Naughty Neighbor

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Gail was your typical middle age nosy next door neighbor. Always coming around to fill me in on the latest gossip in our small community. Gail was married, she was average looking. Long haired brunette, nice tits, and a nice body for a 43 year old. She was married to a construction contractor, who was away from home at times. She was definitely the classic gossip queen in town.

I had just gotten divorced, so Gail pretty much avoided me for awhile. Caught me cutting my lawn one day and asked how I was doing and such. Was actually a nice conversation coming from her. I expected more gossipy type stuff about myself and my divorce.

As fate would have it, she came over about a month later and was telling me about her husband cheating on her with some younger woman her did a building job for. I tried my best to console her, as she was crying and shaking badly. She couldn’t leave him, because she depended on him to take care of her. But, she was none the less pissed off at him for cheating. She and her husband separated for a while to work things out.

Showering one evening, I had just started drying myself off, when someone was knocking on my door. Quickly, I threw a towel around me and answered the back door. There stood Gail, with an alcoholic beverage of some kind in her hand. She had been drinking. I answered the door.

“Hi Gail, everything okay?”

Gail smiling, “Oh John, sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt shower time, I can come back later.”

“It’s alright Gail, come on in, what’s on your mind”?

“Listen, I just wanted to come over and vent about that bastard hubby of mine, god I hate that son of a bitch.”

John chuckled, “Alright, come on in, have a seat in the living room. Can I get you anything?”

“Nope, got what I need right bakırköy escort here,” shoving her drink in my face.

Gail walked in, making herself at home on the couch. I sit on the coffee table listening to her berate about her soon to be ex husband. On and on she went, I listened, just being a nice neighbor giving her an ear to fill. After a slight break from her non-stop mouth. I told her I would right back as I wanted a beer myself.

I walked into the kitchen, opening the refrigerator door grabbing a cold one. As I did, my towel covering my nakedness slid off me. I quietly said, “Whoops, hope Gail didn’t see that.” But knowing she did because my fridge is visible from the couch. I returned to the coffee table telling Gail I’m back.

“That was quite a show you gave me in the kitchen.”

Embarrassed, I said sorry, didn’t mean too.

Setting her drink down, Gail responded, “No, no, no, no, that’s a nice view you gave me.” As she moved in closer to me. Her hands now on my bare knees.

“If that bastard husband of mine play, then so can I,” her hands both lightly touching my outer thighs. Been a long time since I had sex, as my cock started to come to life from her touch. Slowly she massaged me, going farther and farther up inside the towel. Soon her hands reached my hips, the towel pushing back away from stiff rod. Now exposed, Gail stares for a bit, my cock throbbing

“Sure you want to do this Gail, I mean, I know your hubby and I don’t want to get caught up in anything here.”

“Hey, if he can do it, I can do it too, the hell with him, this is just between you and me, and by the look of things you want this too.”

Without saying a word, I leaned in, letting my lips meet hers. Kissing her passionately, beşiktaş escort our tongues dance on each others. Each of us sucking each others tongue and lips. Our hands now roaming, hers on my thighs again. Mine on her back side. Slowly I lift the back of her shirt, undoing her bra snap.

She pulls away, grabbing the hem, and pulling her shirt off. Her ‘C’ cup tits drop from her bra. Gail tosses her shirt and bra aside. Gail softly moaning as I now kiss her cheek, below her ear, across her neck, and down between her tits. Cupping them, I take turns teasing and licking her hard rubbery nipples. Gail’s hand now reaching out for my cock, Grabbing it, pulling on it. I continue sucking and nibbling on her stiff nipples.

I stop, briefly, grabbing her arms and trying to get her to stand up. Which she does, I start unbuttoning her shorts. Pulling both her shorts and panties down over her hips. Her well trimmed bush right at eyes level for me now. Placing my hands on her hips, I lean in, nuzzling into her mound. Kissing her mound, then letting my tongue find her slit. I grab both her ass cheeks, pulling her into my face.

Tongue searching out, teasing her stiff little clit. Then over her soft protruding cunt lips. I push back on her, allowing her to fall onto the couch. Now she can open her thighs wide, giving me better access. She pants lightly as I spread her legs, letting my tongue trace up and down her wet slit. burying my tongue inside her deeply as I can. Tongue fucking her as my nose beats against her clit. Continue this for a few minutes, until she closes her legs and coo’s, “Your turn John.” As she pulls me onto the couch.

I sit back, her soft hand stroking my hard cock. Then parting her little lips, engulfing my cock beylikdüzü escort head. A moan is felt on my cock as she takes more and more into her waiting mouth. Gail keeps sucking me hard, jerking my cock inside her mouth. The site of her was so sexy, watching her suck my hard prick.

Gently, I take a hold of her shoulders, letting her know I had enough sucking. She stands up, putting her knees on both sides of my thighs. She reaches down, I can feel her as she guides my cock inside her hot juicy pussy. Easily it slides in, her eyes roll back some, her tits in my face as she starts to ride me. Trying hard to catch her nipples in my mouth as she bucks on me.

She fucks me slow and deep at first, then the pace picks up as she readies to cum on my hard shaft. Her body shudders as she cums, I can feel the hotness of her orgasm. She pulls a little back from me. Then asks, “What position do you like the most John?” I told her doggy style always gets me off quick. Gail smiled, lifting her left leg, then assuming herself on all fours. Her head down on the end of the couch.

The view was almost enough to make me cum. Her beautiful tight asshole staring at me. Juicy puffy pussy lips quivering as I grab my shaft to slide deep inside her. I bury my 7 1/2 inch cock deep. Gail moans even louder as I take her hips in my hands. Fucking her with all my might. Quietly, I hear her purr, “Oh yes, so deep, oh god yes.” Hoping I make her cum quickly.

Myself panting harder now, fucking her deep, balls slapping on her clit. My cock throbbing so much, hardening as I get ready to cum. I decide to give her the porn cum shot. I slip my cock from her horny slit. Jerking myself, shooting a nice hot load up past her waistline and all over her snug little asshole. Gail moans and keeps bucking back against me.

Gail rolls over panting heavy, smiling messing with her hair. I sit down lighting a cigarette. Gail told me that was the best sex she had in a long time. We have some small talk as she dressed, wanting to get home. Kissed me softly, and told me good night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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