My Senior Year Ch. 02: Courtney

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As I mentioned in chapter one, my time with Maya in the computer lab was not my first sexual encounter. That honour went to Courtney.

Courtney epitomised grace and beauty, and I had loved her since I set eyes on her at the start of secondary school. She had always been physically more mature than other girls, and at eighteen was tall and slender, with perfect, pale white skin, shoulder-length blonde hair, and large breasts.

I had been on the verge of asking Courtney out many times since we first met, but I found her beauty intimidating, for want of a better word. She could have had any guy she wanted; why would she want me, the shy nerd?

That question was answered as the end of my first senior term neared.

I turned eighteen a couple of weeks before the end of the first term. Courtney was a few months older than me and had turned eighteen over the summer break.

As the end of term approached, our German teacher, Ms O’Morin, had given up trying to teach us, so we were all chatting about our holiday plans.

The desks in Ms O’Morin’s classroom were arranged in rows and columns of two desks each. Courtney and I were sitting on opposite sides of the classroom, and she was a row further back from me.

I was being bored by John across the aisle about how he was visiting relatives over the break, when I saw Courtney tuck her left leg under her and put her right foot on her left ankle, forming a triangle with her knee pointed to the ceiling.

I stared, trying to process the scene. I had an unobstructed view up Courtney’s plaid skirt to the top of her pale thighs and her pink lace panties running between her legs. I was surprised at her immodesty, but realised she probably forgot that she wasn’t wearing slacks.

(Those who have read the first chapter may remember that Maya had also worn pink lace panties. It seemed popular among girls at my school, and this is probably why I have developed a mild fetish for them.)

I soaked it in for a moment, then excused myself from the conversation and walked across the room. Courtney had her back to me as she talked to her friends, so I bent down to her ear.

“You’re not wearing slacks,” I whispered.

She froze, then turned to face me. Her face blushed and she slowly lowered her leg, thanking me quietly. I simply smiled with a shrug and returned to my desk; I’m not sure what explanation she gave to her friends.

A few periods later I was alone in a senior study room. The school had a number of these small rooms reserved for senior students to use when they had study periods. Apart from a small window that looked out over the school’s main walkway, there was no way to see in from the outside unless the door was open. I liked the isolation.

While engrossed in my mathematics homework, I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” I said flatly, disappointed poker oyna to have my peace disturbed.

I didn’t look up as the door clicked open and someone walked in, closing the door behind them.

“Hey, I thought I’d find you here!” they said.

I recognised Courtney’s sweet voice and looked up, suddenly smiling.

“Hey Courtney. What’s up?”

“Well … I wanted to ask a favour. Ms O’Morin says I need to improve my German significantly or I risk failing the class. I was wondering if you could help me?”

“Uh, sure,” I said, clearing the desk next to me. “I was just about to take a break from Ms Johnson’s mathematics homework. It’s almost the holidays, but she’s not easing up!”

“I’ll let you finish then,” she said, sitting next to me. We were just inches apart and I could feel the warmth radiating between us.

It was quiet, save for the occasional scratch of my pen.

Courtney eventually broke the silence.

“You know,” she began, “I wanted to thank you again for earlier. You were right: I totally forgot I was wearing a skirt!”

“No problem,” I said, not daring to look up as my face flushed.

There was a pause before she continued.

“I bet you got a good look though, didn’t you?”

My face was burning. I knew I had to say something. I turned to look at Courtney. Her head was tilted to one side.

I couldn’t speak, so I just nodded. Courtney grinned, showing her perfect white teeth.

“I thought so,” she said softly.

“You’ll have to forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive.”

I was relieved. The last thing I wanted was for her to think I was a creep. On reflection, the fact that she sought me out — despite her questioning — should have told me there was no wrong answer.

“How about that German?” I asked, changing the subject. I pushed aside my mathematics books and picked up my German reader.

Courtney shifted closer to me and we began to read, pausing now and then so that I could answer her questions or explain difficult sections.

I absentmindedly let my hand drop into the narrow gap between us. I was startled when, a few minutes later, what felt like a spider started crawling over my hand; but then it took grip and I realised that Courtney had taken my hand in hers.

I turned to her with a quizzical expression on my face, but she just looked at me and smiled, then turned back to the book.

My hand rose in hers and she placed it on her thigh, just below her skirt. I waited a moment, then squeezed gently. I stroked her thigh instinctively, brushing against the hem of her skirt, but being careful not to explore too far. My inexperienced member hardened.

I looked at her beautiful face again, and she turned to me, her bright blue eyes staring into mine.

Courtney leaned in and kissed me gently. Our mouths opened, and canlı poker oyna her tongue pushed its way into mine. She reached over, placing one of her hands on my thigh.

Slowly, she stroked my leg, moving her hand up my trousers toward my groin. My member ached in anticipation. Her hand finally bumped my stiff shaft and she ran her hand down it, cupping me and applying pressure.

With nimble fingers, she undid my belt and button, and unzipped me so my bulging underwear was exposed. Courtney stroked me softly through the material. She tugged my trousers down a little, then slipped my underwear down, releasing my erect member.

Courtney wrapped her slender fingers around my shaft and began to stroke, slowly building up speed. I knew I wouldn’t last long at this rate, and I desperately wanted to prolong the moment.

She stopped in the nick of time and stood up. I was initially confused as to why she had stopped, but she walked to the window and closed the blinds. All the other students should have been in class or studying in other rooms, but there was still a risk of being caught. Courtney walked to the door and blocked the handle with a chair.

“We don’t want to be disturbed, do we?”

I shook my head and pushed my chair back from the desk, turning it so I was facing her.

Courtney walked back over to me and knelt down on the carpet. She pulled my trousers and underwear down to my ankles and took my in her hand again. She gave a few short tugs before taking my member in her mouth.

The swiftness took me by surprise, but I quickly relaxed and enjoyed Courtney’s gently sucking and the soft warmth of her mouth. I watched her head bob up and down, and felt her tongue occasionally flick across my tip.

My member throbbed and ached. It was ecstatic agony. I again felt myself ready to cum, but I wanted the moment to last forever. Thankfully she slowed to a stop and released me from her mouth.

Courtney stood up and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing a soft padded tan bra. The smooth material accentuated the curves of her large breasts. She dropped her shirt to the floor and sat on my lap. I instinctively put my hands on her hips.

“Keep going,” she said.

I moved my hands up to her chest and slid them over her breasts. I liked the feel of them through the material, but I had little experience to compare. The curve was so smooth that I couldn’t even feel her nipples. I stroked and squeezed her heavenly breasts.

Something dripped onto my bare thigh, startling me before I realised that, if she was half as aroused as me, her panties were probably soaked through.

“Something wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing,” I replied, grinning.

She smiled and we kissed again. When we broke apart I saw that her bra had dropped into my lap and she was completely topless. My hands found internet casino their way back to her breasts and I continued fondling them, tweaking the nipples. She put a hand on the back of my head and forced my face between them with a giggle.

I kissed her breasts, moving my head from side to side. I found an erect nipple and took it in my mouth, sucking and licking it enthusiastically. I moved to the other nipple. Both were stiff and protruding.

I stopped to look at her again. I couldn’t believe we were this close. Any closer and I would be inside her!

Courtney must have read my mind because she stood up and unclasped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor. She was now wearing nothing but those pink lace panties, white socks and black shoes.

She slid both thumbs into the waistband of her panties and started pulling them down. Tufts of wispy blonde pubic hair were revealed, then her fleshy labia. Her muff looked so inviting.

For all intents and purposes, Courtney stood entirely naked before me, as she did in my daydreams. She strode toward me and straddled my lap again, reaching for my cock and guiding it into her cunt. She linked her hands behind my neck and began humping.

Courtney rose and fell repeatedly, her warm, moist cunt gliding over my rock-hard cock. We moaned each time she dropped herself down onto me. I had my hands on her hips, trying to control the intensity and hoping against hope that I wouldn’t cum too soon.

She left one hand on the back of my neck while the other moved toward her lady parts, where she started rubbing her clitoris.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed breathily. “Oh, oh yes.”

“Ugh, Courtney,” I grunted in response. “Don’t stop!”

“I … won’t.”

Courtney continued bouncing up and down on my cock until I felt the familiar sensation of my pelvic muscles tensing.

“I think … I’m … coming,” I moaned.

A few short bounces later my cock spurted a jet of hot semen into Courtney’s cunt. I pulsated a few times, spitting out more fluid. I looked down as Courtney lifted herself off me and saw that my shaft glistened with our mixed fluids. She shook herself from side to side and more dripped out of her and onto my cock.

Courtney grabbed a box of tissues from the desk and used a handful to wipe off her vagina.

“Can’t do much about my wet panties though.”

She threw the tissues in the bin and pulled a few more from the box, turning her attention to cleaning up my now flaccid penis.

When she was finished, I stood up and pulled my trousers back up.

“Uh, thanks,” I said quietly.

“It was literally my pleasure.”

We parted for our different classes when the bell rang. In the few short weeks remaining of the term we crammed in a few study sessions, and although we didn’t have sex again, every study session involved a degree of clandestine heavy petting.

When the new term started, Courtney was absent. I soon learned that over the holidays she had transferred to a school in another part of the country.

I never saw her again.

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