Mum in Law’s Time

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Me and my wife Jamie had been married for 5 years. We married straight out of high school and because her parents have money were able to purchase a house live comfortably on my salary as a salesman. Jamie was an amazing looking woman. Long reddish blonde hair, a great face, and a mouth that was just made to suck my cock! She had nice perky breast with huge nipples that were ultra sensitive. Her breast size is a 36 B not overly large but not too small either. She has a nice ass and long smooth legs.

One night I was talking to her and she said she was going to go visit some cousins of hers in Maine. I started to complain because whenever we visit her family we spend hardly any time together and don’t fuck at all. But she said she understood and if I wanted I could just stay here. Oh! She said I completely forgot mom’s coming down that weekend to talk to some old friends and I told her she could stay here, I hope that’s alright. I groaned because her father was a real balls breaker and didn’t like me seeing as how because of me his daughter decided not to go to college. Jaime said relax my dad has a board meeting he has to go to anyways. I breathed a sigh of relief at that.

On Friday Jamie’s mom arrived. She said she was tired and just wanted to go to sleep. I thought this was odd cus Jamie’s mom was only 42 but didn’t say anything about it. Jamie and I sat down to watch some TV. I started to go under her shirt and pinch her nipples. But she shot me a look and said she didn’t want wake her mom up. I stopped and was really disappointed because I wasn’t going to fuck for a full five days! She got up about a half hour later and asked if I wanted a soda. I said yes and an idea crept into my mind. I quietly followed Jamie into the kitchen. She bent over to get the soda and I went hard immediately. She was wearing her silk pajama short s that was a size to small and her perky ass was just dying to get out of them. So I pulled them down revealing her crack and stuck me dick in. Whoa she said as she took the first two inches of my 7-inch cock. Peter I told you know she growled at me. I said in a slow voice Jamie you’re my wife and Ill fuck you whenever I want too. This kind of domination talk always got her hot and I felt her ass relax. I stuck another inch in and grabbed the butter from the fridge. I wasn’t gonna let her get away. I started lubing my cock and her ass up with butter and she said to me peter. Seriously I don’t feel like it. I told her to shut up and take that top off. I saw her grin and start to unbutton releasing her beautiful breasts. Then I shoved in 5 inches. I was so hot now and I knew she was too. I started to bang her like a freight train. OOOOHHH YEEEAAHH!!! She cooed, fuck me Pete fuck my brains out. I was hammering her into the fridge now and making a lot of noise doing it. You like that babies take it bitch I said to her. She replied ooh you’re my daddy baby. I kept fuckin her. She went into a violent orgasm that only made me pound her ass harder. OOOHHHH! She screamed as another one hit . I knew I couldn’t hold ataşehir escort bayan it any more and I cumed all over her ass. As the wave of pleasure shot threw my I saw my mother in law watching from the hallway. This turned me on even more and redoubled my efforts. Both my wife and I collapsed and when I looked back my Mother in Law was gone. We made our way back to the couch where I turned the TV on and Jaime started to lick my cock. It started to come back to attention as my wife wrapped her tongue around my shaft and bobbed her head up and down. But all I could think about was the sexy smile on my mother in laws face and how I wished it was her sucking my cock right now. My wife started licking my balls and really working my cock taking in more and more as she looked right into my eyes. My balls started to tighten and I told my wife I was Cumming. She got off my cock and smiled knowing what would come next. I busted all over her face. She started to lick it off. You like that salty stuff don’t you baby. She just smiled and we kissed.

The next morning was so hectic I barely had time to take it in. My wife thought her plane left an hour later that it actually did and when she found out we had to make a mad rush for the airport. On my drive back I got kind of nervous wondering if I my mother in law would say anything to me about what she saw last night. When I got in the door she said to me rough morning. And I replied that she wouldn’t believe it. Ill give you a massage when I get back if you want she offered, you know to relax. I said sure and she turned to leave. I couldn’t help but notice her ass as she walked away. I had never really looked at my mother in law before and she usually wore kinda baggy clothes. But this morning she was wearing a tight woman’s suit with a really short black skirt. Her ass was fuller and even perkier than Jamie’s. I started to get aroused. But I had to get a hold of myself. This was my wife’s mom I was looking at and besides I had never cheated on my wife before and didn’t want to start now. When my mother in law got home I started to get hot again. This was the first time I had looked at her sexually and she looked better than her own daughter! She had long red hair. Her face was perfect and she had Jamie’s lips. But her body was better and where it really counted. Her ass looked a lot nicer and her tits were huge. They were probably 36 D’s. She asked me if I wanted that massage now and I quickly said no and that I was pretty relaxed as it was. Ohh and I was so looking forward to repaying you for letting me stay here she said as she moved in and began to caress my shoulders. I let her keep going for about five minutes because it felt just too good but then I got up and told I had to go out and get some stuff for tonight. Whats going on tonight she asked. A poker game over here I replied. Oh a boys night she said. No wives and some neighbors are welcome to play and so are you I said. Good cause every man needs a woman to stay with him she said with a smile. I left and got a beer needing escort kadıöy to cool down. When I got back with chips, beer and other stuff some of Jamie and my friends had already arrived. My friend Mike pulled me aside and asked if that was really my mother in-law saying that if she was I was the luckiest guy in the world. Just then I saw her.

My mother in law had changed into a black cocktail dress. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor. It was pretty low-cut and you could see her cleavage that was amazing and was cut at like mid thigh. I couldn’t help but get turned on again thinking to myself it would be a long five days(how wrong I was). I sat down next to my mother in law when we started the game. It soon became apparent that she didn’t know how to play because she kept leaning over and asking me if her cards were any good. She did it in a way that I had to focus not to look down her dress. After a few beers though she leaned over and asked me if these were any good. I looked right down her dress at her beautiful breasts and told her she had an excellent pair to which she laughed and felt my thigh for a little too long to just be interpreted as friendly. After the game every one headed home and it was just me and my mother in law. She offered to clean up and I said that would be great. She was carrying chips in to the kitchen when she dropped them and bent over and started picking them up. She said to me don’t you hate when things are so close but still out of reach. I turned around and saw her perfect ass that clearly had no panties bent over and I couldn’t control myself anymore. I walked up and just put my hand on the back of her thigh and moved up squeezing her bare ass. She said in a sexy purring voice mmmm honey I wonder when you would come around. I kissed her passionately and she kissed me reaching for my crotch as I just squeezed and kneaded her ass that was so firm and full I couldn’t believe it. But then I remembered Jamie and pushed her away. I can’t do this Mrs. Jones I said. It makes me so hot when you call me Mrs. Jones she replied. I kissed her again and brought my right hand to her pussy but thinking of Jamie pushed her away. It was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. I went to my study to try and figure out how to deal with the situation.

After about 15 minutes the door open and it’s my mother in law wearing nothing but a pair of stalkings. This time it was too much her huge breasts were glistening and were larger and perkier than my wife’s. I got up and just started kissing her passionately our tongues battled as she unbuckled my pants. She dropped to her knees and began to devour my cock. She looked into my eyes the way my wife does and I just couldn’t believe I was about to fuck my mother in law. I couldn’t control my self. I grabbed the back of her head and began just fuckin her mouth like there was no tomorrow. She kept swirling her tongue around my cock as I violently shoved it down her throat. Oh Mrs. Jones , Oh Mrs. Jones I kept saying. She was giving me the best blowjob of my life. I maltepe escort started to feel my balls tighten and pulled out. Not wanting to waste one ounce of hot cum that could go into her pussy. She smiled at my precum oozing down her chin. I kept thinking about my wife but at this point she could have walked in the door and I would have fucked her mom senseless. I picked her up; she was exhausted from lack of breath. I grinned and said don’t give up yet bitch we’re just getting started and I saw a glint in her eye. I propped her up against my desk and put my dick into her surprisingly tight pussy. She squealed as it went in and said my son in law it’s even bigger than it tastes. At that started kissing her neck and thrusting violently. I slammed into her so hard but God she knew how to position her hips. Your one good fuck Mrs. Jones I yelled panting to her. Oooohhhh was all she could say as I slammed into that wet pussy again and again. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh she screamed as she went through her first orgasm. It only made me go harder and faster. Fuck me you little boy she screamed oh yes harder peter harder she wailed. I reached around her front and started fondling her massive breasts. Pinching them and just making her go nuts. Your gonna punish mum in law. Am I a bad boy whose ur daddy who’s your daddy? You are baby youaaaaaaaahhhh yeeeeaaassss she wailed back. I felt my climax rush through me and busted all over her pussy we slouched down. She lay on he stomach recovering. I hadn’t noticed but wed pushed my desk all the way across the room. I start playing with her ass and noticed how red it was. Flip over mother in law I whispered in her ear.

She did as I commanded and I started to eat her disheveled pussy. Oohhhhh she moaned still going through her last orgasm. I started flicking her clit with my tongue and her juices really started flowing. I had just fucked my mother in law and now was face deep in her pussy!!

I started to come to after about ten minutes and started nibbling on her nipples. I asked ready for another round baby eerrr Mrs. Jones she squeezed my balls and nodded in assent. Got a position in mind I asked her she said I do yoga and proceeded to put her legs behind her head. I was so turned on I didn’t wait for a q I just dove right in fuckin her like their was no tomorrow. It was an amazing feeling her pussy felt like it had been crafted to fuck perfectly from that position. I went harder and faster harder and faster. Ooh eaaaa yyeeeesss ahhhhhh was that came out of her mouth. Take it mother in law I said, Im the daddy now. Oohhhhhhhhh she screamed and pushed me off I was in the middle of mid thrust and heres my mother in law pushing me off her during a violent orgasm. You’ve fucked me hard she said now its time for me to ride you like theres no tomorrow. She got on top of me and started gyrating her hips just right. You like that pussy son in law that tight real pussy. Ooohhh eerrrr was all I could grunt out she was riding me violently now almost all I could hear was the slap of flesh on flesh. Ohhh she cried as another orgasm hit. Oohhh good her pussy felt so good. OOOh im cumming I yelled give it to me baby she screamed while going through another orgasm oohhh I yelled.

Then I picked her up and carried her to me and Jaime’s bed and thought about how we’d fuck tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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