My Daughter’s Basement Bedroom

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I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. I was so horny and she wasn’t giving me what I needed. I had asked, cajoled, argued, pleaded everything I could think of to give me more sex. It wasn’t always like this, in the beginning she was a willing and eager partner. Making her cum easily and surprising her when I made her squirt. I was a good father, a romantic and attentive husband. At first, I thought she was having an affair, that someone else was fucking my wife. That was the reason for her lack of interest. Checking her phone and on her whereabouts confirmed it was not the case. It had turned out that her desire had just waned, leaving me perpetually horny and to jerk off nearly endlessly.

I was just gonna do the laundry, my wife wasn’t home and I needed to take my mind off my cock, at least for a little while. I had started to sort the clothes, and came across my step-daughter’s underwear, many pairs of her underwear. Some were skimpy, or thong, others just looked sexy. Now, don’t get me wrong this is not one of those my step-daughter is really hot, and I got to fuck her stories.

No, my step-daughter, who is 26, while she has a pretty face is a bigger girl. Now, I don’t mean giant or anything, but she is chunky. Her upper body is fairly normal, and she has some big tits (probably from her father’s side of the family), unlike her mother, whose tits are much smaller. At her waist she gets a little bigger and has a little flesh roll, but its not huge or anything. Her ass is bigger, slightly chunky. Her thighs are probably her best feature, smooth and kind of muscular, probably from her waitress job.

Lately, I have come to really appreciate her ass and crotch in those tight black stretch pants that are so popular now. She seems comfortable around me because, she will shower upstairs and walk downstairs to her room in just a towel. When her back hurts she lets me give her back massages, the cock in my pants perched between her big ass cheeks as I rub her back. Most times she lifts her shirt so I can get right at her skin to massage her, the large strap of her bra taunting me as I rub her flesh. She also will walk around the house in those afore mentioned stretch pants and a sports bra, her big tits falling out the top, as she lounges on the couch. I’ve taken to watching the flesh of her tits when it shakes as she moves.

I have also like looking at her ass and pussy in those stretch pants imagining what her body looks like out of those tight pants. Because of my wife’s lack of interest. I’m finding that I’m getting a raging hard on while I watch my step-daughter. Anyway, back to the laundry, my wife is not home, my daughter is in her room, probably watching something on her computer, and I’m in the laundry room, about 20 yards or so from my daughter’s room and separated by a long family living area. The stairs going up are just outside the door and to the left. So, I’m pretty secluded in the laundry room, with just one bare 60-watt bulb for light.

Now, I may have thought about sniffing her panties right away, but I didn’t, I sorted all the clothes, colored, whites and delicates and began washing and drying them. So, by the time this incident happened I had clothes hanging as a screen to the open doorway blocking the view (or so I thought). I was hoping that nobody (my step daughter) would see what I was doing. I get almost everything done and I’m on the delicate clothes, you know bras, panties. I’m loading them into the washer, when I was struck by this overwhelming desire to smell my step daughter’s panties.

I couldn’t help myself. I was so horny, I just needed something, and my imagination was taking me down a dark road. The first ones I picked were a silky and lacy forest green pair. Moving them around in my hand to find the crotch, I fold it so it is open in my hands. Bringing it to my nose I take a large whiff of the crotch of her panties. Ahh, that musky, pussy smell invades my nostrils and my brain, my cock immediately leaps in my sweats. I pull the silky fabric from my face, smile for a moment, thinking, god I wish I could eat that pussy. Bringing it to my face again, I take another large sniff, my eyes closed as I imagine what her pussy must look like.

Probably a small, short tuft of red hair, at least that’s what I imagine because she is a true ginger. She has middle of the back length, red hair, that is very silky and shiny, so I imagine the carpet matches the drapes. I imagine the red pubic hair against the pale white skin of her mound, and what it would be like to run my tongue along her pussy lips. I take another deep sniff of her panties, suddenly I hear.

“What the fuck are you doing Francis?” (that’s what she calls me)

“Uh, honey, I was just washing the laundry.”

“My ass! You were sniffing my panties, I saw you.” She says angrily.

Stalking into the room she grabs her panties from my hand and whips beylikdüzü escort them into the washer, slamming the lid.

“What the fuck Francis? What is mom gonna say when I tell her this?”

“Please honey!” I plead. “Please don’t say anything I just got carried away. Mom has been…ahem unavailable lately and I just got caught up in my thoughts. I know it was wrong and I won’t ever do it again, I promise” I stammered.

I don’t want to hear about you and mom’s sex life, you sicko.”

“No honey, I’m just horny.”

“Why should I care?” She says, calming a little.

“You shouldn’t. I agree. “I’m just telling you why I did what I did. I swear it won’t happen again. Please don’t tell your mom, she’d kill me.”

“I should kill you, you, perv! You owe me big time.”

“Yes, honey, yes I do. Sure, whatever you say honey. just don’t tell on me. Ok?”

“Fine. Ok. Whatever, finish my laundry, fold it and bring it into my room.”

“Ok.” I said nervously. “You’re not going to tell?”

“No, but get my laundry done and folded. She says, pausing for a second. “Slave. Then bring it to my room. You are going to be doing a lot for me, for a long time Francis.”

“Yes, honey.” I say bowing my head in shame.

I can never live this down, and if she tells her mom I’m fucked. She would boot me in a heartbeat for this. I finish our laundry, take it upstairs and put it in their appropriate drawers, trying to delay the inevitable. The basket just has my step-daughters folded clothes in it now and sheepishly, with trepidation I head downstairs.

“Honey, here’s your laundry. Where do you want me to put it?”

“In the draws of course.” She says sternly, without looking up from her computer.

The glow of the computer screen lighting her face and the outline of her ample tits encased in her white sports bra. I begin to open her drawers and neatly put her clothes inside. I get to her underwear drawer and open it up, beginning to stack her panties into the drawer.

“I just want to apologize again honey, I meant no harm, I know it was wrong and I’m sorry.”

Closing the computers top she sets it aside on the floor and pushes herself off the bed. Rising slowly and walking toward me, she stops two feet from me and asks.

“Where’s mom?”

“Oh honey, you’re not going to tell her, are you?” I whine.

“Where is mom?” She asks again, more forcefully this time.

“Shopping honey. She went shopping with her friend. She should be gone for hours.” I blurt out.

“Good. I’ve been thinking about what you did Francis, and if you want to sniff my panties so badly then that’s what you are going to do.”

“What honey? What are you talking about?”

“You are going to sniff my panties you little perv, but I’m going to tell you how.”

“Honey.” I stutter. “I don’t know what you have in mind, but it’s probably not a good idea to…”

“Quiet Francis!” She says raising her voice. “You want me to tell mom about what happened?”

“No! No honey.”

“Good. Now do what I tell you or I rat you out. Got it?”

“Yes, baby.” I say putting my head down defeated.

“Now, go over to the door and get on your stomach.”

I look at her confused.

“NOW!” She gives me a look like, what are you waiting for.

I turn and head towards the door, turning back to face her, a big grin on her face. I hesitate a moment, and then lie down flat on my stomach. I can feel the thickness of her carpet against my chest and legs as I get into a comfortable position. She turns and heads toward her bed, turns back around to face me and sits down on the floor her back against the high mattress.

“You like to sniff my panties so much? When I say so, I want you to crawl over to me and sniff my panties.” She says as she puts her feet flat on the carpet, spreads her legs wide, pointing down at her crotch.

From where I am at, with the natural light in the room from the windows, I can see the outline of her mound through the tight stretch pants. The small fleshy roll of her stomach hanging slightly over the waistband of her tights. The fabric of the white top pressed against her large breasts. It also looked as if her nipples were hard underneath the stretchy material.

Pausing a moment. “Now!” She said with great authority. “Crawl to me and sniff my panties.”

Reaching one hand out to grasp the tufts of carpet and pull myself forward, I began my humbling journey, she was in charge. If I didn’t do what she said, my wife would find out what I did, and that could never happen. I could see the shit eating grin on her face as I began. This is where she wanted me. Crawling like a lowly snake, to do as she commanded, she had the power, I had to obey. Crawling on my belly to the end of her feet, she pulls her legs towards her body and spread her legs beyoğlu escort as wide as they would go.

“Now. Come sniff my pus… my panties.” She corrects.

Inching forward my eyes locked on her crotch encased in those black tights. I pull myself to within inches of her mound, slowly ever so slowly I lean my head forward. 2 inches away, I can smell her body scent from the bath soap she uses, it is a familiar smell. I also catch a whiff of her shampoo, her hair loosely hanging in front just to each side of her big tits. An inch away, I can smell the muskiness of her sex, blood surges to my cock. I begin to get stiff in my sweats, the floor not giving under my hard cock. The floor pressing hard against it, causing a little pain with the flood of pleasure I just felt.

Her crotch right in front of me, the distance becoming infinitely smaller as I crept closer. Finally, my nose touches the fabric. It is a little rough. I can feel the softness of her pussy as I press my nose into the stretchy material.

“That’s right.” She says. “Now sniff it! does it smell good Francis? Is that what you wanted, to put your face in my crotch? To smell my dirty panties?” She whispers.

“Yes, honey. Your panties smell so good, it’s better than I imagined.

“Shut up slave, you can’t talk unless I say you can.” She smacks me on the back of my head, hard.

“Now, smell my pussy!”

She reaches down and pulls the back of my head deeper into her soft warm crotch. The smell was exquisite, better than her panties. I inhale deeply. The musky smell of her pussy filling my nose and shooting right to my cock. I could feel dampness as I buried my face as far as I could into her. The smell of her filled my nostrils, my brain was scrambled. My cock, at full attention now, and painfully pressed against the floor between me and the carpet. The head of my stiff shaft making its way out of the top of my pants.

“Do you like the smell of my pussy Francis?” She asked gruffly.

I nodded my head my face deep in her crotch.

“Good boy Francis. Now, I want you to back up Francis. She commanded.

I obediently backed away from her warm crotch. As I did, she raised her ample ass and pulled the tight stretch pants down over it. Then down her legs, taking one leg out at a time from the confining material. When she finished she threw them over her head and on to the bed. Her lower half was now naked except for her panties. She reached behind her and grabbed a pillow from the top of her bed. She scooched forward until there was room enough to lay down then tossed the pillow behind her head and laid on her back.

I could see she had the green panties on. The ones I had sniffed in the laundry room, all silk at the crotch and lace on the legs. My cock jumped as I recalled the smell of those panties. This time, I would get to smell them with her in them. The pale white skin of her legs was a sexy contract to the dark green panties she had on. My cock twitched again as I took in the view. I followed the china white skin of her legs up to the mound under her panties. Wondering what was there and if I would have the chance to see it? I could see the skin exposed next to her pussy, it was as white and inviting as her thighs as it peeked out from the forest green material.

Settling her ample ass against the carpet, her legs spread wide, she says.

“Sniff my panties now Francis.” This time less forcefully and in a much sexier tone.

I crawl forward, again my face just inches from her crotch, I reach around her, putting my hands on the small of her back. In a double motion pulled her green pantied crotch toward me as my head came forward, and I bury my nose in the soft, silky, damp crotch of her panties.

“That’s right Francis don’t be shy.” She instructed. “Smell my panties, take a big whiff. Can you smell my pussy Francis?”

I inhale deeply, smelling her sex and feeling the dampness of her pussy as it moistens the thin silky material.

“Now, Francis, I want you to stick your tongue out and taste my panties.”

Eagerly obeying, my tongue came out and I licked her pantied pussy from top to bottom. Pressing my face and tongue hard into her. Feeling the curves of her warm pussy as I went down the length of her cunt. Coming back up I could feel the wetness of the trail I had left. Her panties seeming to get thinner as they got wetter. I worked up a mouthful of saliva and opened my mouth to coat the crotch of her panties with my spit. I could feel the outline of her pussy lips, as the material became soaked, not only from my spit but I’m sure from her wet snatch as well.

I could really smell the sex now heavy in the air. Her hormones raging as a new wetness dripped from her pussy. Breathing heavy, she pants.

“Maybe you would like to smell my pussy without the panties?” Reaching a hand down she slides bomonti escort her panties to one side exposing her wet pink pussy. She the deepest reddest pussy hair I had ever seen. It matched alright, it was shaved into a triangle and trimmed short, her pussy lips barren of even a trace of hair. The smooth white skin of her wet pussy lips standing out against the deep red of her bush. I gasped as she exposed herself to me, the soft fleshy skin of her pussy a tongues length away. I slowly reached my tongue out and gently touched her pussy with the tip, tasting her juices, her flavor. I move forward a little and bury my tongue in her pussy hole, she squeals as my tongue enters her wet quim.

I can taste her juices now, sweet and musky on my tongue and face. I run my tongue up to find her hard clit. Pausing there, I take it into my mouth swirling my tongue around it, feeling its hardness in my mouth.

‘Yes, Francis, lick my pussy with your tongue.” She pants.

As she drops a hand on the top of my head and pulls my face into her soaking wet snatch. I release one hand from the small of her back and bring it to my mouth. Wetting a finger with my saliva and her sex. Running my finger up and down her pussy lips, they fall apart and I search for her wet hole. Working her clit with my tongue, I can hear her heavy breathing as I poise my finger at her gash and slowly slide my finger deep inside her cunt. She arches her back as my finger penetrates her. She pulls my head in even tighter to her clit.

“Yes, Francis, you fucking perv. Lick my cunt, finger my pussy.

I pull out my finger, soaked from her cunt juice. I bury two fingers in my mouth to wet them. I can taste her on my finger and I savor the taste as I make the fingers wet, rolling them around in my mouth. I pull them out of my mouth, dripping with my saliva, and find her wet hole again. This time I slide two fingers deep in her cunt. She moans very loudly, as a new wave of her slit juices run out of her. I turn my fingers upward and begin to work them in and out of her wet pussy. Slowly at first, then quicker and quicker. I can feel her pussy swell as she nears her orgasm.

My fingers hitting her G-spot with every thrust, as I roll my tongue faster and with more pressure on her engorged clit.

“Right there Francis. Don’t stop. Right there! Right there! Right there!”

Just like her mother when she cums. Her juices squirt into my mouth and down my chin. They run down her wet slit, between her ample round ass and soak the carpet under her. She is clutching my head with both hands, holding it in a vice-like grip. She pulls me deeper inside, thrusting her hips to smash my face into her quivering cunt. She lays there shaking from her orgasm, holding my head, her clit sensitive, as the waves of pleasure run up and down her body. I can see her fat tits quivering, the nipples hard against the white fabric of her sports bra.

I pull myself forward, my hands on either side of her chunky hips. As I roll forward my sweat pants roll down to my knees, revealing my stiff cock. In one motion the tip of my cock enters my step-daughter’s soaked pussy. Her tightness encircling and squeezing my shaft as I push my cock its full length inside her quivering quim. The soft wetness surrounding my cock making it jump inside her. She begins to push at my chest.

“What the fuck are you doing Francis?” Pushing me hard. “Get off me! Did I say you could fuck me? What the fuck are you thinking!” She screams angrily. I back out of her quickly. Landing on my ass, my cock popping out of her wet pussy. My shiny cock bobs back and forth hitting my stomach as I look at her in disbelief. Sitting up, she points her finger at me.

“You want to cum?” She mocks. “Then jerk yourself off.”

I begin to pull up my sweats.

“Here!” She says. “Jerk off right here, you perv.” She demands.

I am dumbfounded, I move to the closest wall and push my back up against it.

“Now, stroke your cock.” She commands. I reach up to my deflating shaft and began to stroke it my heart only half in it.

“Do you need some help Francis?” She says mocking me. “Think about sniffing my panties and licking my pussy.”

I can feel her pussy juices still on my cock making it slick, her dirty talk arousing me. I closed my eyes and replayed what had just transpired between us, in my mind. My cock began to grow hard again as I shut her out and focus on her panties, that wet pussy and her cumming on my face. It did not take long, as my orgasm hit, I shot my steaming wad onto my stomach the rest running down my shaft and over my hand.

“That’s right Francis. Cum on yourself you messy, dirty perv.”

Opening my eyes, I could see she was staring at my long cum soaked cock.

“If you are done, you can go.” She said sternly. I pull myself off the floor and tuck my cock into my sweats, the cum staining the inside of my pants as I feel the semen on my stomach run down my belly.

“You’re not gonna say anything?” I implore.

“Not now Francis, but you still owe me.” She says as an evil grin runs across her face.

“Now, get out!”

Turning, I leave her room, head bowed in disgrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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