My Buddy’s Girlfriend

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Author’s Note: I’d like to thank Candace “shygirlwhore” for her fantastic editing. I would sound like a third grader without her help. Candace took her time and made sure everything was done right before sending me out among the wolves. Thanks again Candace.


I swore I’d never tell anyone this story, but it’s been 13 years and you did ask who my best ever was.

Cline University is a small private college in Galveston, Texas named after Isaac Cline. Isaac was a meteorologist who gained notoriety by failing to predict a hurricane that wiped out all of the island in 1900. Cline’s student body was too small for fraternities but in their absence the rugby team did a fair job at providing me a Greek lifestyle, minus all of the community service requirements, grade requirements, dues, okay so really it was just a group of friends who drank too much and offended everyone around us. Still that sounds like a fraternity to me.

Most of our weeks were well planned and scheduled. Tuesday’s practice was followed by closing down Diggy’s on the Strand, Wednesday’s practice was followed by a game of who can get kicked out of Ocean’s Cabaret the fastest, and Thursday’s practice was followed by spending the night in Connolly’s. Thursday was always followed closely by Friday morning, where the game was find to my pants and figuring out why one eye is swollen shut. I’d tell you about the weekends but the truth is I don’t remember most of them. Still I think that’s when we played our games.

This Thursday, however, was different. My girlfriend had just broken up with me and the guys wanted to celebrate by getting me to host a party at my apartment.

Thanks fuckers. I know, you see it on TV all the time, people saying “We love to have friends over and host parties.” Well, trust me those are people that don’t have rugby friends. Rugby friends will destroy all your shit, drink all your booze, and eat all your food. The best part is they’ll still be there in the morning so that they can pee in you sink and throw-up one more time on your floor; and just before they leave suggest that you clean your place up because “it looks like shit.”.

So that was the night we were about to have. However, I wasn’t going to have it without at least a chance at sex. That’s why I called Ted.

Ted joined the team last year and his saving grace is his hot ass sister. We all take turns telling Ted that we’re going to bang his sister just so we can watch his head spin and hear his promises to inflict bodily harm in ways that would make an inmate blush. So I called Ted to cheer myself up, but before I could get into the details of what I was going to do to his sister he stopped me. “Yeah, yeah. Before you spoil my kindness let me make an offer. Tiffany has a friend in town who’d love to come tonight and I’d be happy to bring her but I swear to God if you say one more word about my sister I’m gonna shove your nuts so far up your ass your breath will smell like duck butter.”

Tiffany was Ted’s girlfriend and while she was hot, her friends were a question mark. “Okay Ted, say I take you up on it. What does she look like?”

“She looks good enough,” he said “but the important thing is that she’s not quite right in the head.”

“So you’re bringing a crazy bitch to my apartment and you expect that to be enough to keep my mouth shut?”

“You’re not listening,” He said quickly shutting me down. “Her last boyfriend just broke up with her because she was stalking all his friends.”

“I’m still not-” I started to interrupt.

“Her last boyfriend,” Ted continued unperturbed, “Used to complain, all the time, because she left him with bruises after fucking.”

Bruises huh? Now that’s interesting. Ted continued “So yes she’s crazy, but I’ll bet that means she fucks like a maniac.”

“Okay Ted, I’ll shut the fuck up for now. But if she doesn’t come through I’m sticking it in your sister’s ass.”

“Goddamn it, Mother Fucker!” I swear to God you piece of shit…” Now satisfied I’d pissed him off I hung up the phone and went to the store.

We skipped practice that day and most of the team showed up around 2 that afternoon. My one bedroom apartment can’t accommodate more than 12 people, so a few stayed inside drinking and watching TV while the rest of us were out by the pool and John tended the grill. The two parties manage themselves well, so I dragged an ice chest to the pool and parked myself next to it. It wasn’t long before the 2 families that were there before saw wisdom in keeping their kids far away from us.

Ted was true to his word and showed up with 2 girls. Tiffany, who always looked good, especially today in a red bikini with white polka dots and Amber the crazy friend. Amber was wearing a green bikini top and khaki cut off shorts that might as well have been bikini bottoms. Everything on Amber’s body was voluptuous from her wide hips and large breasts, to her pouty lips and giant doe eyes. Her hair was shoulder length and dirty blonde. If casino siteleri this was the girl who gave bruises during sex, I was in for a treat.

Ted came up and introduced us. Amber must have been very comfortable because she stole a beer from my ice chest and jumped in the pool next to me. No man is ever gonna tell a girl she can’t get a drink, especially when he’s trying to have sex with her. We started with the obligatory questions, “Where do you go to school? When do you graduate and what are you going to do then?” Things were progressing well and the conversation was easy. We started talking about old relationships and she brought up that she heard I was single. “Yeah, broke up with me last weekend, it was a little tough.” I said.

Now here’s the important part, girls will judge you based on why you are not with someone so- the answer to why you broke up is important. Before she could ask why I continued “It’s okay. I think the relationship was dying, anyway.”

“Why? What happened?” She asked.

“Well, she caught me cheating on her for the second time.” She gave me a shocked look, as she pulled her head away from me.

Normally that would have been a bad thing to say and if she was a good girl she was going to leave right then. I was just looking to see how hard I was going to have to work here.

I stepped back from her and looked down in the water. “I know it was shitty of me, but I always felt lonely with her. I know I should have dealt with it differently, I just kept hoping we could work it out.” Finally looking up from the water I said “I don’t know maybe it’s better this way. I know that I don’t hurt from being ignored anymore.”

Her face changed and she looked compassionate as she stepped closer to me. “I think some girls just don’t know how to treat a man. I’m sorry she ignored you.” She let her hand drop to my arm as she said this last part.

Holy shit. Ted you’re my fucking hero. This was definitely going in the right direction; I was thinking to myself, when I heard John say “Hey lady nice kid, can I get you another?”

“Pack it up!” I shouted “Let’s go back the apartment,” The lady John yelled at had a husband that did NOT look happy and while he was going to be in a bad spot trying to pick a fight with all of us I didn’t want the cops there or an eviction notice.

I stayed outside to apologize to the lady and explained that “Yes my friend is an asshole, and I’m sorry your daughter heard that, but please forgive him. He’s just had too much to drink today.”

When I got back inside, the apartment was packed, people standing shoulder to shoulder and the pool table in the middle of my living room was making it extra cramped. I lived in a one bedroom apartment on the bottom floor. The bedroom was separated from the living room by a bathroom to the left and a small galley kitchen to the right. It was in the kitchen that I found Amber talking to John and Ted pinned, because it was so cramped. I caught her eye and smiled, holding another beer in my hand for her, but she couldn’t break away.

Before I could find a place to sit, another buddy made it over to me to tell me a bunch of them were leaving. “Buddy it’s a sausage fest in here and as much as I like you we’re going to Connolly’s. You’re welcome to come whenever you get tired of this.” That was the news I was hoping for. Maybe now John would leave Amber alone and I could work on some company for later on.

Just as everyone was leaving another buddy of ours, Mark, showed up with his girlfriend in tow. Mark was too small to play on the team but we all liked him and he frequently showed up where ever we were partying. However, this was the first time I’d seen him with a girl and a good looking one at that.

Let me step back because I really shouldn’t pick on Mark for being smaller; compared to the monoliths I play with; I look like a rod. My big advantage is that none of them can out pace me and while I can’t hit as hard as they do it takes 3 of them to take me down. And if I’m forced to confess I play dirty; no one leaves a scrum without a torn ear lobe, bite marks, or sore testicles.

I said hello to Mark and his girl and started saying my goodbyes to some of the other guys. Dave and Billy stayed and Tiffany was standing outside smoking, so where the hell was Amber? I checked the apartment and didn’t see her until I went into the bathroom.

No one was standing there but the shower was running and the floor was soaked. I yanked back the shower curtain to see John, Amber and Ted making a horrifying sandwich. John was behind her doing his best to make her remember him and Ted was in the front getting a hand job. Amber reached over and grabbed my shirt, pulling me to her, kissing me on the lips. I finally got my hands on someone’s shoulder and pushed myself back. I don’t mind sharing a girl, but it will not be at the same time.

Not just a little disappointed I went to the kitchen to make something stronger than beer. Mark walked in slot oyna and asked for something for him and his date. “What was her name again Mark?” I asked.

“Myra,” he said “Can you make us something strong? And preferably something you can’t taste the alcohol in.” He asked with a sly grin.

“I’m hurt you have to ask.” Vodka and fruit juices are wonderful things and I made one for myself too, then brought the others to Mark.

A game of cut throat had started so I sat on the couch next to Myra. I’m pretty sure the alcove where my couch sat was intended for a breakfast table but seeing how the pool table took up most of my living room I built a raised deck and put a couch on it. I was always proud of the way I kept my apartment; it was clean and didn’t look like a college dorm room. I even liked the carpeted floors because I go bare foot everywhere and it feels good on my feet.

“So Myra how’d you and Mark meet?”

“He was the tour guide that showed the freshmen around campus and helped get us situated.” She said with a smile. Myra had a deep tan, almost a native American look, that accentuated a beautiful wide smile. We continued to talk about school and as we talked I noticed a light band of freckles across her nose and cheeks, that made what would look like normal light brown eyes on anyone else appear like amber. Her loose pony tail of raven black hair came down to the top of her waist, but she kept it pulled in front of her perfectly framing a sleek, sinuous neck.

The more I looked at her the more attractive she became. How in the hell did Mark get a girl like this? I wondered to myself. I continued feeding her drinks as we talked and drinking my share of them too. But it wasn’t until we started talking about music that she came alive. Turns out we shared a passion for the blues. I didn’t think anyone knew the same artists I did. Whenever someone mentions blues people inevitably talk about BB King or Stevie Ray Vaughn who are both great but we talked about Taj Mahal and RL Burnside. It was a connection I hadn’t expected.

Music was her passion; in fact, she’d been in the marching band in high school. And there it was; she was a band geek and Mark was a senior in College. Shit, I wish I’d learned the trick of picking up freshmen girls.

The cut throat game was over so I invited Myra to a game of 8 ball, but not before I put in the soundtrack to Black Snake Moan.

The girl was a good pool player and I was losing. I’m a cheater so I tried bumping her as she was lining up to take the winning shot. She stood up and whispered to me, “If I win this game you owe me your shirt.”

“What?” Was all I could get out before she made the shot.

“You’re turn to rack I think.” She said

I wasn’t about to start stripping clothes in front of everyone just to advertise that a girl was beating me on my own table. “I don’t think I can afford to play too many more games,” I said with a smirk.

“Well at least 2 more,” she replied looking at my shorts.

“Actually just one more.” I said. I didn’t have to tell her that meant I wasn’t wearing underwear, she shot me a devious grin telling me she knew what I meant.

I intended to win this game so I could challenge her for her shirt but like they say The best laid plans and all. Myra was wearing a sleeveless maroon blouse with a deep V-neck and every time she would take a shot that blouse would fall open just enough for me to make out the outline of her nipple.

When she first came in she appeared to have average sized breasts but when her shirt fell open it revealed a padded bra that hid small, perky tits. Normally I like a full figured woman with wide hips and large breasts but on Myra’s small frame they fit her perfectly.

I must have been staring because John walked up next to me and whispered, “Too bad they’re not bigger, huh?” and walked away. When the fuck did he get out here? was my first thought before remembering that I’d been caught staring down Myra’s shirt. I quickly looked around to see who saw me staring and Myra was looking at the que ball with a grin but Mark was looking right at me. I didn’t even notice John, Ted, and Amber leave the bathroom; I’d been thinking about Myra too much. Shit, I’d better go fix another drink and collect my thoughts.

Have you ever seen a girl that you thought was incredibly attractive but none of your friends did, and they made fun of you just for thinking that? I worried that Myra was that girl. None of the other guys paid any attention to her and while I couldn’t keep my eyes off her even Mark seemed dismissive. I must have missed something, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell what it was.

Another game of 8 ball started between Amber and Mark so I took a seat on the couch next to John and Billy. John, leaned over to me and said “Hey you think someone should warn Mark about Amber? They’re looking a little friendly.”

“What would they tell him?” I asked “That he could go fuck her in the shower? Or that canlı casino siteleri if he does fuck her he’s probably gonna catch your case of herpes?” John nearly spit his drink out when I said the last part.

John looked real seriously at me and said “No, man it’s not flaring up right now.” It was my turn to lose it laughing.

Myra came out of the kitchen with her own drink and sat sideways on my lap putting an arm around my neck. I guess she didn’t like Mark playing with another girl but she didn’t appear upset either and the 4 of us on the couch continued to bull shit and make fun of each other.

She was still sitting on my lap when the song Allie Mae started playing. It’s one of the faster songs from the sound track and she recognized it right away. Turning forward with her back to me she announced that she loves this song and began to move her hips in rhythm with the music. The tiny white shorts did nothing to pad the contours of her ass as she continued dancing on top of me. It wasn’t long before my clothing was betraying me as my erection grew. Myra shifted her position allowing my dick to press between the cheeks of her ass while her hips kept time with the song. It was all I could do to hold it together while she slid her ass up and down my cock. I put my hands on her hips pulled her down harder on me as she danced.

I thought I was gonna cum before the song ended and she stopped dancing but my heart was pounding and I didn’t want her to get up exposing my embarrassingly hard dick, so I grabbed her around the waist and held her in place. She didn’t fight me but instead leaned back into me reaching back with one hand and resting it on the shaft of my dick.

I downed my drink and looked to see if Mark was watching but he seemed preoccupied with Amber. Truth was it was getting late and Billy was already passed out next to John looking like he was gonna throw-up anytime.

Myra finally moved her hand and I tried to focus on everyone else in the room so I could gain my composure and walk up right again. Before I got up I told everyone after this next game it was time to leave. John started a spark of protest but when I motioned to Myra still sitting on my lap he understood and woke up Billy.

This was another important thing I have learned. If you ever want to have sex and not be bothered by your best friends don’t join a rugby team and don’t let them in the house you’re trying to have sex in. Yes, I mean not anywhere in the house.

Everybody was making their way out and saying goodbye, but Myra had gone to the kitchen instead. Mark was standing by the door waiting for her when she told him that she didn’t feel good and thought she should stay there tonight. Mark’s not stupid and he tried arguing with her but I told him she’d be okay with me and not to worry about anything. Mark gave me a look of resignation and left.

Myra was standing near the kitchen with a wolfish grin and said, “I think you owe me those clothes.”

“How bout another drink first?” I countered, not wanting to rush anything now that we were alone.

She didn’t say anything but walked over to the pool table and started racking the balls. I put all the same fruit juices in our drinks but no alcohol. She was already pretty drunk and I didn’t want her passing out.

“Tell you what,” I said, handing her the cup of juice. “How bout if I win this next game we both get naked, but if you win I drive naked to the gas station and get us more Vodka?”

“Well that doesn’t sound fair to me,” she responded, but before she could say something more I interrupted her.

“I’m not getting naked without a chance to at least even the field.”

Resting her weight on the pool que she looked at the ceiling in indecision.

“You promise to go all the way to the store naked?” She asked in genuine disbelief.

“Yes” I said firmly. The funny thing is I wasn’t lying. If nudity was a prohibition at parties, I don’t think we would have ever had one.

With both of us drunk the game took forever, which I didn’t really mind. Every time she would lean over to take a shot it gave me another peek at her breasts. The apartment was too dark to make out any detail but I could see the rise of her nipples pushing against the cup of the bra. I didn’t want to wait anymore, I wanted her; I grabbed her and pulled her to me so I could kiss her. She didn’t resist, in fact she dropped the pool cue and put her arms around me pulling me closer.

With one hand sliding down her back I pulled her hips to me. I could feel my dick pressing hard between her hips and felt the slight rise of her mound. I slid my right hand under her shirt and up her back. She was breathing heavy when my hand reached the back of her bra and I moved it around to grab her breast. Feeling only the padding I forced my fingers under it and cupped her breast in my hand. Her breast pleasantly filled my hand, as I allowed my index finger to draw across her nipple. She made a soft whimper and slowly drew back from me.

“We should finish the game,” she said bending to pick up her pool cue. God Damnit this was driving me crazy. My pulse was racing and my hands and face were flush, I didn’t think I’d be able to settle down.

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