My Secret Admirer Ch. 03

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Day one and two of our week had gone well. My sister and I spent most of day three pampering our brother after his ordeal of being our slave on day two. His ass was still very tender from the spanking hehe.

Over lunch, I asked him, “So, little brother, what did you like most and least about yesterday?”

Josh considered the question for quite some time before answering, “Least was when I had to face the wall and couldn’t see what you two were doing to each other. Most was never knowing what would come next, but also knowing that I was determined enough to never back down. I knew I could take whatever the two of you dished out.”

“Gawd, that is such a great answer.” I complimented. “When I think of being a slave to someone, the scariest part is thinking I might not be able to obey. The best part is thinking I will be able to.”

“Spot on. You nailed it. That’s the whole idea. It’s a challenge and you can either wither from it, or overcome it.” My little brother said while giving me a high five.

“I’m not sure I can do as well as you did though. You were fearless.”

“No I wasn’t. I was scared to death . . . but I overcame my fear and I prevailed.”

* * *

The next two days drug by. Even though we’d had plenty fun going the beach, eating out, and dancing . . . and tons of hot sex, all I could think about was what I was in for on Sunday.

Sunday finally arrived. We’d all slept late, waking up around nine. When I came out of the bathroom, my sister was half sitting, half lying in the middle of the bed. “Slave” She ordered in that same firm tone she’d used with Josh. “Get on your knees and eat my pussy.”

I didn’t hesitate. When I was kneeling on the bed, eagerly eating my sister’s pussy, Josh approached me from behind and started lubing up my ass. A minute or so later, his cock was buried inside my bowels. Of course, I knew I wanted my brother to fuck my ass, but I was saving that for the last day. This was simply a schedule change for me.

Becky came at least twice, but I only came once. It was so urgent and powerful though, I collapsed on top of Becky, my brother’s hard cock still buried deep in my ass.

When she managed to scoot out from under me, she grabbed a pillow and said, “Slave, he isn’t done with your ass yet.” I almost groaned, but I caught it before it came out. Josh pulled my pelvis off the bed and she slid the pillow under me. “There you go, baby. Put it to our slave’s ass good. I dare her to beg you to stop.” When I turned to look at her, she just winked and showed me an evil grin.

By Brother was in rare form. He must have pounded his hard cock into my ass for at least another thirty minutes. I came hard again, but forced myself not to make a sound.

“I’m close”, Josh announced.

I expected to feel his hot cum shooting inside me, but instead, he pulled out.

“Slave”, He said, “Turn around here and sit on the foot of the bed.”

A horrible thought shot through my mind. Surely he wasn’t going to make me put his cock in my mouth now—not after just pulling it out of my ass.

When I was sitting, he stepped up in front of me and began stroking himself furiously, “Close your mouth, Slave. You don’t get the privilege of tasting my cum.” And then he began shooting gob after gob of cum onto my face, neck, hair, and chest. I’d never seen him cum so much. I was just thankful he missed my eyes.

Becky spoke up, “Get used to it, slave. You’re going to be wearing that the rest of the day. Now, go with Josh into the bathroom. Wash his cock and balls good, and then wash your ass—nothing else though.”

After making them coffee and breakfast, I raised my hand. “You need to pee, slave?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

“You’ll just have to wait until we’re done eating. You wouldn’t want our food to get cold, would you, slave?”

“No, Ma’am.”

When they were finally done eating, they made me clean the kitchen before they would let me go pee. When I was finished, I went to the living room to find them. I knocked on the door frame just as Josh had done.

“Get on your hands and knees.” When I obeyed, my brother put the collar around my neck and snapped the leash onto it. Then he led me toward the back door.

The backyard wasn’t exactly private, but that didn’t bother Josh. He led me down the steps and to the side of the house near the fence. When he stopped, he looked at me and said, “Well, what are you waiting for?” So I peed—for a very long time.

Back in the house, he led me to the bathroom and watched me clean my pussy with a washcloth. When we got back to the living room, my sister asked him, “Can you go again, yet?”

He said he thought he could, so he stepped in front of me and made me suck him off. Again, it took a very long time for him to cum, and when he did, he pulled out of my mouth and added another bountiful amount of cum to what was already on my chest and stomach.

I saw Becky check the time and nod to Josh. He instructed me, “Lay on your back in the middle of the floor. Good, now şişli rus escort bring your knees up and spread them as wide as you can. Now stretch your arms out from your sides.”

When Becky nodded her approval of my position, Josh went into the bedroom and came back with a black sleeping mask. He put it on me and adjusted it until he was sure I couldn’t see anything. Then one of them turned on the TV and found the NFL Pregame Show.

* * *

I was on the floor for about ten minutes when the doorbell rang. It shot through my mind that one of the neighbors had called the police about the scene in the backyard.

“Oh wow! What’s this?” I heard a strange male voice say.

Becky giggled, “That’s Josh’s sister. She lost a bet to him, so she’s paying the price.

“Nice, that must have been some bet.”

I heard Josh say, “Don’t worry, she won’t move or make a sound during the game. If she does, I’ll have to punish her.”

It sounded like the stranger was standing right over me when he asked, “Is that what I think it is?”

Becky and Josh both laughed, and Becky answered, “Oh that . . . that’s just two loads of her brother’s cum.”

“Yep.” The stranger said, “That’s what I thought it was.”

The doorbell rang again. This time there was another male voice . . . and a female one. I wondered what the female would think about her husband or boyfriend seeing me like this.

“So this is your sister, huh?” The new male voice asked.

Josh answered, “Yes.”

I heard the strange female voice giggle and ask, “Is that . . .?”

Becky answered again, “Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s punishment for loosing a bet.”

“Impressive.” The female said with a hint of awe in her voice.

The first male laughed, “Not that impressive. It was two loads.” And they all laughed.

The doorbell rang again, and the same conversation followed, again with a new male and a new female.

I assumed that was all the people that were invited, because Becky told the group, “Now, here’s the deal. Before the game starts, or during halftime, if anyone feels like adding to the mess on her, the rest of us will step out and give you some privacy . . . that is, if you want us to.”

“How long before the game starts?” The first male asked.

“I’m sure you have time. Would you like some privacy or do you want an audience?”

“Ya’ll go grab a beer. I’ll let you know when I’m done.”

Everyone laughed, and then I heard one of the females say, “Fuck, I wanted to watch.”

“Hey, Joe, Barb wants to watch.”

“Me too.” The other female said.

“How about it, Joe? Can just the girls watch?”

I heard him chuckle, “What the hell, I’m game.”

Within seconds, I heard the clinking of belt buckle and zipper, and then one of the females said from the direction of the sofa, “Oh, nice one, Joe.”

And then all I could hear was the sounds of a guy beating his meat above me. After about three minutes, the guy said, “This ain’t gonna take long.”

One of the girls giggled, but didn’t say anything.

Then I sensed more than heard him kneel down above my head. I could hear his hand rapidly stroking his cock, then he grunted and I felt hot cum landing way down on my abdomen, then on my chest, and then a good deal on my face.

I could hear the girls giggling something to each other, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. It had felt like an impressive load of cum, so I imagined that was the topic. And then I heard one of them say, “I will if you will.” To which the other one said, “Let’s go for it.”

When I heard the clanking of the belt buckle and zipper again, one of the girls yelled out, “Everyone can come back in now.”

“Nice load, Joe.” Becky said with amazement.

“Nah, it was just a quick one.” He responded.

After a few seconds of silence, one of the other males said, “I’m game if Brad is.”

The other male said, “What?”

“The girls want to help us add some.”

“Shit” Josh exclaimed, “I guess were off to the kitchen again.”

One of the females countered, “Hell, I don’t care who watches.”

“Me either” a male voice agreed.

“Do you have another one in you, Josh?”

“Don’t worry.” Becky giggled, “I guarantee I can make that happen.”

Then there was a lot of rustling around me. I felt a foot touch my leg on one side, and I think a knee bumped my arm on the other side. Then there were just slurping noises everywhere.

I could hear the TV. The game had already started. I laughed to myself when I envisioned the three guys watching the game while their women polished their knobs.

“Ok, move.” The guy on my right said, and then he let out an “Uggg” and I felt more hot cum land on my stomach and chest. Only a couple of minutes later, another low guttural “Ummm” and hot cum hit my chest and face, then more dripped down directly onto my lips.

It was a long time before that last one came, so I suspected that was Josh. şişli türbanlı escort He’d already cum twice that day. Finally though, he did cum, but instead of flying onto my body, it was more like a pour. That pretty much confirmed that it was a guy who’d already cum multiple times, so it was probably Josh, and it was positively confirmed when I heard Becky say, “See, I told you he couldn’t deny me.”

I heard a lot of high fives, laughing, and joking between all of them. I had to concentrate on keeping my lips clenched tight. I didn’t know these guys, so I didn’t want to taste their cum. And the whole situation, while erotic, didn’t make me horny at all. I didn’t find it disgusting either. I just thought it was a fun game. The only thing that did make me tingle some was being totally exposed like I was to total strangers. I was glad they had blindfolded me so I wouldn’t have to feel embarrassed.

I did get a surprise during half time. Two objects were inserted into me, one in my pussy and one in my ass. I knew they were probably egg vibes. That was confirmed when Josh told the group, “We’ll take turns on the remotes and switch during every commercial. Who wants the one in her ass first?”

One of the females said, “That would be my Brad. He’s obsessed with anal.”

That brought a lot of laughs. The other female said, “Give me the other one. This is going to be fun.”

“Just keep her guessing as to when the vibes are going to come alive, and don’t run the batteries down.”

There was nothing for several minutes, and then both vibes came alive at the same time. Those in control of the remotes must have coordinated it with each other. The one in my pussy vibrated for only a few seconds, while the one in my ass kept going for a lot longer. For the first time since their little party had started, I was definitely getting hot and wet.

“I need another beer. Baby, would you get it for me?”

“Yeah, me too.” Another male said.

Then a female voice chuckled, “I’ll just grab a six pack.” And then a couple of seconds later, I felt fingers on my nipple, smearing cum all over it. I was sure they belonged to a female.

“Awesome nipples, huh?” Came the other female voice from the direction of the sofa. “I’d kill for nips like those.”

During the next commercial, I heard another vibe come on. It sounded much more powerful than the small eggs. I almost jumped out of my skin when it touched my clit. “She moved” a male voice said.

Josh responded, “Then she has to be punished.”

I didn’t know what was coming, so I mentally braced myself for anything. SMACK! And the bottom of my right foot came alive with pain. SMACK! And the crop stung my other foot. Both vibes inside me came alive. SMACK! SMACK! I came, but I’m sure I showed no sign of it to the onlookers.

During the next break in the game, I heard some whispering, but I couldn’t make it out. Seconds later, the egg in my pussy was removed, and someone was pushing the larger vibe inside me.

Both of my hands were lifted simultaneously, and placed on bare semi-hard cocks. Neither of them belonged to my brother. His was thicker than either of these. Josh ordered, “Stroke them”.

Both of my feet were still stinging. I had two strange cocks in my hands, playing with them, stroking them, an egg vibe going in my ass, and a much larger, more powerful vibe driving my pussy crazy. And then there were fingers on my clit, rubbing it.

I came much harder this time. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t keep my pelvis still. SMACK! SMACK! “You know you’re not supposed to move.” SMACK! SMACK!

My orgasm was barely starting to subside. I was panting. I couldn’t keep my lips pressed tightly together. I could taste a hint cum, but when the next orgasm hit me, I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t breathe. I had to open my mouth and gasp for air. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I Couldn’t stop bucking my hips. SMACK! SMACK! I couldn’t think about anything but the avalanche of sensations flooding over my body. I tried to keep stroking the two cocks which were now fully erect, but I’m sure I was doing a lousy job. My mouth was dry, and without thinking, I moistened my lips with my tongue.

SMACK! SMACK! And the next orgasm hit me like a semi truck. My hips were bucking wildly. Someone was fucking me with the large vibe, and someone was rubbing my clit furiously. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! And then everything was dark and quiet.

When I came to, still violently gasping for air, I heard one of the females say, “Wow, she’s been out for a long time.”

I felt more hot cum hit my chest, and a minute later, still more on my stomach. I only then realized I didn’t have the cocks in my hands. “Sit up.” Josh said in a more friendly tone. When I did, I was handed a bottle. It felt like a beer bottle. “Drink”.

When I had taken a couple of long drinks, the bottle was taken from me. “Now get on your hands and knees.”

I was so weak, it took me several seconds, and then someone şişli ucuz escort led me to the bathroom using the leash. It was my brother. “Take a shower, but leave the blindfold on and the door open, just in case any of my friends need to pee or just watch you shower. When you’re done, don’t dry yourself, just crawl back to the living room.”

I stayed in the shower a very long time. It felt wonderful. But finally, I had to crawl back to the living room. “Stop” Josh ordered, and then he put the collar back around my neck and led me the rest of the way. Now stand up, spread your legs a little. Good, now don’t move.”

The game was almost over. I stood there motionless until it was. The Dolphins won, so everyone was in a good mood. I felt a tongue flick across first one nipple and then the other. A different tongue did the same. Seven tongues in all—if they were all different. I couldn’t tell, but that would make sense with seven people in the room other than me.

There was a hand on my pussy, fingers working inside me, but not lingering long, then another hand, and more fingers violated me. I’m sure Becky and the other two females took a turn as well. I could feel their longer nails.

When they’d all had a turn, my ass was next. Someone spread my cheeks for the others and they took turns violating my ass with their fingers. Finally, there were too many hands on me to count. They were on my clit and in my pussy, fingering it, fingering my ass, pinching and pulling my nipples, kneading my butt and thighs and back.

I once again became lost in all the sensations, someone kissed me and worked their tongue into my mouth, then withdrew, and it was replaced with another. The females were easy to discern from the guys, and their kisses lasted longer and were much more sensual. My knees were becoming wobbly. SMACK! SMACK! The crop stung my butt hard.

More fingers entered me from the front and from the rear. Both of my nipples were being sucked and nibbled. It was never more than a couple of seconds between kisses. SMACK! SMACK! And I came hard again, but I didn’t black out, didn’t move, and didn’t make a sound. And then all fingers and hands and mouths were gone.

I heard the front door open and goodbyes exchanged.

* * *

Becky instructed me, which she hadn’t done while their friends were there. I knew why. I was supposed to Josh’s sister, not hers. Their friends didn’t know they were brother and sister.

“We’re going to the bedroom for a nap. You may sit on the floor if you want, but you can’t lie down. You have to sit on your stinging ass. If you need to pee, you can crawl outside, but you can’t take off the blindfold. If you need to take a shit, you can crawl to the bathroom, but you aren’t allowed to pee in there. And don’t let the door slam and wake us up. If you wake us up, well . . . you don’t even want to think about your punishment for doing that. It will be severe. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

I didn’t need to pee right then, but I did later. I’m not sure how long they were gone, but after what seemed to me like more than two hours, I couldn’t wait anymore. I crawled to the back door and into the backyard, careful not to let the door so much as click shut. I made my way to the side of the house until I felt the fence, then I peed. They hadn’t given me specific instructions, but I assumed they wanted me to stay on my hands and knees. I did that, just in case they were watching me.

I was back in the living room for quite a while before they came out of the bedroom. When they did, one of them led me to the garage. I heard what I was sure was the trunk of their car opening, and then some sounds of things banging and clanging and then material of some sort. I couldn’t discern what it was.

“Stand up and crawl into the trunk.” Becky ordered, back to her firm tone.

It was a tight fit, so I had to curl into a fetal position. I heard the lid close and the garage door open. The engine started, and they backed out of the garage. I couldn’t imagine where we were going, or what they had in store for me.

The car stopped and I heard the driver’s side door open and then shut. It was several minutes before the trunk lid opened and I heard Josh’s voice, “Well, there she is, just like I said. I figured you and your biker friends might like to have a peek at her.”

“Fuck yeah.” Came from several different voices. One female voice said, “Fuck, the bitch doesn’t have any tits.”

Josh’s voice again. “Anyway, I’m going to go get back in the car. I’ll give you ten minutes to look.” My heart leaped into my throat when my brother said, “You can touch her if you want. Just don’t hurt her. I don’t need her getting the police involved.”

“Fuck, I can do a lot in ten minutes.” A raspy deep voice said.

“Fuck you. Get out of my way.” A second one said.

And then I felt a hand on my knee. It was rough and strong and demanding as it forced my legs apart. I felt two huge fingers being jammed into my pussy. They gave no quarter.

“Move over, bitch!” another husky voice demanded.

“Who are you calling a bitch?”

I heard a loud slap of hand on flesh, then there were new hands on me, even rougher hands, again two fingers violated my pussy. I almost screamed when one was forced into my ass without ceremony, but only a moan escaped.

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