No Sound

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He led her by the hand into the forest, leaving their friends at the campsite behind them. They talked about different things; their friends, the fun they were having camping, and their plans for their new apartment back in the city. As they rounded a hill he pointed out a butterfly resting on a bush just ahead of them. Bright blue surrounded by the green of the leaves, it seemed to preen for them before it flew off. She laughed quietly following it with her eyes until she couldn’t see it anymore. While she was entranced with the butterfly he looked at his love. Short brown hair, soft skin, bewitching green eyes and a figure so lush it could make a mans heart stop in his chest. And she was his. He knew it with the same certainty that he knew the sun would set in a few hours. And he was hers.

Catching her hand in his again he brought it to his lips and gently kissed it. With a surprised gasp she looked up at him, and smiled when she saw his eyes burning for her. Her beautiful man, a head taller than her and formed perfectly to fit her body, strong and loving. And wicked, as he was demonstrating right now. After kissing her hand he had turned it over, and was now kissing her palm then nibbling and licking a finger, kissing her palm again, then on to the next finger. Her breathing quickened as she watched this. Each finger he kissed seemed to send soft hot sparks into her blood. With her other hand she slowly caressed his face, ran her fingers through his silky hair. As he began to suck on her middle finger she tightened her fingers in his hair and brought his face down to hers.

Firm and soft at the same time, her lips felt like heaven. He loved kissing her. Lips moved against each other in a slow dance, embracing and parting. He licked the crease of her lips, begging entrance, and she gladly gave it. His tongue dipped into her warmth, twisting with hers, exploring and tasting. She moaned low in her throat and he cupped her face with both hands, angling their mouths more sharply, allowing him to kiss her more deeply. Her fingers bit into his shoulders as she returned his kiss, rubbing her body against his.

Suddenly remembering where they were she broke off the kiss and stood back from him. Her hands on her knees she breathed heavily, looking at him ruefully she said.

“Damn it, we can’t do anything. Everyone is just around that hill not 20 yards from us. They’ll hear us if we moan loud, let alone get as loud as I usually do.”

She was pouting now, but her eyes were still hot. He walked up to her and lightly palmed one of her t-shirt covered breasts, and grinning said “There is no problem darling, you just can’t make any noise. Think of it as a challenge.” At her incredulous look he began to trace her nipple with his thumb, drawing it to a hard nub. When she began to speak he put a finger over her lips. Grinning now she licked his finger and then kissed it.

He brought her face up to his and began to slowly kiss her again. Catching her lower lip in his mouth and sucking on it, laving her mouths warmth with his tongue. He brought one hand down and began to taunt her nipples. Rubbing first one, then the other, a tug here, a slow rub there. His other had went between her legs and cupped her over her jeans. At this touch her hips jerked üsküdar escort forward and she moaned into his mouth. Kissing down her jaw he whispered “Silence”. He tugged her shirt off impatiently and was rewarded with the sight of her plump pale breasts. He cupped one then the other in his hand lovingly and then continued to tug and rub them unceasingly, while the hand between her legs merely cupped he jean clad warmth.

She kissed her way to his ear, her own hands running wild over his body. She nipped lightly at his ear lobe, and then circled the shell of his ear with her tongue, dipping in and breathing lightly over it. He groaned and began to move his middle finger back and fourth over the crotch seam of her jeans. Her breath caught in her throat and her head dropped back. He took the hand that had been tormenting her breasts and used that arm to encircle her back, supporting most of her weight. Leaning her back he kissed his way down her throat, tasting her sweetness as he went. When he came to her breast s he paused and laid his head against them for a moment breathing deeply. Her hand came up and traced his cheek catching his attention. She caught his eyes as he looked up, smiling she bit her lip and slowly arched her hips against his hand. He smiled widely and whispered “Patience love.” And at that he bent to his task again.

He licked the globes of her breasts as if they were all that was sweetness in the world. Then, he concentrated mainly on her dusky nipples, with occasional forays over the soft white skin. All the while he was slowly and evenly rubbing his finger up and down the seam of her jeans. Pressing the hard material against her labia, and in between. The pressure was slowly driving her mad. Whenever she would begin to thrust her hips against his hand he would stop, and almost remove his hand from between her legs. Then he would return it and begin to pleasure her again. He kissed, licked, and sucked her nipples, bringing them into his hot mouth. Between the mouth on her breasts and the hand between her legs she was on fire. He took one nipple into his mouth and bit it very gently, slowly increasing the pressure.

As her mind was taken over by this new sensation he unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them just enough to gain him access. He slid his hand down the front of her jeans and inside her wet panties. Just as he let up the pressure on her nipple he thrust his finger into her soaked pussy. Her pelvis slammed against his hand as she suddenly wrapped her arms around him. She now had her face in his neck, her arms around him, while he held her with one arm as the other slowly fingered her inside her jeans. His finger slid in and out of her tight sheath a few more times, and then slid up to her clit. She tensed as he began to lightly trace it with his slick finger. His other arm moved up her back so that he could grasp her hair, he gripped it painfully, forcing her head back and immobilizing her as he continued to touch her. Then he began to pleasure her in earnest, rubbing her clit back and forth, circling and flicking. Quicker and harder just the way she liked it soon he was fingering her hard and fast. She began to rock against him, dragging her nails over his back as the tuzla escort pleasure got more intense. His hand just wouldn’t stop going and going, god it felt so good. He sped up and began to rhythmically press in and up with every stroke.

Suddenly she brought one hand down over her jeans and pressed his hand into her ash she thrust against him. One arm was still wrapped around his neck as she began to gasp. He looked at her face and saw that her eyes were closed, her mouth open and gasping. Then all at once, ripping her head from his grasp, she ground herself against his pleasuring hand and wrapped herself around his body, biting into his shoulder. As her body shuddered he felt her warmth flow over his hand at the same moment her teeth broke his skin. Her whole body was so tense he was actually worried about her for a second. He rubbed her neck soothingly with his free hand, calming her. Slowly she relaxed and slid down his body. He felt her lap at his shoulder, and then as she kissed him he tasted his blood in her mouth. He brought his hand out of her jeans, she grabbed it and brought it up to her mouth, and they both licked her juices off his hand.

Stepping back from her he quickly took off his clothing, then removed the rest of hers. He lay down on the, thankfully, soft clover covered ground. She came down over him and kissed his lips gently, when he went to embrace her she moved out of reach. Crawling on her hands and knees she went to his feet. And began to slowly lick and kiss her way up his body. Down his feet over his ankles and up his calves, over his knees and across his thighs she tasted him. She lightly caressed his balls and then with no warning completely engulfed his straining cock in her wet mouth and throat. She licked and sucked, and then moved on. He groaned, she smiled. She laved her way up his hard stomach, stopping to dip into his navel. When she reached his nipples she treated them the same as he had treated hers. Tugging and licking, kissing and nipping. His body heaved against her as he grabbed her, hauling her the rest of the way up his body he claimed her mouth. While they kissed she straddled his body, and then moved from his lips. His eyes burned into hers as she slowly lowered herself so that the very edge of her wet pussy was at the tip of his cock. She trailed her coral lips back on forth over him, tracing his shaft with her opening.

She leaned forward then and placed a kiss over his heart, and as she sat back up, she lowered herself slowly, slowly on to him. Just as she did the setting sun broke through the trees and washed over them. As she slid up and down his cock she raised her arms and arched her back. So full of heat and him that she wanted to cry with the pulsing of her body. As she moved on him he looked at her. Her face glowing in the setting sun, her body outlined in its fire, and her core enveloping him again and again. She moved a few more times in bliss and then, because she couldn’t speak, put his hands on her hips, and then raked her nails down his chest ash she ground drove him up inside her. Grinning he agreed.

He slowly lifted her off him and slid her on to the soft ground. With a swift kiss on the lips he moved between her legs and put them over pendik escort his shoulders. Without any more warning he thrust himself deeply into her. As he slid into her she arched her body helplessly, unable to make any noise. He grabbed her hands and put them on her own breasts, pinching her nipples with her own fingers. He grabbed her legs and shoved himself back inside her. Looking up she saw her beloved, sweat glistening on his body, as he thrust himself into her again and again and again. Each time he would leave her she would clamp her muscles around his cock, sending even more sensations pounding through his body. He drove in and out of her, so deep and hot she wanted to scream.

“Tighter” He whispered. She tightened her fingers on her nipples as he watched. When her eyes went wide he smiled and began to fuck her harder. Whispering “tighter” every so often he began to push her legs further back, sending himself deeper inside her.


Then, keeping himself inside her, he turned her on her side with her lower leg straight, her top leg bent up to her chest. He took her upper arm and wrapped it around the bent leg, keeping it close and tight to her chest. Making sure that her other hand was still gripping her nipple he began to thrust his cock into the tightest hottest space imaginable. He thrust himself deep inside of her, and felt her muscles clamping and shuddering around his cock. Each time he drove in he felt stars explode in his skull. In and out, he fucked her on the ground. Unable to scream or even moan she began to toss her head back and forth in frustration and pleasure. “Tighter” he whispered, as she gripped her nipple even tighter a white line of pain was lit, she kept pinching. Seeing this he groaned deeply and began to thrust into her, deeper and harder. Faster and harder, her whole body was moving with his thrusts. She thrust back against him as he pounded the flesh deep within her, turning her whole existence into one glowing need. Gripping her thighs and ass with his hands he began to slam their bodies together. His cock pounding into her faster and faster until all he could think of was that pleasure. His fingers biting into her skin he whispered “tighter, tighter, tighter”. And as she pinched her nipple as hard as she could, he came almost completely out of her, and then drove himself hard and deep. White pain and red heat filling her body, she exploded. He watched as her entire body arced back, her head slamming into the ground as her mouth opened in a silent scream. He lost it; thrusting deep once, twice, then again he came deep inside of her tight squeezing pussy. He gave one last thrust just to enjoy the pleasure of it, and then wrapped himself around her.

When he could breathe again he went up on one elbow and looked at her, eyes closed and covered in sweat she was gorgeous. He looked down her body and saw that she was as she usually was after mind blowing sex, with her legs spread, he grinned. She came awake as he watched. After inquiring if she was okay she smiled softly and said that of course she was. She started to get up, but when she put her legs together she went rigid and glassy eyed. When he started laughing at her she punched him in the shoulder. “Damn aftershocks” she muttered. He grinned again, but got up and got them both dressed, as she was still a bit unsteady. Especially whenever he would reach over and clasp her pussy, making her moan. They finally got back to camp, and amid the many raised eyebrows and knowing grins, said that they’d had a wonderful hike. That it had been exhilarating, and very quiet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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