My Aunt Barb Ch. 03

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The half marathon went really well. We all finished better than we thought we would and were exhausted. Mom and Barb met a couple of ladies who were running at the same pace so they just formed a small group and talked away the miles. I kept focusing on people ahead of me and tried to catch them. I had my Ipod playing up-beat music and despite not getting a complete eight hours sleep I actually beat my predicted time by ten minutes.

The next few weeks after the race weren’t the best in my life. Michael and I had more disagreements that seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger. Of course it involved the bedroom and our lack of mutual satisfaction. Finally, after two months of frustration I decided to visit Barb and get some more advice. Michael’s attempts at satisfying me were lackluster to say the least. I did everything I could think of to make him like my pussy. I douched, I washed, I wore sexy panties, I trimmed, I thought about a wax which would be my last attempt at coaxing him to like going down there.

I called Barb and asked if I could come over for a serious talk. Naturally, she said yes she had a business dinner on Friday night and that I could join her and talk Saturday. I needed to be over about seven o’clock because the dinner was at eight. She was going on a two week trip to China on Monday to finalize a couple of contracts. I jumped at the chance for a fine dining experience and to rub elbows with the rich and famous. Michael and his buddies were off to some sports bar to watch pay per view something so I was free to do what I wanted.

Mom dropped me off on her way to do rounds at the hospital, she was a bit jealous that she couldn’t go also. Barb had asked her first so I didn’t feel guilty about taking her place. I dressed to impress, my sexiest heels, a form fitting dress which showed off my runner’s butt and toned legs. I had a bit more make-up on than I normally wear. I felt good and thought I looked good too. I packed a change of clothes since I was going to spend the night and didn’t feel like getting back into my outfit just to ride home.

I called Barb to let her know I was almost there, she met me down in the entry to her building in her terry bath robe and slippers. I was glad mom wasn’t there because Barb’s jaw dropped when she saw me.

“I like it kitten. It’s very nice to see you all dolled up.” Her eyes gazed at me from head to toe and back again, she definitely liked what she saw.

I actually wasn’t that bad to look at. I had played high school soccer and ran track. I kept fit running and playing sports through college on the intercollegiate level. Not good enough for a scholarship but good enough to be on the teams. Even now as a full time teacher I ran before school and on weekends.

With an apologetic voice I stood there a bit embarrassed, “Well, I felt like dressing up. I didn’t want your clients to think I was a bum.”

“I don’t think that they will with you looking like that, sweetie. I think they will be very impressed and maybe a bit jealous of you.” She smiled as we entered the elevator.

My mom and I have never had any serious discussions about life, being a woman, sex or anything else. You would think a doctor would have done those things but she, like my dad seemed to work more than they should. I was left discovering life’s little quirks on my own or through Barb.

“I hope we can talk after dinner or in the morning. I hate burdening you but I just can’t talk to mom, it’s easier talking to you. I feel more comfortable since we have our “secret.” I made little aerial quotes.

Barb nodded and smiled, “I know sweetie. Your mom means well and she loves you but she’s not the greatest at dealing with you being so grown up. Little children are her specialty, you know that.”

I agreed as we continued the elevator ride in silence. I was looking forward to this dinner as a chance to see how the other half lived. I wasn’t so thrilled about the talk we were going to have and maybe the results of it. The elevator door opened and we made the short trip to her front door.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat she opened the door, “Welcome to my den, said the spider to the fly.”

I laughed, a bit puzzled why she would say that, “You are so silly, I’m a kitten, remember?”

“Oh, yes. I do recall that. A very sexy kitten at the moment.”

She held the door open and let me walk past her. Southeast Portland was lit up and looking very pretty through the window wall. I blinked a couple of times to be sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. There, profiled against the large picture windows was the outline of a woman. The light in the room seemed to highlight her against the back drop of Portland. It was a very lovely sight. I hesitated a bit then slowly walked in to greet her. As she came towards us the lights illuminated her completely. She seemed older than me but younger than Barb, Asian with jet black hair done up in a bun with a pair of chopsticks to hold it together. As tall as me wearing one of those Chinese flower print dresses illegal bahis with the side split up to her hip. Her face was lightly made up, her eyes highlighted to match the pink pastel color at the shoulders of her dress, the rest being a soft flower print. It hugged her body almost as if it were painted on. She smiled and out stretched her arms as Barb closed the door. I stood there in awe for a brief moment then she spoke and I came back to earth.

“Barbara! So this is your friend’s daughter! Oh my, you are a very stunning young woman.” Her eyes studied me for longer than they probably should have as Barb joined me in the entryway.

“Ping, this is my best friend’s daughter, Katherine. Katherine, this is Ping Liu the client we’re dining with this evening. The rest of the group decided to dine elsewhere so it’s just the three of us.”

I managed a polite “Hello” reaching out with my hand to shake hers. She took mine in both of hers, bowing and smiling as she did. “It is very nice to meet you Katherine. You are more beautiful than your pictures my friend Barbara has. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

I felt flush, her hands were so soft and warm, “Oh thank you. You are too kind. You can call me Kat if you like.”

There was a moment of awkward silence then Barb spoke, “Let me finish getting dressed. I think the town car should be here soon and we can head out. You two can get acquainted in the meantime I won’t be very long.”

Barb headed off to her bedroom leaving me standing there with the most beautiful Asian woman I’d ever seen. We stood in silence for a few awkward seconds and then she began asking me all sorts of questions. I managed to answer them all without embarrassing myself. I told her what I do for a living, I had a boyfriend, I had never been out of the United States to which she replied that I must visit China and be her guest along with Barb. I blushed with all the attention I was getting and hardly had any time to ask about her when Barb walked back in. She had been about ninety percent dressed when she walked down in her robe to get me. She looked stunning, her dress was black, with a plunging neckline which emphasized her magnificent breasts. It was cut just above her knees to show off her toned and tanned legs. Her shoes were black Jimmy Choo Taytum 130s which I’d help put away and drooled over when we helped her move in. Even in my best outfit I suddenly felt under dressed.

She did a little turn for us and we both fixated on her. She stopped her twirl, looked at us and spoke, “What? Is something the matter?”

No! We said in unison and giggled.

Ping replied first, “You look fantastic my dear friend.”

“Yes, Barb you look very hot.”

“Thank you ladies, the driver texted me, he’s down stairs waiting.”

Her hands went to her sides forming handles which we both hooked on to. We managed to get through the door and into the elevator giggling our way to the waiting limo on the street.

Barb had planned the perfect evening, we drove through downtown Portland oblivious to the outside world. We chatted the entire time about China, travel and Portland. It didn’t take too long until we were at at the restaurant. I’d heard about this one and had seen the menu in a gourmet magazine. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would eat here.

We started off with mixed drinks which were very tasty, the waiter was cute and he had very nice sense of humor. He gave us more than enough time to ponder the menu while we sipped our drinks. The dinners were superb. We switched to wine during dinner. We must have gone though at least two bottles. We all declined dessert and coffee, instead making our way back to the waiting limo which Barb had summoned before paying the tab.

By this time the drinks and wine were having their effect on me. I was feeling pretty good, comfortable with Ping and Barb not caring at all about my sexually selfish boyfriend/fiance. It was close to midnight when Barb suggested we just go back to her house and have a nightcap while looking at the view. Ping thought it was a great idea so the limo driver dropped us off and we giggled our way back upstairs.

We entered the house and the view out of the picture windows was even more breath taking. The crescent moon had just risen over Mt. Hood bathing it in a surreal glow. Barb kicked off her Choos and told us to do the same. I nearly hit my aunt with my right shoe when she walked in front of me. With a big “oops, sorry” she looked back at me and shook her head, “silly kitten.”

Ping, having slipped hers off with a lot more grace than I did asked, “You’re a kitten?”

“It’s what Barb calls me instead of Katherine or Kat sometimes.” I felt a bit embarrassed admitting that to a stranger.

Barb yelled from the bar asking what we wanted as long as it was wine. Ping and I both answered back, “wine” and then giggled. She then walked to the clear expanse of glass to gaze out over the city. As she passed me I could see a smile on her face that seemed more than just a friendly smile. It illegal bahis siteleri could have been from the alcohol I had consumed but her smile and the glint in eyes were more than just friendly. Like we had skipped dessert at the restaurant and were going to have it here and it was me.

Again maybe the drinks were talking but I told her, “If you like you can call me Kat if you like, Ping.” My eyes followed her as she walked past me to take in the view. Her tight rear end in that dress gave me goose bumps, something that has never happened to me before. I followed her to the window standing a couple of feet from her.

She turned to me and spoke in a very soft sensual voice, “I would like that very much, Kat. You are a very nice young lady.” She bowed and I returned the courtesy.

Barb slipped in between us, handing us each a glass of wine. She then turned to retrieve her own slipping back between us. We all stood overlooking the city and reflecting on a wonderful evening. As I peered out over the city sipping my glass Barb and Ping got a bit closer to each other. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Ping kissing Barb’s cheek. I over heard a delicate whisper of “Thank you, my wonderful friend Barbara.”

Barb whispered in reply, “You are very welcome, my sweet Ping.”

Ping quietly set her glass down, walked over behind me. She moved the hair from my neck then rested her head on my shoulder. I could feel her arms reach around my waist, her hands joined together over my tummy. Pulling me closer, her breath warming the nape of my neck. It felt soothing, relaxing me as she asked, “Did you have a good time, kitten?”

An involuntary shiver shot through me as I replied as if in a dream, “Yes, I did and I still am, Ping.”

I took a sip of my wine as she began nibbling my earlobe. Surprisingly I wasn’t as shocked as I should have been. As she continued nuzzling my neck I closed my eyes, delighting in her attention. My arms relaxed, my glass still in my hand dropped to my side almost falling to the floor.

Barb carefully slipped the glass from my hand before it could leave my grasp. I think I heard it rest on the table as Barb whispered to us, “You two are the sweetest kittens I know. Kat, my sweet love, Ping would like to get to know you better, if that’s alright with you.”

I felt as if in a sweet dream as I whispered back, “I think I’d like that.” My knees began to weaken as she continued nuzzling my neck, her hands massaging my tummy.

I felt a bot of disappointment when her lips stopped doing their magic on my neck. She turned me to face her, arms still around my waist. Leaning in, she pressed her soft lips to mine. Her tongue traced my anxious lips teasing them in the process. When she sensed my yearning for her she began kissing me with more passion than I’d ever been kissed before. Through that sexy slit in her dress she placed her thigh between my legs. She began massaging my mound as we continued exploring each others mouths. We stood there kissing for what seemed an eternity, lost in the bliss of each others passion. Her massaging sent shock waves through my body. I became more aroused with each passing moment. Her touch, her scent, and her lips on mine were just what I had been needing. My body responded to her like it had never before to any man. The electricity I felt coursing through me told me my life was about to change dramatically.

It seemed like we kissed for hours, hands wrapped around each other, panting and moaning. It wasn’t long before Barb whispered to us to please follow her. All my inhibitions had now disappeared as I took Ping’s hand in mine. We followed my dear aunt to the guest room where oblivious to us she had lit some scented candles. The flickering candle light made the room and the queen sized bed look very romantic and inviting.

As Barb took a seat in the dressing table chair she asked Ping and I to undress each other. At this point I didn’t care if Barb watched us or joined us. I was an aroused kitten and it felt very good.

I turned to Ping who was reaching around to unzip her dress. I lightly touched her shoulder to stop her. I wanted to finish the task for myself and for Barb. I managed to slip the skin tight garment off her sleek body with no problems. It came to rest in a satin clump at her feet. She stepped out of it as I managed to unhook her bra with two fingers. Lowering her arms she let the sheer covering slide down to her hands. With a quick flick of her wrists it joined the beautiful dress that had just covered her exquisite body.

I reached lower rushing the back of my fingers against her back. She giggled a bit as I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties. My fingers against the warm soft flesh of her tight ass felt divine. She wiggled a bit as I inched them down to her ankles. She rested a hand on my shoulder to balance herself then stepped out of them.

Barb was enjoying our show immensely, complimenting us as we undressed. I have to admit this was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen in done in canlı bahis siteleri my life. Ping’s body was absolute perfection. She faced me, ready to begin the process of relieving me of my clothes. But first, she wrapped me in her arms kissing me once more.

“Oh, how I love you two. I’m so glad you both like each other.” Barb was becoming more aroused as she sat sipping her wine, watching us from the chair. I really didn’t mind putting on this show for her. In fact I was enjoying every aspect of it.

Ping finally broke our embrace, I sighed but she placed a finger on my lips to hush me. In her sweet accented voice which I was growing extremely fond of she whispered to me, “Kitten, it’s only going to get better.”

I nearly died. It was fantastic up to this point, now it was going to get better?

I stood there patiently as she unhooked the top of my dress. She methodically unzipped it making sure Barb took it all in. Our bodies silhouetted against the city lights must have been quite a sight. Two lithe young women, one discovering the pleasures of another for the first time must aroused the three of us. I know I was abandoning all my cares and worries as I was guided by my aunt and Ping to a place I hadn’t even thought of.

My beautiful dress fell next to hers, I lowered my arms and soon my bra joined it. My panties took a bit longer to join their mates. Ping knelt in front of me. Placing her hands on my ass she kissed her way around my tummy licking my belly button momentarily. Her lips felt so good, when her tongue played on my navel I nearly giggled because it tickled. Smiling to herself she slipped her fingers in the waistband of my panties, lowering them to my ankles. I stepped out as she rose to meet my lips with hers.

I placed my arms around her waist and pulled her tighter. We both heard Barb moan with delight as her two nymphs enjoyed each others mouths once more. We broke our kiss after a few moments and looked into each others eyes.

She whispered to me, “Come with me to China, kitten. You will love my country.”

I whispered back, “I think I love your country already.”

She smiled as we turned to head to the bed. Barb got up and walked to us while we climbed in to get more comfortable.

“You two are so beautiful together. I’m going to leave you both alone. If you need anything you know where I am. Good night my sweet kittens.”

She leaned in kissing each of us on the lips. I’d never kissed Barb like that but I think I might again some time. We watched her leave marveling at her mature body. She closed the door leaving us together to explore. Not that we needed any privacy, she’d seen just about everything already.

I looked at Ping then snuggled close to her, “I’ve never done this before. I mean I have a boyfriend and.”

She kissed me to shut me up. I rolled back with her on top of me, our lips still locked together. She broke our kiss and looked down at me.

“I know, Barbara told me all about you. She wasn’t sure you’d like this. I took a chance. But, obviously you do. Do not worry kitten. There is nothing I would do to hurt you in anyway. I am here to give you pleasure and I hope you will give to me too. If you’re uncomfortable with anything we do please, say something. I have no wish for you to not like this.”

“I do like this, it’s a feeling I’ve never experienced before and it feels very nice.”

When I finished speaking I pressed her face to mine kissing her deeply. Our tongues played for a bit then she began kissing my face, chin, neck, working her way to my breasts. She suckled each of them in turn moving back and forth, her touch leaving each nipple yearning for more.

I was moaning loudly, I removed the chopsticks that held her hair together, letting it fall over her head and onto my naked body. My hands sifted through her silken mane as I squirmed delighted in the way she made me feel. When she felt I’d had enough she slid down me, kissing and licking my stomach causing me to giggle. Her hands played with my breasts as her elbows parted my legs exposing my now moist pussy to her. Taking her time, she dropped further down the bed resting her face between my legs.

It was there she began driving me insane, her mouth sucked in my labia right over my clit. Her long sexy fingernails barely touching my skin as she toyed with my pussy. When she slipped her tongue between my folds I nearly came. I gasped loudly as she continued to explore me. My body now writhed with waves of bliss, my moans and gyrations became greater as she found my clit with her tongue focusing it there. This feeling had been building in me since she wrapped her arms around me earlier in the living room. My head and body arched, my legs shuddered as she brought me to the most intense orgasm I’d ever felt.

She moaned with me and whispered, “You taste so delicious miss kitty.”

I don’t know and I don’t care if she was talking to me or my pussy, I was one happy Kat. She continued licking and kissing my pussy as my muscles trembled with delight. I managed to reach down to place my hands in her silken locks again. I mumbled, my finger tugging at her hair enough that she understood I needed her to kiss me. She moved back up, her face soaked with my juices and planted her lips against mine.

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