Next Door Neighbor’s Daughter

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Elmer Johnson was the quintessential suburban family man. Mid 40s, family of four, good job, coach of his son’s little league team; Elmer was living the American dream. Unfortunately for Elmer, the dream did not include a particularly exciting sex life. Truth be told, Elmer whacked off way more than he got laid. One recent summer day, Elmer’s sex life got a big boost.

Elmer was working from his home office one sunny weekday afternoon when the doorbell rang. Opening the door, he was greeted by Lacy, the neighbor’s daughter and one of his daughter’s best friends. Lacy had grown up around the Johnson household, playing volleyball, softball, and basketball with the Johnson kids for years. She was dressed in a sheer white, body hugging cover-up, a yellow polka dot bikini clearly visible through the thin material.

“Hi Mr. Johnson,” Lacy began. “Is Shelly home?”

Shelly was Elmer’s oldest child, recently graduated from high school.

“Sorry Lacy,” Elmer replied. “Shelly and her Mom are off visiting college campuses the rest of this week.”

Elmer couldn’t take his eyes off the young Lacy and her skimpy outfit. Lacy was gorgeous. She had a thin, athletic body, long blonde hair and the prettiest green eyes. Standing 5’10” with the perkiest b-cups and a perfect ass, she was one of the most popular girls in school. Elmer had coached Lacy and Shelly’s sports team growing up and he had always been infatuated with Lacy. On more than one occasion, Elmer had squeezed out a load thinking about her tight body and pretty face.

“Bummer,” Lacy pouted. “I just got back from the Miss Teen Valley pageant and I wanted to show Shelly my new trophy.”

During her junior year, Lacy had given up sports and instead had concentrated on teen pageants. She had done well and won numerous trophies and scholarships.

Pulling a tiara from her pool bag, Lacy put it on her head, “Do you like my new crown, Mr. Johnson?”

“Congrats sweetie,” Elmer replied. “It looks great.” Elmer shifted his weight, trying to conceal the boner growing in his sweatpants.

“Um, I don’t mean to be forward, but I was also hoping to lay out by your pool and work on my tan. Our tanning bed is busted and I need to keep my color for the summer pageant circuit. Do you mind?”

“No problem honey,” Elmer responded. “I’m working in the study but help yourself to the pool. Just yell if you need anything.”

Returning to his study, Elmer found his mind wandering and was unable to concentrate on work. Instead, perverted fantasies of Lacy and her tiara had him slowly stroking his raging boner under the desk. Peeking through the blinds, Elmer watched Lacy spray on tanning halkalı escort oil and recline by the pool, her perfect little body barely concealed in the skimpy bikini. Elmer could no longer contain himself as he freed his boner from the confines of his sweatpants and started furiously beating his meat as he peered through the blinds.

“Mr. Johnson,” Lacy yelled from the patio, “Can I get something to drink?”

Elmer quickly tucked his erection back into his pants and hurried into the kitchen to whip up a pitcher of lemonade.

“Thanks Mr. Johnson,” Lacy purred. “It’s really hot out here. Too hot for those heavy sweats you are wearing.”

“I’m OK dear,” Elmer replied, “The air conditioning is on in the house.”

“You know, Mr. Johnson, I saw you behind the blinds,” Lacy giggled. “I saw you masturbating. Were you thinking of me when you were beating off?”

Caught completely off guard, Elmer stuttered, “I, well, ummm…”

“I know you’ve always had a thing for me. Even back in 9th grade when you coached our soccer team, I saw the way you looked at me. I used to love to tease you, bending over to give you a good look at my tight butt or not wearing a bra when we had volleball practice. I bet you think about me all the time when you’re beating off.”

“Well, you are very attractive Lacy,” Elmer stammered, his face turning bright red with embarrassment.

“I just turned 18 last week Mr. Johnson. Do you know what that means?”

All Elmer knew was that legally Lacy was now an adult. But what the hell good was that going to do him. He was a middle aged, balding, overweight, nerd. What could Lacy possible see in him?

Staring at Elmer’s crotch, Lacy continued, “Based on the lump in your pants, looks like you didn’t get to finish polishing your knob. If you do something for me, I might help you with that. After all those years of teasing, it’s the least I could do.”

Throwing caution to the wind, Elmer replied, “Anything Lacy. I’d do anything for you.”

“Do you know how to eat pussy Mr. Johnson? Show me how well you eat pussy and I might bounce up and down on your horny little pecker for a while.”

Lacy yanked off her bikini bottoms revealing her perfectly trimmed little blonde bush. Pulling her feet up onto the lounge chair, she spread her legs wide, her glistening twat inviting Elmer to dive in. Lying in the sun, her blond hair still held back by the glittering tiara, Lacy was a vision of teen beauty.

In a flash Elmer fell to his knees and buried his face between Lacy’s tender thighs, his tongue making a bee line for her perfect little clit. Within minutes, Lacy had Elmer’s şişli escort head in her hands, guiding him to her favorite spots and squirming with delight as he tongue fucked her pussy. She ripped off her bikini top and played with her stiff nipples as Elmer continued to pleasure her cunt.

“Oh Mr. Johnson, that feels fucking fantastic. Mrs. Johnson is very lucking to have a talented pussy eater like you for a husband.”

Fat chance, Elmer thought to himself. His wife hadn’t wanted oral sex since they were dating back in college.

After several more minutes of ferocious carpet munching, Lacy shuttered violently, “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum!! Oh fuck yea, I’m cummmmmingggggg”

Collapsing back on the lounge chair, Lacy giggled, “Strip off that nasty old sweat suit Mr. Johnson. You did very well and I’m gonna reward you now.”

Pulling off the sweatshirt, Elmer was embarrassed of the fat, fishwhite belly hanging over his sweat pants. He was doubly embarrassed as he pulled down his pants, noting the huge wet stain his leaking dick had made on the crotch of his tighty whities.

“You’re kinda out of shape Mr. Johnson,” Lacy teased as Elmer whipped off his briefs. “But I like your fat cock. I can’t wait to feel that thick pole in my tight twat.”

Pushing Elmer down onto his back, Lacy mounted the older man and lowered her horny pussy onto his raging erection.

“Oh Mr. Johnson, that big prick of yours feels so fucking good.”

Lacy began to bounce up and down on Elmer, a position Elmer had not enjoyed in 20+ years. To his dismay, the feeling of her tight teen twat wrapped around his old dick was too much for Elmer as he prematurely blew his wad.

“Mr. Johnson,” Lacy chastised. “You poor pathetic man; that simply won’t do. I’m horny as hell and I want to feel your big dick fucking my pussy all afternoon.”

Lacy gracefully dismounted and bent over Elmer’s disappointingly deflating tool. Taking him into her warm mouth, Lacy helped Elmer quickly recover and with her talented tongue and throat, soon had Elmer’s dick rock hard again.

“Now stay with me Mr. Johnson,” Lacy instructed as she again mounted the old man. “Show me how badly you want to fuck my 18 year old cunt. I know you can do better.”

Elmer was embarrassed about his performance and his quick trigger. But having his spent dick worshipped by Lacy’s talented mouth had him hard and ready.

“I promise to do better, honey,” he whimpered as she ground her pussy down on his now raging erection. “Thank you for giving me a second chance.”

Within seconds, Lacy was bouncing up and down on his fat sarıyer escort pole with renewed energy. She spun around and fucked him reverse cowgirl for several minutes, grinding her ass down against his torso to get every inch of cock buried in her wet hole. Elmer grabbed her around the waist and thrust upward to meet her pounding, in heaven to be fucking Lacy after all these years of fantasizing.

“Do you want to fuck me like a dog, Mr. Johnson?” Lacy teased. Without waiting for an answer, she climbed off and fell to all fours, wiggling her perfect ass at Elmer. “Come and get it, Mr. Johnson.”

Elmer mounted her from behind and fucked her with a force and frenzy he didn’t know he still possessed. Lacy was whimpering and moaning, sticking her hand back between her legs to play with Elmer’s nuts and to massage her swollen clit.

After several minutes of hard fucking, Lacy surprised Elmer again, “Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass, Mr. Johnson? Does Mrs. Johnson let you pack her fudge?”

“You want me to take you anally, Lacy?” Elmer gasped, unable to believe his ears.

“Oh yea, baby,” Lacy purred. “Stuff that fat dork up my backdoor.”

Needing no further encouragement, Elmer pulled his pud from her pussy and spitting on his already well lubed rod, positioned his cockhead at her cute little brown eye.

“Fuck yes, Mr. Johnson. Feed my ass that big cock.”

Elmer popped his cockhead into her poop chute. Lacy gasped but quickly recovered and leaned back against Elmer, feeling several inches of thick cock disappear up her shitter.

“Fucking fantastic,” she moaned as Elmer stuffed his entire length up her ass till his balls were bouncing off her thighs.

He rode her hard for several minutes until he felt that familiar boiling sensation in his nuts. “Lacy, I can’t hold back any longer, I’m gonna cum sweetheart.”

“I want to taste it, Mr. Johnson. I want you to cum in my face.”

Elmer withdrew and Lacy spun around as Elmer slowly jerked his boner, trying to delay the inevitable a minute longer.

“Do you want to cum on my face, Mr. Johnson?” Lacy teased.

That did it. With a loud grunt, Elmer erupted, coating Lacy’s cute mug and extended tongue in gallons of thick, creamy jizz.

“Oh yea, Mr. Johnson, I love the taste of your salty seed. Feed me that creamy load, baby. Jerk every last drop onto my tongue.”

Lacy sucked Elmer’s mushroom cap, using her tongue to get every last ounce of cum from his piss slit. With a load gulp, she swallowed his spunk and licked her lips, a devilish smile on her face.

“You may be fat and out of shape, Mr. Johnson,” Lacy purred, “But you fuck better than any of the boys my age in school. If you’ll let me use your pool all summer, I promise to fuck your brains out every chance I get.”

“Looks like I’ll be working from home a lot more,” Elmer chuckled as he bent down and gave Lacy a deep, wet kiss, already dreaming about their next encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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