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Big Tits

This is my third story and I would really love some feedback with your thoughts. Thank you. Enjoy!


It was through the next couple weeks that the pattern began to form. It was clear that I had fallen off of my high horse and hit face first into the mud. Thinking of myself being to good for manual labor and being too smart to continue with it, yet still there I was, nine to five, five days a week, earning some sort of keep. I had begun to have a spike in my nightly masturbation, I was up to five times in the span of two hours, it was getting to a point where I could no longer raw dog with my hand and lube had to be brought in to help. I needed to get laid. I would swipe through dating apps at night trying to find a descent choice, but the ugly ones were too much and the hot ones too few and/or didn’t want me, so there I was stuck in the middle with no one. I had thought of giving up and going on to a hooker, and then I got a match from this girl Nicole, she was cute, a little heavy but in the right places and had eyes that could make the little man stand an attention in half a second flat.

We began to talk, and by talk I mean Tinder Chat until she felt comfortable, knowing I wasn’t some fucking serial killer, to meet up for a date. There was a bar I knew was doing a Hawaiian theme night which I had a feeling she would love so, I decided to take her out to eat at another bar first, get the night going then maneuver our way over to the Hawaiian party. We both showed up pretty much at the same time at this place called The Bear Arms Bar and Grille, it was actually a nice place. After the first bit of awkward, hellos and so what do you do? and How do you like it? and so forth, we had begun to loosen up. We had eaten our dinner, I paid and then we actually started drinking and having a good time. Laughing, telling stories of misplaced love and past sexual encounters.

“So, you like, go to party and what?”

“And there he is with Jenny, tonguing each other’s throats. Prick. It was then and there where I say you know what? I’m done.”

“Good for you.”

“I’m done waiting and dating, looking for the ‘right guy’, I’m gonna find the guy whose right here.”

“You found him.” We laughed as we finished our drinks.


“Yeah.” I signaled for two more jack and cokes as I turned back to Nicole, god, she was looking better and better after every glass and I’m sure visa versa, I was hoping at least.


“So…” The bartender put the drinks down in front of us. She grabbed the glass, she had big hands, strong. She was a big girl but in a fit way, she looked like a girl that frankly, could kick the balls off me if she wanted to. Wearing a short black skirt with her muscular thighs crosses, I mean these things looked like they could choke out the Hulk, and her right foot ever so slightly tapping along with the music playing in the background. We both took our drinks then turned back toward each other.

“You look really beautiful tonight, Nicole.”

“Why thank you, you look not too bad yourself.” She let out a faint laugh. “Alright, enough of this cutise shit, what are three secrets you have that no one else knows?”


“Three secrets. Come on, lets mix this average shit up. You go, then me.” She rubbed her thigh softly as she looked me over. Shit, what the hell was I going to say, secrets, fuck me. I’m not telling her anything that’ll send her running for the hills. Something sexy and hot, and cool, that could be a secret but is more of a trait. Dammit, I was taking too long, I was blowing it.

“Come on.” She commanded. So I grabbed my glass chugged the rest of my drink down the gullet and blurted out the first three things that came to my mind.

“Okay, I just saw my father about two months back, for the first time in four years, I left my Mother who is a cripple at home to fend for herself, I hate my job, being done with college and this town, and lastly I think you are incredibly funny and cool and one of the sexiest girls I’ve ever met. Good? Two more please! God damn.” I had just blown it, I could feel it by the way her eyes were staring at me with the most perplexing confusion about why I had just said all that but then after about ten seconds of dumbfoundery, the side of her mouth cracked open giving way to a smile, first her teeth then her gums and eventually a laughing fit. She covered her mouth as if not to let her laughter out but was failing to do so.

“Yeah there you go, go ahead, laugh at my misfortune. Yuck it up-” She quickly leaned in and kissed my, firmly on the mouth, she lingered there for a moment, then slowly returned back into her stool. I couldn’t believe that my shitty secrets had been that helpful.

“Wow.” The word just fell out of my mouth. It was all my brain could think to say.

“I also have a father I never see, I hate this town as well, I’m an unemployed painter, I have a dog named Sniffles, and my place is just around the corner.” Her hand extended bakırköy escort out, rubbing against my jeans, more precisely my thigh. This was the sign, she was ready to go, I don’t know why, or how I did anything that even remotely persuaded her to take me home. Was it the dead beat Dad, or the hatred of the town, or maybe it was the alcohol. I’m going to go with the alcohol. The bar, word of advice, always take a girl to a bar.

I threw the money down on the bar and we made our way toward the door. Looks like we weren’t making it to the Hawaiian night after all. She took my hand and led me down the street toward her place, the streets were packed, everybody out and about on the Saturday night trying to get as drunk as possible before the weekend was over, the right idea. Now remember as this story goes on that I really didn’t know this girl, yeah we had talked on Tinder, and met up for about two hours but we were still close to strangers with each other, and even though we barely knew one another, she was ready to bring me up to her apartment and have sex with me. If only I had seen the warning signs.

“So I, uh guess we’re not gonna go to the Hawaiian thing huh?”

“Not yet, I got something for us to do first.” Huh? Wonder what it could be?

We reached an apartment complex right off of the main road. As we got up to the doorway she impulsively threw me up against the wall, we started making out, hot and heavy, her body so much tighter and thicker than I was imagining. Her hands slipped down into my pants as her felt around for my…

“Oh, yep there it is. You got me.”

“Just making sure.” She pulled her hands out of my pants and opened the door, I guess I passed the penis test. Warning signs.

We got up to her apartment, which was really beautiful as we walked in I could see the walls, just covered with paintings, abstract, sexual, violent, as if they were screaming out of the canvass, breathtaking, at least that’s what I thought. How the fuck should I know? It was pretty much just a one room studio. A bed, little kitchen area, small bathroom and that was about it, it was small but weirdly erotic. One window, letting the night air seep into the room, looking out over the docks, the boats in the port. She had herself a nice little oasis here, up on the top floor, facing out into the bay. I could’ve gotten use to a little place like that. I really could’ve.

“I’ll be right back. Make yourself comfortable.” She stepped in to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I went over and sat on her bed. It was eerily similar to Ms. Kirby, I sat down and slowly tried to bring myself out of that mindset but it was hard, unlike me. I couldn’t believe it but my dick was failing me, not even a twitch, sitting on a bed waiting for sex, usually I’d be trying to push my way out of my pants. I heard the light click and the door open, but she hadn’t changed or anything, nothing see through or with more skin showing. She walked over to the bed and standing in front of me as she leaned down to kiss my lips, her arms grabbed my shoulders and then her legs lifted up on to me, as she hopped on, straddling me, making out, hands gripping, rubbing, and finally my little man stood up and shouted “I’M ALIVE!!”, and just as I was about to start taking clothes off she stood up, looking at me.

“You’re freak aren’t you.”


“You’re a freaky guy. I know you. I was friends with Anna, you guys used to use butt plugs and fuck to Demi Lov-“

“-Whoa! What the fuck are you talking-” Standing up in a flash trying to defend myself. “Anna? She was fucking crazy, I didn’t-“

“I want to go out with you tonight, okay? And I wanna wear this.” She got off me and walked away from the bed. Pulled a butt plug out of her dresser and held it up in her hand, presenting it to me. “You down?”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“I want you to put it in, and then use this button to activate the vibration whenever you want. I by whenever I mean whenever.” She began to bite her lip hard as she explained how the device worked, it was clear that she was wet just thinking about it, but I couldn’t believe this was really happening as well as the fact that she knew Anna. So, I laughed it off.

“Okay. So this is what? Bullshit or some kinda test or something?”

“I’m serious. I’ve wanted to do this for so long but I never found someone that would want to. Now you can deny all you want but I know you want to do this with me. I can feel it.” She came over, grabbing my rock hard erection in her hand. “You can’t lie. It won’t let you.” I had given myself away, because the truth was fuck yeah I wanted to do this with her, I was hard at just the thought of walking around, with a butt plug inside of her. “I wanna be your pet. Please. I know you and Anna did this, she told me.”

“Did she tell you who else she did it with? Like ten other guys. I’m outta here.” At that moment I pushed her off me and went for the door.

“I’ll beşiktaş escort fuck you. You do this and I’ll fuck you when we get back, I’ll do anything you want.”

“Anything?” I turned around, as she walked up to me again, pulling me close and whispering gently in my ear.

“Anything.” I was sold.

“Ight, fuck it, let’s do dis.” She quickly jumped onto her bed, kneeling on all fours and putting her stuffed Dinosaur pillow in her mouth. I turned to the dresser grabbing the plug and lube then turning back to see her there, so excited and scared, she looked at me with eyes of intense anticipation. I remember at first thinking ‘Wow, this girl is batshit crazy, but she really wasn’t, not at all, I mean if anything I was crazy for not wanting or looking for something do to as bad as she wanted this. She was normal, just sexually heighten, more so than what I thought, and willing to push herself over the edge to find that perfect euphoric moment of climax that she was apparently on a quest to indulge herself in, completely. The fact was as I stared at her, biting on her pillow, waiting for it and moister actually dripping from her clit on to her blanket, I envied her. And in that moment I became to think of my life, how boring and mundane it had become over the last two months and I wished I wanted something, anything in my life that bad. I saw Ms. Kirby in her, something about this girl reminded me of her and how in one night you can overindulge to the point of department, to the pinnacle of death. I felt a strange wave of melancholy, looking at this girl, then even as I switched my gaze out the window to the outside world, I almost began to cry, of course I didn’t but I was on the verge, so close to the edge.

“Come on. Do it. Please.” She begged stuffing the pillow back into her mouth. I obeyed, standing next to the bed I applied the lube first to my fingers, it was cold, it had been sitting in that dresser for a while and I was clear she didn’t use the heat that much. This could be fun. I gently touched my index finger to her ass, she quickly jumped.

“Holy shit, that’s fucking cold!” Laughing as I continued, I knew that would get her. I slowly and meticulously began inserting my fingers one by one into her, she began to leak more and more onto her bed from her vagina. Moans began to push their way out of her mouth, louder and louder. Two fingers, then three.

“Oh fuck! Oh my god.” Her body began to shake a bit as I switch from her vagina to her anus, slowly moving my fingers inside, feeling around to widen her.

“You ready?” I asked putting much lube on the plug.

“Yes. Fuckin’ do it.” She begged in a higher pitch then before. As I slowly inserted the plug her muffled moans through the pillow were joyful screams of climax, in a way that most woman never experience. It was in, and as I stood there staring at her my dick began to push hard against my jeans, trying to break free.

“Slap me. Please.”


“Slap me! Come on.” I obey, slapping her ass, hard on both side with my hand, each time leaving a new red mark, into her pale white skin. I never thought in a million years that this was where the night was going when I took the uber car to the bar. You could’ve told me but I wouldn’t believe it. It’s weird how we all have that inside us, secrets, secrets that no one would ever find out unless we chose to let them into our secret world and show them what we do behind closed doors. Sexual nature is non judgmental, it is not biased, and it is not certainly not driven by hate, as people are. The mind is weird that way, shooting thoughts of sexual addiction into our heads. I know for myself that whenever I see a couple, I think about their sexuality. What does she like? What does he like? Do they know each other’s deepest, darkest fantasies? What is their sex life like? And what do they really do behind closed doors?

She got up to her feet, putting her high heels on and standing at the ready, I swear to god she hid it well, I would never have known, if I didn’t put it inside her. She then kissed me and handed my the button for the plug, I tested it, oh god was she going to have a hell of a time hiding that. When I pressed it, it was like a strike of lighting hit her, she started convulsing and moaning, and quickly fell into my arms, beginning to rub her clit against me.

“Oh my fuckin’ lord! Shit! Turn it off. Turn it off.”

“Turn it off what?”

“Pleas, turn it off please!” I did. “Jesus Christ, this is gonna be so fuckin’ hot. Okay so here are the rules, you can do it whenever, for ever long you want but if I’m about to come I’ll slap myself in the face to turn it off, okay?”

“Shit. How long’ve you been thinkin’ of this shit?”

“Let’s go.” She grabbed my hand and we left the apartment out, into the night.

I found myself really getting turned on by the domination aspect of this little game, being in complete control of someone was fascinating to me, as I imagined beylikdüzü escort give up totally control was a amazing turn on for her. She walked down the street, I had put the button in my pocket so I could press it without anyone being the wiser. She walked pretty normal actually, swaying a little more then usual and stepping slower obviously. The heels didn’t help her but man did they firm her legs and ass. She would moan a little but her smile never dimmed, just waiting and hoping for me to hit it. We walked like a normal couple, her on my arm, nothing suspicious about it. Until the first time, a wave and a yell came from a group of people in the street walking toward us on the sidewalk. Her friends I presumed.

“Hey Nikki! Where’ve you been?” A girl and her two guys friends walked up to us, she gave Nicole a big hug and I smiled, I knew I had to do it. They pulled apart and then I hit it. BOOM.

“Whose this?” She said, indicting me, but Nicole could barely even speak, her hand rubbed her forehead trying to cover her eyes rolling to the back of her head. “Nikki?”

“Oh yeah…that’s my…friend…Oh fuck.” She put her left hand behind her back, reaching around to feel the plug, her right hand still covered her eyes, as her head tilted back, she was about to come again so, being the gentleman I’m I turned it off. “Fuck me.”

“She’s got a bad headache from the booze we were just at the Bear Arms.”

“Oh fuckin’ parting!” One of the dudes yelled out.

“Yeah bro.” I threw my arms around Nicole, she fell into my arms, kissing me on the neck, I returned the favor.

“This is my friend, Sara. We’re heading to the Hawaiian Night. You should come, cause I know I am.” Nicole hugged her again biting her eardrum, she pulled away and backed into me. Sara didn’t follow us, her and the guys went off to do something, god only knows.

We went into the bar to see that the Hawaiian party was in full fucking swing. Tiki bar, water, sand and whole thing. We looked at each other, she pulled me close and told me the rules of what she was going to do, while trying to fix her skirt, it had rolled up a bit showing the edge of her ass, luckly for her the plug was deep, and she had it all the way in, so not to have it hanging out of the her skirt. That thing was barely staying on anyway, now it could’ve been the alcohol but her legs and ass were almost perfect, toned and built to the point of an athletic super star. It was the combination of her heels and the muscles in her legs that made her seem almost god like. Sometimes she would make the mistake of standing with her legs apart, and seeing that I hit it, making her thighs slam back together, and her hand claw at her ass, her long nails digging into herself so as not to scream out. I must say though that her upper body was a little lack luster, as if she really didn’t dress herself that well but that ass made up for the rest of her in spades. Now, not that I’m a real looker or anything, so if you’re thinking to yourself ‘Jesus, what a asshole.” let it be known that she knew that I wasn’t a male model, fuckin’ six pack abs, faggot, when she came to meet me, okay? So get off my back. Anyway, I digress. It was time for a little fun so I grabbed her ass in both hands and squeezed it together clicking the vibrator on. As quick as I pushed them together I pulled them apart, she begged me not to stop.

“Pull me apart, gape my fuckin’ ass.” Now this was in the bar mind you. So I did as I was instructed and pulled her ass cheeks apart again, making sure to keep my pinky finger on the plug, that last thing she wanted was that thing falling out. Now that I look back though, that would’ve been pretty damn funny. We broke off and headed for the bar, begun drinking heavily, we danced, and saw people we knew, all the while I had my fun with her, hitting the plug, mid conversion, on the dance floor, until finally she was about to blow, the on, off, switch was killing her, and I did my best to figure out when she was close then quickly turn it off, teasing the shit out of her.

“I mean I think Bernie Sanders is the best way to go you know?”

“Uh hun…oh, um yeah.” She stood there mushing her thighs together, rubbing them back and forth, I could tell she was squeezing and releasing her hole around the plug, trying to bare down so not to be to obvious.

“He is just the best candidate, I mean everyone else says such bullshit and he is real, you know? He is the real thing. A real man. He’ll win. I’m sure of it.”

“Yeah…oh yeah me too.”

“Who’ll you vote for-“

“-Fuck I can’t do it.” She began smacking herself in the face, (That was the only way for her to get me to stop), so I turned it off.

“Oh god, that was, that was…too long…”


“Never mind.” As she walked off.

“Can I text you?” Said the poor sap at the bar she’d been talking to.

The best was when she saw her old boyfriend, and went over to sit down, talk with him. She had specifically told me to keep it on the hold time and boy was that a fucking site. Him trying to talk to her, all the while she was fidgeting, and touch her legs and arms, itching and scratching until finally she grabbed the seat with both hands, squeezing the sides with her hands, I knew she was about to come.

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