My Sister in Law

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I haven’t had a cordial relationship with my sister in law ever since I got her older sister pregnant. They did not have any parents left and my wife took care of my sister in law her whole life. I got married to my wife and my sister in law always felt that I stole her sister from her. Her name is Ann. Now Ann also got pregnant and got married but she and her husband split up and seeing that she had nowhere to go my wife took her in our house with her child.

Since Ann and I never really had a great relationship to start with, there came a day when our personalities clashed and we ended up having a big fight and this ended up with us totally ignoring each others presence for years. We just chose to pretend that the other didn’t exist even though we lived in one house.

Now Ann has always been a chubby sort of girl. This chubbiness affected her overall outlook of herself and her self confidence was really really low. Then she started working out at the gym regularly. She lost baby fat, got toned muscles and all in all she looked really fantastic. She was also much happier with her self. Throughout this transformation I have been casting furtive glances at her as she got sexier and sexier and one day out of the blue she just started talking to me. Little by little we started talking, first small phrases until it got to the point where we can carry on a real conversation.

When she’s in the house she has this habit of wearing old loose shirts with tight fitting short shorts. I can see the outline of her panties whenever she is walking around and sometimes when I stare and she sees my stare, she sort of smiles amused and carries on walking around. Sometimes she drops stuff and when she bends down to pick it up, her t shirt hangs down and I’m treated to a view of her breasts. I honestly think that she is teasing me and it’s driving me crazy.

I’m having crazy dreams of fucking her hard and I resolved that I will do whatever it takes to nail şişli rus escort her. I started slow, a touch here, a touch there, a compliment here. She also responded with little touches, pokes, sort of daring me to do more. Now all this I had to do clandestinely as my wife has an eagle eye when it comes to me and she no idea what has been going on between me and her sister.

One day Ann had a big fight with her sister and I could hear her sobbing in her room while my wife took off to clear her head. I knocked softly on her door and went in. She was lying face down on the bed crying, I could see her shapely legs and the hint of panties just peeking at the edge of her shorts. Softly I drew near her. I gently caressed her hair and drew her closer to me. I can feel the wet tears on my arm as she hugged me. I kept playing with her hair trying to ease her tears until they stopped and she was softly sniffling her nose.

She turned around to look at me, and she looked so fragile and innocent. I caressed her face while looking deep into her eyes. No words were exchanged, as if drawn by a magnet I slowly lowered my face to hers and kissed her on the lips. She had a look of surprise on her face as my lips touched hers. My heart was beating wildly. What the heck did I just do? What was going to happen now? Is she gonna slap me? Is she going to tell her sister? And then, she closed her eyes and returned my kiss passionately. Her tongue went out to meet mine and we lay there for a while kissing each other.

I grew bolder and I lowered my hand to lightly squeeze her breasts, they were so nice and firm and hot. I was already hard at this time and I was sure she could feel my cock with her thighs. I gently nibbled on her ear while I released the clasp of her bra then took off her shirt and bra all at one go. I could see her breasts now and they were so luscious. Her pert pink nipples were hard. I pinched both her nipples with my şişli türbanlı escort fingers and grabbed both her breasts. I could feel her heart beating wildly as I gently massaged her breasts. Then I took one nipple in my mouth sucking it, licking the nipple, gently biting it. I can hear her soft moans as I transferred my attention to her other nipple and continued licking, sucking and biting it.

Slowly I started kissing her downwards, tracing a trail from her breasts and going down to her stomach and down to her vagina. I could feel the heat radiating from it, I can smell the muskiness as I inhaled her scent. I touched her shorts and they were already damp. I slowly pulled them down and the full scent of her vagina hit me and it was a sweet sweet smell very unlike her sisters smell. I loved her scent more, I slid my finger through the length of her slit and I could feel the slick wetness and heat as she shuddered when the tip of my finger hit her clitoris.

I continued to slowly rub her clit as she kept on moaning. I flicked out my tongue and licked her clitoris and this drove her crazy. Her hands grabbed my head like it was a ball and she turned it like she wanted me to turn my body around so I did. I continued licking and sucking her clitoris as her hands pulled down my pants and exposed my hard cock dripping with pre cum. She stuck out her tongue and slowly licked the shaft until she got to the head of my dick. She licked the tip a little bit and her soft warm lips enveloped my cock head. I was in heaven. I did not dream that my sister in law would be a good cock sucker yet here she was sucking my cock like a pro. I could feel her lips as they moved up and down my shaft. Down then up, slowly exposing my cockhead until she put it all in her mouth again.

At this rate I knew I wouldn’t last long, I could feel the cum rising already. So I pulled my dick from her mouth, turned my body around and concentrated şişli ucuz escort on licking and sucking her clitoris. She was moaning loudly now and trapping my head in her cunt with her thighs. I continued licking her clit while finger fucking her wet pussy, first one finger then two as she shuddered with an earth shattering orgasm that seemed to last for ages.

She was still sensitive in her vagina area and she pulled me up. I stopped at her breasts and started eating them again. I positioned my cockhead to the entrance of her cunt. It was touching but not yet penetrating. I could feel her warm slick juices. I looked her in the eyes and I slowly pushed inside her vagina. My cockhead penetrated her vagina, it must have been a long time since she had sex because even though she was very wet already, her vagina felt so tight. I slowly pushed it all the way in and all the while we were looking at each other in the eyes.

I slowly pulled it out and then pushed it in, and each time I penetrated her, her moans grew louder. In the haze of this lovemaking, I heard a car pulling it. Oh my God, it’s my wife, she’s back! Our eyes grew large in surprise and she started to get up. I pushed her down, I was determined to finish and I started fucking her like crazy.

What was a minute seemed like an eternity as I slammed my cock hard into her pussy. We could hear the car door opening and then closing. We heard the front door slowly start to open, then a curse, then footsteps back to the car. My wife must have forgotten something in the car. I kept on pounding Ann’s pussy harder, faster and faster, I could feel the pressure building up then I came inside her, pulse after pulse of warm life giving sperm. I filled her up completely. We heard the car door closing again. I pulled out of my sister in law, my cum leaking out of her pussy. I grabbed my clothes and hurried to my bedroom bathroom and started showering. Ann also did the same in her room, she started showering.

My wife went in the house, and by the time I went out of the shower she was completely calmed down and drinking a hot cup of tea. Ann also went out of her room newly showered. We glanced at each other once then sat down as if nothing happened. I could not help wondering what would happen in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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