More Than I Bargained For

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Lynne called the other day and asked to have lunch with me. That could mean only one thing. She had another match for me. Lynne runs a lesbian matching making service that comes perilously close to being an escort service and hence prostitution. The only thing that keeps it legal is the fact that both parties to the match must pay a fee for the introduction. What takes place after the introduction is simply whatever two consenting adults agree to do. I should mention that my fee is very small while my match usually pays a very hefty fee which Lynne and I split 50—50. Then of course there are the tips I receive which can sometimes be quite substantial.

It was a lovely sunny cool day so I called Lynne and suggested we get some sandwiches and have lunch on the pedestrian mall downtown. Before leaving my office I removed my panties. I was wearing a relatively short skirt that day because I like to flash both men and women. I was also wearing extra long thigh high stockings that came all the way up to my crotch so that the tops of them would not show when I was seated. I had a meeting that morning with some big money people in town and my boss, Eve, likes it when I dress sexy—conservative but not sexy—slutty. By the end of the meeting, I knew I had gotten a few cocks hard and I wondered if I had gotten one pussy wet. At the meeting was a senior VP from one of the banks in town. We see each other occasionally on business and I am pretty sure she has the hots for me. She is a very attractive woman, a little on the plump side but that would not stop me from fucking her.

I stopped to get a sandwich and a coke before finding a bench to sit on making sure that my legs were spread wide enough so people might get a glimpse of my perfectly hairless pussy. I spotted Lynne and waved at her and she walked over and sat down.

“Julia what the fuck do you think you are doing? People can see your fucking pussy.”

“Yes they can,” I replied. “Unfortunately no one is fucking it right now. So why don’t you call it just a pussy, not a fucking pussy.”

“Julia you are one screwed up bitch.”

I just smiled and asked her what she had for me.

“Well I got another hit on the web site. This woman wants . . . well read this.”

She handed me an e-mail.

“Lynne I told you to take my fucking picture down and just leave my description up.”

“I did,” she responded.

“Oh. Okay. Good,” I replied and turned my attention to the e-mail.

“Oh my,” I said after I finished reading the demands of this woman and her description of herself.

“Do you think you can do it?” Lynne asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “It sounds awfully dangerous and potentially much too painful. I wonder what she means by sophisticated domination?”

“What if I go with you to act as your guardian and to make sure nothing gets out of hand?” she pleaded. “It’s one hell of a lot of money.”

I told her I wanted to think about it and I tucked the e-mail into my handbag.

Lynne was looking longingly up my skirt. “Julia why not stop over my place when you get off of work tonight? Lori is out of town on a match and I sure could use the company.”

“Lynne we agreed not to mix business with pleasure,” I replied.

“I’ll split the match fee 70—30,” she pleaded.

I was desperately horny but Lynne was not in my future. She is way too butch for me. Her brown hair is too short and she has muscles that most men would love to have. She also does not shave her legs or under her arms. I have no idea what Lori sees in her. Lori is a delightfully adorable little blond who I would fuck in a minute.

To put her off I said, “Sorry Lynne you know what we agreed to and in any case I have a social function that I have attend tonight.”

I returned to the office and tried to concentrate on my work but my mind kept wandering back to the written demands of the woman: total and complete submission for the entire weekend including full latex bondage. The submissive in me found that quite appealing but also frightening. The thought of it also made my pussy so wet I had to put my panties back on so I would not stain my skirt.

I had her e-mail address so I sent her one asking if she could send me a picture of herself and laying down some ground rules: no piss, scat, children, animals, lasting marks, blood, or intense pain. About an hour later an e-mail response popped up in my mailbox. She had agreed to my terms and she sent a long a picture. She was in her middle to late 30s, very tall, very beautiful, with massively wavy long blond hair, wearing a black latex bustier, long black latex high heel boots, and long black latex gloves. She looked quite regal and demanding making my pussy drip. “Now this is a woman I would love to serve,” I said to myself. Her e-mail also assured me that although I might experience some slight to modest discomfort, I would not receive pain and I would also receive a tremendous amount of pleasure.

I got up and closed and locked my office door. I leaned against my desk, lifted illegal bahis my skirt and pushed my hand inside of my panties. My orgasm was really quick in coming. The thought of being dominated by her had gotten me incredibly aroused. I was still scared though.

After recovering and drying off my hand by sucking on my fingers then using some tissue paper, I called Lynne.

“Did you get any references on her?”” I asked.

“Just the name of the escort service in Omaha that she uses,” she replied. “I’ll call the owner and get back to you.”

“Do it quick,” I instructed her.

Lynne’s call came back an hour or so later. She said that she talked to the owner who said that the woman was really heavily involved in extremely sophisticated bondage, discipline, and domination but that she was not dangerous. None of his girls had ever gotten hurt although they did say the action was awfully kinky. Then she pleaded with me to take the match. $7000 for a weekend is nothing to turn down.

I had one more bargaining chip. I said to Lynne, “I’ll do it if I can have Lori any time I want for the next two, no make that three, months unless of course she is working.” There was a long pause but she finally said, “Okay.”

I shot an e-mail back to the woman agreeing to her demands along with a picture of myself. Not fifteen minutes later I got a reply saying I was beautiful and she loved my long brown hair. She also asked me how tall I was and what sizes I wore in shoes, pants, and dresses. So I responded saying that I was unusually tall for a woman, 6’3″, and giving her my sizes. She responded by giving me directions to her house that was out in the country, west of Omaha. The e-mail ended warning me to be on time. 6 pm Friday. Oddly enough at no time during our e-mail exchange did she mention her name and Lynne had not mentioned it either.

Well Friday finally arrived. I would not have enough time to go home and change before heading to the woman’s place so I dressed more for the evening than the day, at least underneath. I chose black lace: garter belt, hose, bra, and panty. Then for day wear I chose a black pinstriped suit that did not need a blouse as long as I kept the coat on and black pumps with modest heels. My 8 inch black spikes would be in my bag.

I had no trouble finding the place. The directions she gave me were good. She had called it a house, well it was more like a mansion build on a ton of acres and not another house in sight or sound. I arrived a few minutes early and slipped on my tall spikes. As I sat there in the car, a pretty young blond woman wearing a black latex maids outfit opened the front door and beckoned me in. I got out of the car with my little bag and walked up the stairs. The maid took the bag from me and asked me to follow her into the living room where madam would be. The maid was absolutely adorable. About 5’5″, slender, really nice legs, and breasts that popped out of the bodice of her uniform. Her breasts were, however, way too large for her slender frame. I sensed silicone.

When I entered the living room I froze. Madam was indeed there but so was a man. He was naked, kneeling on the floor wearing a riding saddle, a bridal, and a pony tail stuck in his ass. It also looked like his cock was inside of some strange contraption but I had difficulty seeing it. The woman was wearing black latex chaps, shinny red spikes, a red latex bustier that supported her firm breasts and just barely covered her nipples, red latex elbow length gloves, a black latex thong, and a black harness with a black strap on attached to it. She was stunningly beautiful but also very menacing.

“Welcome,” she said.

I stared at her and said, “No one said anything about a man being here. I am strictly lesbian and want nothing to do with a man. Otherwise I am out of here.”

“Uppity little bitch aren’t you,” she sneered. “Have no fear he does not participate. He only watches and he only gets an erection when he is being flogged or when he is sucking another man’s cock. He is gay and I am not allowing him to have any male friends this weekend. He is being punished. He failed to get me something I really liked for our anniversary. In any case he will be locked in the dungeon for most of the weekend.”

“Okay,” I replied confused and wondering what she meant by the dungeon.

“That is a beautiful suit you are wearing,” she observed somewhat sarcastically. “It looks very expensive. You must be someone important.”

“I don’t know about important,” I answered back truthfully. “But I am a rather successful business woman.”

“You don’t seem particularly submissive,” she remarked. “Lynne assured me that you are.”

“We have not started to play yet, have we?”

“No I guess not,” she answered back. “Would you care for a glass of wine before we begin?”

“Yes that would be very nice, chardonnay if you have it,” I replied.

“Well take a seat on the sofa,” she directed. Then she called out “Cunt bring some chardonnay for out guest.”

Another young woman illegal bahis siteleri appeared also wearing a latex maids outfit. She was as beautiful as the blond and about the same age but she was a natural red head. She opened the wine and poured two glasses for us. The woman sat down next to me, reached for her glass and began to sip. Then she took a piece of paper that was laying face down on the table, handed it to me and asked me to read it. It read as follows:

Consensual Slavery Contract

I, the slave, agree to obey my mistress and follow her every command, order, desire, or wish. I understand that I am her property and that she can, at any time, do anything she wants to me unless such an action is prohibited. The following actions are on the prohibited list:

•Drawing of blood •Burning the body •Drastic loss of circulation •Causing internal bleeding •Breaking of bones •Loss of consciousness •Withholding of food, water, or sunlight for extended periods of time •Suffocation •Drowning •Freezing •Sex with animals •Sex with children •Sex with men •Touching or ingesting of feces. •Loss of hair

The slave agrees to perform any and all sexual favors that the mistress desires at any time that pleases the mistress including the drinking of her urine as a sign of devotion.

Mistress reserves the right to punish her slave at any time and for any reason. The slave will comply with the chosen punishment willingly and with enthusiasm.

Mistress may loan the slave me out to other mistresses at any time as long as the other mistress agrees to the list of prohibited actions. The slave is to show her other mistresses the same love and devotion that she shows to her primary mistress. The slave shall not enter into slavery under another mistress without the consent of the slave’s primary mistress.

Mistress may direct her slave to engage in sexual acts with other women for the entertainment of the slave’s mistress. The slave will never engage in sexual acts with other women without the permission of her mistress.

The slave will relinquish all worldly possessions to her mistress who will take full responsibility for the slave’s care, feeding, and clothing. The slave will dress as her mistress desires and a wardrobe will be provided to the slave. Panties or pantyhose will never be worn by the slave except during the slave’s menstrual cycle or at the specific direction of her mistress.

The slave may not look at or speak to her mistress unless specifically instructed to do so. Mistress will be referred to by the slave as Madam, Mistress or Ma’am. Slave will be known as Slave and that is what she will be called except in public where her given first name will be used. In public, the slave may refer to her Mistress by her given first name.

The slave will have the following safe word ___________________________ When it is invoked, all activities will come to an immediate end.

The slave will have following safe sign _______________________________ When it is invoked, all activities will come to an immediate end.

The slave agrees to worship and love her mistress.

Slavery will begin at the time this contract is signed by both the slave and the Mistress.

Slavery will end on the following specified date.

Beginning date and time of slavery _____________________________

Ending date and time of slavery ________________________________

Signature of the Slave _______________________________

Signature of the Mistress _____________________________

If the slave so desires, there can be no ending date to this agreement. The slave’s signature below will indicate that she is willing to enter her slavery to her mistress for eternity or until her mistress tires of her. In that case, only the mistress can terminate this contract.

Signature of the slave agreeing to an eternity of servitude.


“Are you willing to sign that?” she asked.

“Not the part about owning my possessions,” I replied.

“Reasonable,” she answered. “That is actually the long term contract that my two permanent slaves, Bitch and Cunt, have signed. I own them completely. We can cross that out and both of us will initial it. We will also add a specific time period from the date of signing until 6 pm on Sunday. Do you find that agreeable?”

“Yes I do,” I replied with a funny tingling sensation. The idea of a legal binding slave contract was so sexy.

Picking up a pen she asked me for my safe word and sign.

“Pickle and the V sign with my fingers,” I replied as she filled them in and crossed out the paragraph about having no worldly possessions.

“Excellent choices,” she remarked as she handed me a pen.

I nervously signed it after she made the changes.

“What am I to call you?” I asked humbly.

“Mistress, Madam, or Ma’am. Take your pick or use all three. And you shall be called slave since I do not know what your real name is, nor do I really want to know it. All I know canlı bahis siteleri about you is your e-mail address and that now you belong to me. Remove your suit. I want to see if your taste in lingerie is as good as your taste in outer ware.”

I stood and slowly removed my suit jacket and the maid called Cunt was there to take it. She was the blond.

“Nice,” she remarked.

I reached around and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor then stepped out of it. Cunt was there to pick it up.

“Wonderful,” she remarked. “A beautiful young woman who appreciates the luxury of old fashioned hose and garter belts. Your lingerie looks beautiful on you.”

“Thank you Mistress,” I curtseyed.

“Bitch bring me the collar,” she ordered.

Bitch walked away and came back a few minutes later carrying a black leather collar with chrome studs on the outside, a D ring, and a long chrome chain attached to it.

“Put that on,” she ordered.

I took it from Bitch and slipped it around my neck fastening it in back with the little belt like closure. The long chain fell until it almost touched the floor and I lowered my head in obedience, with my pussy beginning to leak. There was something erotically complicitous by doing this myself instead of someone doing it to me. By my own hands I enter into my own submission and domination.

She walked over to stand in front of me and removed her gloves in front of my lowered face. Her nails were nicely manicured but rather short and her fingers were thin and delicate. I wondered what it would be like to have her hand inside of me and the thought caused me to have a pussy fart that was quite audible and also resulted in a gush.

“A squirter?” she asked as she ran her hands through my hair.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Wonderful and such beautiful hair.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

I felt one of her slaves unhook the back of my bra and pull the straps off my shoulders. The woman’s hands went to my breasts and gently rubbed them.

“Lovely. Really quite lovely.”

One of the maids, I think it was Cunt, slipped my panties off of my hips and down my legs. I stepped out of them. Yes it was Cunt.

She handed them to the woman and said, “They are very wet Ma’am.”

She raised my panties to her nose as she stared at my pussy. “She smells wonderful.”

Then she licked the wet crotch and said, “She tastes even better. One of you slaves will be rewarded this weekend. I’ll let one of you lick her pussy which is really quite lovely and devoid of hair.”

She turned to the maid called Bitch and told her to take me downstairs and put me in the outfit she had selected earlier in the day. I was led away by Bitch who pulled on my chain and forced me to follower her down a steep staircase into a cold and damp, dimly lit basement. She opened a door and pulled me into a brightly lit room that was covered from ceiling to floor in red rubber. There was no furniture, only a built in bench that was also covered in red rubber.

She sat me down on the bench and gently removed my shoes, hose, and garter belt. She was absolutely adorable with her natural red wavy hair and freckles, nice tits sticking up from the low bodice of her uniform; tits that were actually a bit too big for her tiny frame.

She spread my knees and lowered her mouth to my cunt and began licking me. With the anticipation that had been building inside of me all day, I came almost immediately.

She leaned back and said, “Please don’t tell Mistress I did that or I’ll be severely punished.”

“I won’t say anything,” I replied smiling at the adorable young girl wondering if I would get a chance to kiss her, play with her breasts, and lick her pussy. She looked so delectable and true red heads are so very rare.

She pulled me to a standing position by my chain and then reached for a can of talcum powder and began to sprinkle me all over with it. She explained that the powder would make it easier to get into the cat suit which she handed me. I stepped into it in wonder. I had never done anything like this before and I was strangely excited.

The suit was a bitch to get on but the two of us finally got me into it. It was footless with long sleeves and zipped up the back. There was another zipper starting just below my waist and running down my crotch and back up to the middle of my ass. Before zipping me all the way up, she removed my collar because the collar of the suit went up to my chin. With the suit fully zipped up she replaced the collar and placed a red latex hood over my head. It had openings for my eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Then she sat me down and laced my feet and legs into a pair of black, knee high ballet boots.

She pulled me to my feet by the chain. I could hardly walk in the boots. Then she sat me back down again and placed black leather wrist cuffs on me and attached my wrists to a spreader bar that was about 3 feet long. Then she pressed a switch on the wall.

A few minutes later the Mistress entered carrying what looked like a gas mask with a long black extension on it with an oval end. She hooked the spreader bar to a chain hanging from the ceiling and then turned a crank which pulled me to my feet. She placed the mask over my face and told me to breath easy.

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