National Park Fuck

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I had been stressed at my job and decided last minute to take a short solo backpacking trip to get away. I always feel better when I can get away and commune with the mountains. It was super last minute and I didn’t want to bother with getting a permit or anything. Sometimes I feel like I’m above the law and like doing whatever I want. I get a sort of perverted enjoyment out of bending the rules as often as I can.

I arrive at the trailhead at the National Park in the afternoon and hike out about seven miles until I find a secluded place within walking distance of a lake. I set up my tent in what I think is an unobtrusive spot and head for a dip. Since I hadn’t seen too many other people and it was hot I didn’t bother with a towel. I found a secluded place on the lake and stripped down. There’s nothing like the instant contact of cool alpine water flowing suddenly over my head, breasts, and nether regions. I feel renewed and stay in slightly longer than I should. Now cold, I decide to head back to camp to warm up and start dinner.

I almost stumble into him before I notice the ranger. Crap. He’s seen my stuff and we both know I shouldn’t be camping here. We also both know I’m naked as a jaybird. I had all my clothes in my daypack so I could dry off on the walk back. I see him turn slightly red as he takes in my glistening nudity and my cold, erect nipples. In the awkward silence I can’t help but take him in as well. He is tall and fills out his ranger uniform nicely, especially… well, you know. He has dark hair under his official looking hat, a nice tan, strong arms, and capable looking hands. He’s starting to bulge a little as he says,

“I don’t suppose you have a permit?”

He doesn’t take his eyes off me. They start to move down to my navel and continue to where I’m squirming just a little under his gaze. Fuck, I start to feel a tingling between my legs, and almost panic with the realization that I’m getting turned on by this. I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist.

“N-no…” I stammer and pause. I consider the fact that he’s still looking and decide sarıyer escort to take a risk:

“I don’t suppose you could look the other way?”

“Oh!” he says and glances away. I can’t help it, I giggle.

“No, I meant with the permit.” I say, grinning now.

I let my daypack fall to the ground and use one arm to cover my nipples, which turns out to be a mistake. Even my own touch sends a shiver down my body, I didn’t realize how turned on I actually was. What the hell was wrong with me? He noticed the movement and returned his gaze. I let my arm fall back to my side.

“I could… be persuaded.” He started and took a hesitant step towards me. I noticed there was some tent action happening. This was all wrong, but I really wanted to camp here and I could not deny the sensations radiating throughout my body. I suddenly realized I was going to do this.

“I can be quit persuasive, Ranger Ryan,” I said, glancing at his name tag, and also moved a little closer, close enough to notice his striking hazel eyes. He gives a lopsided grin and says,

“Why don’t you show me how much you want this camp, then…” and begins to undo his buckle as he closes the gap between us.

I take the cue and get on my knees. I’ve never minded getting dirty. I help him with the zipper and reach to pull out his pulsating cock. It’s bigger than I thought it would be and thick. I’m fully turned on at this point, and my mouth is watering as I wrap my lips around his shaft and slowly slide it out again. He moans and I allow for a quick, mischevious smile before I grasp his penis in my hand and lift it to expose his balls. His dick looks even larger in my petite hand. I glance up to make sure he’s watching. His eyes are dark with pleasure.

I keep my hand on him as I slowly lick his sack and take one ball at a time into my mouth. I suck gently and let go, using my tongue to massage. He lets out another moan and grabs a handful of my hair. I move my mouth back to his cock and give the tip a lick before sliding it in as far as it will go. I hold it there at the esenyurt escort back of my throat as long as I can, then, gagging slightly, I start to move my head in a steady rhythm, feeling his thighs take on the motion slightly. He tightens his grip on my hair, grunting with pleasure, and quickens my pace. I move faster and feel him get even harder. Suddenly, he pulls my head back and grabs himself, he cums directly into my face, I feel the warm liquid begin to trail down my nose and cheeks. I’m surprised but not upset by this. I lick a tiny bit from my lip and reach for my daypack to grab my shirt and wipe it off. Then I go to my tent and take out my sleepingbag bag, my knees need a break. When I’m done I look up and see he’s removed his shirt and is stepping out of his pants. He strides to me, strong and muscular, and commands,

“make it hard again.”

I’m more than willing, I still want to get mine. I lay on the bag and look at him until he walks over and straddles me on his knees so that his cock, already starting to stiffen, is grazing my face. I use my hand to guide it into my mouth and use my tongue to massage the shaft as he slides it in and out. I feel it grow hard and he gyrates over me, watching. Slowly, he pulls his dick out of my mouth and repositions himself so he has access to my tits. He licks first one nipple and then the next. Now I’m the one moaning. He takes one of my nipples between his teeth and gently bites down as he pinches the other. I moan louder and squirm beneath him. Now he grins as he watches me, my mouth is watering as my vagina gets wets.

“You like it a little rough, don’t you?” He asks, and, bending his head, sucks hard on the nipple he bit.

This time I cry out in pleasure and thrust my pussy towards him, seeking contact. But he’s not done teasing me. Keeping one hand on my breast, he bites and kisses his way down and then back up. My body is on fire and I’m panting like a bitch in heat. He teases my nipples with his tongue and reaches between my legs. Fuck yes. He slowly circles my labia with one finger, avrupa yakası escort then two. He pushes both fingers into my vagina and I whimper with excitement and anticipation.

“Fuck, just fuck me,” I plead. He continues to thrust his fingers inside me and sucks hard on my nipples again. I think I’m going to cum just from the sensation of his hot mouth on my breasts. Suddenly he stops and rises over me, he grabs his cock and rubs it as he watches my wet tits, my red, sweaty face, and my mouth slightly parted in unrequited desire.

He flips me over so fast I hardly register it happened before he thrusts himself hard and deep inside me and says roughly,

“Is this what you want?”

I cry out in pleasure, “yes, fuck yes, I want your cock”. He slaps me on the ass, hard, and I push back on his rigid boner in response, loving the feel of it. He slaps again, even harder, and harder. I want him to leave a mark.

He pauses for a moment, thrust up to his balls in my cunt and then slowly slides it out and in, out and in. I’m no longer trying to be quiet. The thickness of his cock feels amazing. I push my ass back towards him again, wanting more.

“Harder,” I beg.

And he gives it to me. He grabs my hair and slams his magnificent dick into me over and over, and I can’t control myself. I cry out,

“I’m going to cum!”

He keeps his fast, hard thrusts coming, but releases my hair, licks one of his fingers and slides it into my asshole. Woah. It was so unexpected and I was so aroused already that I came instantly. My vagina pulsates on his dick sending waves of pleasure rocketing through my entire body. He groans and, pulling his finger out, roughly grabs my ass in both hands and fucks me even harder. I can feel his balls slapping my thighs. He moans loudly and cums, releasing his entire load into me. When he pulls out, it drips thickly down my thighs and I squeeze them together, reveling in the aftershocks of such a powerful orgasm. I had never been fucked like this before. I rolled onto my back and collapsed into a satisfied heap.

After a few moments of satisfied exhaustion, Ranger Ryan gets up and starts to dress.

“You can camp here,” he says, “but I’ll be back to check that you’re not disobeying any other park rules.”

He gives me a crooked smile, and I melt just a little. I just might have to find some more rules to break.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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