Note on the Car

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After an exhausting day at work you are ready to relax and listen to your book. You get into your car and see a note on your windshield, stepping out of your car; you reach around and grab it. As you sit back down and crank the car you begin to read.

The note made you smile. You could tell by the pink paper that it was from me and when you read it, your smile got even bigger. In the note I told you to hurry home for a quickie before you picked up the children. Quickly you cranked the car, roll down your window, and hit the gas. With the breeze blowing your hand, you enjoy this moment of anticipation. You get home faster than you realized and when you pulled into the driveway, you see my car, parked on the street. Trying to see me, you walk up to my car only to find me gone. Puzzled you walk to the front door and see that it’s open.

Not sure what to think, you push the door and walk in. Looking down the hall to the kitchen you see the light on and wonder. When you get to the kitchen you see 2 glasses of your favorite margaritas and another note! This note told you to take the drinks upstairs to the bathroom. You can hear the water running as you climb the stairs. Turning into your bedroom and then your bathroom you almost drop the glasses when you see me. I am sitting in your tub where the water level is just full enough so you can see the top of my chest.

You take a large sip of your drink and pendik escort set them both down as I send you a devilish smile. You see my hands rise out of the water caressing my soft breasts. I see you getting hard in your shorts so I stand up and as you watch the bubbles slide down my wet, shimmering body you almost loose control. Hurriedly, you take your shirt off and push your shorts and boxers down. Your sexy chest causes my pussy to swell for you and when we finally reach each other, you take me in your arms and kiss me.

My hot, wet body presses against yours. I feel my nipples harden with desire as our kiss intensifies. Your kisses always get me worked up. You slide your hands down my back and grab my ass, when it tightens in your hands, you pull my hips up to you and I feel your hard cock rub against my heat.

Enjoying the feeling of ecstasy, you turn your head to the side, which allows me a chance to kiss your neck. You feel my lips gently slide up and down your neck, then I move my hands to your chest. My tits slide down your chest as my lips begin to explore your stomach. Circling your belly button I move lower until I find your swollen cock, waiting and wanting. With both hands I grab it and begin to stroke it tightly, still a little wet from my bath water, my hands move easily over you. I can see wetness pouring from you and I begin to gently lick you. Rolling kartal escort my tongue around your tip and sucking up your juices.

You pull away from me and get on your knees with me and begin to kiss my neck. I arch my back and present my full breasts to you, begging you to suck them. You see how hard they are and begin to crave them. As your mouth moves to them I close my eyes and melt into you. The sexiest man alive is devouring me and my heart is beating wildly! I run my fingers through your hair and begin to moan. Giving each breast full attention I whisper in your ear that I need you to take me before I explode.

You stand, delicately take my hand and lead me to your bed. Before you let me lay down, you stand behind me and run your hands down my back, sending chills through me as you reach my ass. With both hands you grab it and I start to giggle with pleasure. I feel your fingers trace around my butterfly before you turn me around.

Now facing each other, you put your hand on the small of my back and guide me back onto the bed. You kiss my thighs and when you reach my pussy, your strong hands push me open and I feel your tongue glide up and down me. With my fingers laced in your hair I guide your movement until I can’t stand it anymore. You start to feel my pussy tighten around your tongue as I tell you to fuck me.

You don’t have to be told twice, so maltepe escort quickly you move up my body and slide into me. I moan loudly as you enter me. My heat and wetness surround you as you begin to pound me. I open my eyes and gaze at this amazing man making love to me. Your eyes close with pleasure and your lips part as you enjoy yourself. I grab my tits and before I know it, I explode. Your eyes open when you feel me climaxing around you. You see me bighting my lip and squeezing my nipples tightly.

You love feeling me tighten and pulse around you and the wetter I got the faster you were able to thrust in me. Finally, as my pussy clamed down I told you to roll over and sit on the edge of the bed. I stood in front of you, nipples still hard from your talent, as you gaze upon me. Your eyes move from my toes up, pausing at my bare canvas. When our eyes meet I move to you and begin to kiss you and I feel your hands move down my sides and slide between my legs. When you reach my clit, your fingers enter me, reminding me of how much I need you. I move closer and sit on your lap. Slowly I lower my pussy around your cock, you smile at me. I absolutely adore your smile. Riding you, I press my tits against your hot chest and you begin to nibble at my neck. Getting turned on again, I start to ride you faster and the more you nibbled me the more hot I got until finally I climax again! This time, you release into me at the same time. Feeling you pulse into me brings feelings of erotica into my soul. I passionately kiss you as you finish in me.

Our breathing labored and our chests pounding, we hold each other for what seems like an eternity. The safest place in the world for me is in your arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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