My Sister… An Xmas Gift.

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Alexandra Quinn

??The party had gone well.? ?Five kids fed and watered,? ?well partied and now snoozing in front of the TV,? ?and yet another run of the Lion King,? ?surely their favorite movie.

??My wife was in the middle of them all,? ?snoring away the many glasses of wine,? ?champagne,? ?and eggnog she had consumed.? ?Huh,? ?it happened on every occasion,? ?wherever we go.? ?The magic between us had been waning steadily and her latest drinking binges were not really endearing.

??Still,? ?she had given me three kids that were the light of my life and she knew where her responsibilities lay.? ?The other two asleep higgledy piggledy on each other were my sister’s daughters.

??My younger sibling Fiona,? ?now a single parent after her husband had unexpectedly announced he simply had to escape the pressures of married life,? ?put her fingers to her lips as she covered them all with warm blankets…? ?Quite unnecessary I thought.? ?The fireplace was roaring and the house simply ablaze with welcoming warmth,?

I followed her into the kitchen,? ?and after closing the door to the living room,? ?cleaned up the remnants of a good wholesome meal.? ?We scraped the meat and pasta left un-eaten into a bowl,? ?proudly proclaiming? ‘?Jimmy?’?…? ?Jimmy was Tony’s dog,? ?left behind when the rotter scarpered away.? ?How would you go about explaining to a dog that his master wasn’t coming back ever??

She was definitely distraught over the happening back then,? ?but realized that with the house? ?paid for,? ?a good amount of savings in the bank,? ?and her steady job,? ?she could do without him.? ?True to his words,? ?he had just left with his clothes and his laptop computer.

??Cleaning up only took us half an hour at most.? ?Plates and dishes in the washer,? ?table scrubbed,? ?and the dog fed too,? ?although in reality he had been accepting scraps under the table from the kids all night.

?”?So,? ?what next??” ?I asked.

?”?Well I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see that damned? ?lion? ?video again.? ?Fancy a walk?? ?I think the dog needs a good pee.?”

“I’ll get my jacket.? ?It’s quite cold outside.?”

“It should be…? ?Christmas Day today…?” ?she laughed.

??We put on our jackets as we crept outside.? ?Might as well have stampeded.? ?The wife was out for the count,? ?and the kids were down and out as well.? ?I would put a tenner that they would sleep until mid-morning.?

Walking arm in arm down the path that led to the fields,? ?I wondered how Fiona was really faring.

?”?Do you miss Tony?? ?His companionship??” ?I asked.? ?No beating about the bush.

?”?Wow…? ?that was straightforward?” ?she replied,? ?holding on tightly to my arm.? “?I don’t know where to start.? ?It was so sudden.? ?So slap-bang,? ?you know what I mean?? ?I often wondered whether it was another woman.?” ?She wiped her eyes.

?”?He called me some weeks back.? ?Met for a beer.? ?Seems he is still living alone.? ?Told me he realized that marriage was never for him.? ?He says he still has deep feelings for you,? ?but married life was driving him insane.? ?He said he’s willing to give you a divorce if you want to.? ?Everything goes to you.? ?He wants nothing except forgiveness for the pain he caused you and the children.? ?He seems happy living a life of solitude.? ?Never seen him so calm.? ?No women in his life.? ?Doesn’t feel the need.? ?Said he has his job,? ?a couple of friends,? ?and his writing.?”

Fiona looked at me,? ?nodding.?

“I knew that the kids were a distraction to him,? ?and I sometimes caught glimpses of him holding his head in his hands.? ?But not this.? ?Surely.? ?And we had great sex.? ?Believe you me.? ?It was great in bed.? ?But if this is what he wants,? ?I am all for it.? ?I have no problems with the kids,? ?or money either.? ?It’s the warm companionship that I miss.?”

I hugged my younger sister closer to me.? ?We had always been very close growing up,? ?and this latest problem had cemented our love for each other without any doubt.? ?Growing up,? ?we had shared a bathroom,? ?and we were comfortable with each other’s nude bodies.? ?She wasn’t thin,? ?but neither fat…? ?just the right amount of curves to make her all soft and desirable.?

Beautiful rose-capped breasts that would swing just the right amount when she bent over,? ?and a forever freshly shaven? ?pussy that just begged to be licked.? ?I had followed her lead and shaved off my crotch too,? ?making my already generous dick look bigger than it was.?

I had not seen her naked for many years now,? ?and wondered how her body was resisting age,? ?although in truth we were both youngish.

??We looked at each other and kissed.? ?Not the peck on the cheek you might expect from siblings,? ?but a lip hugging kiss that took my breath şişli rus escort away.

?”?We need to head back…?” ?she said,? ?breathlessly.

?”?Do you still have the basement cinema??” ?I asked.

?”?Yep…? ?cleared a sofa from it,? ?got a nice little dance floor there.? ?Fancy a dance??”

“I’m not too much of a dancer,? ?but if it pleases you,? ?then yeah,? ?I’m all for it.?” ?I replied.

??The walk back was quiet and pensive for both of us.? ?Arriving shortly,? ?we went in through the back garden door,? ?and let ourselves into the basement,? ?warm as pie since it used convection heating from the fireplace above.?

I threw my hat,? ?scarf and jacket onto the sofa,? ?and Fiona did the same,? ?leaving her all dapper in her little red dress.? ?She looked marvelous,? ?and I felt guilty for thinking it.

??The home cinema was still as smart as I remembered it.? ?Large screen,? ?super projector,? ?and more speakers than I could count.? ?A beautiful thick shag carpet and heavy curtains made for a sound-proof home-theater.? ?A bomb going off wouldn’t be heard outside.

??Fiona selected an Internet channel with soft rock ballads,? ?switched on the disco ball in the ceiling,? ?and we approached each other nervously.? ?The rotating ball of mirrors was a splendor of colors reflecting from the hidden spotlights,? ?and we danced away under a rain of colors.

??We danced closely,? ?my hands just above her ass and her hands on my shoulders.? ?We grew bolder and finally she laid her head on my chest.? ?I was content to let her lie there if it wasn’t for the fact that I began to get hard.

??I tried to pull away but she stopped me.

?”?Don’t..? ?please don’t…? ?it’s been so long.? ?It’s lovely to feel wanted.? ?I know? ?it’s supposed to be wrong,? ?but I can’t help it.?”

I acquiesced,? ?by simply pushing into the cavity below her stomach.? ?My dick grew harder in my trousers,? ?until it became too uncomfortable.? ?I shifted a little and she sighed.

?”?My God,? ?that feels great.? ?I’ve always wondered how your dick would feel when we were young.? ?Sharing a bathroom with you always had me horny.? ?I would wear away the batteries on my vibrator when you went out.? ?Dad always wondered what the buzzing noise came from.?”

I didn’t realize it,? ?never imagined it would have the same effect on her as it did to me.? ?There was scarcely a year between us,? ?and bathing together,? ?or going nude to the beach when we were kids was hardly something that was scandalous to us.? ?As I have already mentioned,? ?growing up together in a small house held no secrets for us.? ?Mom bathed us together from when we were young,? ?and although we got separate rooms at the age of eleven,? ?we still made use of the same facilities.

?”?I got to admit.? ?I have wasted countless boxes of tissues jerking off to images of you bending over the shower,? ?or soaping your breasts.? ?I could never get enough.? ?And listening to you pee simply had me hard in a second…? ?hence my abrupt escapes.?”

“Want to try going nude again??” ?she asked with a grin.

?”?You have a bathroom down here too?? ?I thought we only installed a toilet.?” ?My mind was in turmoil and thinking at a thousand miles an hour.? ?I’m sure that when Tony and I did this room there was no place for a bathroom.

?”?No silly…? ?just take off our clothes and dance naked in the rain of light.?”

I liked her challenge.? ?I was thinking whether it would be a good idea,? ?and whether it would be cheating on my wife.? ?However,? ?all thoughts were lost as Fiona pulled me close and kissed me again.? ?Her perfume lured me on as nothing could.? ?It was heady stuff and was making me hornier than I could imagine…

??I replied by opening the top button of my shirt,? ?but she stopped me and begged to be allowed to do it.? ?I smiled down on her,? ?letting my sister enjoy this fantasy she had obviously been thinking about.

?”?Been busy slipping too much wine to a certain woman upstairs??” ?I asked.

?”?Guilty as charged…?” ?she whispered hoarsely.

??She HAD thought about this then.? ?Wanted it.? ?So who am I to stop her?? ?I was pretty sure she would not blab about it.? ?Who else could be trusted more with a secret than your sister??

This was something we had never dared or hoped to do before,? ?but it seemed that all the cards were stacked just right on the table.? ?Gary Moore’s? ‘?Still got the Blues?’ ?came on the radio,? ?and we danced slowly to it,? ?lost in the music and the magical drops of light the disco ball was showering us with.

??Fiona started the show by slowly,? ?ever so gently,? ?unbuttoning my shirt,? ?taking her time with the buttons and gliding her hand over the şişli türbanlı escort smooth silky material.? ?Even though I had a thin vest beneath the shirt,? ?my nipples stood on end as she teased me mercilessly.? ?Finally all the buttons were undone and she helped me push it over my shoulders,? ?down my arms,? ?and off,? ?to be thrown onto the sofa.

??It was my turn,? ?and I enjoyed teasing her mercilessly as her light shirt was my target.? ?I licked and probed every nook and cranny as I? ?made my way slowly downwards,? ?her cleavage coming into view,? ?nestling two medium sized tits I had seen many times before,? ?but never in this state of arousal.?

Finally her shirt was off too,? ?and it joined mine in an untidy heap on the sofa.? ?The song ended with a crescendo as we danced to its lovely melody,? ?guitar weeping as we danced tightly,? ?in a small circle,? ?hugging and just feeling the warmth of our bodies against each other.

??Fiona made the next move by un-buckling my belt,? ?opening the button and ever so slowly lowering the zip on my pants.? ?I could feel her hand against my cock,? ?already rock-hard and pulsating against her palm.? ?I held my breath in anticipation,? ?and as she pushed down on the waistband of my trousers,? ?it collapsed at my feet.? ?I stepped out of them,? ?taking off my shoes in the same movement.

??We danced some more,? ?Fiona reveling in the freedom of my body from clothing.? ?I knew it was morally and legally wrong to go on,? ?but this was something that we had wanted for so long,? ?something we had yearned for over the years.? ?And above all,? ?it seemed so right to do.? ?Were? ?we? ?to be denied simply because we came from the same womb??

I knelt before her and spun her slowly round,? ?finding the zip at the hem of her skirt and sliding it down.? ?I took a deep breath and took off her skirt,? ?a tiny frilly red pair of panties coming into my view.? ?The back strap had slipped into her backside,? ?two globules of lovely flesh making an appearance.? ?I licked on these? ?lobes,? ?eliciting a moan and a quiver from my sister.? ?She turned round and I leant forward to inhale in her crotch,? ?musky and sweaty with arousal.? ?It smelled of wild roses and honey.

??Once again,? ?the dance continued,? ?this time to Def Leppard’s? ‘?Have you ever needed someone so bad?’ ?…? ?yes,? ?I DID need someone so bad.

??We separated a bit,? ?to allow her to take off my thin underwear vest,? ?and with just a swish I was left wearing just a pair of boxers,? ?that in truth,? ?could do little to hide my erection.? ?I stuffed it back inside,? ?letting the game play on and enjoying every minute.? ?My sister’s lips made contact with my nipples,? ?two buttons of steel as she licked and nibbled on them.? ?I gasped with the sheer erotic moment of it all.? ?I had to push her away because I really thought I would come there and then.?

Again,? ?I turned Fiona around,? ?and came to the moment of truth.? ?I unclipped her tiny white bra,? ?slipped the loops from her shoulders and there she was,? ?naked from the waist up.? ?I passed my hands under her arms,? ?nestled her against me and cupped her breasts with my hands,? ?supporting their weight,? ?and feeling them heavy and quivering.? ?I brought bought my thumbs to her nipples,? ?going more by feel than view.? ?I grazed the fully erect nubbin,? ?as big as a pencil eraser.? ?Now we were beyond any sane boundary as I rubbed them ever so gently.

??My sister moaned and pushed her thinly clad ass against my crotch.? ?Once again,? ?my dick had escaped the confines of my boxer,? ?and I rubbed my dripping dick against her ass.? ?We both wanted this to go on slowly,? ?but I doubted how we could.? ?We were already in a heightened state of excitement,? ?and we knew it.

??I stepped back and as my sister turned to face me,? ?I could see the shine in her? ?eyes,? ?the sweat on her brow,? ?little tongue flicking away the small beads of sweat on her lips.?

We met once again,? ?reveling in the feel that our hot flushing bodies gave to each other.? ?It seemed as if electricity was flowing between us as we rubbed bodies,? ?my erection once again threatening to break loose.

??Her breasts were like nothing I had ever felt.? ?In truth,? ?nothing was like I had ever felt before.? ?The gyrations and the heavy sex with my wife,? ?now snoring away upstairs out of sight and out of mind,? ?were simply child’s play compared to the sheer erotic feelings I was experiencing at that moment.

??It seemed that Fiona liked the feeling too as she lay her head on my shoulder.? ?and we danced for some minutes,? ?just enjoying the feel of our bodies,? ?exploring the little curves and details,? ?just gliding our hands on each other,? ?every şişli ucuz escort nerve awake and screaming.

??Finally,? ?going down on her knees,? ?my lovely darling sister,? ?started to pull down my boxers,? ?damp at the front,? ?and there they were,? ?pooling at my feet.

??She gasped as my dick came into her view,? ?hard like a steel rod.? ?Her tiny hands went to its base,? ?shorn of any hair,? ?and it was only with an effort that she could wrap her palm around it…? ?I groaned,? ?giving her a quick squeeze on the shoulder to tell her to take it easy.? ?I looked down to see her looking at it in deepest fascination,? ?watching her open her mouth and take the head in,? ?slurping up my pre-cum.? ?I curled my toes as I felt the familiar bubbling in my toes,? ?and I pushed her away,? ?not wanting to cum so quickly.? ?I gasped in huge amounts of air,? ?trying to calm down.

??I pulled my sister to her feet,? ?giving her an assuring smile.

?”?You had me on the verge of coming.? ?I want this to be slow,? ?gentle and special.? ?No need to hurry.? ?We have all night in front of us.?” ?I told her.

?”?We have many nights in front of us.?” ?she murmured back.

??I smiled at her and got on my knees,? ?to remove those little red panties.? ?They were very low-cut,? ?and the crotch panel hardly covered her slit,? ?which meant she had either very little hair down there,? ?or none.? ?I hope it was none,? ?since I simply loved a clean pussy.

??In fact,? ?as her plump thick lips came into view,? ?I was happy to see that she was completely bare.? ?A thick black bisecting line was all that could be seen,? ?with a shiny moisture build-up between her lips.? ?I tentatively put out my tongue,? ?made contact with her pussy,? ?and licked happily up and down those thick lovely lips.? ?Fiona,? ?my darling sister,? ?whimpered in pleasure as she pressed against my mouth.

??I got up again,? ?conscious now that we were fully naked,? ?and we hugged as we danced to some other song I could not really place.? ?It was hot,? ?heavy and slow and set the pace for us to play with each other’s bodies.? ?Fiona opened up her legs a bit,? ?and my cock slipped in underneath her crotch,? ?nestling in what seemed to be a furnace.

??We both sighed as we danced,? ?slowly making our way to the large sofa.? ?The room was warm and this added to our libido.? ?Finally we touched the soft,? ?pliant furniture,? ?and we plonked down heavily on it,? ?our genitals losing contact with each other,? ?nerves screaming in protest.

??My lips went to hers and we kissed,? ?tongues swirling,? ?lost in a haze of forbidden passion and lust.? ?We devoured each other’s mouths,? ?hands fumbling breasts,? ?nipples,? ?pussy and dick.? ?We were all over the place with desire.?

Finally she pushed me away,? ?my back resting on the sofa,? ?as she licked down to my cock,? ?where she slowly lingered,? ?hefting my balls in her hands and licking around them in wild abandon.? ?The heat was immense as my sister finally started licking from the underside of my cock,? ?up to the sensitive underside of the head.? ?It was excruciatingly erotic and hot.

??Suddenly she rose,? ?turned,? ?and squatted over me,? ?her small hand guiding my steel erection to? ?her hole.? ?I would have enjoyed a little more foreplay,? ?but I could live with this.? ?I grunted as my head plopped in her tight pussy.? ?As I lay sprawled beneath her,? ?I could see her pussy being stretched by my thick cock.? ?The feeling was that of being caught in a hot,? ?warm,? ?slimy vise.?

Fiona panted as she slowly sat on my tool,? ?crying out as she finally bottomed out.? ?Legs spread out,? ?palms on my thighs,? ?she started moving up and down,? ?and I finally had to stop her as I really felt as if I would explode.

“Stop, I feel like I’m coming already.”

“Keep going as I am nearly there too. We have all night to enjoy more” she moaned as we kept slowly fucking. “Been thinking about this for too long now.”

I did what any normal guy would do in that situation. I kept pumping up on her downstroke, making sure to get all my dick inside her tight pussy. Naturally, being only a man, I did not even think about precautions and I grabbed her thighs and slammed my sister on to me as I shot rope after rope of cum inside her. It was too late to think of anything else.

“Ohhh… I’m coming… Ohhh” she ground her body onto mine, shrieking as she came, wiggling her ass and pussy over my cock as our fluids merged into one sticky potion that started overflowing onto my body.

Finally we stopped, and Fiona slumped onto the sofa, spent. I was panting like a dog as I picked her in my lap, and we started kissing again. Pretty soon my cock was hard again and my lovely sister slid onto her side, raised her leg and allowed access to my now hard cock once again.

This time we took it real slow and lasted far longer. After another orgasm, we drifted away to sleep, only to wake up sometime during the night, where I had the pleasure to fuck my sister in the ass… but I think that story will have to wait for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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