Naturally New Zealand: Fairy Falls

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Fairy Falls

I’m still stunned. What an exquisite time.

I had to drive for half an hour. He wanted me to wear only the white shirt I wear when I’m home alone. No bra, no panties and no skirt. I thought about it real hard but couldn’t do without the skirt, not through the heavy traffic area. So I dressed, white shirt and black skirt, got in the car and drove.

Three quarters of the way there, I pulled over onto the side of the road and took the skirt off.

The traffic the rest of the way would be light, the weather wasn’t wonderful, overcast sky and more mist the further up the Range I drove. It was just my luck to get stuck behind a fully laden truck going up the winding hills. The first chance I saw, I took. I changed down to third, then went to accelerate past him, suddenly realising that the driver in the truck was going to have an ear to ear face-splitting grin at the sight I made as I overtook him.

I hauled the car back in behind the truck almost cursing, then followed him up the winding road for another few minutes. Thankfully, he turned off onto the beach route and I put my foot down, making up for lost time.

I arrived at the car park and pulled in behind his car. Odd, I had remembered his car as being dark blue, but it was in fact black. He got out and came to my window and I could not look away from his face for he was trembling. He has a lower lip that truly trembles when he is seriously aroused. His eyes dropped to the front of my shirt then to my bare legs.

He mentioned something about other cars parking beside us and that he’d found a better place to park… I was to follow him and park to his right, which I did. The threatening rain began drizzling lightly and there was a little river of water running alongside the car. No other cars could park beside us. We were in a rarely used entranceway to the scenic bush and the white gate across the entrance was closed.

He climbed out of his car, then opened my door for me. We stood together on the side of the road, a public road, and he looked at me. I could barely see straight, I was so aroused and when he lifted my shirt to see if I had any panties on, I didn’t even think to stop him. Anybody could have driven around the corner at that point and seen me clearly standing there with only a shirt on. And with all the greenery around, the white shirt glowed.

He smiled, then pressed his hand against me, and then very softly ran his fingers through my hair. “So soft, so beautiful.”

I bit my lower lip and half hid behind my hair. A thought struck me. I lifted my chin, looked at his face, at his eyes saying “Two can play at that game,” and my hand moved down to the hard bulge in his jeans, my palm rubbing against him, slow and firm.

He opened the back door of my car beckoning me to get in and just relax. He went around to the front of the car and climbed in the passenger side.

“Get comfortable,” he said, “but put a towel out because it looks like you might need it.”

Too aroused to be mortified, I did as he suggested and grabbed a towel to sit on. I fluffed around and spread the towel out, straightening bumps in it but stopped when he touched my shoulder saying it was okay.

I sat back, using another towel as an impromptu cushion against the small of my back and half turned so I was angled on the seat, my legs bent and feet on the rise in the back floor. I felt comfortable until I looked up into his eyes. He had waited for me to look.

“Show me. Show me what you look like. Show me what you know you want me to see.” His voice was quiet; quiet, steady and sure.

I lay my hands on the tops of my pressed together legs, feeling the smoothness of the morning shave and enjoying the touch.

His eyes followed my hands as they moved between my knees and slowly upwards. I was mesmerised by the look in his eyes, he couldn’t tear his brown orbs away from my hands. Knowing that nearly undid me. I almost stopped. His eyes were tied to my hands by some invisible golden chord. My body throbbed.

His hands unzipped his jeans. Oh dear god! I was going to see his cock. I stared at it just as he stared at my hands. Without conscious thought, my hands moved between my thighs, his hands pulled his cock from his trousers. My lips parted and my breathing became shallow. Holding his cock in one hand, he stroked up and down. I couldn’t bear to look away.

I’d never seen a man stroking himself before… Stroking himself because he was turned on by looking casino oyna at me. Turned on by what he was seeing.

My mind seemed to implode with the realisation, somehow my clitty was tingling, then I realised my hand had reached its target and I closed my eyes, letting my head fall back so I could simply feel the hot flush rushing through my body.

“Oh yes… Look how wet you are… Your lips are so beautiful.” His voice soft and low, barely heard. And then he touched me. My eyes flew open, my own hand stilled but the feeling in my body intensified as I saw his hand against me, felt his fingers sliding slowly up and down my pussy lips. “Mmm so soft.” My eyes drifted closed and my body throbbed with joy at his touch.

“Oh god you know exactly how to touch me.” This, as his finger slid into me. Then I was lost in sensation as his finger moved in and out and he found my g spot, pressed then eased, pressed then eased.

His finger left me, his hand brushed against the smoothness of my inner thigh.

“Look at me,” he whispered.

My eyes flew open and I watched in complete fascination as he sucked his finger. He was sucking and licking my juices off his finger! Dear god! He looked so sexy and he made me feel sensual in return. When he stopped licking, his serious face still, his eyes saying “I want you.”

He turned away. A car went past. I slipped low onto the back seat, fully aware my knees were in all likelihood, plainly visible. He grinned then. And I giggled. It was such a weird feeling, anybody could have seen us. I grinned and laughed.

The laughter stopped when he twisted in his seat, leaned down and licked my pussy. Oh dear god! His tongue was soft and firm at the same time. He found my clitty and stroked her. He licked up one lip and down the other. I shook with desire. Tongues have such a perfect touch, or at least his did.

He lifted his head and the look of astonishment on his face had me in fits of laughter again. A bus cruised past slowly.

“That was full of kids. I should have kept my head down.”

I could only nod in complete agreement.

He enjoyed eye contact I think. He looked directly into my eyes often, when he wasn’t looking at my hand that is.

“Hmm what’s this? Ah I see you brought a toy, ah and you brought your vibe too. Well done. Now, let’s see what you can do with this.” He handed me the plastic wrapped carrot that he’d taken from my handbag on the driver seat.

With my eyes, I asked him if he was sure. His small nod confirmed, “Unwrap it and show me.” Any other tone would have been a demand. The soft voice he used melted any indecision I may have had. I unwrapped the carrot, held it between finger and thumb, straight up at eye level, then looked across at him. No smile. Just serious concentration as he stared at the carrot and stroked himself. I held it steady, waiting. His eyes met mine and I raised one eyebrow. He nodded.

I settled back against the seat, eased my bottom forward, held the carrot in my hand and let it touch my pussy lengthways. It was cold. It hadn’t reached room temperature from being refrigerated. I moved it away gasping a little.


“Yes,” I nodded.

“Mmm, it’s okay, leave it against your body for a moment, it’ll warm.”

I brought it back against my pussy, closed my eyes and tried to block out that he was sitting staring intently at the carrot.

I held it and moved it so that the point barely touched my clitty. A little moan at the contact, then I moved the carrot down so slow that the throbbing in my body increased and the blood pounded through my head.

“Yes, that’s the way. Do it slow,” he whispered. “You look so good. Enjoy it. Show me how you love it.”

I showed him. Slowing to a snail pace, the carrot moved down one lip, up the other. It slid easily. It moved down and barely touched the entrance.

“Yes, just the tip,” his whisper shook as he stroked harder.

The tip slipped inside, then outside. Up to my clitty, and back down to slip inside again. I moaned as the coldness invaded my hot pussy. It felt like smooth ice and my body clenched around it. I slid the carrot inside me slowly, inching it in.

“Yes, a little at a time. Take it in. Feel what it’s doing to your hot cunt. Feel the coolness against your muscles. Good girl.”

I slid the carrot in deeply. It felt so good having something hard and solid inside me, easing the ache in my muscles for a moment. I moved the carrot in and out, slowly fucking slot oyna it. My closed eyed opened as I felt his hand brush against mine. He held the carrot.

“Open your shirt.” Again, the soft voice felt natural, but I hesitated.

“It’s okay. I want to see you. I want you to show me your beautiful breasts.” The carrot slid a little deeper.

I looked down, then unbuttoned the top button. The carrot slid out a little. I moved my fingers down to the next button, his eyes watched my hands, his hand slid the carrot back inside gently. The third button came undone almost by itself. I looked at him. I couldn’t undo the last button. I wasn’t ready for it.

“It’s okay. Show me your breasts. Hold one for me.”

My hand slipped into the shirt and cupped my breast. Its smooth warmth calmed my thoughts. With my eyes closing again, I lifted it out of the way of the shirt and gently held it, my finger and thumb caressing my nipple.

“Mmm, that’s beautiful.”

I squeezed my nipple a little, holding it firmly and twisting it just a fraction. Intense tingling spasms moved from my nipple through my body then centered on the muscles holding the carrot.

Then the carrot wasn’t there. I opened my eyes. He brought it to his mouth and licked it. My hand found my clitty and rubbed as I watched him bite the end off the carrot. The noisy crunching filled the car. I grinned in astonishment. Such a fun thing to do!

“Mmm you and carrot taste good.” He nibbled around the edge of the carrot, smoothing it for me before handing it back. I put it back where it felt best, taking it out only when he handed me my beautiful pearl g-spot vibe turned on low.

The carrot ended up on the seat beside me. I held the vibe and touched it lightly against my clitty. The humming noise was low, low enough for me to hear his whisper.

“I bet that feels good. It looks so good. I love watching you. Show me what you can do with it.”

Before I could do anything, he leaned between the seats and buried his face in my pussy. His tongue flicked around my clitty, slipped up and down my pussy lips, opening me. As he sat up, I slipped the vibe inside, pressed it against my g-spot just for a moment. A moan reverberated around the car, it wasn’t mine.

“I want you to lick me. Would you like to do that?”

“God yes. Very much.”

“It’s not possible in here unless I’m in the back with you and that might send some odd signals to passing cars. Hmm.” He looked around at the world outside the car. “How about I climb out of the car and stand in front of my car and you can come and have me there?”

“Okay that sounds good.” I looked out the window hoping nobody would drive past, and hoping the rain would stay as mere mist.

He did as he said and waited for me. The sudden cold air around my bare legs made me shiver. I dodged the little rain stream that ran beside my car, made my way around to the front of his. He stood there, his butt leaning on the car bonnet, his cock out of his jeans, stroking.

I stood in front of him, he pulled me close enough to rub his cock against my pussy. Needing the warmth, or so I told myself, I moved forward. My fingers played with his little devilish beard and I grinned as his cock slid back and forth along the length of my pussy lips. Its warmth and firmness felt good.

“Oh, you like that do you? You want some of that? Well here, let’s coat it good. Then you can lick your juices off me.” My eyes widened and he slid back and forth covering himself with me.

“Okay it’s time now. You can kneel down, or you can simply bend.”

I knelt between his legs. The motor of a car strained as it wound its way up the hill.

“It’s okay, you can’t be seen.” His reassurance felt warm, as did his hand on my shoulder when he pulled me in close.

His cock was eye height, I lifted my chin and it became mouth height. Breathing him in deeply, I opened my mouth and let my tongue lick his very tip. He trembled. My hand held his cock as my tongue made little circles around his cock’s head, then slowly I licked the entire length of my tongue over his slit. He shook then.

Without playing further, I closed my lips over him, moving my tongue around him, tentatively sucking.

“Touch yourself if you’d like to.”

I reached between my legs stroking my clitty a little. It frustrated me as all I wanted to do was hold him. The warmth coming from his body calmed me. My right hand held his upper thigh, my left, his cock. My mouth claimed him.

Without canlı casino siteleri thinking through any particular wonderful moves that I’d read about, I simply closed my eyes and suckled him. His gasps became intermingled with my moans. I eased sucking and began licking again. His cock strained in my hand so I took him deeply into my mouth almost gagging as he tapped against the back of my throat.

“Hold my balls.”

I did. I held his hairy balls and massaged them just a little, squeezed them just a little. His groan echoed into the silence around us. His hands pressed against the back of my head with a little urgency, then hips lifted from the car and he lost control pushing in and out of my mouth, his hands sometimes holding my head, then sometimes gripping the bonnet of the car.

He moaned again.

“Do you want my cum on your tits, or in your mouth?”

I couldn’t answer with my mouth full. I wanted to try, I wanted to try to suck him. I wanted to see if he could enjoy it and to see if I could do it.

“Let me know. I’m almost there.”

I sucked him more. Vigourously.

“It’s coming.” He pulled away a little. I sucked harder, making sure he stayed in my mouth, having no idea if I could finish the job or not but determined to at least try.

His cock moved in and out of my mouth, on its way out, I sucked him like a vacuum cleaner, letting my tongue slip and slide over his pre cum oozing head. That part tasted okay. I was in for the ride.

I took him deeply into my mouth, feeling his cock’s head pressing against the back of my mouth. I moved my head back and forth over him, making sure his head reached the back, then pressed against it. Each outward movement, I sucked, sometimes gently, sometimes firmly.

“Oh god!” He shivered as his cock exploded into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed then sucked some more, swallowing again. Tenderly, afraid to hurt him. I kept him inside my mouth until he calmed, until he fell back against the car, until his hands moved through my hair softly. Then I licked him as he softened in my mouth. I swallowed the last, enjoying the unusual sensation of his soft cock as I licked him clean.

“Oh my god. That’s the first time…” Gently, I stood and watched as he tucked himself in. The cool air finally penetrated my senses. I had no idea if any vehicles had driven past or not.

He looked a little in shock, without thinking I moved forward and held him close. His arms went around me, briefly. My hand splayed over his back and I rubbed gently as he held me. I shivered as a cold wind whipped around my legs.

“Come on, let’s get into the car.”

We climbed back into the car, me in the back because frankly I didn’t think I was quite ready to sit up straight just yet, and him in the passenger seat he had recently vacated.

“Nobody has ever done that for me before. I’m stunned.” His face showed it. “And that you’ve never done it… It’s hard to believe you’ve not done it. It felt so good.”

I lay back against the seat and tried to still my shaking limbs. I couldn’t believe I’d just sucked him off. And swallowed. Christ. I’d swallowed. I never thought I could do it. I was up in cloudland and was completely unable to coherently speak two words.

I nodded and grinned stupidly, then raised my eyebrow in thought. “Fuck, I did it! I really did it.”

“I can’t think straight. I have to get going. I have to be back before midday. It looks like we might not get together again until after Christmas.”

“That’s okay,” I managed.

“There’s a guy on a bike…”

I watched his face, his eyes followed the bike rider who slowed and stopped behind our cars. He licked his lips. I bit mine and sat up.

The bike rider rode close past the side window of the car and squeezed between both cars, then stopped at the gate.

He got out of the car and I grabbed a towel, partially covering my bare legs. They stood and chatted for a few moments. Obviously, his brain was working again. I leaned forward to see if I could reach my skirt easily.

Another rider rode past my window without warning. Somewhat shocked and still bemused, I reached across grabbed my black skirt and slid it on without bothering with the zip at the back. I leaned back in the seat, grateful to have the semblance of clothing on and waited until he came back.

He checked his car, then came around to my door. I climbed out, received his firm kiss and stood by my driver’s door as I watched him walk to his car.

I drove home in a state something akin to amused disbelief mingled with pride.

I did it. I’d given my first blow job.

And then I realised, I had done it for someone who had earned it.

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