My Sisters-in-Law Pt. 04

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Cock Rub

The fourth of my sisters-in-law is Diana, probably the oldest but by no means the least attractive or horny. She had recently been through a hard time personally, suffering breast cancer and having to go through a mastectomy. This obviously affected her self-confidence a little but she was supported by her family and friends and got through it all and eventually started to smile again.

She was always friendly and out-going, and when I first started dating my wife, she would in hindsight, perhaps be a little too friendly! Having said that, she never outwardly indicated that there could be anything more than just a closer friendship but her hand lingered a little too long, she always kissed me on the lips rather than the cheek and pulled a little bit closer for any “Hello” or “Goodbye” hugs. I remember once actually cupping her tits and saying something about them being quite nice, although she didn’t make anything of it and I’m sure neither her husband nor my wife saw what I did, but I’m sure she always had the faintest outline of a plan in her mind.

We didn’t see Diana and her husband Gary as often as we might because they had their own lives and family and didn’t have parties or visit us regularly. On the odd occasion we did meet, Diana would sometimes whisper things to me that were a little more suggestive, like “You’re a handsome chap and if I was younger …” or “If I wasn’t married to Gary, I’d quite fancy you …” As these remarks were usually after Diana had had a couple of glasses of wine or something stronger, I didn’t take too much notice although I was enjoying the fact she could find me attractive.

When Gary reached a milestone birthday, they went off to spend a week in a log cabin in the country and invited all the family to go down and spend a few days with them. It was probably a logistical nightmare trying to fit so many people in for the days they said they would be there but it seemed to go according to plan – at least when we went for the weekend, we didn’t have to sleep in the car or with 6 others in a twin room!

The weather that weekend was good, warm enough to get out and about, wandering around local market towns and tourist traps, so we spent a lot of time doing just that and of course, stopping off in one or two pubs for a beer. When we returned to the cabin, there was still a lot to occupy everyone, the highlight being the 2 hot tubs on the back patio. The patio itself was open to the forest at the rear and the other cabins on either side didn’t overlook so our privacy was ensured.

After a day spent wandering around the local area, we returned to the cabin and some of us, mainly the younger kids, decided to get into the hot tubs and chill out. My wife was in amongst them and eventually I joined her, suitably attired with swim shorts rather than Speedos (not that I possess such snug fitting items – I’m not exactly equipped to fill them out as much as I would like!) and we chatted to the other adults whilst the kids ran from one tub to the other, jumping in and out and generally splashing about as kids do. Diana came out of the cabin with a towel wrapped round her and underneath I could make out a black one-piece swimsuit. She dropped the towel at the edge of the tub and climbed in. Being a gentleman of course, I reached my hand up to help steady her although I averted my eyes so I didn’t see anything I shouldn’t, however much it was an accident.

I did notice the end of a scar at the top of the swimsuit, an obvious result of her recent problems, and of course that part of the suit was flatter where it would normally be filled with the roundness of a breast. Diana slipped into the seat next to me and joined the conversation, pausing only to adjust her position and the swimsuit so she was more comfortable.

When şişli üniversiteli escort she settled, her hand was resting on my thigh, whether by “accident” or design, and not so anyone else would notice because of the continuous bubbling of the tub. Diana carried on the conversation as if nothing was wrong and gradually started to stroke my thigh higher and higher, eventually causing me some discomfort in my shorts as my cock started to thicken and grow longer and harder. I fidgeted in my seat to try to accommodate the size of my erection and when I sat down again, Diana’s hand was now firmly in my groin, rubbing against my prick.

It was all I could do not to show any sign of what might be going on under the water as Diana continued to rub against my hard cock. I’m sure the others had noticed and didn’t want to draw any attention to it, so I played dumb as much as I could. Then my wife and a couple of others declared that they were getting cold and were going inside to dry off and get dressed. I knew if I stood up with them, they would all see my erection tenting against my shorts, so I said I would follow in a few minutes.

Once they were safely inside, I turned to Diana and asked if she had enjoyed feeling me up.

“Why wouldn’t I?” she replied, “I just want some of your cock. I want you to make love to me and make me feel like a real woman again.”

Then she spilled out everything about the recent past, how her cancer had spelt the end of any sexual relationship with her husband, how having lost a breast made her feel less than a woman, how she needed to feel wanted and special, even if it meant having a lover take care of her rather than her husband.

“I’ve talked to Gary about it,” she said, “and we both think it better to have someone from the family rather than a stranger. You are the obvious choice, you’re younger, attractive and as I know now, have a decent sized cock that I would love to suck and fuck.”

I’d never heard Diana talk like that before – in fact I’d never heard her swear other than the occasional “bloody” or “shit”! I can’t deny she wasn’t turning me on a little bit and my cock was still twitching in my shorts even though she’d stopped stroking me.

“Erm …” I stammered, “I’m flattered and I do think you’re still attractive. I do occasionally fantasise about you, especially after we’ve left you and the feel of one of your special hugs is still on my mind. I would even admit to having masturbated with images of you in my head, sucking my cock, letting me slide it into your wet pussy.”

As I said that, I slid my hand along her thigh up to the top, rubbing my finger against her slit. Diana opened her legs a little wider and pulled the material of her swimsuit away from her cunt. The mat of dark brown hair was clearly visible and her pink cunt lips poked out beneath. I slid a finger inside her and rubbed her clit with my thumb.

She moaned quietly. “That feels so good, don’t stop.”

I rubbed her pussy for a few minutes and her breathing becoming a little ragged as she lay back to enjoy the sensation of my fingers inside her and the warm water lapping against her exposed hole.

Unfortunately we were interrupted at this point by one of the kids charging across the patio to jump into the tub with us. Water flew everywhere and I took the opportunity to say I was getting out and going to get dressed.

Diana stood up too, quickly adjusting the line of her swimsuit so that her hairy pussy was again hidden from view.

“Time to go in,” she said to the kids, “It’s getting cold and we need to have something to eat.”

She reached for her towel and slipped on the wet steps. I reached out quickly to stop her falling and grabbed taksim anal yapan escort her tit by accident.

“Oops, sorry!” I said, “That was an accident! Although it did feel sort of nice …”

Diana regained her balance and wrapped the towel around her, giving me a knowing smile.

“I’m sure it was,” she replied, “Just don’t let it happen again!” That was accompanied by a laugh and she waggled her arse at me as she walked across the patio and inside the cabin.

The rest of that evening passed with playing games, drinking too much beer or wine and some singing along to someone’s karaoke machine. We all headed for bed around midnight, trying to find the right room in the maze of corridors and stairways – it was a big cabin and every room looked the same … that feeling wasn’t helped by the amount of alcohol that some of us had consumed, but we managed to find our room and settled down for a good night’s sleep to ward off the effects of the drink, with the prospect of a lie-in followed by a nice cooked breakfast in the morning.

The next day was another bright, sunny and warm one. Breakfast was well received and a few of the party decided they would walk into the village to buy the papers and have a wander round, mainly to be nosey at the houses because it appeared to be a fairly affluent neighbourhood with large detached houses and long sweeping driveways on which top of the range cars were parked.

I decided that I would sit on the patio with a cup of coffee and perhaps take a stroll through the forest behind the cabin to explore further. I finished my coffee and had a quick look round the cabin for my wife, who was nowhere to be seen and who presumably had gone into the village with the others. A couple of the other guests were sitting in the lounge watching some gardening programme but that’s not something I like so I wandered out onto the patio again and then down the garden into the forest behind.

The sun was filtering through the leaves and left a dappled light across the path as I walked. Occasionally there would be a rusting in the undergrowth as presumably a bird or squirrel ran away from my presence. Then I heard the sound of footsteps on the path behind me. I stopped and turned, wondering who might be following me and hoping more than anything that it was Diana.

I was not disappointed, and even better, she was alone. She caught me up and we walked further, with her holding my hand as we pushed further into the forest.

“Just in case you slip?” I said, only half-joking. “And also so you don’t grab my cock!”

“I have another hand for that …” Diana replied and she reached for my groin as she edged closer.

I pushed her against a tree and kissed her as my hand pushed inside her top to feel her breast. Her bra offered little resistance as I roughly shoved the cup over her tit, exposing her already hard nipple to my touch. Diana had her hand in my pants now, grasping my prick and wanking it until it was fully erect and leaking pre-cum.

She knelt down and pulled at my belt and zipper, then grabbed both my jeans and underwear, pulling them down to my ankles, leaving my cock bobbing in front of her mouth, begging her to suck it. She lifted it up to my belly and began long, slow strokes of her tongue from beneath my balls right to the tip of my cock, swirling around the head and then drawing a wet, sticky line back down to my scrotum. She repeated this several times before standing up and loosening her own trousers, letting them fall to the floor before stepping out of them to display her now wet, hairy cunt to me. I noticed that she had omitted to wear panties so she must have had some wicked plan in her head since our fun the previous evening.

I taksim bdsm escort slipped two fingers between her puffy pussy lips and fucked the wet, hot hole before turning her round to lean against the tree trunk with her arse pointing out at right angles to allow me easy access to her holes from the rear. I pushed my cock against her pussy folds and slipped all the way in without difficulty. Diana was soaking wet and the lubrication made it easy for me to sink my length into her until I could feel her cervix. She reached between her legs to cup my balls as I fucked her cunt hard and fast.

She moaned and quivered as my prick sawed in and out of her pussy, each push into her bringing another hissing, guttural sound from her throat.

“Yes, yeeess, yeeeeeeeesssss!” Diana almost screamed, “Fuck me! Fuuuuucccckkk meeeeeee!!”

It was animalistic and almost savagely brutal as I emptied my load deep into her cunt, the spurts bringing another moan as she came down from what was probably her first orgasm for months, maybe years.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” Diana gasped, “That was so good …”

She turned around and again dropped to her knees, retrieving my rapidly softening cock from between my legs and closing her mouth around it. She sucked it for a few moments and licked the length from top to bottom, perhaps hoping it would recover its rigidity almost immediately. Sadly I’ve never been able to recover that quickly but she was happy enough to lick it clean before letting it drop so I could pull my trousers up and restore some decency to my appearance.

“I wonder if they’re missing us? Perhaps we should make our way back because you’ll be leaving soon. I just wanted to get you on your own and find out if you would be interested in making an older woman happy …” Diana’s voice trailed away and she turned away from me.

“You know I would be pleased to make you happy and I hope this weekend is just the start of things. I’m just not sure that Gary would be comfortable with it and if my wife found out, she would be cutting my balls off!”

“I’m sure Alison will be fine with things if Gary explains to her,” she replied, “After all, it’s not like you’re going to get me pregnant or anything. I’m well past that now!”

I’d forgotten just how wide the age gap was until then. Not that it bothered me (or my cock) because I found Diana to be very attractive and I was hoping that our arrangement would continue even if Alison didn’t approve.

“I don’t care about any of that. I just hope I can perform to your expectations on a regular basis. I’m sure I can find a way to help you out – you know my job does mean I could be travelling for business and have nights away in decent hotels …” I winked at Diana and tapped the side of my nose in a theatrically exaggerated motion to suggest some kind of conspiracy.

We quickly retrieved our clothes and made ourselves look presentable before wandering back to the cabin through the woods; pausing occasionally to try to see something we heard rustling through the undergrowth.

When we got back to the cabin, those in the party who had gone into the village were still not back so that meant we could avoid a few awkward glances or questions. I made coffee and found some biscuits and we went out onto the patio to enjoy the sunshine and the peaceful surroundings until the others returned. When Gary walked up to the table, he had a knowing smile on his face and whispered in a conspiratorial manner “Did you enjoy your walk?”

“You know …” I started, “You have already talked about me!”

“Of course,” replied Gary, “When Diana wants something, who am I to argue? I know she won’t get hurt and if it’s going to make her happy, why should I stand in her way?”

“What about Alison? She’s your sister! Doesn’t that make things difficult?” I spluttered, amazed that some things could be so defined for some people but way off the radar for others. “I can’t see her being quite so comfortable with it!”

Since this story was written, there have been more developments and I hope to put these down on paper for another story or more!

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