My Next Job Experience Pt. 02

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Jeff and I dated occasionally but it seemed like all he wanted to do was to hop into bed. That wasn’t what I wanted so we agreed to stay friends but not date anymore.

As my job training continued I started to get more help from the other men in the office. I’m sure Jeff couldn’t keep our relationship to himself. I’d look in the mirror I had on my desk to watch Jeff and could see the men and even my boss looking down my blouse, trying to see my tits. I continued to wear my sexier bras that I had worn for Jeff as I really enjoyed all the attention I was getting.

After about a month, my boss decided I was ready to be on my own and he broke the vendors up from everyone else, giving me some from each person in the office. As he gave me final instructions I could see him in the mirror, looking down my top as he said “I’m sure you’ll do just fine.”

Now that I would be on my own, the girls invited me to join them for a girls only lunch at the diner. As we ate, each one told me, now that I was fully trained and on my own, our boss would call me into his office to critique my progress and then he would ask for favors.

Each one had their own story, even the girl that was married. He would ask each of them to stand next to him and he’d explain what he wanted, making sure they knew their job depended on their cooperation. It went from groping to performing oral sex on him. The married girl said he had asked a lot of personal questions about her sex life with her husband. She said the girls warned her previously what to expect, but had to make a decision, that she didn’t like, to keep her job. He took it a lot further with her, since he knew she was living paycheck to paycheck with an infant at home.

She said he would tell her to drop her pantyhose and panties, then tell her to bend over his desk so he could fuck her from behind. “I knew I had a decision to make even though I wouldn’t like it when he called me in” she explained, saying “I knew I had to do anything he asked.”

Most of the reps came into town for the day and came into the office to discuss specs and pricing. Occasionally they would come in the afternoon and have to stay overnight. I would take them to lunch if the day ran long. Most of them were older, but a few were not much older than me. I was now 20 almost 21.

As it turned out, the reps who came in the afternoon and stayed overnight were mostly Jeff’s.

One was Gary, who Jeff had told me about when he and I were dating. He was about 30 I would guess, from what Jeff had told me. Jeff told me that when he was in town, he would stay at Jeff’s place. He said that Gary and him would go out to dinner and party using Gary’s expense account.

Gary was due in town the next week so I called him to introduce myself and that I had taken over the account from Jeff. I explained that Jeff had told me of their arrangements and I was sorry that he would have to make other overnight plans.

Gary said “does that mean I can’t stay with you”?

I told him I didn’t think my parents would appreciate that.

He said “we can still have dinner, can’t we.”

I thought for a second and replied ” sure, if you’re not married.”

He said “I’ll see you in the office Monday, get some of the work done, then make plans for the evening.”

Gary came in Monday around lunch time and introduced himself. He was ruggedly handsome with dark hair and nice arms. He asked if I would like some lunch while we went over a few preliminaries. I agreed and we left for the little diner.

I hadn’t worn anything special to work that day but still felt sexy, as I could feel Gary checking me out with his eyes.

When we arrived at the diner, Gary helped me with my chair, leaning in to tell me I looked very nice that day. I didn’t know if he was looking down my top or was just being complimentary, as I didn’t know what Jeff may have told any of his reps. We went over a couple things after we ordered lunch then just had small talk as we ate.

We returned to the office and worked on the specs and pricing of the materials. We talked randomly about ourselves to get to know each other. Gary seemed to be very nice and I was looking forward to dinner that evening, as I hadn’t been out in quite awhile. He asked if it was alright to have dinner at the place he and Jeff used to go as that’s where he was staying.

I agreed, as Jeff had told me what a great place it was, but he never took me there. I told him I’d meet him at the bar at 8. He said he’d pick me up, but I told him I wanted to drive. Thinking to myself, just in case things went south.

I chose a nice wrap dress to wear that accented my curves nicely but didn’t gape open too much, unless I decided to loosen the ties. I wore a nice cleavage bra that would accent my tits in the dress. It was thin and completely sheer with matching panties. I figured that even if Gary and I didn’t hit it off, maybe I’d meet someone else.

When I walked in the guy’s heads turned, as I knew my tits bounced ever so slightly when I wore that bra!

Gary was seated at the bar and had held a stool for me. He couldn’t take his eyes off my bouncing tits as I approached. He greeted me fethiye escort with a big smile and said hello as he gave my cheek a little kiss. He asked what I wanted and ordered us a cocktail. We talked for a couple minutes and I would catch him glancing at my chest to see if my top would open up so he could see in. Alas, I had it very secure.

Gary ordered us another cocktail and asked to be seated for dinner.

We ordered, and as we ate, we engaged in small talk. Nothing pertaining to work. I enjoyed talking to him as we seemed to have a lot in common. We grew up with very similar backgrounds. Small town, small, close knit family, enjoyed watching and playing sports. We also both loved being near the water.

As we talked, the dj began playing tunes so we moved to one of the sofas near the dance floor, as it was early and one was still available. After a couple songs, Gary asked me if I’d like to dance. It was a fast dance and as we moved Gary’s hand brushed across one of my tits, very lightly. I assumed it was an accident but it made my nipples poke out through the thin fabric of my bra and dress. I knew by his eye position he could see them, but there was nothing I could do about it.

We stayed on the floor and danced to a few more songs. The accidents continued to happen, only more frequently, as my nipples became very erect. I was enjoying him playing his little game.

I told him I needed a break and he escorted me off the floor with his arm around me and his hand resting against the underside of my tit. We sat back down and ordered another cocktail.

Gary said he was enjoying my company a lot more than he did Jeff’s. While he couldn’t take his eyes off my protruding nipples, I excused myself to go to the ladies room.

I really only wanted to loosen my dress enough to show more cleavage. When I returned, I made sure to sit to his right to give him a good view, as I wanted to turn him on as much as I was. When he looked, I could tell right away by his eyes, he knew exactly what I had done.

We danced some more, only now, he danced closer as his hand brushed my tit more firmly, once pulling my dress aside, exposing my tit for all to see. I guess I had loosened it a little too much. I didn’t mind, as it felt good having his hand brush my tits, and the thought of someone else seeing my tit was exciting. A slow dance played and we held each other tight. Soon his hands were on my ass, pulling my pussy against his hardening cock as I pushed back to meet him. I started thinking about him ramming his manhood into my very wet pussy. As we danced we maneuvered toward the sofa to save Gary from showing his erection to everyone.

As soon as dinner time was over they lowered the lights for those who were staying. Gary soon put his arm around me as I leaned in close to him on the sofa. He began rubbing my arm lightly, as I cuddled up to him, telling me he was really enjoying my company. I replied that I was enjoying him also, as I lifted my arm, reaching over to put his hand against my breast. He didn’t object, only gently massaged my tit and nipple.

We danced some more and when a slow song was played he asked if I’d like to go to his room for a night cap. I readily agreed, wondering what took him so long to ask.

When he opened the door we headed straight for the couch which was directly opposite from the door. I reached behind me and pulled the ties holding my dress together letting the front come apart. Gary turned around and gasped when he saw me, pulling me to him, kissing me passionately. We sat on the couch as we made out, with him touching me everywhere, ending up at my pussy, pulling my panties off with his teeth.

I needed a drink and asked Gary to order one for us while I used his bathroom. I freshened my pussy up and took my bra off, putting my dress back on but not tying it.

We were back on the couch with Gary kissing and sucking my tits as he finger fucked my hot pussy. The doorbell rang. Room service was here. As Gary got up to answer the door I began pulling my dress around me to cover up as the delivery person would be looking right at me. Gary said “why don’t you leave it open and let him see you, it would really turn me on.” I had never even thought about doing that before, but in the moment, I opened my dress back up exposing my tits and pussy for him to see, as the couch was only about 10 feet from the door. Gary used the peep hole and told me it was a young guy. I sat there, very nervous, against the arm rest, trying to look comfortable as Gary opened the door wide. I realized anybody walking by could look in and easily see me, which added to my excitement. When the young guy looked in and saw me, I thought he was going to drop the tray of drinks. He immediately looked away, but Gary told him not to worry, put the tray on the table and look all you want, as he closed the door to sign the tab. I was blown away when Gary asked him, without asking me, “Bobby, would you mind giving her a full body oil massage while you are here?”

The young man stammered, “sure, I’d love to, this is my last delivery.”

I didn’t know how Gary knew his name, then I saw his name tag.

Gary told me escort fethiye to take my dress off and lay down on the bed while he got the oil and warmed it up.

I don’t know why, to this day, but I did what he said. I took off my dress and stood nude, in front of a complete stranger, who would soon be running his hands all over my naked body.

I laid down on my stomach as instructed, but kept my legs close together. Gary returned, handing the oil to my masseuse. Gary sat in a chair facing the bed to watch.

I felt a drizzle of warm oil landing on my back, and surprisingly, I felt more relaxed. His hands felt very soft, as he skillfully massaged my back and neck. I felt another drizzle of oil land on my ass, running down between my cheeks, onto my pussy. He expertly massaged my ass cheeks, parting them just enough. I now knew this wasn’t his first massage. He then proceeded to my legs and feet, starting at my feet, working his way up each leg, stopping just short of my pussy. He then oiled my arms, massaging my hands and fingers then up my arms. He took my hand and helped me roll over onto my back.

Gary said to him “Bobby, why don’t you take your clothes off now.”

Without hesitation, he stripped naked and I could see he had a nice erection, as his cock sprang out from his boxers. It brought a smile to my face!

He drizzled the oil down my chest, between my tits, then on his own hands. He started on my stomach going down to just above my mound. He worked his way up my sides to my shoulders, then down to my chest, massaging all the way around my tits. He put more oil on his hands and took one tit at a time, massaging them and paying special attention to my very erect nipples. I looked over at Gary watching, and could see him rubbing his cock, enjoying watching my tits get massaged. He then started drizzling oil down my legs, starting at my mound, only this time I spread my legs apart. He knew, and drizzled a lot on my pussy, then down my legs to my feet. The warm oil felt so good on my pussy.

He stood at the bottom of the bed, working each toe with precision, then my feet, starring at my glistening pussy, spread for him to see. I looked at Gary, who now had his cock out in his hand, stoking it. My masseuse climbed onto the bed, between my legs, working his hands up them, ever so slowly. I could see his cock twitching as he worked my legs.

Gary stood and removed his pants as he watched the action, jacking his cock faster as my masseuse neared my pussy.

I watched Bobby’s cock grow more and more erect as it neared my swollen pussy. He massaged both legs, and when he reached my thighs, he put my legs up on his shoulders. His hands were now exploring my pussy, gently massaging my clitoris. I closed my eyes when he inserted a finger in my pussy and another in my ass, working them around inside me. It was the first time my ass had been penetrated and it felt great.

Bobby then moved his hands up to my tits, I could feel his hard cock, twitching against my pussy as he massaged my tits.

I felt something touching my cheek. I opened my eyes. Gary was naked and had his cock against my cheek. I turned my head and Gary pushed his cock into my waiting mouth. As I sucked Gary’s cock, I pushed my pussy against Bobby’s cock. Bobby knew what I wanted and quickly slid his raging member into my steamy pussy.

Gary was fucking my mouth furiously. Bobby was pounding his cock in and out of my pussy. I was loving it, I never had two men before at once. I was building up to a fantastic orgasm.

Gary came first, filling my mouth with his cum. As I was swallowing Gary’s load, Bobby came. As I felt his hot cum filling my pussy I lurched with a wild orgasm of my own.

Bobby got dressed and left after thanking me.

I went to the bathroom to clean up. I came out and Gary was laying on the bed, playing with his cock. I got on top of him and rubbed my tits over his semi erect cock while he played with it, rubbing his head against my nipples, feeling it grow harder. I took his cock into my mouth, sucking him till he was fully erect. Putting my pussy over his cock, I lowered myself onto it. That’s when Gary told me that Bobby worked in the spa in the lobby, not room service, and he had arranged my massage ahead of time. He was larger than Bobby and felt good in my wet pussy. We fucked like crazy, and I came again before Gary shot his load into me. I thanked him for arranging my massage, telling him it was a perfect idea and I loved it.

It was quite late and I had to be to work early. I cleaned up and got dressed. I left, telling Gary I’d see him in the morning.

I had no sooner sat down at my desk and my boss called me into his office. I thought, here we go, remembering the conversation with the other girls.

He told me Gary had to leave early but he would send a contract with a 20 percent saving over last year for approval. He then told me to come over to his desk. He got up and closed the door. I had already decided that I would tell him I would do anything he wanted, as long as he left Marie, the married girl, alone from then, on. I had realized after Gary instructed me what to do that I enjoyed being obedient.

He fethiye escort bayan sat down and instructed me to come over and stand next to him. He told me what he expected from me, just as he had the other girls. I told him I already knew from the other girls and explained my deal to him. He said he would leave Marie alone, as long as I lived up to my part of the bargain and did anything he asked.

He reached up and fondled my tits, telling me he wanted me to wear the same outfit the next day that Jeff had described. The dress with no panties. Garters and stockings with the sexy nipple showing bra. He dismissed me saying what a great job I did with Gary. As I left, he said “I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

The girls were all looking at me when I came out. I went to Marie and said “you don’t have to worry any more. I discovered I enjoy being told what to do. I made a deal with him, so he will leave you alone.”

Marie said “Thank you, but you didn’t have to do that, even though It was killing me. I really owe you.”

When I arrived the next day, Jeff came over, smiled, and said in a smart ass tone “hey, I remember that dress.”

Just before lunch, I was called to the office. Bill, the boss, was late 40’s and actually, quite handsome. I was somewhat attracted to him anyway, so I knew this wasn’t going to be that unpleasant. I felt I actually wouldn’t mind doing anything I was told to do.

I entered the office and there was another man standing there. I thought, “great, another threesome in only three days.” Bill introduced me to Henry, the owner of our small company. He shook my hand and said “I wanted to meet the person who saved me so much money on the raw materials and take you to lunch at my favorite restaurant.”

All I could think about were my overflowing tits and my pussy with no panties. I was just glad it was a high neck, long dress. Henry drove and I sat upfront with him. Bill was in the back seat. Henry and I chatted up a storm. I could tell the way he talked, he was a down to earth person. We arrived at the restaurant, valet parking, so I knew it was high class. Lunch was great, Henry and I really hit it off. Henry would joke around and I could feel my tits bouncing, my nipples brushing against my dress as I laughed, getting hard and sticking out! I couldn’t tell if they noticed. Henry dropped us off and said, “I like you, we’ll have to keep in touch.”

We returned to Bill’s office, and after a couple drinks at lunch, I was ready to do anything Bill ordered me to do.

Bill was seated at his desk and told me to come over and stand next to him with my legs spread. I obeyed. He put his hand under my dress, on my leg. His hand moved up my stocking, till it was on my skin, sending chills through me. He paused to say “soft, very nice.” He proceeded to my hot pussy, inserting one finger, then another, as I felt my juices running down my leg. He withdrew his hand and ordered me to take off my dress. “I want to see those tits in that bra before I suck and feel them. I loved seeing your nipples get hard during lunch.” Now I knew it was noticeable. I removed my dress. Bill told me to bend over into his face. He sucked and nibbled my nipples with great skill as he fondled my tits. He put his fingers back into my pussy, manipulating my clit with his thumb, while sucking my nipples. I had my first orgasm. Bill ordered me to bend over his desk. I did as told while he got a tube of lubricant out of his desk drawer. He dropped his pants and I could see a gorgeous, very erect, cock. He lubricated his cock and stood behind me. He demanded I spread my legs wide. I obeyed. He ran his cock up and down my pussy and ass, probing my pussy several times and taking it out. He reached up and unhooked my bra, letting my tits hang freely.

Bill put the head of cock into my pussy. He reached up and squeezed my tits very hard as he rammed his cock deep into my pussy. I took all his cock easily, I was very wet. He literally, pounded my pussy so hard, I could feel his balls slapping against my legs. He thrust his cock deep into me and I could feel it pulsing, filling my pussy with cum.

He stayed in me until his cock relaxed and slid out. He told me not to move, and went to his bathroom. He cleaned up and when he came back out, he told me to turn around and get on my knees. I once again obeyed. He put his limp cock to my lips and said “now suck my balls and my cock till it’s hard, you slut.” He had great recovery, he was very erect quite quickly.

He ordered me to get up and bend over the desk with my legs spread wide. He put lubricant on his finger and cock. He inserted his finger in my pussy. He took it out, but held it against me as he ran it up and pushed it into my ass. He fucked my ass with his finger, god it felt good. He took it out and started rubbing his cock against my pussy and ass with his hand. He put the head of his cock against my ass. He said “reach back and spread those cheeks, you whore.” I obeyed and spread them as far as I could. I knew what was coming. I had never had a cock in my ass. Thankfully, he pushed his cock in slowly. I actually took his cock quite easily, without any pain. He fucked my ass slowly and methodically, it felt very good. I reached around to play with my pussy as Bill fucked me in the ass. I was moaning, as I was about to cum, when Bill quickened his thrusts and filled my ass as I came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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