More of Amber’s Life

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In the past few months, I’ve been working part-time as a barista at a local indie coffee shop. Something I’ve done a bit in the past at Starbuck’s then briefly at a bikini/lingerie coffee shop. I wish I hadn’t quit that job but the commute was more trouble than the money I was making. Lexi has been splitting her time at a local massage parlor and strip club.

Last month (May), I bought Jason a gift certificate to Lexi’s massage parlor and told him to make sure to ask for “Mikawa”; a name she uses to keep creepy clients from knowing her real identity. Jason decided to go on a weeknight when the parlor is somewhat less busy so he wouldn’t have to wait in line. I relaxed at his place waiting for him to return. I texted Lexi to expect him and ordered a pizza and enjoyed some anime on Netflix while he used his gift certificate.

Needless to say, when he got home he was beaming with a huge grin. He told me how she started with a very sensual massage that lead to the ever infamous “happy ending.” The thought of her stroking his cock and caressing his balls made me so wet, I started fingering myself as he described it to me. Playing with myself in front of him made his cock hard again. So I pushed him back on the couch and pulled out his thick cock. I laid between his legs and gave him a deep slow cock worshipping blow job. I made sure to slobber on his cock the way he likes, purposefully slurping as my mouth ran up and down playing with my soaking wet pussy. I love getting off while sucking a cock, hearing a man moan as I engulf his cock down my throat. Eventually I got him to cum again and greedily gulped his thick load and licked my fingers clean. We enjoyed the rest of the night with cold pizza and anime.

Lately Lexi’s been spending a lot of time with a new guy. I guess she likes him a lot, enough to have sent me some pictures of the pornographic nature of the two of them together. But one day Lexi called me saying she wanted to have a girls day with me. On her day off, I went over her place just after noon to find her in her panties and bra. Nothing usual about the way she was dressed, especially in the warm weather we’ve been having in California, so I stripped down to my own panties. We cuddled a bit on her sofa, kissing and suckling each other’s tits.

All of a sudden she got a very wicked look in her eyes and said she wanted me to lick her pussy. As I am always happy to eat her out, I pulled her panties down. They were already a bit wet, but so were mine. She sat back on the sofa, spreading her legs. I kneelt on the floor between her legs and started gliding my tongue over her wet pink slit. But I tasted something different from the other times I’ve licked her pussy. When I looked a bit better, I could tell there was some cum seeping from her wetness. She started to laugh and told be to keep going, that it’s nothing I haven’t done before. She grabbed my head and shoved me into bursa escort her creamy pussy. I eagerly licked away at her juicy pussy, my face smeared with her juices and remnants of the unknown cum.

After she came in my mouth, I stood up over her and playfully spit in her mouth telling her she should eat some cum too. She grabbed me and asked me how’d would I like it if she spat in my mouth. Of course I like that but I playfully protested and “begged” her not to. She dragged me to her bedroom and laid me on the bed while she slide on her strap-on dildo. She pinned me down and began to thrust the strap-on into me, her thumb opening my mouth letting her spit in my mouth and calling me a her dirty slut. She didn’t stop till she was sure I came for her twice.

Afterward, we cuddled together and kissed some more, hugging and groping each other playfully. Finally I got to a point where I asked her about the leaking cum shot. She admitted her new boyfriend, Markus, had been there earlier that morning unexpectedly for a nooner. I scolded her about not telling me about that before going down on her. She just smiled and said she knew that would like it. Of course I did, she knows how dirty I like to be but I advised her I’d have to let Jason know. We got dressed, wet panties and all, and went out for lunch. I’m sure we both still exuded the smell of sex but that’s pretty common.

After lunch we headed back to her place, and surfed a bit on-line. We watched some porn and I showed Lexi a few sites I like to frequent; a sex chat site and a 3D virtual world site. I guess all that depravity gave her some bad intentions. She got up and walked to her bedroom, beckoning me to follow her.

By the time I got to her room, she was standing with naked from the waist down holding an 12″ black double-end dildo and a devilish grin. She pointed to the spot on the floor in front of her, I knew she wanted me on my knees. As she stood there in front of me, her pink shaved pussy close to my face, she slide one end of the long sex toy inside her. She had me watch her work it in and out slowly, teasingly. Then she commanded me to open my mouth and pushed the free end in and instructed me to suck it.

She then started to grind down on her end of the dildo hard and steady, The whole time, I felt it jabbing down my throat, gagging each time. She thrusted down over and over, trying to take force it deeper into her hungry pussy. She fucked herself wildly till she came twice, each time her pussy gushing down the rubber toy over my lips.

When she finished, she slide the toy out and had me lick her end and called me her dirty whore again. She asked if I was wet and horny, I replied “yes” of course. She smirked and told me it was my turn to cum, I couldn’t wait. I had been fingering myself the whole time I was gagging on her toy.

Lexi pointed to the bed and told me to get on my hands and knees. bursa escort bayan I willingly obeyed, anticipating to feel her strap-on once again. But I felt her push and twist three fingers into me. The sensation made me purr and squirm, I was feeling her starting to get more aggressive. My pussy had already coated her three fingers when she worked another into me, feeling myself stretching to accommodate. She kept pushing in harder and harder calling me every filthy nasty degrading name she could think of. It wasn’t long before she forced me to cum, making me moan and my body tremble.

But she wasn’t finished with me yet. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I know what you really want whore.” My head perked up slightly, wondering what she meant. “I read what you wrote, what you long for. So I’m going to give it to you know.” I could feel her hand, shaped like a point, pushing into me harder. I held myself steady. She forcefully pushed until her hand had me stretched wide then suddenly plunged in as her hand balled into a fist.

Her fist filled me up, my pussy clenching on her wrist, I was moaning like a banshee. Just the feeling of being so full was driving me to the edge of another orgasm. I started gently grinding, pleasuring myself on her fist like I’ve done once before. That’s when she started to push and pull her fist. OH MY GOD! I then realized what she meant. She was going to fist fuck me!! Just the thought pushed me over the edge, feeling an intense orgasm rippling through my body. My pussy flooding over her fist, slicking it more, encouraged her to push and pull harder. I came so hard over and over until she finally decided I had had enough.

She freed her fist from my gaping pussy as smoothly as she could and I fell onto the bed a lump of quivering flesh. She curled up next to me and held me in her arms. I couldn’t even speak yet, just kind of muttered some non-sense. She whispered in my ear she saw that I had written that somewhere in one of my profiles. I smiled and nodded. The euphoric soreness of my used pussy still tingling through my body. She laid with me until I caught my breath and made sure I was good with what she did, that she didn’t take things to far with out talking to me first hand. I kissed her deeply and told her I loved it all.

That night I called Jason. As we talked over the phone he was stroking his cock. I told him everything we had done. Hearing each dirty detail drove him closer and closer to cumming until he couldn’t hold back anymore. He loves hearing how dirty Lexi and I get and told me that it gave him some ideas for me. I told him I couldn’t wait to see what he had in mind. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be for two more days because of our work schedules.

Today I went to Jason’s, dressed in a skimpy outfit, short skirt without any panties, one of his favorites. I was waiting for him to get home from work. I watched some porn escort bursa on-line to kill the time and to help stay in my naughty mood. When he got home, he was very excited to see me. He grabbed me and kissed me hard, his hands already groping my ass under my short skimpy skirt. I asked what he had in mind for me tonight. He said he wanted to take a shower first but I asked him not to. I unbuttoned his jeans and fell to my knees.

I started sucking his half-rigid dirty sweaty cock, tasting his raunchy manliness, savoring each second of it. I felt his cock getting harder in my mouth, his moans of pleasure, trying to pace himself and not just explode in my mouth. He pulled me to my feet and guided me to the bedroom. I flopped on his bed, spread my legs wide, my fingers spreading my pussy open for his viewing. He smiled and groaned, we both knew it was going to be hot.

He stripped down and his cock was so hard and throbbing already. He didn’t say a word. He reached in a drawer and pulled out a blue 18″ double-end dildo. That was something new from him and I was more than eager to try it out. He got between my legs and pushed them wider. He started fucking me with the new toy, it was so long it was going in deep it bulged my belly out. He waited till I was thoroughly soaking wet then started pushing his cock inside me along side the dildo. Holding the toy with one hand, the other holding himself up, he feverishly stabbed both cock and dildo into me over and over. His dominant side started coming out as he forced himself harder, telling me what I nasty cockslut I am for getting off on being a nasty fuckbitch. I came so hard, I squirting all over him and he just slapped my clit with the other end of the toy.

He exploded in my stretched wide pussy. I felt his cum building inside me. When he pulled both cock and toy out of me, I eagerly spun around to take his cock in my mouth, sucking off the coating of cum and pussy. He leaned over me and pushed the other end of the toy back into my pussy and the slick wet end into my ass. Feeling both holes filled made me moan on his cock. I continued sucking his cock, now leaking dribbles of cum and he pumped the ends of the toy in and out of my torso. He hammered it into me until I couldn’t stop from cumming, thrashing on the bed, riding an intense orgasm.

He popped his cock out of my mouth, again I found myself just a mess of slutwhore flesh quivering on his bed. But it wasn’t enough for him tonight. He folded my legs up to my chest, curling my hips upward. His cock rammed in my ass, the length of the dildo laying across my throat as he pushed down on both ends choking me.

He released all his pent up frustration on my ass. Hovering over me, ferally grunting desperate to cum once again. The thick rubber cock wrapped over my throat, I gasped for breath with my fingers in my pussy. I came almost constantly as he used my ass as his personally fuckhole till he came hard and deep. We both flopped on the bed exhausted and spent, the smell of his sweat all over me and his cum dripping from me. I’m spending the with him tonight again. His filthy little fuckslut and proud of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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