New Neighbors

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The summer after my freshman year of college brought many changes to my life. The most obvious change was in maturity. Though I would not even turn twenty until July, I came home from that first year of college away a much wiser and mature young man. When I had left home the previous fall my plan was to party hard and nail pussy by the score. The first part was easy and rather quickly got old. Like most of the people in my dorm I spent more time drunk then sober that first semester. When I wasn’t drinking I was stoned or wasted on some other intoxicating substance. I sampled drugs I did not even know existed before getting to college. At some point in the spring semester I woke up and realized that I was on a path of total destruction. When I stopped getting high I discovered I didn’t have any real friends at school. My party gang didn’t want a straight guy hanging around. My reputation was already set with the non-party crowd.

The other part of my college plan, nailing pussy wasn’t exactly helped by the constant partying. Most of the time when I did get some stoned or drunk chick into bed, I was too high to get it up. The second girl I actually fucked at college gave me clap. I am still not sure if that was worse than the sophomore who was so drunk she threw up on me while sucking my dick. She actually tried to kiss me and get me to fuck her while her dinner dripped off my balls. I don’t know how much sex I really had since a lot of the time was a blur. I remember waking up naked with some really ugly chicks. Sometimes I wasn’t the only guy in the bed too. What I don’t remember was actually enjoying sex that year. After I straightened up I was a virtual monk. The party girls were not appealing and my reputation kept most others far away.

I had already decided to take a year off and find a new school. I planned to take classes at the local college while searching for a place to start over. I knew it was not the school that was my problem. However, I saw little hope of escaping my start if I stayed there. My parents were very supportive even though they didn’t know the true extent of my reasons for wanting the change.

There was also a big change in my physical maturity. I am not sure I even noticed it until my mother said something. The previous summer I could have still passed for 16. When I got back from college I was able to be served in bars without being carded. My body had changed in places that only those who knew intimately would see also. At high school graduation my chest was still nearly smooth. That summer the sun bleached my new fur blond. I also continued working out that summer which added more muscle. During the spring I had replaced partying with trips to the gym.

There was another big change that year. I had lost someone that had been as close to me as my own parents. All my life Mrs. Vanderbeck had lived next door to us. She was a widow whose husband had died before I was born. Her only son had died in Vietnam. Our family became her family in a way. My actual grandparents lived far away and she was like a surrogate for them. I think I spent half my childhood at her house. Even as a teenager I always made time for her. She had a stroke and died while I was still in my drug and alcohol phase. I had not talked to her for weeks before the end came. I was young and to me there would always be more time. But there wasn’t.

It was very strange to come home and find someone else living in her house. My discomfort passed surprisingly quickly after meeting the new neighbors. Brian and Chelsea Quarters were one of those attractive couples that seemed made for each other. She was 25 and he was 27. He was 6’2″, maybe 180 without an extra ounce of fat anywhere. He had wavy sandy hair and piercing blue eyes. Though I don’t really notice men all that much he was one of those guys you can’t help but see is attractive. She matched his handsomeness with her beauty. Her long reddish brown hair seemed to shimmer as it bounced on her shoulders which were almost always bare that summer. She had unusual and alluring eyes. They were kind of jade in color with what appeared to be sparkling flecks that caused them to change color in different light. She was around 5’8″ with the most amazing legs I had ever seen. Her often braless breasts were near perfect orbs that fit the rest of her curvaceous body. The day I met her, her belly shirt showed off her flat tummy. She was the kind of woman that made a young man’s dick hard on first glance.

They were also two of the nicest people imaginable. I quickly developed a friendship with them. They helped me through some of my issues including my grief over losing Mrs. Vanderbeck. They had gone through their own wild periods in college. They both had been partiers and freely spoke about alcohol, drugs and promiscuous times. I was surprised to learn that the first time they had had sex was in a group scene. Chelsea was officially dating Brian’s roommate at the time. The three of them were partying with two other girls and five other guys. Before the night esenyurt escort was over the party became a sexual free for all with the seven guys fucking or being blown by one or more of the three chicks. For the next six months Brian and his roommate shared Chelsea. I was totally stunned that a woman like her had been that kind of chick in college.

That was Brian’s junior year. At the end of the year Chelsea, Brian and the roommate went their separate ways. They didn’t see each other again until the following spring. They were dating exclusively by the time Brian graduated. They got married a year later. As far as I knew Brian wasn’t sharing her anymore. Which I thought was a real shame since I wanted to fuck her very badly. It didn’t help quench my desires when she would sun bath in her back yard in a very skimpy bikini. I don’t know if she knew that I had a great view from my bedroom window or not. Occasionally, she would have the top of her bikini undone while laying face down. A couple of times when she sat up she ‘accidentally’ dropped her top giving me a look at those luscious tits. I spent many nights fantasizing about her while jerking off.

Around the end of July Brian got a new job that required him to travel a lot. His first assignment took him away for a whole week. It seemed to me that Chelsea was constantly finding a reason to ask me to come over. It was always to do some little job that she said needed a man. Somehow a five minute job turned into a two hour or longer visit. I guessed that she was just lonely and wanted someone to talk to. I certainly didn’t mind. I enjoyed being with her. The only problem was my growing desires. It was hard to control myself being alone with her so much. Even though I had just turned twenty and wasn’t very experienced in such things I was also sure she was flirting with me. That made me wonder about her intentions. But nothing happened and Brian got back from his little trip. It seemed they had a little fuck marathon because neither of them emerged from the house for more than a day after he got back. A week later he left for a three week training assignment. The calls to help with little jobs started up again as did the chats and the flirting. During the second of those three weeks she arranged for me to help her clean out the attic. It seemed that Mrs. Vanderbeek’s estate had not cleaned out the stuff stored there. Chelsea thought I might like to see what was there before she got rid of what to her was junk.

When she greeted me at the door, Chelsea was wearing one her bikini tops and a pair of shorts that were cut off way above the knee. I remembered a saying my grandmother had; if she bent over she would be showing all her business. Of course the shorts were too tight to revel anything the outline of her hot ass. As I followed her up the stairs I was afraid that I would cream in my shorts. I had no idea what to do about my erection. If she noticed she didn’t say anything as we entered the attic.

The house was an old farmhouse which had had the neighborhood grow up around it when the farmer sold off the land. The attic was really more of a third story. There were several pieces of furniture and a myriad of boxes stored there. Mrs. Vanderbeek was a bit of a pack rat. In fact I remembered helping carry a lot of the stuff up there. If not for the dust the furniture was still very nice. I decided to ask Chelsea if I could have any she was going to toss since I planned to get my own place soon. But first we had to go through the boxes.

Chelsea had already told me that she planned to have air conditioning added and make it into a studio. She was a budding artist and to my untrained eye very talented. However, on that day there was only a small fan to fight off the high heat of August. Ten minutes didn’t pass before my tee shirt was soaked with sweat. Chelsea offered me a drink from a cooler she had filled with assorted beverages and ice and suggested I remove my shirt. Her comment about my muscles when I tossed the wet cloth to the floor was definitely flirting. Even covered in sweat she was the most beautiful woman I could imagine.

As I began to look through a large box she took and ice cube and slowly ran it down her neck and over her shoulders. I was glad the box was between me and her as my erection immediately returned. The contents of the box soon took my mind off of sex and my cock went flaccid. It was full of picture albums. Some were old family photos including her husband and son and what I imagined were previous generations of her family. There was a box with both her husband’s World War II mementos and medals and her son’s Vietnam medals. Chelsea joined me as I stared at the gold silhouette of George Washington framed by a purple heart. She put her arm around me and spoke softly.

“It is ok to be sad.”

“I know. All those years she had to endure the pain of losing her boy. I was lucky she gave me what she couldn’t give him any more.”

“That’s nice, Matt. I am sure she got as much from you as avrupa yakası escort she gave.” “Maybe, but in the end I wasn’t there either. Fuck I was too stoned to even call her every now and then!”

“Stop, she knew you were busy at college. Maybe we should stop looking at this stuff for now.”

“No I want to do this. But we can’t just toss this stuff out. There must be someone in her family that would want it.”

Chelsea agreed as I closed the box of war mementos and opened another photo album. It was mostly pictures of me and my sisters when we were little. An envelope addressed to me fell from within the pages. I asked Chelsea to read it to me.

“Dear Matthew, I put this note here because I knew you would be the one to take care of things when I was gone. You were a very special boy and now you are becoming a special man. All that is in this attic belongs to you. There are some things here that have monetary value. I know you will put that to good use. To me the most valuable things in the attic are in this box. It holds my memories. Along with my dear husband and precious Johnny you are part of the best of those memories. I have no one else to leave them to. I trust that you will hold them and cherish them and keep them alive. You have been in my heart since the moment you were born and will have my love forever.


I silently pledged to her that I would keep her memories alive and then turned to Chelsea with tear filled eyes.

“Did you know about this?”

“I did not know about the note. But when Brian and I bought the house we were told that the contents of the attic had been willed to you. We were given a choice of having a moving company pack it up and drop it on your doorstep or giving it to you ourselves. Having seen the contents we knew it was very personal stuff and should be transferred in a special private way. After talking to your parents about it they decided to leave it up to us as to when and how we told you. I am sorry it took me a little while to figure out a way to bring you up here.”

“No reason to be sorry. This was perfect, letting me find it this way. I think maybe she planned it.”

“You might be right.”

“But if it is ok, I can’t look at anymore today.”

“Take as long as you want. We can move it all to one side and I can still start on my studio.” She smiled at me and I impulsively wrapped her in my arms and hugged her tightly. She returned the hug. At first it was a friendly gesture. But as we remained in the embrace with her breasts pressed to my body the nature of the hug seemed to change. I again felt the stirrings of arousal in my loins. I knew I should break the hug and flee before I did something that I regretted. But I couldn’t let go. Then she did what I had wanted to do since the first day I saw her. She kissed me. It was not the type of kiss two friends share. It was a lover’s kiss. I was in heaven as our tongues danced, moving back and forth from my mouth to hers. She pressed her body harder to mine and I could feel her erect nipples against my sweat covered chest through the fabric of her skimpy top. My cock was straining for freedom from the prison of my shorts.

After a long while our lips separated, but we remained locked in a tight embrace. Our faces were just inches apart and our eyes were wide open. We were both panting lustfully as we stared into each other’s eyes. I was afraid to speak and even if I weren’t I would not have known what words to say. After another minute she pulled back a little. I thought perhaps the encounter would end. Was she coming to her senses? I did not know and was not going to ask. She took one arm from around me.

“God I want you!” She moaned as she slipped her hand into my crotch and gently squeezed my hard cock.

“Oh it is so big!” She squealed seductively.

I had never really given much thought to the size of my cock. Other than drunken gangbangs where I didn’t really pay attention to the size of the other guys’ dicks the only thing I had to compare myself to was what I saw in porn movies. Most of those guys are abnormally large. I knew my nine inches was bigger than average but not how much. I couldn’t speak even though I wanted to scream how much I wanted her. All I could do was moan as she fondled my tool through the material.

After a few minutes she reached behind her back and untied her bikini top. It fell between us exposing her amazing breasts. They were the size of grapefruits and set proudly above her taught smooth belly. The creamy white flesh look delicious contrasted against her mostly sun bronzed flesh. Her hard pink nipples stood erect amid the small beige circles at the center of her tits. Her perspiration covered flesh glistened. Instinctively I dropped my head and engulfed one of her tits in my mouth. One of her hands returned to my crotch while the other began to caress my sweat filled hair. She pressed me to her breast as she fumbled with my zipper. I suckled at her tit anadolu yakası escort as if I were a starving children long deprived of nourishment. The salty taste and exquisite texture of her tit fueled my hunger for her.

Suddenly, she said, “Wait, not here. Come with me.”

She stood and took my hand. I followed her eagerly. I would have gone anywhere with her. I ached to be with her. At the same time deep inside I felt a nagging reluctance. Her husband was my friend too. She took me to her bedroom and on to the master bath. I stood and watched as she started the warm water flowing in the shower. I offered no resistance when she undressed me. Before shedding her shorts she kissed me again while fondling my throbbing cock. As her shorts fell to the floor I somehow found the words I knew I must say.

“Chelsea, we can’t. This isn’t right, Brian……”

She cut me off with her answer, “It is ok. He is probably at this very moment fucking the cute fellow student he told me about last night on the phone. You know how we started. We have an open marriage.”

I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The most beautiful woman imaginable wanted to fuck me and she was telling me it was ok with her husband. She stepped into the shower and I followed her. I still felt paralyzed as she began to wash my body. Her soft hands and the rich lather of her soap felt incredibly sensual. No one had ever made me feel the way she did. When words finally came they were dumb words.

“Will you tell Brain about this?” I asked.

“If it would make you uncomfortable I don’t have to, but he already knows how much I want you,” She answered as her soapy hands slid over my ass.

Our bodies pressed together, the soap making our flesh slick. She parted my ass cheeks and teased my pucker with one soapy digit as my cock slide around her silky skin. I had never been touched there before. When the tip of her finger entered me I nearly lost control.

“Oh god, please Chelsea, stop, not yet..I er um fuck you’ll make me cum!” I stammered.

She pulled back and gave me a soft kiss.

“Ok, baby. Rinse off and just watch me wash myself as you cool down, tiger.”

I pressed my back against the tile wall and watched mesmerized as she cleansed her beautiful body. She started with her feet and slowly worked her way up her long silky smooth legs. She toyed with her hairless pussy as she washed her crotch. She turned so that I could watch her massage the rich soapy lather all over her ass. When she turned back her hands moved to her abdomen and then her luscious tits. She spent a long time caressing and squeezing her breasts with her soap covered hands. When the show ended she asked me to take her to bed. I no longer cared if their marriage was really open or if she told Brian I fucked her. I wanted her desperately.

We dried each other’s bodies and went into the bedroom she shared with her husband. She lay on the bed and spread her legs as if offering her body to me. I took it as an invitation to feast upon the enticing pink flesh of her sex. I kissed her hairless mound and then looked up at her. “Please teach me how to make love to you,” I said innocently.

She smiled and told me to gently part her lips so I could taste her nectar. She guided me with her hands and gentle words as I began to lick, kiss and nibble on her sex. She taught what spots liked it hard and where to be soft. She taught me how to coax her clit to grow and emerge from its hood. She used her fingers to help me find her secret spot inside her pussy. I was a very eager student and a quick learner. When she came it seemed like it might never stop.

After several minutes she cried out, “Fuck me, please! I need that beautiful big cock inside me, baby!”

As I climbed between her legs she took hold of my cock and guided it to her pussy.

“Slow and easy, Matt,” She instructed.

Though I was aching to drive my cock deep into her I headed her words and slowly slid my hard shaft into her. Every beat of my heart seemed to thunder down to the tip of my cock as her warm wet velvet-like cunt embraced me. I didn’t stop until I was ball deep in her pussy. I could feel her surging juices leaking out over my heavy tightening ball sack. Our bodies ground together. Her pussy sucked on my cock as I pressed the head against her cervix.

“Oh god, baby, fuck me, don’t hold back. Pound my pussy, Matt!” She ordered.

I pulled back until my cock nearly left her sweet honey coated tunnel. She wrapped her legs around me when I drove my full length back into her. Our bodies were locked together. Only our pelvises separated when I flexed my hips to pull back. She rose up to meet each thrust and fell away upon each retreat. It wasn’t long before my cock unleashed a torrent of hot cum as I ground my pulsating shaft deep inside her quivering pussy.

“That’s it baby, fill me with your sweet cum,” She purred as I cried out my joy.

Suddenly I felt a wetness flow over me and her body began to shake under me. Her scream echoed off the bedroom walls. Her orgasm seemed almost violent as she reached a series of peaks one after the other. I continued to use my slowly shrinking cock to fuck her until I had nothing left to give. I rolled off of her panting and gasping for breath. She rolled to me and laid her head upon my chest. We held and caressed each other for awhile as we recovered.

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