Morning Wood

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I woke up this morning with an erection. This was very exciting for me.

Of course, when I was a young man, this was a common occurrence. Daily, in fact. And not just in the morning. Boners springing eternally, seemingly unbidden, by hidden stimuli. Pheromones. A miniskirt. A button not fastened on a blouse. Or just remembering the morning erection could set another one off. There was a girl that sat next to me in high school physics, just the sight of her: instant erection. Embarrassing. Later though, things calmed down. Erections are now in response to a lover’s attention, and lately it takes a lot of attention. Patience is required. Somebody that really cares. Really. Somebody that understands the importance of stimulation, mental and physical, in maintaining a state of arousal. I mean, we’re not kids anymore.

So, the morning erection is the only spontaneous erection left to me. And, alas, it is no longer a daily occurrence. And, of course I don’t know what I did yesterday to be so blessed this morning with it.

Otherwise kartal escort bayan I would do it again.

So, anyway, being blessed with this gift… I was immediately confronted with the aphorism that all men learn as children, before puberty even: “Never waste morning wood”. So, I wondered what, if anything I could do with it. I examined it with a critical eye. It was pretty hard. Capable of intercourse, in fact. Different from nighttime, drunken, soft erections which are capable only of receiving fellatio and then ejaculating. No, indeed, this was a real boner, capable of fucking.


Of course, I could have just masturbated with it and been done with it. It seemed like such a waste though. A terrific erection and nothing to do except admire it.

I had a lover once who was terrific with morning wood. We would make long, slow drunken love at night, sometimes at her place sometimes at mine. We would lick, suck, finger, probe, violate, tease, deny, cajole, and just generally make a soggy wet mess escort maltepe of what had been clean sheets. In the mornings though, she would always check for morning wood. She knew what it was and what she wanted. Fucking.

Her favorite thing was to get down between my legs and take me in her mouth. She loved to tease me. She would look me directly in the eye and absolutely require that I look her directly in the eye. If I looked way from her, she would stop whatever she was doing, “I’m still here”, she would say, “where did you go?”. I learned to maintain eye contact always. When she was got all worked up, she would straddle me holding my cock in her hand and stroke it, while simultaneously humping her clit on it. I’d tease her, claiming that she really wanted a cock instead of a pussy. “Damn right”, she’d say, “And then I’d fuck you with it.” She was always trying to threaten me with a pegging session.

When she couldn’t hold back any more, she would insert my cock into her pussy. She would be frenzied and uncontrollable. pendik escort She could cum to or three times before I could cum once. Often, I would cum in her pussy. She would joyously text me as she walked the few blocks back to her house in the early morning dawn, “Your cum is running down my leg. I am such a slut sometimes.” Sometimes she wanted it in her mouth, “Cum in my mouth. I want your cum.” She absolutely loved cum.

She was great.

So, I thought about her and watched my erection. I tested its hardness with a couple of quick strokes. I thought about texting her and seeing if she was up, maybe she was up for some phone sex, but we hadn’t talked in a while and she has a new man in her life now… has had several in fact since fate separated us. So that wouldn’t be fair. I could text her later and told her that I woke up with an erection thinking about her… we have had that kind of conversation before… but it wouldn’t really be true, I didn’t think about her until after I had the erection. Still I wondered how she was. Someone comes into your life and then they leave. You share a lot of stuff, likes, dislikes, memories, intimacy. Even love. I’ll write her a longer letter later.

And then, I noticed my boner was gone. Sad. I had wasted it, I guess.

I still miss her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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