Night Moves

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The air was very cool for a late spring night; Val shivered and chided herself for wearing the tight black mini-skirt without even the benefit of pantyhose. She pulled at the long sleeves of her ivory button-down blouse, wishing for a sweater and some socks on her feet instead of just the casual canvas slip-on shoes. But this was only the third time she’d gone out since her depressing break-up, and even though her date was her best friend in the whole world, she had still wanted to look nice.

“Do you want to walk out on the pier?” Jordan asked her, brushing a lock of his sun golden hair out of his blue-grey eyes. When Val nodded, he gently took her arm, being chivalrous.

But when his hand touched her, she felt his warmth through her blouse and goosebumps rose all over her body. This had been happening between them all night long; anytime one touched the other, sparks seemed to ignite, causing them both to blush and glance away. While this wasn’t entirely a first-time occurrence–Val suspected that the two friends had been mildly attracted to one another for many years–it seemed to be the first time that they both seemed to recognize it for what it was…and perhaps for the first time not fight it. So, she welcomed his touch and moved closer, brushing her side against his long black trench coat. All around her, her long auburn hair flew in the wind. Val pulled away long enough to take the hair tie from around her wrist–a strange habit from college–and tied her hair back in an impromptu ponytail. She knew it couldn’t look too good since she didn’t have a brush with her, but at least it wouldn’t tangle too badly.

They made their way to the lengthy wood and concrete pier in silence; they’d been friends so long that they didn’t have to fill every moment with conversation. And in truth, they already knew everything about each other. Well, almost everything. Val had never told Jordan that she masturbated while thinking about him…his gentleness and his attractiveness…and likewise for Jordan. They knew each other’s every fantasy bakırköy escort well, save those they secretly had about each other. The time had never seemed right to discuss those. Most of the time, one or both had a boy or girlfriend and when they were single, they just didn’t seem to get to that part of their lives in any of their conversations.

Light shone down and guided their passage across the initial stretch of pier, which led out to the above-water platform where a few people night-fished. Jordan briefly wondered how successful they were at their catches. Finally they neared the end of the pier, and suddenly, Val stepped in front of her best friend and playfully stopped so that he’d bump into her. Briefly, his pelvic area brushed her ass–which was her intention–and she giggled.

“Oh! So you want to play that way, huh?” Jordan asked, a mischievous tone to his musical voice. He reached out and grasped Val’s waist, tickling her with his long fingers. Once again, she laughed–somewhat girlishly–and grabbed his hands into her own. But instead of letting go or moving away from him, she actually pulled him up closer behind her. This wasn’t an unusual embrace for them, so Jordan easily wrapped his arms around her midsection and allowed her to hold onto him as they moved to one end of the pier. But the light above them was out, casting nothing but a secluded darkness over them and setting them apart from the fishers on the pier with them. And in this dim lighting, this embrace took on a whole new feeling for him. He could feel her warmth through her clothes and his, and he suddenly felt his crotch tighten and strain in his black cotton pants. Once again, they were silent, gazing out at the active water. When Val leaned back against him, Jordan rested his chin on her shoulder; he could smell her. Beneath her perfume, he could sense her true musk. The natural her. It was intoxicating, and he found himself longing to be closer to it. At the very source. But he also thought that it would beşiktaş escort probably never happen.

While he was mulling over fantasies and impossibilities, Val snuggled closer against him, reaching around to pull his trenchcoat partially around her to guard her from the crisp air. But it also blocked them almost completely from the view of the others on the pier. Casually, she held his hands, which were still around her waist and moved them slowly up until she had them on her silk-clad chest; she closed her eyes, enjoying the pressure of his hands. She smiled to herself when she heard Jordan gasp quietly in surprise. But he didn’t move his hands away either. Instead, he began rubbing her chest, the silk of her blouse smooth and cool, and his fingers found the small pearl buttons; expertly, he unbuttoned the first four. Val purred softly as she felt his fingers pushing aside her lace bra and teasing her already erect nipples, his hands cupping her small, round breasts. His hands felt good on her skin, and she pushed forward into them, encouraging his caresses.

All the while, she held onto the wood railing with her right hand and reached around with her left until it found the crotch of his pants. She could feel him already straining to be free from the restraint o f material. With a hungry smile, Val unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out into the open. The cold air managed to get in past his coat and between them and made it jump a bit, but she warmed him by wrapping her fingers around the shaft and rubbing it up and down for friction.

Jordan buried his face into her shoulder and muffled an ecstatic moan into the warmth of her neck. He bucked his hips against her hand, almost losing control. Quickly, he moved his hands down her torso until he felt the slickness of the spandex skirt. Without warning, he pulled the elastic material up to her waist and brushed his fingers over the satin of her underwear; Val eagerly rubbed back over his fingers, urging him with whimpers beylikdüzü escort to proceed. She moved her left hand to the railing beside the right, as if she knew she needed to hold herself up. Jordan pulled the soft, now soaking material away from her crotch, tangling his fingers briefly into the curling hair. He sighed as he moved past the first folds of warm flesh and when she came all over his hand just from that touch, he thought he would not be able to hold it much longer himself. But he held on, and while two fingers of his right hand found their way into her ready cunt, he grasped himself with his left. Making sure she was standing comfortably, Jordan bent her forward a bit and nudged his hard-on past her backside to her wetness. His right fingers now curled around the crotch of her underwear as his left guided his cock into her cunt; with a hard push, he was inside her to the hilt and both had to bite their tongues to keep from crying out. While Val held onto the railing tightly, Jordan rocked his hips as hard as he could without being obvious to those around them; his left hand grasped her waist for extra leverage and his other hand moved backup to fondle her tits. As his movements became more frenzied, he pinched her nipples roughly for emphasis, and he heard Val make soft sounds of approval. She pushed back against him as much as she could, feeling her cum flood his length and down her thighs.

The two carried on this embrace for as long as they could until Jordan couldn’t stand it any longer. He knew Val had climaxed; he could feel it shaking through her to his very core. Finally, he gave in to his own and came silently, once again suppressing any sounds against her shoulder. Both trembled against each other for a moment, quiet except for their heavy breathing.

After a while, Jordan spoke up, “What do you say we go somewhere to get cleaned up? Before someone realizes what just happened here.”

Val laughed, quickly straightening her clothing and buttoning her blouse. “Good idea. Let’s go to my place. We wouldn’t want to disturb your roommate…” She paused and turned to face him. There was a wicked glint in her dark brown eyes. “…and I’ve got whipped cream.”

Jordan tried to stifle a sound that was both a laugh and a cheer. He quickly, and carefully, zipped up his pants then grabbed Val’s hand and ran toward his car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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