My Best Friend’s Mother

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I was 18, studying in college when I lost my virginity to my best friend babu’s mother. Her name was Reena and I had always called her Reena aunty till then. It happened this way…

Both Babu’s father and mine were in government service in Ludhiana, Punjab, India and we had been classmates from school. Then my father got posted out and Babu’s parents became my local guardians when I shifted to the hostel. Quite often I would simply go over for dinner to babu’s house and stay there for the night, sleeping in the spare cot in his bedroom… this carried on for over a year…

The incident happened one evening when I had gone over to Babu’s house to pick up a book I had left there the previous week. Babu was not home — he had gone to visit his uncle in Chandigarh for some work — so I planned to go there, pick up my book and go back to the hostel…

When I reached there, Reena aunty asked me to come in and make myself comfortable. I told her that I planned to go back to the casino oyna hostel after picking up my book and she asked me: “Why?” “Don’t you think Raj that you can stay here even when Babu is not home. YOu are practically my second son”. I said” Sure Reena aunty, that is fine”. The next day was a Sunday so there wasn’t much to go back to the hostel anyway.

This was around 8 in the evening… and I soon realised that uncle (Babu’s dad) was not home yet. I asked Reena aunty when uncle was getting back. She replied: “He’s gone on a tour… he will be back only next week…”

She told me to make myself comfortable in the living room and switch on the television while she changed and came… She disappeared into her room and turned up soon… she was wearing nothing but pyjama tops which barely covered her buttocks… with every movement, I could see her faded sky blue panties.

My cock immediately sprang to attention and I tried to hide my raging hardon by shifting position. slot oyna Reena aunty came and sat down next to me and said : “Raj, answer one question honestly. Have you used my panties for masturbating? Or was it my son?” Shamefaced, I answered, “No aunty, I had used them earlier.” (I used to pull her panties from the washing basket and shag in them and put them back when I was staying with Babu…)

Reena aunty said in almost a whisper: “If you want my panties, you can take them off from me now…”

Then she closed her eyes and said almost to herself: “Oh god, what am I doing, asking my son’s friend to take off my panties…”

After a stunned moment, I started pulling her panties down. Her bush was black and curly. Reena aunty kept her eyes closed all this while. When her panties were fully out, I started unbuttoning her pyjama top. She was wearing no bra and her breasts sprang free…. Soon she was naked as the day she was born…

Now I began stripping out of my clothes. canlı casino siteleri Reena aunty opened her eyes to see my raging hardon. In a soft voice, she pleaded: Raj, never tell this to anyone. I will never be able to face Babu or your uncle if this came out.

I gave her my word. She spread her legs wide and I pushed my pulsating rod into her…

Let me describe her a bit.. she was not like the mothers of my other friends who were fat, middle aged ladies. Reena aunty had taken care to keep herself fit by dieting and exercises. She had slightly droopy breasts but otherwise was in fine shape… and she had an alabaster complexion…

I will never forget that night. We did it every possible way. She sucked my pulsating rod and I ate her pussy. I shoved my hardon inside her inviting vagina and late her virgin tight ass. I must have come four times that night and I don’t know how may times she did…

Next morning we showered together and sat down to breakfast naked. We were both spent forces. I stayed with her two more days before going back to the hostel just before Babu came home.

After that, we resumed normal relationships and never referred to the matter again. But I fantasize about her still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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