My Freshman Year Ch. 02B

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Please read the previous chapters to understand what is going on in Chapter 2B.

This chapter is about me losing my virginity to the quarterback of our football team during my freshman year at college. They say a girl can always remember her first time and I can remember everything so well, it’s just like it happened yesterday, especially when I read my Diary. It is like I am reliving it all over again. Chapter 2B is a continuation from Chapter 2A which ended with Bill finishing up with the twins after he had taken both of their virgin bodies.

As the twins were finishing up sucking, licking and cleaning Bill’s dick, he turned to me and asked if I wanted to be next. A little chill shot through me, but I was so sexually excited from everything going on around me and since this is what I had wanted to do all night, I just blurted out yes. Of course it helped that I was still really drunk and loaded from the margarita cocktail. Bill smiled, put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him and kissed me. That really ran another rush through me as he moved his hand down to my ass and gently squeezed my ass cheeks. Wow, that really turned me on because he was so gentle as he took control of me and my body and the fact that was the hand he used to throw the ball, I knew I was helping him with what he called it ball control.

About that time Bill let out a little moan then broke our kiss and looked down at the twins sucking his dick. One of the twins had almost three quarters of Bill’s dick in her mouth and the other one had his left nut in her mouth and they were trying to get Bill’s attention away from me, and it obviously worked. Bill looked down at them and told them how fine they made him feel and said how they had really come a long way from earlier tonight and complimented them on being such fast learners. They both looked up to him and said they just wanted to please him and make him as happy as he had made them.

Bill said this is the ultimate challenge and the perfect way to show my dedication to Zen through complete body and orgasm control. Any normal guy would not be able to keep from shooting his wad with 2 beautiful freshly devirginized naked twin girls giving the ultimate blowjob. So to give both of you more incentive to try and make me cum I will give each of you $100. if you can make me come within 2 minutes. Plus if you can take Max completely in your mouth I will pay you $50. So all you have to do is touch your nose to this spot right above my pubic hair and pointed to the place right on his lower belly. So each of you will have 1 minute each to make me cum and touch your nose starting now and you will get $150. One of the twins took the head of his dick into her mouth and started working him in but would gag and had to back off before taking more of him in, while the other sister was licking his shaft. Bill grabbed the camera and had one of the other girls take pictures of what they were doing to him. One twin had worked most of his dick in her mouth while the other twin had to switch from licking his shaft to sucking his balls. With a little encouragement from Bill, and the rest of us, one twin finally took all of him in her mouth and touched her nose to his belly to cheers from us and Bill and saw flashes going off to record the deed. Bill said it is easy to take a guy’s dick all the way when you’re drunk and horny and you have just won another $50.00 but now it is up to your sister to make me cum with your help. As she took Bill’s dick out of her mouth she was smiling and proud of herself and handed it to her sister. They switched as the other twin started working his dick down her throat as her sister licked his shaft. Bill reminded them they only had 1 minute left to make him cum. With every suck she took more of Max in her mouth as her sister reminded her that she had taken his entire shaft in her mouth so she had to also and went back to sucking his balls. With a little work her sister finally took him all the way in to more cheers from all of us and Bill.

Bill said now all you have to do is make me cum, which I am close to doing. Since Bill’s left nut was just hanging there he told me to get on my knees and suck it. This really will test my endurance with 3 girls sucking me he said. I fell to my knees and took his nut sack into my mouth. I noticed his balls did not have any hair on them which really turned me on even more. I had never sucked my old boyfriend’s balls before because they felt hairy, and this felt so different. Wow, here I was sucking on the quarterback’s left testicle. Bill said I want all you girls to play with yourselves and all cum together and let your sexual energy flow out together and fill the room with your sexual scent so I can receive all of your energy which inspires and propels me to victory.

As the twins and I worked on him we all started playing with ourselves. We were all getting more turned on as they started counting down the last 10 seconds. The other twin and I were sucking on his nuts as our lips and tongues met which was really turning me on. Right casino siteleri when they counted 10 one of the twins had his dick completely in her mouth and Bill told us to cum, which we all did together, as the room was full of orgasmic moans, but he did not cum. We were all disappointed but Bill said this just proves the power of Zen and teaches and proves to us about body and mind control. Also Zen teaches you to overcome challenges, and this was a real challenge not to cum now. So just because I don’t cum doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. Bill congratulated the twins on taking him completely in their mouth and give the perfect blowjob and winning the $50. Then Bill told us that any girl that can take all of Max in our mouths completely will get $50. and $100 if we can make him cum, and this goes for all the girls in the room with their guy.

After we all came back to earth Bill helped us up and told the twins how perfect they were tonight and how he will make them even more perfect through the semester, this is just the first lesson. Then he said now for one last big birthday kiss plus he wanted to be the first guy to kiss them as women. He reached down and easily lifted both of them up by their butts as they both put their arms around his neck. With a girl in each hand, he lifted them like barbells and said this is great exercise. He easily moved them around to each hip as they wrapped their legs around his waist. They both hugged and pressed their little bodies against his. Holding their butts he ground their wet pussies against his now wet hips as they would slide their clits against him as they kissed. In the position they were in, their legs crossed right above his hard dick like a frame as Max bobbled up and down from all of the activity. I couldn’t help but look and lust after Max and knew I had to have him in my mouth because he was so big and beautiful plus I knew I would be the next one to be taken by Max and since I had just sucked another guy earlier tonight and took some of his cum and I had also sucked my boyfriend before, plus I had just sucked Bill’s left nut, I just couldn’t help myself any longer. I fell down on my knees in front of Max to worship him. I grabbed his dick and slid his dick head into my mouth. I was surprised how big he felt, (bigger than my ex-boyfriend) so I just held him in my mouth and ran my tongue on the under side of his dick to get used to his size which made him moan. I looked up to see him looking down at me between the twins so he could see who was sucking him. He smiled and told me how good it felt and to keep going.

This turned me on so much that I just had to have more of him inside my mouth so I slowly slid a little more of Max in, which filled my mouth. I held him in my mouth to get used to his size and continued to message his dick with my tongue. I heard him moan again and looked up at him. Bill said this will the ultimate test for body control. I think all three of you girls can make me come this time, and if you do then all three of you will get $100 each. Then he looked at me and told me to touch my nose to his stomach so I could get $50 then looked at the twins and said kiss me some more and make me cum. This really had me going and I wanted him to cum in my mouth so I reached up and started feeling his balls, then took almost half of him in my mouth which made me gag a little so I backed off. Sucking my ex-boyfriend was never anything like this but I liked this.

Since I was on my knees, when I looked up at Bill I had a close up view of the twins spread open gushing pussies and assholes as they framed his beautiful face between the twin’s faces. I could even see their clits grinding against Bill’s wet hips as they let out little squeals. I just had to rub my clit and extremely wet pussy and noticed all the other girls were too. I had to have more of him in my mouth to where it was nudging the back of my throat to where I couldn’t breathe. I gagged a little and had to pull back about half way, but heard Bill let out a long moan into the twin’s mouth. The only thing I could think of was to please Bill which drove me to take more of him in my mouth. I then took a deep breath and took almost three quarters of him into my mouth as I felt his dick slide down the back of my throat and Bill let out a louder moan. I looked up again and saw the twins were frantically grinding their clits against Bill and could see them all kissing. I was so turned on with his dick in my mouth, the next thing I know the twins started to cum as I saw their holes slam shut and they all let out a loud howl. That set me off and heard the other girls cumming also. It just seemed like everyone in the whole room was in a sexual frenzy hearing all of the moans and squeals. I felt Bill’s dick start to twitch in my mouth and thought he was going to cum so I pulled back to where just his dickhead was in my mouth, expecting to feel his cum shoot into my mouth so I could catch his sperm on my tongue to prove he came, but it never happened as all the rest of us came.

Bill and the twins were still slot oyna kissing as they slowly rubbed the last rubs on his hips. As they came down Bill smiled at them and told them how wonderful they are and that both of the twins passed the second initiation test with flying colors, now just one more to go to be part of the team. Then Bill said I hope you girls are enjoying your birthday party as much as I am because this is the best birthday party I have ever been to, isn’t that right girls, and we all let out a loud yes. Then he said there is no better way to celebrate your 18th birthday than in your birthday suite, and we all laughed. My birthday present to you is fucking both of you for the first time and turning you both into women tonight, together at the same time on your birthday with all of your friends around to help celebrate, plus take both of you to nirvana including the extra $50.00 and they all kissed one more time. Also part of your birthday present will be becoming part of the team. Then he declared that the twins were now up to $150. so far with the dick sucking and birthday present. Bill apologized for not cumming, but said this just shows all of you girls the power of Zen, of mind over body, and he has complete control over his body as well as complete control over our bodies which he will teach all of us to do soon. He said he loves making us cum any time he wants. About that time Jim who was at the next altar asked Bill if he was finished with the twins and to send them over. Bill told Jim to be gentle with them because they have a long night ahead of them and they are very delicate, plus today is their birthday. Jim assured Bill he will take care of them as Bill patted them on their ass cheeks as the walked over to Jim. Jim welcomed them with open arms as they did a three way kiss. As I looked around the room it seemed like everyone in the room was in this sex crazed state of sexual euphoria from listening to everything going on around us and all the sex we were all having with the guys.

Bill then looked at the rest of us and asked if we liked what he had just done to the twins and we all said yes, then said, do you want me to do the same thing to each of you and we all said yes. Then he asked if we wanted to continue to wait our turn on the altar of love so he can make each of us a woman and we all said yes. Then he said, see how perfect this is, I have an endless supply of beautiful, naked, virgin coeds at my disposal to do what I want with and enjoy, fuck and take your virginity plus I get to take all of you to nirvana. You see all you girls are my goddesses of love and I am going to be your master and teacher and teach you what boys want and you are going to teach us what girls want, this is why I want you all to be part of the team. I love to bring out a girl’s primitive sexual instincts and emotions to help you connect with your primitive side of sex. This is pure primitive sex, to learn the mechanics of fucking and the enjoyment of pure primal sexual lust and what your body is capable of and how good it can feel and just getting to know your body sexually. It doesn’t get any better than this. I am surrounded by 6 perfect beautiful naked virgin girls waiting for me to take each of you, in a perfect primitive sexual de-virginizing ceremony on altar of love to teach you about your body and the joys of sex. As Bill stood there talking to us I couldn’t help but notice his big hard dick sticking straight out bobbing around as he spoke, that was such an erotic sight to see. I just stared at Max knowing he would soon be inside me, then ran my fingers through my slit to feel my juices. I could tell the other girls were looking around at the guys hard dicks sticking straight out which was really turning everyone on.

Bill continued, your little bodies are a work of art that is made to be displayed and enjoyed. This is why there are so many statues, paintings and pictures of naked women, a thing of beauty and it is so fine being able to see all of your naked bodies. That is when I realized that I was still naked along with everyone else. There were naked bodies everywhere and I wasn’t even embarrassed, it just felt so natural and I was proud of my body and wanted to show it off to everyone. Bill said you are the perfect athletic specimen of a girl’s body, like a wonderland, just ripe for the picking and all you girls exude sexual excitement for me and the guys to receive and enjoy. See how perfect this is, me and the guys get to fuck the best girls in the best sorority on campus, as we let out a little cheer. You see perfect girls are hard to find, and since we are the perfect chosen team, we deserve a room full of perfect chosen girls and all of your positive sexual energy and emotions that you give off gives us the strength, love and inspiration we need to win games. So just think, all of you are contributing to the success of the team and we dedicate all the games to all of you. You see I love it when you girls are so obedient and eager to please me and the girls that please me the most will always be my favorite girls, canlı casino siteleri and you know what that means, you will always be special to me. I was completely mesmerized by what Bill was saying and couldn’t help but hang onto every word he said and I will never forget. Everything he said made me feel so good, it was like a little pep rally and we were all excited.

So the guys and I will make all of you perfect by teaching all of you how to use your body for sex and how to control your body for maximum pleasure for you and me. You see the bigger your orgasm is the better mine is. It is like we feed off of each other. This way both of us benefit. I can’t wait to explore your perfect little body because girls love to have their bodies explored plus it is perfect foreplay to get you ready to be fucked. So me and the guys will teach all of you what it feels like to be a perfect woman, because all of you want to become a woman tonight, don’t you and we all cheered. As you can tell, the guys and I are doing the same thing to all of you girls at the same time because we have done this so many times before and this is required to be part of the team and for the teaching of Zen. He said Zen is about peace, love, harmony and being one with nature and each other, because we are all part of nature. So now I get to shape the way you will feel about sex for the rest of your life, since girls remember their first time, I want your first time to be special and wonderful. I will also teach all of you to be alluring because girls like to be alluring so they can seduce any man any time they want, because a woman’s persona is heavily influenced by her sexuality. So when you find the man of your dreams you can give him the best sex he will ever have. Bill just knew what to say to turn me on even more and made me feel so special, it made me want him even more.

Then Bill asked if we were all ready to go to Nirvana and experience an out of body experience, and we all let out a loud cheer. Well I can’t wait to be the first guy to experience your virgin bodies, and it is going to be fun teaching all of you how to be the perfect lovers and wives someday. Bill looked at all of us and said this is great, here I am surrounded by beautiful naked girls, and nothing else matters in the world now except all of you girls and Football and all you girls are here to contribute to the success of the team. This will be another lesson in Zen, for all of us to get to know our selves and each other mentally, physically and sexually and to heighten your body’s sexual sensitivity and awareness. You see all of you girls give me and the guys on the team strength and stamina we need to win the game. Just think, you girls keep our dicks hard for 4 hours. This uses more energy than playing a football game. Also sex increases testosterone production in men which increases our strength and stamina plus sex increases the hormone levels in girls and makes you want more sex, so let’s get going.

Bill then looked at me and said losing your virginity is a celebration to be shared and enjoyed with all of your sisters just like your birthday. So you are getting ready to feel better than you have ever felt before and enjoy the most pleasurable experience of your life. He said you saw everything I did to the other girls, so are you ready for me to do the same thing to you and turn you into a sexual woman tonight. I just smiled and begged Oh yes because I really wanted him inside me. Then he said just relax and leave everything to me. You don’t have to be nervous because I know what I am doing. You see I have had over 25 virgins just in the last 4 days. Plus I have taken over 300 virgins since I was a Junior High School Football player. For some reason virgins have always been attracted to me and they come up and ask me if I would be their first guy and take their virginity and I couldn’t let them down, so now I am an expert in turning girls into women and now it is your turn. He said he couldn’t wait to go where no man has ever gone before inside me. He just made me feel so special, beautiful and sexy.

Then he looked over at Amy, standing by the end of the altar and asked if she was my roommate and I said yes. He then had her join us and asked her if she wanted to help him take my virginity and make me a woman and she gushed oh yes. Then he looked at me and asked me if I wanted her to help him claim my virginity and I said yes. Then he said I want both of you girls to be together for your awakening. We looked at each other as Amy said this is better than our fantasy could have ever been. Then Bill said I think both of you girls need to get to know each other better so I want you to hug each other. We put our arms around each other and our cheeks together as Bill pressed our bodies together as we hugged like we had done earlier. Amy felt so warm and soft as our bodies and breasts met and I liked it. Then Bill told us to tell each other we love you. Amy and I looked at each other with our lips almost touching and told each other we love you. Then Bill told us to do a long wet kiss because you will be eating each other out soon anyway. Instinctively our lips met as our tongues rubbed together, this really got me even more excited because Amy’s lips were so willing and inviting and she tasted so sweet.

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