, don’t you?” she asked. “Um, don’t you have a large family?”

“If by at home you mean with my parents, then yes, I do. Six isn’t that large?”

“Only six? Someone suggested that you had a really big family.”

“I’ll tell you this, having six brothers and sisters makes me feel that the family is enormous at times.”

Her eyes went slightly wide at that. “Geez, hasn’t anyone told your mother what causes them?” she muttered.

“They normally stay out of the studio when they know I’m doing some serious work,” I assured her.

I could practically see her mind working. Normally doesn’t mean always. And if they saw a couple of girls go into the studio, well kids love to snoop.

“Um, it might be smarter to have you do them at my place,” she decided. “My parents will be out all day Saturday. Could you come around on Saturday afternoon?”

I assured her that I would do so, and suggested to her that she might want to spend some time making sure whatever room she wanted the photos taken in was immaculate.

“A good photo can be spoiled by a cluttered background. Also, there are some personal items you don’t want showing up in photos. You should also allow a couple of hours for the photoshoot if you want good results.”

“That’s longer than I expected,” she said, sounding surprised.

“You can always cut it short if you’re happy with the first couple of shots,” I told her, “but the later shots tend to come out better. It’s a matter of getting used to each other.”

Saturday rolled around and I traipsed happily over to Nancy’s place. I was going to be doing some photography and I would be working with a naked cheerleader. Some days are just automatic pluses.

Nancy let me in and escorted me through the house to her bedroom. She’d taken my tidy up request to heart and the room was spotless. Of course, it might always be spotless. Not so, it turned out.

“My mother almost had a heart attack when she saw my room,” Nancy said, giggling. “She couldn’t believe it.”

“It looks fine to me,” I said. “Ah, your chaperone not here.”

“Yes, she’s here,” I was told. “KAREN!”

Wow. Loud voice. Moments later Karen came bustling into the room.


“Gregory is here,” said Nancy, smiling sweetly. “You have to chaperone us, remember.”

Karen was another cheerleader, just as fine looking as Nancy. Same age, sarıyer escort too. I wondered if she’d like a photo or two, seeing I was doing them.

Assuming that Nancy would want the photos taken with her reclining on the bed I set up my floodlights to cover it. I also suggested that they pull the blind down so no extraneous light was there. (And no peeping toms.)

“I’ll take some photos with you dressed as you are,” I told Nancy. “That way you can see what positions you’re most comfortable with. Before we start, can you clean off all your cosmetics? They’re not right for a proper photo.”

“I’m not having photos taken without any makeup,” Nancy flatly stated.

“You won’t have to,” I said, opening my cosmetics case. “I’ve had lessons on doing makeup for a photoshoot and I’ve practised it on my siblings. You’ll find I’m quite good at it.”

I received dubious looks from both girls but Nancy obediently wiped off her cosmetics and let me apply mine. I hadn’t been kidding when I said I was quite good at it.

“I know it’s a little heavier than what you prefer but this is for the camera, not you. I’ll take a shot in a moment and show you.”

Cosmetics done I had Nancy sit on the bed and I took a couple of portraits. I’d brought my laptop with me and now I set it on the dressing table and opened it. As soon as it started up I plugged my camera in and brought up the photos I’d just taken. They weren’t half bad either.

“As you can see, the camera plays down your cosmetics,” I pointed out. “That’s why we apply it a little more heavily. Just remember to wash it off after the session as it’s too heavy for normal use.”

After that things were straight forward for a while. I took a number of pictures while Nancy tried various positions.

“Just remember that you’re supposed to be nude,” I pointed out at one stage. “You may not want to sit with your legs like that. Not unless you’re holding something in your lap.”

I had assumed that Nancy had wanted nude photos that weren’t too risqué. It seemed that she had other ideas and a couple of the poses she wanted were a little on the raunchy side. Still, it was her choice.

Nancy looked through the photos and decided on the poses she wanted to try naked. I wasn’t totally shocked when she included a couple of the, shall we say, naughtier ones.

She started to undress.

“A couple of points,” I chipped in before she actually removed any clothing. “Try not to disrupt your makeup and hide the clothes. You won’t want them in the shot.”

Nancy stripped quite fast and she had a very nice figure. I didn’t see a thing wrong until slipped down her panties. (I also noticed that she faced me the entire time she stripped, making sure I got a good view.)

“Ah, Nancy, we have a small problem.”

“What, the tan lines? You can fix that with some makeup, can’t you?”

“No need. Photoshop will take care of that. I was referring to your pubes. Are you sure you want photos with them like that?”

Any trimming done to Nancy’s pubes had been rough and ready. Enough to remove any fur that might show around the edges of panties but that was all.

“He’s got a point,” Karen chimed in. “How about we shave you?”

“Ah, less of the ‘we’,” I muttered. “If you decide to shave I’ll leave it to you.”

“I wasn’t referring to you,” Karen giggled. “I meant Nancy and me. What do you suggest?”

“Clean shaven works for me,” I said, “but Nancy is the one who has to decide. They’re her pubes, after all.”

Nancy gave us both a sour look. “Fine. I’ll trim them. Come on Karen.”

She stalked off, Karen trailing behind, smirking.

For a short while there was giggling and carrying on in the bathroom and then the girls returned, Nancy blushing slightly, with a nice smooth mons. She must have used an electric razor to trim and then run the shaver over them.

“Satisfied?” she asked, indicating that I should inspect her mons.

“I am if you are,” I told her, one eye on Karen.

Karen was wearing a short skirt and was currently standing behind Nancy and to one side. Giving me a sly look she lifted the front of her skirt and pulled down her panties enough for me to observe that also was clean shaven. She very hurriedly snapped panties and skirt into position when Nancy started to turn around.

Nancy took up her first few poses as a nude model, with the poses being quite demure. Anime sort of stuff, where everything looks as though it’s on display but you can’t actually see a single nipple, let alone a pussy. From that she graduated to showing a little and then she moved on towards the more raunchy poses.

It became pretty obvious to me that Nancy wasn’t just posing for the photos; she was also deliberately flaunting herself before me. The knowledge that she was naked in front of a man was exciting her, and the fact that she had a chaperone to protect her was making her daring.

When I say that she was getting excited I mean erotically excited. esenyurt escort Her nipples were peaked and when she spread her legs to display her pussy it was obvious that she was aroused. Aroused to the extent that her inner lips were now all puffy and protruding and they hadn’t been like that at the start of the session.

Finally I’d had enough. She was deliberately trying to get me worked up so it was time to show her she’d succeeded.

“By the way, Karen,” I said, “do you want to earn some quick cash?”

“How much and what do I have to do?” she asked.

“Twenty dollars to not notice when I jump Nancy and give her the attention she wants. Another thirty if you strip off and join us on the bed. If you do it means I’ll take you once each instead of banging Nancy twice.”

“You think you can handle both of us?” she asked.

“Only one way to find out,” I pointed out. “Twenty or fifty?”

For answer she started stripping. Smiling, I looked at Nancy who was looking slightly bewildered.

“What are you doing?” she asked, glancing across at Karen who was already half undressed.

By the time her gaze switched back to me I’d already dropped my trousers and moved up next to her. Her latest pose had been to get on all fours, bottom pointed slightly away from the camera to hide her pussy. At least, that’s what it was supposed to have been. For some reason Nancy hadn’t been able to grasp the concept of pointing her bottom away from the camera, and she’d presented it to me full on, legs parted slightly, pussy on full display and waiting for attention.

As far as I was concerned if that’s what she wanted then that’s what she’d get.

I was kneeling on the bed behind her in nothing flat but other than looking at me with eyes wide she didn’t do anything apart from calling to Karen. A call that Karen hastened to obey.

I was driving firmly into her before Karen reached us, finding Nancy warm and wet and welcoming. More than welcoming. She was pushing back to meet me almost as soon as my cock hit her, still calling for Karen.

A naked Karen was there, a shade too late to stop me being fully inside Nancy, my hands on her hips holding her there. Well, one hand was on a hip. The other was reaching for Karen and pulling her onto the bed.

“On your back,” I told her, “in front of Nancy. Nancy, something for you to play with while I fuck you. I expect you to have her pussy all wet and gooey and ready to receive me after I’m done with you.”

“Feel free to play with Nancy’s breasts while I take her,” I added, talking to Karen again.

Nancy was going, “But, but, but,” while I was pulling out and driving in again, nice and hard.

“Shut up, Nancy, and get with the state of the game,” I told her, thrusting in yet again, relishing the feel of her firm young flesh responding to me. Responding hell, the way she was moving her hips she was initiating the deal, leaving me to catch up to her. She shut up, but I found that there were some odd noises coming from Karen as Nancy took advantage of her instructions to prepare her for my attentions.

I pumped Nancy hard, managing to regain the initiative, giving her a good old fashioned fuck, my cock driving in hard with Nancy’s bottom bouncing up to receive it.

A scream from Karen diverted my attention for a moment. It didn’t slow down my cock, mind you, but it did divert my attention. I looked to see what had happened. Nancy had managed to drag Karen a little closer and her face was buried in Karen’s pussy while Karen was clutching at Nancy’s hair. A little tongue action was in progress it seemed.

Seeing Karen was ignoring her duties I took hold of Nancy’s breasts, clutching them tight as I rammed into her. The next few minutes were exhilarating and rather noisy. If Karen wasn’t screaming and carrying on then Nancy would have a few words to say. This was, of course, punctuated by the sound of my groin slapping against Nancy, a sound that was usually accompanied by a gasping cry from Nancy. Personally, I maintained a manly silence, letting my deeds speak for me.

I was somewhat startled to find that Nancy was a lot further down the path to an orgasm than I had guessed. She suddenly jerked her head and hands off Karen, shuddered and screamed, and I could feel her climax tearing into her. I was nowhere near ready to reciprocate. If we’d been alone I would have kept going right through her climax and taken her on to a second one. As it was, that wouldn’t be fair to Karen, now would it?

I withdrew from Nancy, letting her sink down onto the bed. Karen was flushed and breathing hard, and looking at me slightly nervously.

“Same position, sweetheart,” I told her, coaxing her to roll over and lift her bottom. “While I’m taking you, I want you to spank Nancy’s pussy and see if you can take her up to a second climax.”

“Ah, look, I’m not sure about this,” she gasped, and then gasped again as I took her, my cock plunging eagerly into her. Nancy had done a fine job, leaving her avrupa yakası escort all warm and wet and slippery.

“That’s OK,” I assured her. “You’re pussy seems to know what it wants. Ah, I believe you’re supposed to be working on Nancy?”

With that I got to work, driving in hard and fast. Karen squirmed a little at the start, then started moving with me, her bottom bouncing nicely as we started to get into a nice rhythm.

She started making little grunting sounds as I drove in. It took a few moments for her to adjust and then she started on Nancy. Nancy had finished up lying on her back and Karen took my instructions literally. She started spanking Nancy’s pussy, her hand slapping down in time to the strokes I was making.

Just for the hell of it I slowed down my action, watching Karen’s spanking hand slow down. Faster and poor Nancy had her pussy spanked faster. I returned to my original comfortable rhythm.

I stretched it out, wanting the pleasure to last. For Karen, it did, with her body going along with my wishes. I could sense her excitement rising but it was still under control. Nancy, however, was right out of luck where prolonging the encounter was concerned. Her pussy was already too aroused, too excited, and the steady spanking Karen was giving her pussy was just too much. She seemed to convulse and started shaking, giving out with a wail at the same time as a second climax ripped through her.

She lay on the bed shuddering. Karen sounded as though she was laughing, but her laughter was a bit strained, her own excitement now rising rapidly.

Mine, too. I started to put some real effort into taking Karen, my cock plunging in in an almost desperate manner as I gave her everything I had. Karen stood it for longer than me, with me starting to climax before I wanted to. Not that it mattered, as my frantic jerking as I lost it was enough to send Karen over the edge, give a small scream and start to shake with her own orgasm.

For a short while we were all just sprawled on the bed. I finally stirred myself.

“If we’re going to continue this photoshoot then you girls might like to take a break and get cleaned up. I hate to think what the camera would reveal if I took a photo of you now.”

I thought Nancy looked tempted for a moment but she finally came down on the side of discretion. The girls left to tidy themselves up and I did the same with the benefit of a couple of tissues. Much easier for men, wipe the old fellow down and haul up your trousers.

I connected the camera to the laptop again and ran through the pictures. Then I waited for the girls to return. They had not, I noticed, taken their clothes with them.

They came back after a tedious wait, towels wrapped firmly around them. I smiled and indicated the laptop.

“Before we do any more you might like to see the current results. Give me your honest opinion. Criticism won’t kill me.”

They paged slowly through the pictures. There were some appreciative comments of the early photos where Nancy had been fully dressed. I suspected she’d want copies of all of those. I could tell when they reached the nudes without looking. They both went dead quiet.

They paged slowly through them, regaining their nerve and commenting. Most of the early ones were harmless, with nothing actually on display. Silence fell again and I guessed they’d reached the first of the naughty ones. I counted to five, waiting.

“Holy crap,” said Karen, and I guessed they’d reached the fifth naughty picture. “That’s — that’s an invitation to rape. Send that to, ah, your boyfriend and he’ll be over here in a flash, shedding his clothes as he came.”

“God,” muttered Nancy. “There’s no way that photo is getting loose. It has to be deleted and the disk purged, then broken.”

“Ah, if that’s what I call naughty number five, don’t worry about it.”

“Why not?” asked Nancy, both girls looking at me.

“Some of the other naughty photos are worse.”

There was some very frantic paging through the rest of the photos with Nancy getting quite upset at some of them. When they finished looking at the photos Nancy and Karen looked at each other, Nancy with a slightly frantic look on her face.

“Holy crap,” Karen said again. “After seeing those, what did you expect to happen when you posed like that? I’m surprised you weren’t fucked after the first of them.”

“Ah, do I take it that you’d like certain photos deleted?” I asked Nancy, who was rather pale, looking as though she was about to have an old-fashioned attack of the vapours.

“You get rid of all of them,” she demanded, her voice a half scream.

“Just relax,” I told her. I hopped onto the laptop and copied the reasonable photos over to a sub-directory. Then I deleted the photos from the camera’s SD card. “Observe,” I said to Nancy, showing her the command that I was about to enter, which was a reformat of the disk. “When this runs the photos become completely unrecoverable.” I pressed enter and wiped the disk.

“If you let me have a USB memory stick or a spare SD card I’ll move the photos from my hard drive to your memory. Then you can take your time deciding what to do with them.”

A spare card was produced and I copied the photos, deleting them from my laptop. I also emptied the wastebasket on command. Nancy now calmed down considerably, feeling more in control.

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