Nancy’s Lingerie Party

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Nancy was having a lingerie party and asked me to stop by. You may remember Nancy. She’s the classy lady that I gave a massage last month. After that evening we kept seeing each other. Of course we’re very discreet since she’s married. She thought I’d like to meet some of her friends that all belonged to the same country club. To be honest, I knew what she had in mind.

I arrived about eight o’clock and as I looked around the room I counted seven women besides Nancy. All of them were very well dressed and quite classy looking, just the way Nancy had described them. They looked the part of being upper class well-to-do ladies. I figured all of them to be in their late forties or early fifties. But I have to say, every one of them was very good-looking and rather attractive. They each wore a very nice skirt and blouse except for one whom had this sexy dress that flowed so nicely off her hips. She really caught my eye, what a great figure.

Nancy introduced me as a close friend. Of course, little did they know how close we really were. Since Nancy and I met about a month ago, we always managed to find some time together when her husband was away.

I knew I wouldn’t remember all their names as Nancy introduced her friends. But there were a few who made a nice impression. Carol was a sexy little redhead who was the local bank president’s wife. I wasn’t about to forget her beautiful body. Nancy introduced me to Kathy who had shoulder length blonde hair. She was very pretty for fifty years old and wearing a skirt with a long slit up the side. Her husband owns the construction company that built the country club. Then there was Cynthia, who’s husband was a lawyer and apparently never home. I’m not sure why after seeing her. She was maybe in her late forties with long dark hair and a knockout figure. I was amazed at how attractive all these women were.

The lingerie demonstration or party, whatever you want to call it, were just a few tables of sexy underwear and nightclothes that the ladies had browsed through. I really don’t know what they were doing when I got there, but everyone was chatting over a cup of coffee. I guess they were done with whatever they were doing.

I engaged in some conversation with them for about a half-hour. They all seemed very nice. There wasn’t any mention about Nancy and I, but I knew she must have said something.

I noticed Carol get up and walk out of the room to the kitchen. The rest of the women were still chatting as I looked at Nancy and got up to follow Carol. Nancy knew what I was thinking. In the kitchen Carol was getting another cup of coffee when I walked over to her. She spoke first. “So you’re the guy Nancy was telling us about?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I answered.

“Nancy seems to like you allot. I’ve never seen her so excited,” Carol continued commenting.

Well it was obvious Nancy told her about me. So I asked, “What do you think?”

“About what? You and Nancy,” she replied?

“Yeah,” I answered. “You think what we’re doing is wrong?” I had to get out of this conversation. So I didn’t wait for an answer. Instead I asked about her. “Does your husband know he has a very pretty wife?” I think I caught her off guard with that comment.

“Uhhh,… I don’t know. He’s hardly ever home.”

“Well, if you were my wife I’d be home all the time.”

Carol smiled and blushed a little. “You’re very kind. But I’m almost fifty years old.”

“You take care of yourself very nicely,” I added. And I touched her arm and moved closer. I put my hand under her chin lifting her face. She didn’t move. I stood there silent for a moment looking into her eyes. Then I asked, “should pendik escort I go back into the other room or stay?”

She hesitated for only a second and then replied, “Stay.”

I ran my hand from her face down her chest and over her breasts. I drew little circles with my fingers on her tits and could actually feel her nipples getting hard. She murmured out, “oh My God.” I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall open. She looked down and saw her white frilly lace bra exposed. It was like she was under a spell. She didn’t move and didn’t stop me. Then I put my hands on both of her shoulders and started applying pressure downward.

“How long has it been since you’ve done this,” I asked?

“What are doing to me,” her voice quivered as she answered back?

She began bending at the knees allowing me to push her down. Now she was on the floor in front of me looking up. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. The bank president’s pretty redheaded wife was on her knees in her friend’s kitchen ready to suck my cock.

About two minutes later Nancy peeked in through the door. She saw Carol engulfing my cock with her mouth sucking me down her throat. Nancy couldn’t help but watch. I glanced back at her smiling. Carol had her hands on my ass pulling my groin to her face and forcing my entire hard shaft into her mouth. “You’re a hungry little bitch aren’t you Carol? Your husband should she see you now.” She just groaned as she kept devouring my cock.

I let her suck me for awhile, then I backed away and pulled her up. I didn’t want to cum so soon. Besides, I wanted her craving more. She was hot and horny and I knew I could have fucked her right there on the floor. I kissed her and said, “buttoned yourself up. We’ll finish this later.” And I zipped up and walked into the other room right past Nancy.

A couple minutes later Carol and Nancy joined the group back in the living room. I could see the lust and desire in Carol’s eyes the way she looked at me.

Another twenty minutes went by with all the ladies looking at the different pieces of lingerie. Then I noticed Nancy talking with that classy blonde Kathy. While they talked Nancy and her looked over my way. As I watched Kathy kept her eyes on me and then walked out the back door to the porch. I sensed she wanted me to follow and I was sure Nancy had arranged it.

I strolled onto the porch. It was dark and Kathy was at the far end. I figured, “fuck,” I’d just take her.

“Did Nancy tell you about Carol in the kitchen,” I asked?

“Yes she did,” Kathy answered.

Since she knew I didn’t waste anytime. “I like the way you dress,” I commented as I stroked my hand up the slit in her dress feeling her bare leg and thigh. Even in the dark I could see that she closed her eyes and was enjoying my touch.

“Do you like that,” I asked?

“Oh God yes,” she replied.

I was beginning to think I joined a party of all horny ladies neglected by their husbands.

I turned her around facing out and put both hands on her ass. I felt her gorgeous rear end. I looked back and noticed Nancy standing not far away. In the dark it was hard to see her, but I knew she was fingering herself. I could hear her softly moaning as she watched.

I reached under Kathy’s dress and pulled her underwear down. She stood there letting me do as I wished. Then I lifted her dress exposing everything. “Spread your legs,” I whispered.

I knelt down, looked back at Nancy and then put my face up to Kathy’s cunt. I started licking. I ran my tongue through her wet pussy tasting her juices and then licked my way right up through her asscrack. She had to kartal escort hold onto the railing to keep from falling over from the pleasure I was giving her. She was softly moaning looking out toward the house next door. I could see a shadow in the window. I think the neighbor was watching and Kathy knew it. I kept licking and pushing my tongue into her cunt. Then I started on her clit. I licked it and sucked it into my mouth. Kathy grabbed the railing tighter and let out a long low moan. She was cumming. I backed away and let her enjoy it.

I stood back up letting her dress fall back in place. I walked back inside. Nancy was there by the doorway with her hand between her legs. “Later,” I said. Then I gave her a kiss so she could taste Kathy’s cunt on my lips. “She tastes good, doesn’t she.”

All the women knew what was happening when I walked back in. Their conversations were about sex and mostly about what their husbands didn’t do for them. Cynthia, the lawyer’s wife, was the only one being quiet and keeping to herself. Although, most of the night she had been keeping to herself anyway. I figured she was just a shy.

The ladies were wondering what I was going to do next. They started running their hands on me feeling my ass. In return I was kissing them and telling them how sexy there were. They loved all the attention.

Then I grabbed one of the sexy nighties from the lingerie table. I walked over to Cynthia. Nancy was standing next to her. Cynthia looked up at me as I handed the nightie to her. “I’d like to see what this looks like. Why don’t you model it for me?” The whole room got quiet.

“I don’t think I could do that,” she replied.

“C’mon Cynthia, you’ll look great in that.” The other women were coaxing her to do it. And I desperately wanted to see her incredible body in that skimpy little nightie.

Nancy grabbed Cynthia by the hand pulling her off to the bedroom. She put up some resistance, but with the rest of the women pressuring her, she went with Nancy. Five minutes later they returned with Cynthia wearing that skimpy little thing. She was just about half-naked in front of us. That nightie did nothing to cover her breasts and the black see through material made it easy to see her shaved cunt.

“You look incredible Cynthia,” I commented. “She sure does,” Nancy added along with the other girls.

“How about your husband,” I asked. “Does he like seeing you like this?”

“He’s never home. And then he’s too tired,” she replied.

“What a shame. He’s wasting a beautiful woman,” I commented.

Some of the other ladies were asking, “what are going to do to her?”

I looked at Cynthia with an asking look. “Well, what should I do?” I could see a bit of fright in her eyes. She knew Carol had sucked me in the kitchen and she heard about what I did with Kathy on the porch. I’m sure she knew I wanted her next.

“I wonder what your husband would think of you now.” I stood there admiring her beauty. The other women were looking at her too. I felt a couple hands, including Nancy’s, unbuckling my pants. They yanked them down. I guess they wanted a show and Cynthia was about to be the main attraction.

Cynthia looked down at the bulge in my underwear. When she glanced back up I asked, “want me to fuck you in front of your friends?” She became frozen where she stood. The rest of the room began chattering in anticipation.

I turned my head toward Nancy asking “do you think the lawyer would mind if I fucked his pretty wife? I think she needs a hard cock?”

Nancy replied, “go ahead,… do it.”

Cynthia closed her eyes. I think she was hoping this maltepe escort was all a dream. Nancy was getting anxious and repeated what the others were thinking and wanted to see. “Go ahead,… fuck her.”

I grabbed Cynthia by the arm pulling her to me. I kissed her full on the lips. Then I pulled her down on the floor spreading her legs and knelt between them. She didn’t resist but she was softly mumbling, “no”… “no”… But I knew she didn’t mean it. Her kiss told me she wanted it badly.

My cock was already straining it was so hard. I placed it on her pussy and pushed right in. “Oh My God… she yelled out.” She wrapped her arms around me and held on as I pumped her wet cunt over and over. She cried out “oh fuck!”… “oh fuck!”… This was the attorney’s wife taking my cock and swearing as I screwed her hot pussy. I knew I wouldn’t last long inside her. She was just so hot.

I pulled out for a moment. Nancy was right there. “Here, suck it. Taste your hot little friend’s cunt juice.” And Nancy licked my cock. A couple of the other ladies pushed their lips to my wet shaft too. Then I went back to Cynthia burying myself in her again.

I started driving my cock in her hard and deep. She cried out, “Oh God”… “Oh My God”… I sensed she knew I was getting close and I knew she was too.

I could feel the other ladies’ hands on me. I felt a mouth on my ass and a tongue licking me. Nancy was playing with Cynthia’s nipples and watching my cock slide into her friend. I started moaning as I drove into her cunt harder. Cynthia knew I was about to explode. She whimpered out, “don’t cum in me. Please, don’t cum in me. I don’t take anything.”

Why did she have to say that? Now all I wanted to do was fill this hot little bitch’s hole with my cum. She didn’t know I couldn’t get her pregnant. But I wasn’t going to tell her that. I kept humping her juicy cunt ignoring her. “Please!”… “Please!”… “Not in me!…” I sunk my cock in all the way and moaned out, “Oh Fuck!!! I’m cumming… I’m cumming”…

“NOOOOOOOOOOO,….” she screamed. She had me so hot trying to fight me, but I was locked firmly between her legs with my cock deep in her pussy. My cock began spurting. It throbbed in her cunt. I moaned out in an exhausting whisper so Nancy and the ladies knew, “Oh Nancy,… I’m cumming in her hot little pussy.” I heard some concern from the others as I finished filling Cynthia’s juicy hole and pulled out. Nancy knew there was nothing to worry about and told the other women.

I kissed Cynthia and whispered in her ear, “you’re a hot little bitch. And now your cunt is full of my cum.” She began crying and whimpering out louder, “Noooo,”… “Noooo,…not in me.”

Then I stood up and pulled Nancy down making her kneel between Cynthia’s spread open legs. “Lick it Nancy. Lick my cum out of her.” The other girls went wild seeing Nancy sucking on Cynthia’s freshly filled cunt. Meanwhile Cynthia was still crying. Nancy kept sucking her pussy until she had a mouthful of my cum. Then she moved up and let it dribble all over Cynthia’s face. That was so hot seeing this classy lady getting cum spit all over her pretty face.

Then Nancy told her, “stop it Cynthia! You won’t get pregnant. You can’t. He can’t get you pregnant.”

Once Cynthia came to the realization what happened she was okay. At first she was a bit pissed at me, but later talked to us about how she felt. “I felt so dirty. I never felt like that before, ever. Part of me wanted his cum in me and part was saying no. And when he did, my God, I felt so used.”

Before we all went home they wanted to know when I was visiting Nancy again. And they all wanted to have their own lingerie party. Nancy was so horny she begged me to stay longer, but I knew at any time her husband would be home. I felt bad that the only satisfaction she had was a taste of cum. Well, maybe at the next lingerie party Nancy will be the one modeling the sexy night clothes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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