Motivation Pt. 01

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Part 1:


I hate housework.

I know it needs doing – I also don’t enjoy living in a mess or walking on floors that haven’t been swept or vacuumed lately, but it’s so hard to feel motivated to actually do the cleaning. So I made a challenge for myself, as follows:

1. Attire for cleaning will be sexy. Nothing overt, though – half the fun for me is to not be noticed. Primarily, this involves underwear (or lack of same). Shelf or open cup bras, thongs, studded items, short skirts, no underwear, even corsets, as long as it’s not obvious. A cleansing enema is a great idea to start off since it makes everything easier throughout the day.

2. I can choose one stimulating item to start, then add gradually I speed up the motion, being careful to keep the ass plug and thong in place. Just a little more…

I both love and hate edging myself. It’s like an erotic game of chicken – how long can I keep going without succumbing to that delicious sense of rising çankaya escort arousal? I let myself float closer to the edge, then reluctantly stop – I have definitely ramped up to a 9 on that 1-10 scale – I’m panting a bit and sweating, and my hand is now soaked. I know I won’t be able to edge myself a second time right now; I’ll need to work that in later, before my 3:30 “appointment.” I lick my own juices off my fingers while I settle, then wobble off to begin my afternoon chores.

–Chapter 2 – An Afternoon Scrubbing–

I have a small bucket of cleaning supplies I haul from one bathroom to the next to make this job a bit less tedious. If I were alone in the house I might try to figure out a way to hook the clit instead I feel a fabulous pressure at the base. I pull out my knee pads so I can get to work. I’m determined to stay on my hands and knees for this job as much as I can, starting with the bathtub.

As I begin scrubbing the tub, I immediately çayyolu escort notice that the quick back-and-forth motions cause the chain to nearly vibrate. My tits hang down, and every sway pulls not only on the nipple clips but also on my clit. It’s exquisite, but it stops when I do so I keep scrubbing away. I do stand occasionally to reach the shower head, or later on the mirror, but the process of cleaning the bathroom zips by. Next thing I know, I’m wiping down the sink and rinsing my cleaning rag off in the tub. One bathroom down, one to go! My nipples are a deep purple at this point, however, so I remove all the clips to restore circulation for a few minutes while I take a cleaning break.

This also seems like a good opportunity to complete the first extra task I was given. Getting to the edge is much quicker this time – I’m even more sensitive after having my clit tugged constantly for the last 20 minutes. The rubbing motion keeps me balanced ankara escort between pleasure and pain, and I have to stop myself. It’s so much harder to bring my hands away this time – I take several deep breaths and focus on calming down. I know I need to replace something on both my clit and my nipples until he releases me, so I take inventory of my options. The only way I’ll actually make it through the second bathroom is if I go back to the nipple loops, which are gentler. For my clit, I rummage around until I locate the bell clamp. It’s also a tweezer style clamp, but it will be much easier to maneuver without the chain. In addition, I won’t be able to do the next room nude, so I need something that will fit under my clothes.

I head over to the 2nd bathroom. The feelings are less intense now, but I can hear the little bell jingling if I walk too quickly. I have a feeling my husband heard it also, since I saw him peek around his office door even with my distractions it takes less than 10 minutes. However, now I have about 45 minutes before I’m required for my 3:30 appointment. Or should I call it a summons? I hang onto the knee pads and put away the rest of the cleaning supplies. Time for a quick breather!


Continued in part 2

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