My Best Friend Ch. 01

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My friend Addison is about as gorgeous as a woman can get. I’ve always had a little “girl crush” on her, even before I realized I was bisexual. She has long blonde hair and deep green eyes. A trim waist, narrow hips, and long, sculpted legs. And her breasts….oh, God her breasts! Absolute perfection. 36D, perfectly round with big pink aureoles and large, long nipples. The kind of nipples that always seem to be erect, even on the hottest summer day. The kind of nipples that can’t be hidden under a bra. The kind of nipples that were made to be licked and sucked and chewed on just enough to make a woman moan. I’ve had many embarrassing moments at work thinking about doing just that to her nipples. Lost in my erotic daydreams, I’ve drifted off into Addison land only to return with a flushed face and very wet crotch!

Addison and I met in college. We were roommates freshman year and became fast friends. We shared common interests in clothes, music, and men. By the middle of the first semester our friends had started referring to us as the Bobbsey Twins. We were practically glued together at the hip.

One night at a party we ended up in an upstairs bedroom with an anonymous fraternity guy. Neither of us were particularly promiscuous, but we liked to have a good time and we both loved sex. It started out with heavy petting on the part of the guy. Alternating between Addison’s still covered breasts and my bare ones. Lots of kissing and groping and moaning. I was enjoying myself fully as I watched the guy lick and suck on my large puffy nipples while trying to snake his hand up Addison’s shirt. That’s when it hit me, I was more turned on by the anticipation of seeing my best friend’s breasts than the sucking mouth attached to my over-sized nipple.

A shockwave went through me which was obviously misunderstood by the jock attached to my tit. He took his hand out from under Addison’s shirt and concentrated all his efforts on my already exposed breasts. Needless to say, I was disappointed. What I wanted more than anything at that moment was to see Addison’s beautiful chest, naked and oh so close to mine. I dropped my head back and let the fantasy roll over me as the frat boy worked my tits over with his mouth and his hand slid under my skirt. His fingers worked their way past my white cotton panties and his middle finger slid up and down between my big, meaty lips. He dropped down between my thighs and pushed my panties aside. But all I could think of as his fingers pushed in and out of my wet hole and his mouth sucked my engorged clit was my best friend. It was like an erotic slideshow in my head. Addison with her head thrown back in laughter, exposing her long graceful neck. Addison in her tight gym clothes, sweaty after a hard workout.

Addison coming out of the bathroom after a shower and dropping her towel to reveal the body of a goddess. Addison passed out in bed after a hard night of partying, legs spread wide, shirt hiked up just far enough to catch a glimpse of a long pink nipple. I couldn’t take it anymore, I grabbed the guy’s head and ground his face into the V between my legs, feeling his fingers push even deeper into me. I came with more intensity than he expected. I heard his muffled groan from between my legs as my body began to shake. Like a good little boy, he rode it out. He deep fucked me with three fingers of one hand in my slit and illegal bahis three from the other buried in my ass. He frantically searched for my clit between my beefy cunt lips while I nearly squeezed the life out of him with my thighs. At last I relaxed and began to come down. The frat boy was on his knees stradling my face with his thick cock in his hand, obviously expecting reciprocation. But Addison was gone. In the middle of my fantasy, she’d snuck out of the room. Probably to give me a modest amount of privacy. I was disappointed. I wanted her. I had just cum while fantasizing about her. I had a feeling everything was about to change.

I took pity on the jock. After all, I may have been fantasizing about Addison, but it was his fantastic mouth and talented fingers that brought me to climax. I grabbed his thick, uncut cock and began to stroke. I stuck my tongue in the slit and rolled his foreskin over it then jacked him off, his overhang enveloping my tongue like a skin glove. I sucked his thick cock, licked up and down the shaft and opened my mouth wide to suck in both of his low hanging balls while I pushed my finger into his foreskin and circled his head from inside. I scooted back and licked around his tight hole then pushed my way inside, fucking his butt as deep as I could with my tongue while his loose nutsack rested on my forehead. I let two fingers replace my tongue and I slowly pushed in and out of his hole, massaging his prostate while I moved back to his bulbous cock head. He fucked my mouth with his fat mushroom head and I fingered his tight ass until he exploded, his muscles squeezing my fingers as he shot three long, hot ropes of cum into my open mouth. I swallowed every drop, stood up and straightened my clothes, thanked him for the great night and went home to my dorm room, hoping to find Addison already there.

I was crushed to find the room empty when I got home. I didn’t really know what I’d expected to happen if she’d been there. Would I have professed my attraction and hoped for the best? I didn’t have a plan but it was a mute point since I was alone in our room. I didn’t see Addison until after my last class the next day. She’d gone back to the party when she saw things heating up between me and the frat guy. She said she’d spent the night with our friend Mark just in case I wanted to have some more fun with my random guy at our place. Then she confessed to sleeping with Mark. During her detailed story of her night I realized I would have to keep my attraction to myself. Addison had never expressed an interest in girls and I didn’t want to bring it up and risk ruining our friendship.

So that’s how we spent the remainder of our freshman year. She and Mark became a couple, we all went out together, and I secretly lusted after her. I managed to be in the bathroom with her as many times as possible while she was showering, just so I could catch a glimpse of her body when she stepped out. I watched her while she slept and wondered if she’d ever done the same to me. When I masturbated, it was her mouth on my wet pussy, not my fingers. I felt like a pervert. What would she think if she knew my secret desires? I never let on though. I started dating a friend of Mark’s and we often discussed our sex lives. If she thought it was unusual when I pressed her for details about what Mark did to her she never said so.

Our sophomore illegal bahis siteleri year we were allowed to live off campus. Addison and I spent the whole summer searching for the perfect apartment. We found a studio near the college that was in our price range. It was a little shabby, but we added our touch and when the semester started we had a welcome back party for all our friends. The evening was a success and in the morning our small space was littered with beer bottles and half naked co-eds. We rounded everyone up and shooed them out so we could begin the clean up process.

Since the apartment was a studio, we only had one large room that included the kitchenette and living space and a separate room for storage. We’d discussed turning the storage area into a bedroom but decided it was too small. Our sleeping arrangements consisted of two futons folded up into couches during the day to provide more space and laid out into beds at night to sleep on. In the week that we’d lived there I hadn’t had more than an hour of sleep at a time. The thought of Addison sleeping so close to me made me crazy. I wanted to roll off of my futon and onto hers and relieve the ache in my crotch by finally acting out all the fantasies I’d had about her.

The next night as I watched her sleep I let my hands slide down my body to rub my big nipples. I had small breasts but my nipples were very large, the aureoles about the diameter of a soda can, and very puffy. They were an endless source of pleasure for me. Extremely sensitive, I could become aroused by the softest brush against them. I gripped them both at the same time and kneaded, never taking my eyes off of Addison. My left hand wandered further down and dipped into the waistband of my underwear. I let myself go further and stroked the moist folds of my thick outer lips. I pinched them between my fingers and pulled, stifling a groan as I became very wet very quickly. I parted the heavy lips and ran my middle finger up and down my small but sensitive clit. I was so aroused I couldn’t go slowly. I pushed four fingers inside my aching cunt and began pumping while my thumb stroked my nub. I was squeezing my tit and frantically fucking myself when Addison opened her eyes.

For a moment I froze. Then she smiled. She propped herself up on her elbow and asked what I was doing. She knew exactly what I was doing so I didn’t bother lying. I pulled the sheet down to reveal my small frame, fingers still buried inside my body. Neither of us spoke. As I continued the assault on my pussy I noticed the sheet moving at her waistline. I was amazed! She was masturbating, too! The thought of this mutual masturbation was almost too much for me to handle, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted this to last as long as possible. I eased two fingers out of my hole and slowed down my rhythm. I watched as the sheet slipped off her shoulder and took a sharp breath in when I saw her long, erect nipple. Slowly, I thought to myself, make it last.

She pulled her sheet back all the way and I got to see what she was doing underneath it. Her legs were spread wide and her fingers were strumming the largest clit I’d ever seen. I knew she had a beautiful body, but for all my stolen glances, I’d never seen this attribute! Her fingers were tapping, then sliding up and down the length of her clit. My hands had stopped moving, I couldn’t canlı bahis siteleri do anything but stare in wonder. It made sense, though. Her nipples were long, why wouldn’t her clit be, too? She had thin outer lips and inner lips that I was sure must be an inch long. Her clit stood out from her body like a tiny penis, hard and ready to be sucked. She pulled on it and released, then pinched her lips between her fingers and stretched. I almost came without touching myself. I wanted a closer look but was afraid to move so I went back to work on myself. I pushed three fingers, then four inside my gushing pussy, pumping deep and slow. I watched her bring her long nipple up to her mouth and flick it with her tongue, then draw it into her mouth and suck.

I was quickly losing control, I was using one hand to rub my clit while four fingers on the other pounded my hot snatch. I needed more. I pushed the four fingers in deeper and ground my hips as I fucked myself. More, more, more. It was a mantra in my head. I’d never gone farther than four fingers, but I needed satisfaction. I needed to be stretched and full when I finally came. I tucked my thumb inside my palm and slowly slid it into my hot, dripping cave. My hand was in my pussy and I was watching my best friend lick her own beautiful tits as she worked magic on that giant clit. With a grunt, I pushed again and my hand disappeared up to my wrist. I couldn’t wait any longer. I shoved in and out furiously letting my hand escape to the thickest part before shoving it back in. I took my eyes off Addison briefly to look down at myself. It looked incredible. My entire hand had disappeared inside my cunt and my fat, juicy pussy lips were stretched wide around my wrist. The only sound in the room was the slick slurp of girl juice as it slid in and out of two sloppy cunts. I was stretched to the limit and knew I was going to need release soon.

I stared into Addison’s flushed face and moaned the first words I’d spoken that night. “I’m gonna cum”. She looked right back at me as her jaw went slack. She wanted to speak, but couldn’t. Her hand was a blur as she dropped her head back and came. She let out a deep, satisfied moan, her body shaking, her clit still thick and aroused. She jacked it off with her fingers as the aftershocks wracked her body. I shoved my hand inside my body one last time and pushed up on my G spot. I pulled my hand out and screamed her name as a gush of hot female ejaculate squirted out of my gaping hole. The spray reached Addison and she moaned again as she rubbed it like lotion all over her big, round tits then lifted them up to her mouth to suck it off.

I couldn’t believe what had happened. My best friend, the girl I’d been lusting after had just gotten off right in front of me- and I in front of her. I’d cum so hard I’d squirted- and not just a little bit. It felt like a gallon of girl cum had shot out of my pulsating vagina. Enough for a shower! That had never happened before, even in my wildest sexcapades or masturbation sessions. It had felt so good, too. My sheets were soaked with it.

I wanted to join her in her bed, I’d almost worked up the courage to go to her when I realized her breathing was steady and even. She was sleeping. I rolled onto my back and closed my eyes. What was going to happen now? Even though I’d just had the most amazing cum of my life, I wanted more. I wanted to lick Addison’s huge clit, roll it around in my mouth, suck the juice out of her. And I wanted her to eat me, too. I absent mindedly rubbed my big, wet pussy lips as I thought of a way to make it happen.

Stay tuned!! Part II coming soon!!

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