Nikki Ch. 1

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Things seemed to be going from bad to worse, just 2 months until I had to hand the final manuscript to the publishers and I was less than halfway through. The kids seemed to be even more Hyper than usual, and there seemed to be a constant stream of visitors, I just knew I had to get away, find somewhere quiet and just concentrate on getting the work finished.

I spoke to Jenny and she understood completely, as she always seemed to do, and just asked if I had any idea where I could go to and told me not to worry as she’d handle the kids and everything quite easily, as her mother had promised – I called it threatened, jokingly – to come and stay for the summer. I told her that Roy Jacobs, from my publishers, had said he had a cabin down the coast that I could borrow for a couple of months, as he wasn’t going to be able to get down there this year. He assured me it was quite isolated and totally private and even had it’s own small beach area that I could use for those times I needed to relax.

Within a few days all the arrangements had been made and I’d picked up the keys and the directions of how to get there, kissed the kids and Jenny goodbye and headed off. It took me almost 8 hours to drive there, and I got lost a couple of times on the way, a fact that would have annoyed me normally, but I reckoned if I got lost, then likely others would too and I wouldn’t have people stumbling onto the cabin and disturbing me.

It was late when I arrived, but not too late for me to take a quick look around, and I was quite impressed, the cabin itself was set back slightly from the beach, amongst some trees, but from the front window I still had a clear view of the whole beach, since it was little more than a hundred yards long, and the water looked very inviting after the long drive, so I stripped off and ran down over the short expanse of sand and waded into the water, then stroked out about 50 yards or so, then turned and swam lazily back. The water was beautiful and cool and sparklingly clear, and I stood for quite a while after I came out, just looking across the water at the setting sun, enjoying the feel of it on my naked body, Mmmm, I knew I was going to enjoy this place very much.

I looked around, suddenly realizing I was completely naked and if anyone came along .. then I laughed, remembering how isolated it had seemed as I drove in, I didn’t think I had to worry about being seen at all. As the sunlight faded, I noticed one small light way over on another cove, and made a mental note not to go walking in that direction, after all the last thing I wanted was to get caught up with other people.

The first couple of days were idyllic, I woke early, took a quick dip, made myself a nice healthy breakfast, then sat down in the front room to work. The story seemed to flow like never before. I stopped for lunch, then went back to work and kept at it until almost 6pm, when I put it away for the day, had a small drink, then trotted out to the water and took a slow, languid swim. I stayed in the water, or sat on the sand until the sun had completely gone down, before moving inside and making myself some dinner. Then I relaxed with a book and a drink, or just played some music on the stereo and relaxed. It was like heaven.

Day three dawned just like the other two and looked to be taking the same course until mid morning, when I happened to glance out of the window and see a figure moving out of the trees onto the far end of the beach and start to walk along. My immediate reaction was one of anger at being disturbed, and that only moderated slightly when I realized it was a woman. As she got closer I realized that it was more of a young girl than a woman, and she certainly didn’t seem lost. Although she was walking slowly, she seemed to know where she was, and where she was going, and the latter seemed to be right for the cabin!

I watched her walk closer, wondering where on earth she had popped up from, I was certain there wasn’t another house within a couple of miles. I looked behind her, expecting to see someone else with her, perhaps a mother or father, but she seemed to be all alone, how strange. My eyes came back to her and I found myself noting what she was wearing and what she looked like as if she was a character from my story. She was about 5ft 3, or 5ft 4, had dark almost copper colored hair half way down her back, quite long legs (surprisingly shapely), and a very slim, trim figure. Her tight shorts and equally tight T shirt showed that quite clearly, and as she turned and bent down to pick something out of the sand, my eyes seemed to get riveted onto her shapely back side and I almost groaned aloud .. damn I shouldn’t be looking at her like that, I told myself.

By this time I realized she was coming straight for the cabin, so I got up and walked to the front door, opened it and stepped outside. My sudden appearance startled her, and her eyes widened .. “You’re not Mr. Jacobs” she stammered.

I grinned, “That’s right. Roy let ataşehir escort the cabin to me for a couple of months because I needed total peace and quiet without interruptions to get a special project finished” I said.

Perhaps I emphasized the ‘without interruptions’ a little too heavily, because she flushed, and dropped her head, and I immediately felt contrite, “Oh, I’m sorry” she almost whispered, “Mr. Jacobs used to let me use the beach whenever I wanted, but if you’d rather I didn’t?”

There was a tentative, almost plaintive note in her voice and I was curious to know why, so I asked her if she’d like a cool drink, and when she said yes, invited her inside. I could see immediately she’d been here before, as she walked straight into the kitchen and sat down.

“Perhaps we’d better introduce ourselves” I said, as I went to the cupboard and got a couple of glasses and filled them from the fresh orange tumbler in the fridge, “I’m Patrick, I write for Roy’s company, and I’m way behind schedule, so needed to get away from the mad house at home for a while so I could concentrate”

She half smiled at that, “Mmm, well you’ve certainly found the perfect place, it’s so peaceful here” she said, then she flushed slightly and dropped her head again … damn, I thought, I wish she wouldn’t keep on doing that! Every time she dropped her head like that, my eyes followed and I found myself staring at her surprisingly shapely breasts, staring because it was crystal clear that beneath that T shirt, she wasn’t wearing a damn thing! hard, puffy nipples were poking through most erotically! and I could feel myself starting to respond.

Then her head jerked up again, and I flushed as I realized she’d seen where my eyes had been focussed, was that a slight smile that came to her lips?, Mmm, maybe not. “Oh, I’m Nikki, by the way, I live with my mom and dad a few coves south of here” she said.

I lifted my eyebrows, “Mmm, I thought I saw a light over that way the first night I arrived, but it seemed a very long way away” I said.

She ginned, and that made her whole face light up, and I realized with some surprise that she was quite beautiful, “Oh, it’s not that far, it only takes a couple of hours to walk over” she said.

“A couple of hours?” I spluttered, almost spilling my drink, “That’s a long walk, do your parent’s know you come over here?” I asked.

She grinned again, “Oh, no, they’re off fishing most of the day” she said.

“Off fishing?” this time I did spill my drink, “You mean they go off and leave a child like you to roam around on your own?” I spluttered.

She almost jumped to her feet, knocking the table and spilling a little of her drink, and stamped her feet and hands on her hips, glared at me, “I may look young, but I’m not a child, I’m 19 years old, and well able to look after myself, in fact I’ve been looking after myself for quite a long time now” she snapped

I lifted my hand in supplication, “Whoa, I’m sorry, don’t hit me” I said, half laughing, and her mad at me disappeared as she too convulsed into laughter.

But when she straightened up and stared at me again, I noticed that she pulled her shoulders back just a little bit more and thrust her small, but firm breasts forward, and a sly smile came to her face, “If you think I’m such a child, why were you staring at my breasts?” she asked, with total feigned innocence.

It was my turn to flush, and lower my eyes, but I jerked then back up straight away because I found myself staring once again at those gorgeous breasts and nipples that seemed suddenly to be protruding even more. “I wasn’t!” I finally managed to stammer, but from the smile that slid over her face I knew I hadn’t convinced her.

She shrugged, “Ok, I’ll forgive you” she said, and grinned. “Guess I’d better leave you to your work, you don’t mind if I take a dip though, do you?” she asked.

I flushed again, “Is that what Roy used to let you do? Come over here for a swim?” I asked.

She smiled, “Oh sometimes. other times I just took the sun, we don’t have a pretty beach like this, because of the fishing boat and the little jetty, that’s why I started to come here” she said.

“Well, I wouldn’t like it said I was inhospitable, and you have walked rather a long way, so sure, why don’t you take a dip, and if you want a cool drink afterwards, just call out and I’ll bring you one out” I said.

Her face lit up and she almost gushed, “Oh thank you Patrick, you don’t mind if I call you that do you?, you can call me Nikki” she said, and not even waiting for a reply, she rushed out of the cabin.

I followed slowly, moving out into the lounge and looking out of the window. It hadn’t registered with me that she hadn’t been carrying a bag or anything as she walked down the beach, but it did the instance she reached the water, because she quickly slipped out of her T shirt, her shorts and her panties and stood there a moment completely naked, ümraniye escort before rushing in until she reached knee depth and then diving into the water. My jaw dropped and my eyes popped, and something else began to stir!

The vision of one totally naked 19 year old with the tightest, cutest ass, was imprinted on my mind and doing dreadful things to my libido! I’d taken to sitting around and working in just my bathers, and as I looked down I groaned at the sight of them tenting outwards .. this was totally bizarre, and totally unacceptable! And I dragged myself away from the window and back into the kitchen, where I gulped down a large and very cold drink, trying to get my breathing and my temperature under control.

I don’t know how long I stood there, trying to get that image out of my head, wondering how the hell I was going to re –focus on the book now, when I heard her call my name, “Patrick, Patrick”. I tried to ignore it, but she called again, “Patrick, Patrick”

With a slight groan I moved out into the lounge, but kept well away from the window, “Yes, what is it Nikki” I called out.

She laughed, “Do you have a spare towel?, I seem to have forgotten mine” she called out, and I groaned again. I went into the spare room and grabbed a towel, and moved back to the front door.

“Here it is, I’ll just toss it out” I called out.

A loud squawk came from her, “Oh no, it will get dirty in the sand, you’ll have to bring it” she cried.

For a moment I froze, me? go out there? When she was naked? Damn! Then I shook my head, what the hell was wrong with me, this was an adult, ok so she looked a lot younger than she was, but she was still an adult and I had to treat her like that, there was no reason in the world for me to be affected by her nudity. It was like I was psyching myself up, and it seemed to work, I straightened up, breathing a little more calmly, and the bulge in my bathers receded quite a bit, and I marched swiftly out of the front door, a look of total unconcern on my face. It lasted for about ten paces!

When I found myself standing right in front of her, and she was making absolutely no attempt to cover anything up, and my eyes went ballistic! Sweeping up and down her naked body, hotly drinking in her high, firm breasts with those magnificent puffy nipples then drinking in her almost hairless pussy! And this time the groan seemed to come all the way up from my toes!! I was so busy drinking in her naked beauty that I forgot about the towel until she stepped forward and took it from my hand. I let out a breath that was almost like a sigh, assuming she would now wrap the towel around her and I would go straight back inside.

But she didn’t, she just held it for a moment, staring straight at me, then she smiled softly and handed it back, “Would you like to dry me off, Patrick?” she whispered, and without waiting for an answer, turned around, “After all I can’t really reach my back can I?’ she added.

My mind was in total confusion, but something much deeper and much more primitive was taking over, and even as I was telling myself this was crazy, this was stupid, this was just not right, I was lifting the towel and slowly rubbing her back dry … her back, her beautiful ass cheeks and her gorgeous legs!

I was still on my knees finishing the back of her legs when she turned around. and I found my face inches from her beautiful almost hairless pussy! I heard her chuckle, “Do you think I’m beautiful, Patrick?” she asked, “or do you still think I’m a child?,” another, even hotter, chuckle sounded, “I don’t think you see me as a child anymore, Patrick, I saw how you reacted, how big you got, are you going to dry my front now?” and she spread her legs even wider.

I groaned as her young pussy opened up and I saw the tip of her pink clit peeking out, and I could feel my cock almost bursting through my bathers, then slowly, ever so slowly and gently I began to dry the front of her legs, her knees, her thighs, and I saw the slight shiver run through her. With great difficulty I ignored her inviting pussy and moved around her outer thighs and up over her stomach. Now I was looking up her body, up at those small, succulent breasts with their exciting nipples, and I knew I couldn’t avoid them. I climbed slowly to my feet and our eyes met and held, and slowly, gently I lifted the towel and cupped her breasts, running the towel sensuously over them, sensing, rather than seeing the nipples swell and harden, and a shudder ran through her.

“Do you think I’m sexy, Patrick?” she murmured.

It was my turn to shudder, “Too damn sexy” I managed to stammer.

Her grin widened, “Does that mean you want me. Patrick?, want to make love to me?” she asked.

“You know I can’t, Nikki, you’re too …….” I groaned.

She reached up and took the towel from my hands, “Take off your bathers. Patrick, I want to see you like you’re seeing me” she whispered.

I kadıköy escort couldn’t believe it! I found myself complying with her instructions! bending over and slipping off my bathers, allowing my rock hard cock to leap up and nearly brush against her.

She immediately dropped the towel and cupped her hand around my cock, “I knew it!” she said, with a note of triumph in her voice, “I knew you wanted me, and this proves it! Mmmmm, and it’s so big and beautiful, too” she said, and grinned up at me.

How the hell could I get out of this, I mean it just wasn’t right, perhaps I could shock her I thought, and with almost a snarl, I reached out and squeezed one hand around one of her hot little breasts and the other between her legs, stroking and rubbing my fingers over her pussy, “Oh yes, I want you” I said a little harshly, “I’ve wanted to fuck you since the moment I first realized your weren’t wearing a bra, and your nipples were all hard and succulent and begging to be sucked”

For a moment I thought the plan had worked, her body stiffened and the smile slid from her face, and her hand dropped from my cock. For a long, long time she just stood and stared at me, and I tried to read what was going on in her mind. My hand on her breast had turned soft and gentle, it just wasn’t in me to squeeze too hard, and my fingers between her legs had slowed too. And still she looked at me, not speaking, not smiling. Something told me to stop .. but I couldn’t .. instead, with a deep groan I leaned down and slid one arm beneath her knees and one at the small of her back and lifted her light frame up and carried her inside, walking through the lounge and into the bedroom where I placed her gently, almost loving on the bed, and she lay there looking up at me.

I stood up straight and stepped back just a little, letting my eyes run over her hot, horny young body, and I knew I had to walk away. It was almost as if she read my mind, and she squirmed on the bed, opening her legs just a little wider, and a slight, tremulous smile came to her face, and I was lost, totally lost in the sudden surge of lustful heat that filled me. I don’t think I’d ever wanted a woman as much in all my life, there was just something about her that was riveting, some sexual energy that flowed from her that was completely irresistible, and I found my determination to walk away. weakening and weakening. The silence was charged with an energy I’d never experienced before, an electricity flowed between us that was beyond words.

I moved forward and knelt beside her and leaned down and brushed my lips lightly over hers, backwards and forwards, gradually pressing down, opening her lips, then sliding my tongue inside. I heard and felt the breath catch in her throat, and her young tongue slid forward and started to dance wildly with mine, and I heard her moan. I pulled back, and once again our eyes met and lodged together as we exchanged silent signals, then I leaned down and brushed my lips over her throat, and her shoulders and down to her breasts. Oh god they were so beautiful, so small yet so firm, and those nipples, Mmmm I drooled just to be close to them. I ran my tongue slowly around each one in turn, then took them into my mouth and sucked them gently, flicking my tongue over their tip as I did so, and felt the shudder run through her.

Her hands came to rest lightly on the back of my head, urging me on, but I didn’t need any urging, I was on fire! I licked and sucked for an age before moving slowly down over her stomach, feeling it quiver under my tongue, feeling her lift from the bed as I got closer and close to her delicious pussy, with it’s faint downing of hair, and then I was kissing it, light butterfly kisses raining all over it, and she bucked and screamed.

Damn, but she was sensitive, she’d just cum from the touch of my lips on her pussy, and her hands were pressing my face into her as her body spasmed and spasmed. I let my tongue probe forward, slipping just into her pussy lips, tasting the beautiful juices flooding her pussy, then sliding sensuously over her throbbing clit.

“Oh yes, Oh god yes” she whimpered and pressed even harder on the back of my head, and I thrust my tongue in deeper, swirling it around, flicking her clit and scooping up her juices. I reached up with my hands and spread her pussy lips wide, then took her clit totally into my mouth and sucked on it hard .. and she screamed and shuddered again. The juices were pouring inside her pussy and I was loving the taste and smell of her. Then one of her hands slipped from my head. And I felt it groping around my body, and I knew what she was searching for. I moved position and felt her hand collide with my swollen cock and grab it, and it was my turn to groan as she immediately started to stroke it up and down.

“Oh. Please Patrick, Please” she groaned, and she tugged my cock towards her. I didn’t resist, I shifted position again, moving my lips off her pussy and up onto her nipples as my body slid between her legs. “Yes, Yes” she whispered as she rubbed the head of my cock up and down her quivering pussy lips.

I pulled up from her breasts and stared straight into her eyes, “I want you” I whispered harshly, “I want to fuck your tight juicy cunt. Fill you up with my cock and shoot my cum juice into you”

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