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I send you a text saying “In town, come to Holiday Inn Room 101, now”.

You arrive at the door, not knowing what to expect. You hesitate to knock and push against the door with your fist to find that the door is ajar.

I am there awaiting your arrival and I grab you, pulling you into the room wearing nothing but a black sheer teddy with the breast semi-cut out.

You do not know get a chance to say anything.

I am forcing my wet hot tongue into your mouth making your cock explode with heat wanting to be freed. I shut the door behind us while I continue to do so, locking the door, so no one will enter. I start to kiss you with my tongue down the crook of your neck then sliding it back up like it is a popsicle. I am slide back to your mouth and I can feel your cock pulsating inside your pants. I quickly start pulling off your shirt while I lick your already erect nipple, playing and pinching the other not wanting to leave it out. Then I switch sides to increase the intensity. pendik escort I am flicking my tongue back and forth then sucking on your hardened nipple.

You are now quickly undoing your pants because you are lusting for more.

I then pull you to the end of the bed. I am now licking, kissing, and sucking your chest as I make my way down to your vibrating erect cock. Meanwhile, my left hand is smoothly making its way back up your chest to your mouth.

You take my finger and begin to suck on it sending shocks all through my body and stimulating my already wet and throbbing pussy even more. Making it hungry for your dick!

I have already begun pulling your pants down with my mouth and hand. Your pants fall to the floor, your elastic band of your underwear is being gnawed at and pulled off by my mouth. I am a cat in heat, tearing them down your legs, exposing your red and throbbing cock. My hands are gripping tightly on your ass cheeks pulling you ever closer. I start to maltepe escort slide my tongue up your inner thigh making my way sucking and making my claim to your balls playing with them, I suddenly take them into my mouth and suck on them making you arch your back and grab the back of my head letting out a escaped gasp from your mouth while you look down at my face longing for your cock instead to be inside.

I released your balls, licking the back of your dick making my way up the shaft to the head then the tip. I flick my tongue across it, teasing, and taunting it. Making you push it to me hinting to put it in my mouth. I suddenly take it all into my mouth making you gasp even louder thinking you might just explode now. I work my mouth back to the head again and begin to moan as I take it all back in sucking your cock back and forth.

You have your hands again in my hair, watching me suck your cock and I am moaning wanting you inside of me.

I then push you back kartal escort onto the bed releasing my mouth from your dick. I am climbing onto to your body and the bed to straddle that precious rod. I begin slowly rubbing the outside of my already throbbing pussy lips.

You are then wrapping your hands upon my swollen breasts, pulling them into your mouth to suck deeply and hard.

As I plunge onto your cock you are biting down on my breasts. I think I am going to erupt then. I do not sadly. I am now riding you like a bucking horse while my hands are gripping your thighs hard squeezing them.

You grip my hips grinding me onto your cock pounding your hips faster and faster against me. You start yelling “I am about to cum baby!”

I say, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

We both scream out as the explosions of cum unite, making us shake.

We finally go limp.

I lie upon your body.

You wrapping your arms around me tightly, not wanting to break the connection.

We both slip off to sleep. We awake later.

You say, “Welcome home, sweetheart! Ready to go again, but this time it’s my turn.”

“I have been waiting for this for a long time. You were the best thing I ever had and will ever have,” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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