My Monster Ball Ch. 02

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When I woke up, I still couldn’t believe that Holly had snuck into her big sister’s bedroom and fucked my brains out while Laurie was away. As I had anticipated, Laurie was as horny as hell when she got home. I was still so worked up after my interlude with Holly I was able to give Laurie a long, hard ride.

Lucky for me, Laurie was so fixated on getting off that she hadn’t picked up Holly’s sweet scent on the sheets. A few months earlier, Laurie and I ran into one of my old girlfriends at the mall. Laurie smiled and acted quite cordial, but she dug her fingernails deeper and deeper into my arm as we talked. By the time the conversation ended, I was in agony and was furious to see that she had drawn blood. When I demanded an explanation for her demented behavior, she informed me that the damage would be much worse if I ever decided to rekindle my old relationship. If an old girlfriend made her that crazy, what the hell would she do if she found out I had fucked her sister?

Before Laurie awoke, I snuck out of the bedroom and poked around the house hoping to find Holly, but there was no sign of her anywhere. Later her mother informed me that Holly had gone to a friend’s house for the rest of the weekend. Although extremely disappointed, I supposed it was for the best. It would be easier to forget about what happened if she wasn’t around. Still, I hoped to catch a glimpse of her before I left, but Sunday came and went with no sign of Holly. Apparently, our little fling had satisfied her teenage curiosity. I felt stupid for thinking we might have shared something special when she was probably out prowling for her next conquest.

All the next week, I tried to forget about her, but images of her slender body and pert little breasts haunted me day and night. I longed to get back inside her tight pussy and feel her strong, slender legs wrapped around me. I finally became so desperate I routed through my stash of pictures and found a wonderful shot of her in a tight red sweater that outlined her perfect teenage breasts. Against my better judgment, I propped the photo up on my nightstand where I could see it while lying in bed. I can’t tell you how many times I jerked off while looking at her picture, replaying our taboo reunion over and over in my head.

By the time Friday rolled around again, I had whipped myself into a mad frenzy. Instead of letting the incident pass, I obsessed over it. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, and I didn’t know how I was going to handle seeing her again. I felt like I was eighteen again—but this time it was the dumb-ass part of eighteen—the inexperienced, hormone-crazed part when your voice cracks and your brain turns to mush when you’re directly confronted with the opposite sex.

When it finally came time for me to drive out to Laurie’s house, I spent the entire trip thinking of a million things to say to Holly. But as soon as I entered the house and saw Holly sitting on the couch with her mother, my mind went blank. Holly gave me a curt smile and murmured a greeting as if nothing had happened. After only a few minutes after my arrival, she left the room and my heart sank. The last hope I had for another chance at feeling her young, hot flesh against mine vanished along with her.

When her mother headed out for her weekly bingo ritual, I was left alone with the monotone drone of the evening news as I waited for Laurie to come home from work. I was drifting off to sleep when I became aware of a presence in the room. Holly had appeared and was sitting on the edge of the couch with her hands in her lap, staring at the floor. I was pleasantly surprised.

“Hello there,” I said. She looked up at me with sad, puppy-dog eyes.


“I was afraid you were going to stay hidden this weekend, just like your little disappearing act last weekend.”

“Do you hate me?” she asked and held her breath.

“Do I hate you? No! Hell no! Don’t be silly!”

“I was so scared that you would hate me after what happened. That’s why I took off last weekend.”

“Oh no, sweetie, I don’t hate you at all. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

“Really?” Her whole face brightened. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you either!”

She leapt up off the couch and knelt in front of me. She kissed my hand, and laid her head in my lap. I stroked her soft hair and felt my john thomas suddenly come to life. She wrapped her arms tightly around my legs and sighed. I was relieved she still had feelings for me, but I also realized that I was in a real heap of shit. She shifted her position and trabzon escort I felt her soft breasts rub against my shins. This melted away my worries and replaced them with images of ravaging her sweet, perfect body.

She looked up at me with an inviting smile. I relaxed my legs and her gaze shifted to my groin. She reached towards my belt buckle and my heart rate doubled. I sank back into my chair and spread my legs further apart in anticipation. Just then the phone rang and my legs instinctively jerked back together.

“Don’t answer it!” she pleaded.

“We have to answer it,” I replied. “It’s probably your mother and she knows we’re here. If you don’t answer she’ll think something’s happened and she’ll turn right around and race back home. You know that.”

“You’re right,” she sighed, slowly got up, and plodded into the kitchen to answer the phone.

“Hello? Yes. Hold on,” she sighed.

She returned with a dark expression and dropped the cordless phone into my lap.

“It’s for you.” She turned and walked to the far end of the couch.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hi, baby!” It was Laurie on the phone. “Great news! I’ve got a get-out-of-jail-free card! They’re cutting me loose early tonight!”

“Great, honey!” I tried to sound enthusiastic. Holly rolled her eyes.

“You were such an animal last weekend,” Laurie continued, “I’ve been waiting all week for a replay, you beast!” I stared at Holly and said nothing. “Hellooo? Are you there?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry. That’s great! Can’t wait to see you.”

“That’s better, sweetheart. I’m leaving right now. Do we need anything?”

Yeah, I thought, we need you to stay the fuck away. “No, I think we’re all set,” I replied.

“Great! I’ll see ya soon! Kisses!”

“Bye,” I replied. I hung up the phone and looked at Holly. She picked up the TV Guide and flung it across the room. The air caught the pages in mid-flight, causing it to burst open and flutter like a bird as it fell to the floor. Holly threw herself back onto the couch, her eyes brimming with tears.

“I hate her,” she said, her voice quivering. “She always gets in the way.”

“Hey, easy now,” I said. “It’ll be alright.” A tear broke loose from one eye and streamed down her cheek. I went over to her and put my arm around her. “Let’s try to meet later on or something, after she falls asleep.”

“Yeah, right—Ms. Midnight Oil will miraculously fall asleep early. I don’t think so. She’ll come looking for you as soon as she realizes you’re gone.” She slid out from beneath my arm and stormed out of the room. I heard her bedroom door slam behind her. Great, I thought, so much for some dessert before supper. I thought about going after her, but decided instead to let her cool off.

Ten minutes later, Laurie’s car pulled into the driveway and she burst through the door.

“Hi, baby!” she squealed.

I managed a weak smile. “Hey, cutie. How was work?”

She smiled and dropped her purse. She wasn’t tall, but she made up for any lack of height with a slim, shapely body. “It’s over for now, thank God. Where’s Holly?”

“She’s in her room. I don’t think she’s feeling too well.”

“That’s too bad.” Her smile widened. She slid out of her leather coat and let if fall to the floor. She then lifted off her sweatshirt with a single, fluid motion, revealing a tight tank top stretched across a pair of breasts that were large for her small body. Her slim waistline made them look even bigger and her hips flared out nicely before curving back down to her thin, jean-clad legs. Her nipples were rock hard and I could just make out the outline of her areolas through the stark whiteness of her clothing.

She leaned over me and grazed my face with her bulging chest. I reached around her back and grabbed her tight little ass. I took one of her nipples between my teeth and gently tugged. She moaned, leaned over, and bit my earlobe. “Let’s go,” she whispered.

As I rose out of the chair, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started kissing my neck. She was feather-light, so I had no problem carrying her back to her bedroom. Like Holly, Laurie was also a gymnast when she was in school and had managed to maintain her slim figure well past her teens.

As I turned into her bedroom, she kicked the door shut and drove her tongue deep into my mouth. The room was dark, but the blinds were still up and the streetlights illuminated the room enough to see where I was going. I dropped her onto the bed and pounced on top of her. She giggled and groped for my belt buckle. I tore off her trabzon escort bayan tank top and pulled her bra up over her head and down her arms without wasting time with the damn fasteners.

Her milky breasts spilled out and bounced on her chest. Despite their size, they had managed to hold up well and barely sagged at all. I squeezed them lightly and ran my palms over her rock hard nipples. She lowered my jeans and boxers past my buttocks and wrapped her fingers around my turgid cock.

“Oh, baby. You got something for me?” she panted. I backed up slightly to finish removing my pants. Her grip tightened on my cock and she pulled me back towards her. “You’re not going anywhere,” she said. I managed to kick my jeans off while she held onto my cock and laughed.

I lowered myself onto her and rubbed my cock on her naked stomach. Her skin was soft and smooth the touch sent a jolt of pleasure up my spine. She wiggled out of her jeans and underwear as I continued to rub my cock up her taut body. I slid higher and felt the tip entering the deep valley between her luscious tits. She reached up with both hands and squeezed them together to make a tighter fit. I advanced further until my entire phallus was enveloped in her soft mountains of flesh and began to pump back and forth.

“Yes, baby, yes. Fuck my titties. Fuck my big titties!” she gasped. She pushed them together even tighter and I could feel her rock-hard nipples rake against my legs as I moved back and forth. I arched my back as I pushed into her and felt my seed already starting to rise towards the surface. As badly as I wanted to give her a pearl necklace, I didn’t want to cum as fast as a stupid schoolboy. I turned my head and looked out into the room to change my focus.

My eyes hadn’t fully adjusted to the dimness, but I could make out the shapes of objects on the far wall. Something seemed out of place though—something that normally wasn’t there. I squinted and looked harder and saw a person standing there motionless. I froze in mid-pump and gasped as I realized it was Holly. She raised one finger to her lips and made a silent shushing gesture. Laurie started squirming beneath me.

“Don’t stop, baby. Keep going,” Laurie gasped. I immediately continued and looked down to make sure her head wasn’t pointed in Holly’s direction. Thankfully, her face was pointed straight up and her eyes were closed.

I couldn’t believe Holly was in the room. If Laurie found out, she would freak. I tried to convey this to Holly through exaggerated facial expressions. I pleaded with my eyes and managed to make a fleeting motion towards the door with one hand, but she just stood there and ignored me. Was she crazy? What the hell was she thinking? I continued fucking Laurie’s tits, trying to decide what I should do.

After what seemed like an eternity, Holly finally moved. Holding my gaze with an emotionless expression, she lowered her hand and undid her jeans. As she slipped one hand down into her underwear, the other one slid up inside her shirt. She then began to finger herself and massage one of her nipples at the same time.

I suddenly forgot about Laurie’s wrath and my mouth dropped open as I watched Holly masturbate. Her hips started pumping involuntarily and her knees buckled slightly. Her mouth opened with a slight gasp and I could see her breath quicken as she worked herself. She stopped and tore off her top, exposing her pert little breasts, then went right back to playing with herself.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but I knew I didn’t want it to end. I backed off of Laurie and rolled her onto her stomach, making sure her head was facing away from Holly. She moved with me and giggled. I parted her legs and rubbed the tip of my penis between her wet pussy lips for lubrication, then eased into her from behind. She moaned in response and arched her buttocks so I could sink myself further inside her. I lay on top of her back and started fucking her as I turned my head to watch Holly.

Holly pushed her jeans and panties off and went right back to masturbating without missing a beat. She sank to her knees as she watched me pound her sister and rubbed herself faster. Her other hand squeezed her breast tightly and then worked her nipple between her fingers, pulling it outward and doubling its length. She let it go and her breast snapped back into place, resuming its perfect shape with barely a jiggle. She grabbed her nipple again and twisted it back and forth between her fingers. I thrust harder and faster into Laurie. She moaned again and escort trabzon spread her legs a little further apart, allowing me to penetrate her even deeper.

Her fingers furiously working her clit, Holly began making her way towards me on her knees. I stared at her dumbfounded and continued pounding Laurie from behind. When Holly reached the side of the bed, she put my fingers in her mouth and sucked them hard. Her mouth felt warm and sensuous as she ran her strong tongue around my fingers. She then straightened her body and guided my hand down to her velvet pussy. I felt her soft pubic patch and she pushed my hand lower. It was an awkward position, but I could just reach her wetness with my fingertips and she pushed them hard into her. She was soaking wet and boiling hot. I started rubbing her clit in a circular motion, causing her hips to gyrate back and forth and her legs to tremble.

Laurie started moaning louder as the intensity of my thrusting increased another notch. She turned slightly as she reached under herself and started rubbing her clit with one hand. “Oh, baby. Yes! Oh. Oh!” she squealed. I could feel shocks racking her body and knew she was starting to cum. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer myself.

I rubbed Holly harder and she responded with a slight gasp. I felt her reach behind me and grope for my balls. They were swinging back and forth from my furious thrusts and when she located them, she grasped them tightly and moved with me. This was too much to bear and I knew I was going to lose it soon. Holly gasped again—louder this time—then leaned forward and bit into my back to stifle her moans.

“Oh, baby! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” screamed Laurie. I continued pounding into her and Holly helped push me forward with each thrust. As my orgasm bubbled to the surface, I felt an incredible urge to enter Holly. I needed to be inside her, anywhere inside. Laurie tightened up as she came and I pulled out of her and turned toward Holly.

I let go of her pussy and grabbed her head. I pulled her face towards my cock so I could cum in her mouth. I wasn’t fast enough and my first shot hit her in the face, but she quickly moved forward and took me into her mouth. She hungrily drank the rest of my seed as I contracted a second and a third time into her sweet mouth. She grabbed my balls again and seemed to squeeze more cum out of me as I continued convulsing inside her. I watched her cheeks collapse inward as she sucked hard on my cock and shivers ran up and down my spine. I reached down and wiped the cum off her face as she sucked. She then released my cock, took my wet fingers into her mouth, and started sucking them clean.

“Oh, baby. Oh, baby,” Laurie moaned. I had almost forgotten she was there. I quickly withdrew my hand from Holly’s mouth.

“Did you cum, sweetie?” Laurie asked. “Why did you pull out so fast?” Holly’s face twisted into a concerned expression and she quickly dropped out of site.

“Ahh—no. It’s early. I wanted to make sure I had enough for later,” I answered. Laurie rolled onto her back and smiled up at me. Her hand was still holding her crotch.

“You nasty boy,” she said. I kissed her gently on the neck and tried to figure out what the hell was going to happen next. “I have to pee,” she declared. I smiled at her and didn’t move. I didn’t want her to find Holly and I didn’t know what else to do. “Excuse me!” she said.

“Oh, you mean right now?”

“Yes, now! Get off of me!” She shoved me aside and I winced, waiting for her to step on Holly and explode. Laurie got up and left the room. I peered over the side of the bed and no one was there.

“Holly?” I whispered. Her face appeared from beneath the bed and she smiled up at me.

“That was close,” she giggled.

“Very funny. Get the hell out of here before she comes back.” She slid out from underneath the bed and stood up.

“We’re not through yet,” she said. She grabbed my half limp cock and it instantly began stiffening again. I grabbed her wrist and pushed her hand away.

“I’m serious,” I said. “You need to leave. Now!”

She frowned. “What about us?” she pouted.

“I told you, I’ll come get you later. Now beat it.” She turned to go, but I pulled her back and kissed her hard on the mouth. Then I spanked her ass and she darted out of the room. We had evaded detection once again, but I had a bad feeling that our luck wouldn’t hold out much longer.

I lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling, thinking about how Holly’s mouth had felt wrapped around my cock. She was so eager and willing. I ached to go to her. I was filled with an urge to jump up and run to her room, but the sound of a flushing toilet forewarned Laurie’s return to the bedroom. I would stay up all night to get the chance to be with Holly again. I just had to be patient.

Copyright 2003 adoniss

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