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This is a work of fiction, inspired by the true friends portrayed in this story. The story takes place in 1975 when we first met our long time friends. The names have been changed. Although discussed, the events described never took place. Enjoy the fantasy. Feedback is always appreciated.


My future wife and I were visiting my parents in their apartment, about six months before our wedding. We took the elevator up to the 10th floor and as we walked out of the elevator, one of my parent’s neighbors came out of her apartment and called out to us.

“Josh and Stacy,” said the nosey neighbor Betty, “How are the plans going for the wedding?”

We turned and walked in the opposite direction of my parent’s apartment. This was a normal apartment building my parents lived in since 1961, right after they moved out of the Bronx into Westchester County, New York.

“Betty, they are going fine. Just six months to go,” Stacy said.

As they continued their conversation, I noticed the door to the apartment next to Betty’s was open and a young couple was moving in.

Betty noticed my glancing into the apartment and said, “Let me introduce you to some of our new neighbors. They just got married two weeks ago. Stan and Donna, come meet Josh and Stacy. Josh’s parents live down the hall.”

Stan and Donna Bergman came out from a massive load of boxes to say hello.

“Glad to meet both of you,” Donna yelled from the end of the living room.

They walked toward us and Stan extended his hand and as I took it I said, “Congratulations to both of you. I heard that you got married last month. Stacy and I are getting married in six months.”

“Congratulations back at you,” Stan said.

Stan and Donna appeared to be about the same age as Stacy and me. Stan and I were built the same way, about 5’10” and as I had blond hair, Stan had a mop of black hair.

When Donna came out from behind the boxes, I was startled by her porcelain complexion, with shining green eyes and shoulder length black hair. What stood out was the size of her tits. Behind a halter-top they seemed to be spilling out of the top, with her nipples were on display, pushing against the tight fabric. It was obvious that she had not worn a bra. Didn’t need one as her tits stood firm and high on her chest.

We made some small talk. Donna caught me staring. Too bad. They had just moved into the apartment. We wished them well and then went off to visit my parents.


I met Stacy while working at a law firm about two years before we got married. I just completed my first year of law school and through my uncle, who was a partner in the firm; I was doing research for some of the attorneys during the summer.

Stacy came in to discuss a summer job as a secretary. She had just completed her sophomore year of college.

When Stacy walked in, I was walking by the reception desk where Stacy was in conversation with one of the people from the HR department, Mrs. Haskell. Her beauty transfixed me. Blonde hair tied in a ponytail, dressed in a short skirt, no stockings and heels. A loose fitting blouse was perfect for the skirt and for the interview.

I stood silent as she told the HR person that she was going to many offices trying to find a summer job and she did not have an appointment. While handing her resume to the Director, she told the Director of her accomplishments in school and other things that would make her a good choice is a position was open.

“Unfortunately, we just filled the last opening for a secretary. I’m sorry you didn’t get here last week because you are over qualified for just secretarial work,” Mrs. Haskell stated.

“Thank you, but I need a job and while I plan to go to law school, no firms are willing to give me a job doing research.”

Being the nephew of one of the partner’s allowed me to take some liberties. Often, those liberties were followed by a certain look by my uncle when he found out what I was up to.

“Excuse me,” I interrupted Mrs. Haskell. “Clearly this young lady has more to offer than just being a secretary. As you know, I am doing research for a few partners and I could use some help. It’s a lot of work and I’m already behind. Let me talk to my uncle,” I stated to Mrs. Haskell.

“No problem.”

Turning to the young lady, I asked, “By the way, what’s your name?”

“It’s Stacy. Stacy Brown. “Thank you.”

“Josh, Josh Greenberg. Nice to meet you,” I said extending my hand to formally greet her.

I went to see my uncle who, surprisingly, was in agreement with my assessment. I retuned to the reception desk.

“It’s settled Stacy, You can come work assisting me with the research. Is that okay with you? You can start tomorrow.”

“That’s great. I really needed the job.”

“I’ll let Mrs. Haskell fill you in on the company policies as well as get your paperwork in order. See you at 8:30 tomorrow morning,” I said as a smile crossed my face.

It took me two weeks before I asked Stacy out on a date. I was still living with my parents şirinevler escort during the summer and she lived in the same city and went to the same High School as I did, graduating a few years after me. Her parents were divorced and she was living with her mom in a house about 10 minutes from my parents. Our first date was nothing fancy. Just dinner and a movie.

We laughed a lot during dinner, finding many things in common growing up in the same neighborhood. The date ended with a brief kiss, followed by a lengthier one that surprised me.

“Thanks for the good time, Josh.”

“No, thank you. See you on Monday.”

We started to see each other after work on a steady basis. Our blossoming relationship was the worst kept secret at the law firm.

It was after our fifth or sixth date, after driving back from our date in New York City, a Knicks basketball game, that I took a little more initiative when we parked the car in front of her house. Her street was dark; the only streetlight was at the far end of the street. You could not tell if anyone was in the car due to the darkness of the street. We were truly sucking face, when I reached for her tits and rubbed them thoroughly through the dress she was wearing. She began to moan and I decided to take it to the next level.

I reached under her dress and worked my hands up her legs and was pleasantly surprised when she spread her legs apart. My hand continued to reach up and finally was again surprised when I found out that she was not wearing any panties.

“It’s more comfortable this way,” Stacy whispered in my ear.

My hands were greeted by a mass of pubic hair. From the fell of it, the hair was not trimmed. I slowly stoked her cunt lips, avoiding, at this time, her clitoris. Stacy was cooperating as she started to move her hips and ass back and forth, trying to get me to touch her most intimate spots.

Still avoiding her clit, I stuck one finger into her very wet cunt and began to finger fuck her. Her moaning became louder.

“Oh, soooooogood. More. Deeper,” Stacy exclaimed as she continued to french kiss me, drawing me into her mouth.

I continued to finger her and finally used my thumb to touch her swollen clit. It was out of its hood and between my finger fucking her and my rubbing on her clit, her bottom was moving in tune to my probing fingers.

“It feels so good. Oh……………………. So good! Don’t stop. I’m cumming, cumming.”

Finally, after soaking my hand with her juices, and with a loud scream she came hard.

“Yes, Yes, oh yes, it feels so good. So good.”

And with one last thrust she collapsed on my hand.

“That was unreal. So fucking good. I haven’t come this hard for a long time. Now its your turn.”

With that, she pulled down my zipper and pulled out my very hard cock. There is not much room in the front seat of a car, especially a small one, to do much more than making out and, as I had done, bring Stacy to orgasm with my fingers. She began to tease my cock.

She reached under her dress and took moved her hand to her very wet cunt. Using the lubrication from her orgasm, she proceeded to rub her juices slowly, ever so slowly up and down my cock.

There is really something special about a woman who enjoys giving a hand job. Stacy did not rush, did not want me to cum so fast. She teased me by using one of her fingernails to scrape the underside of my cock very softly but with enough pressure to make my cock jump. Pre-cum formed on the tip of my cock. Stacy used that as additional lubrication as she began to move her hand faster, up and down, up and down on my cock.

At the same time, we started to French kiss again. I was drawing her tongue into my mouth and was starting my own noises, indicating that whatever she was doing was pleasing me to no end.

Stacy continued the pattern going fast than slowing down, finally, after much begging on my part, “Please Stacy, I’m so fucking horny, I need to cum. Stop teasing.”

She took sympathy with my situation and began to move her hand even faster, up and down on my cock.

I was going to help her along as I began to thrust my hips up and down, in time to her up and down motion. Finally, after about 10 minutes of working my cock like a maestro, I came.

“Oh, so good. Real good. Yes, yes I’m cumming.”

I splattered a torrent of cum on the dashboard and allover Stacy’s hand. The windows were completely fogged in. I reached in and took out my handkerchief and wiped my cum from both Stacy’s hand and the dashboard.

After a few minutes of quiet, I zipped up and casually remarked, “Not a bad way to end an evening!”

Stacy broke out laughing uncontrollably.

We continued this pattern of sexual release for the next few weeks. It never changed as he mom was always home as were my parents. We became good at masturbating each other to some great orgasms. I remember one time when Stacy used only the tips of her nails to not only tease me, but also literally make my cock as hard as it şişli escort has even been. She took her time, keeping me on edge for what seemed like an hour before she finally finished me off. Imagine just the fingertips going up and down on my rod, and then teasing the crown, pre-cum flowing and finally a release. I must have given up a “bucket” of cum that night.

Finally, her mom went away for the weekend and we had her house to ourselves.

Stacy was cooking dinner and when I arrived I wondered if we were ever going to get to the meal. Stacy was wearing a very short skirt, heels and a see thru top without a bra. Her nipples stood out pushing against the fabric.

“Is this for dessert,” I said as I pointed to her tits.

“That and this,” was her reply as she lifted her skirt to show me that she had kept her panties off. I finally got a clear look at her pussy. While her bush was neatly trimmed on the side, it was very thick and coarse throughout the rest of her pubic area.

I made a beeline over to her, but was stopped when Stacy raised her hand and said, “Later.”

“I just wanted to give you a kiss to say hello!” I continued forward moving her arm out of the way and planted, what I thought was a very sensual kiss, on her mouth. I did try to reach out to put my hand under her skirt, but she was too fast for me.


Dinner was great. It was a romantic dinner accompanied by a fine bottle of wine. After dinner, while doing the best I could not to jump her bones immediately after dessert, we moved to the couch in the living room.

“Josh, I want this weekend to be special, so let’s take our time doing whatever we do. I am going to make love to you and I am going to fuck you as many times as we can over the next three days. Sometimes we will go slow when we make love and sometimes I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

Speechless, I leaned over and kissed Stacy. She responded in kind and we continued to make out, using our hands to roam over each other’s bodies. After about 10 minutes of this, with our hands everywhere, I broke loose and scooted between her knees. I urgently pushed up her skirt and was greeted by a mass of dark blonde hair, fanning out from the middle to the sides of her lips. I guess not having to go out in a bathing suit in December made it suitable for Stacy to let her bush grow wildly. And it was wild. I promptly pushed her legs apart, moving them as far as I thought they could go without hurting her. Don’t you just love the sight and smell of a freshly scrubbed cunt, especially one with a great bush? I buried my face into the next of hair and began to nibble away at Stacy’s cunt lips, avoiding her clit.

After running my mouth around her cunt, the lips began to spread even more, with more pink pussy to see. Stacy began moaning softly as she pulled the top of her blouse apart exposing her tits. She began to maul her tits with both hands, pinching and pulling at her very pointed nipples. I inserted one, then two fingers into her very wet cunt and slowly began to move them in and out. While doing that, I stopped my oral teasing and placed my flattened tongue on her engorged clit. Licking and fingering caused Stacy to spread her legs even farther apart than I thought possible.

“God, that feels so fucking good. Oh yes, so, so good.”

I picked up the pace with my fingers and as I did, she began to thrust her hips out and up.

“Oh, so, so good. Faster. Lick my clit, lick it and fuck me with your fingers.” Oh……..Oh…. I’m so wet and I’m going to cum. Going to cum. Yes, Yes” she continued to scream.

And finally, with my fingers deep inside her and with my tongue dancing on her very tender clit, she came loudly and hard.

“I need you in me, now!” screamed Stacy.

I tore off my jeans and tee shirt. My cock was harder than I can remember. With

No fanfare, Stacy regrouped, moved back onto the couch and spread her legs. Her bush was soaking wet, as was her cunt. I rammed my cock into her. The first time I had done so. While mutual masturbation was wonderful, there was no better feeling than having Stacy’s cunt grab a hold of my cock.

“Fast and hard,” Stacy pleaded.

I did everything to oblige my lover. I through caution to the wind as I began thrusting my cock into Stacy with wild abandonment.

Stacy was no screaming again. ” Yes, so fucking good. So fucking good. I’m so hot, I need to be fucked, need to be fucked. Harder, faster” were the continuous words I heard.

I was no shrinking violet either. My cock felt like it was on fire. I couldn’t get enough of Stacy’s cunt.

My own words were also flamed by passion. “Your cunt feels so fucking good. My cock feels so good in your cunt.”

We were moving and moaning in perfect harmony. Getting closer to the goal of, perhaps, cumming together. I leaned forward and began to kiss Stacy, locking lips, tongues moving in sync, our bodies moving together, straining for release.

Stacy yelled, “Soon, soon, don’t stop. I’m almost there, Yes, Yes, now cum with suadiye escort me. Cum with me. She stiffened and howled as her orgasm overtook her.

Me too. “Cumming, cumming,” and with almost perfect timing, I came deep inside Stacy’s cunt. I was holding on for dear life as I came.

As we separated, I rolled off Stacy to see that there was a light sheen on our bodies. Fuck sweat I called it. Spent, we were silent. I gazed over to see my cum running out of Stacy’s wide-open cunt. Her bush was matted; her juices covered my cock. We were trying to catch our breath. No one spoke for the longest time. Stacy just moved over and cuddled with me. We stayed in that position for the longest time.

We were insatiable the rest of the weekend. We soaked the sheets. The one thing that I loved was after we showered (It seemed as though we took one every three hours) I asked Stacy to sit on my face while I ate her cunt. I love the smell and taste of a cunt freshly washed. Stacy would move up and down my face, as I would lick her entire cunt from front to back, back to front then lightly grab her clit with my tongue and give her a great orgasm.

Two months later we were engaged with our wedding, and now it’s six months away. We learned a lot about one another during our engagement. We found that we both loved to act out sexual fantasies, and in one of them, Stacy confided that she gets turned on thinking about having sex in front of another couple. Or that with the right couple she would love to switch partners. Very strange that I had similar fantasies.

The wedding was perfect in every sense. The venue to the food to the band, all the guests had a great time. We left directly from the wedding to the airport to catch a flight to Bermuda for our honeymoon.


We arrived in Bermuda only to find that my uncle sprung for an upgraded room. Suite was more like it. Overlooking the Atlantic, the June breezes complimented the sunny skies.

Our honeymoon sex was like anyone else who had gotten married. Every day, any time, and in any position.

On our third day, Stacy and I were in the shallow end of the pool when I heard someone ask me, is that a City College ring? I turned around to answer. The face was familiar, but I could not pinpoint where I had seen the guy before. I told him it was and he told me that he and his wife also graduated from City College.

We began talking about the college and that we had graduated the same year. We started to talk about where we were living, and that’s when the guy said, that he and his wife moved into an apartment in Westchester County, New York. He proceeded to tell me the apartment complex name and then it dawned on me.

“We met some six months ago. You moved into the same building as my parents. On the same floor.”

“You’re right. Now I remember. We had just gotten married and you were visiting your parents.” He extended his hand, “Stan Bergman. My wife Donna is around here somewhere.”

“Yes, Josh and Stacy Greenberg. We got married last Saturday. We’re here on our honeymoon.”

“So are we,” came Stan’s response.

“I thought you were married about eight months ago. Honeymoon?

Stan said, “Yup, married about eight months ago, but between finding jobs and getting the apartment, we decided to postpone the honeymoon until this week. We got here two days before you did.”

“You enjoying the hotel?” I asked.

“Everything about this place is first class. Perhaps you would like to join us for dinner tonight. I’m assuming you have the meal plan?”

Stacy nodded her agreement.

“That would be great. 7:00 pm okay with you?

Before he could answer, his wife Donna, who was swimming at the deep end, came to the edge of the pool. Her chest was every bit as spectacular in a bikini as it had been under her blouse when we first met the Bergman’s. Donna was wearing a very tiny bikini, with the top doing little to support her huge tits. Like I did the first time we met, I stared. I didn’t feel too bad, because Stan was staring at Stacy’s almost equally significant set of tits.

“Look who I found wandering around the pool? Stan said to Donna.

“Hey, I remember you guys. You met us in your parents building” Stacy said as she pointed towards me.

“Stacy relied, “We are on our honeymoon. We got married a few days ago.”

“We are on our honeymoon as well.”

“We know, Stan told us. He invited us to have dinner with you guys tonight. If that is okay with you.”

“That would be great. What time Stan?”

“7:00 pm”

We continued the conversation as we grabbed chairs next to them. The girls excused themselves to go to the ladies room while Stan and I headed for the ocean. We got back from our swim an hour later and we found our ladies walking back to our chairs. After a few hours it appeared as though we were long lost friends. We went to our rooms around 5:00 pm to get ready for dinner.

We met by the most exclusive restaurant in the hotel at 7:00 pm. It was though my wife and Donna were telepathic. They both wore very, and I mean, very short dresses with killer heels. Both dresses were scooped on the top to show the ample cleavage that both women displayed. I know for a fact that my wife did not wear panties that night and from the look of it, neither did Donna.

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