New Friend in Produce

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I had just gotten home from work, tired, a little sweaty, and really hungry. As I walked through the door, I knew that I didn’t have much to eat at home, but decided to see what I would need from the store to make a good meal. I made a short list and headed right back out the door.

As I walked through the door at the store, I saw a new employee that I had never seen before. I say that because I am literally in that store every day for whatever reason, and I would have noticed her before if she had been there. She was about 5’3″ tall, shoulder length red hair, a gorgeous smile, and a petite little body that was a joy to look at. She asked if there was anything she could do to help me, and I was literally speechless. I finally managed to tell her I think I had everything under control. I did not want her to think I was staring at her, even though I was. So, I got the things on my list and headed back home. I know I sounded like a complete idiot, so I was kicking myself for the rest of the night.

The next day, I couldn’t wait to get off work so I could stop by the store again to see if my obsession was working. I didn’t even know her name, but visions of her tight little body were flashing through my head the entire day. As luck would have it, she was there, and she was every bit as beautiful as I remembered. I wondered to myself if I would have the courage to speak to her or if I would do the usual and chicken out. So I wondered through the store and picked up a few things and headed toward the registers. As luck would have it, she had just walked up to the register as well, so I jumped into her line hoping to strike up at least some conversation. As I reached the register I was greeted with a warm smile and hello. We made small talk as she was ringing up my items, but I was definitely checking her out. At one point I thought I caught a glimpse of her looking my 6’3″ athletic frame over, but maybe it was wishful thinking. I paid for my items, said goodbye, and headed for the door.

A few days later, I found another excuse to go to the store. I had not been able to go the previous day because of my busy schedule, but made a point to stop in hoping that she wouldn’t think I was stalking her. She was the first person I saw when I walked into the store that day. She was stocking the produce section. All I could think about was her apple shaped ass that I was staring at. I halkalı escort walked by her and said hello. She replied, “hey, I haven’t seen you in a couple of days, how you been?” I was floored, was she actually looking for me or was she just saying that? I wasn’t sure, but I was going to find out. So, we stood there and talked for a few minutes. I found out what her name was, so now the object of all my fantasies at least had a name to go with that amazing body. I had to get home, so I left shortly after.

Once I got home, I looked her up on social media, and sent her a friend request. I didn’t even know if she would see it, if she even thought about me as a friend, or if she would just blow me off. Then, DING, I received a notification that my friend request was accepted. That was fast, but I still did not want to read too much into it.

The next morning, I decided to message her and strike up a conversation. We talked all day long, we talked about life, our jobs, our goals and dreams. It was really nice to talk to her and get to know her as a person. Eventually the conversation turned a little more risky, and I honestly don’t even remember if it was me or if it was her that brought it up. But we both found each other extremely attractive. She wasn’t working that day, so I wasn’t able to see her like I had hoped. But, we set up a time to meet while she was on her lunch the next day. I lived just about a block or two away from the store.

That day, I had serious butterflies in my stomach. This lady that I barely knew was coming to meet me at my house. I didn’t really even know what to expect, and it was really the first extended conversation that we would be able to have away from the store. She pulled in, and I invited her inside. We sat down and began talking on the couch. We had a lot in common, and talking to her was so easy. Time flew by. Suddenly, we both realized that she was going to be late getting back to work if she didn’t leave soon. So we stood up, I went to give her a hug because hey, I am a hugger. And before I knew it, we were making out in my living room. She pushed me back down on my couch and climbed on top of me. Her kisses were so electric. I was instantly hard, and I knew she could feel it. As soon as I recognized the situation I was in, she began grinding into me. She felt so amazing. After a few minutes, she jumped up and said şişli escort she had to go, and she left.

We spent the next few days messaging each other, we just couldn’t find a time to get together with our work schedules. But, that’s when she told me she had a day off coming soon. So, we planned to see each other the next week on Wednesday. I had all weekend and a couple of days to think about her. The way she smelled, the way she tasted, the way our tongues were intertwined during our make-out session. She was driving me wild, and she knew it.


We had several conversations leading up to Wednesday. We both knew we were going to end up fucking each other. And I had a plan.

I picked her up in my truck, and we went for a drive. My cock was hard from the time she sat down in my seat. She looked gorgeous, and she was in a playful mood already. I took her to a little spot that I knew nobody would bother us, no worries of interruptions, it was perfect. It was a nice, warm, spring day. I had this beautiful redhead sitting next to me in the truck, holding my hand, playing with my fingers.

We pulled into the spot, and I laid a blanket down in the back of my truck, and the rest was a fantasy come true for me. She was wearing some tight jeans and a tee shirt. She looked me over, was biting her bottom lip with her eyes meeting mine. I bent down and started kissing her. She tasted so sweet, she smelled amazing, her hair blowing in the light breeze. My hands started moving down her back, caressing her lower back, then moving down to her perfect, round ass. I squeezed my hands down the back of her jeans, she was wearing a thong, and her bare ass was met with my warm hands. I could hear her breath getting a little shorter, and I knew she was getting turned on. I picked her up, and sat her down in the back of the truck. I peeled off her shirt, revealing her pretty little pick bra and perfect, perky little tits.

I made quick work of her bra, throwing it aside, and began cupping and kissing her breasts. Her pink little nipples were already hard and ready for more. She was grabbing for my shirt, pulling it off as I continued to lick her nipples. I reached down for the buttons on her jeans, unbuttoned them and slid the zipper down. I heard her moan, softly, as I was kissing my way down her stomach. I pulled sarıyer escort off her jeans. She had on a tiny, pink, thong. She was pulling me into her, grasping for anything that she could hold as I pulled off her panties. Her pussy was shaved clean, and she was already dripping wet. I started kissing the inside of her thighs, spread her legs, and started licking her pussy lips.

I reached up with my hands and grasped her breasts while my tongue went to work, licking and sucking. My tongue dipped inside her, she tasted so good, and then I worked up to her clit. She wrapped her legs around my head and started bucking her hips with the rhythm of my tongue. I could tell she was getting close. Her breathing was getting heavier, “yes, yes, yes, right there,” she was saying softly. Her hands were pulling my head into her even harder. She was about to cum, and I wasn’t stopping until she did. She was moaning, breathing harder, I was sucking her clit, making little circles around it with my tongue, and pinching her nipples, then she let out one last gasp, “OOOOHHHH”.

When I looked up at her, she was looking at me with a fierce look, like a lion looks at her prey. She sat up and started pulling my pants off. She freed my fully hard cock, and as I sat up to help take my pants off the rest of the way, she took my cock onto her mouth. She started playing with the tip with her tongue, stroking it with one hand, and letting her mouth gently go back and forth over the shaft. She couldn’t take my full length in her mouth, and I didn’t want to force anything, I was thoroughly enjoying myself. She pulled me down on top of her and told me that she wanted me inside of her. I took the tip of my cock and teased her clit, played around the entrance of her pussy, just barely put the tip in and pulled it out again. I did this a few times until I could see that she was getting impatient, but I wanted to hear her say it again. “I want you inside me” she said.

So I bent down, put my cock barely inside her, kissed her on the mouth, and buried my cock inside her tight little pussy. She gasped, her mouth wide open, like the air had just been taken from her, then she smiled at me and it was on. She was kissing me with a fury, and I began pumping into her. Faster, faster, and faster still. I knew that as tight as she was that I would not last long. Our bodies were pounding into each other, our breathing was heavy, and I was going to cum any second. I could feel it building, and it kept building until I exploded inside her. I collapsed on top of her, kissing her for several minutes. My mind was racing, all the thoughts were about this amazing, beautiful woman. I already couldn’t wait to see her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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