Moms Against Public Drunk Nudity #08

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18-years-old.

Christine incestuously, sexually teases her son by not only flashing him her breasts but also by allowing him to have his wicked way with her breasts while she masturbates him.

After meeting with her five best friends and their mother, Christine thought of how she could flash her son her big tits. Not wanting to be obvious about the flashing, she took Julia’s advice to heart when she suggested that whatever flashing they do must appear accidental. Not wanting to be blatantly obvious about flashing Michael her breasts, she needed to think of a good way to flash him.

Following Audrey’s plan to expose her nearly naked body to her son, with her big tits clearly visible and her nipples making their hard impressions in her nightgown, Christine imagined walking around her son in her sheer, sexy nightgown without the modesty of a robe. She imagined herself opening the refrigerator door in a darkened kitchen and peering inside while knowing that her son could see through her nightgown as if she was standing there naked. As if she was being X-rayed by a TSA agent, she imagined him seeing her ass crack, the underside of her breasts, and her pussy through her lit up nightgown.

Then, she imagined giving him the same sexy show leaning in front of the television in a darkened living room. Further, she imagined leaning over him in her low cut nightgown to pour him coffee while acting oblivious that he was peering down her open top at her tits. Oh, yeah, if she was going to flash him any sexy part of her, she’d love to show him her big tits. Continuing her flashing, she imagined acting oblivious that she was flashing him her pussy, while sitting across from him in the living room with her knees parted just enough to show him what he should never see of his mother.

Then, when retiring to bed horny, she imagined masturbating herself over all that she showed her son of her nearly naked body. She imagined her son in the next room masturbating over all that he saw of her nearly naked body. Yet, even though Christine thought it a good idea to walk around her son in her sexy, sheer, nearly see-through nightgown without the modesty of her robe, wanting to be more subtle than that, she didn’t want to copy Audrey by walking around Michael nearly naked.

* * * * *

Instead, following Jennifer’s plan to expose her naked body to her son, she imagined the smell of incense while her son rubbed warm oil all over her nearly naked body. She imagined her son copping cheap feels of the sides of her naked breasts on the pretense of massaging her back. Relaxing her with the feel of his warm, soft hands, she imagined her son massaging her naked ass with her allowing him to do so. She imagined her son seeing what he should never see of his mother when she turned one way and moved the other way while exposing herself in all exhibitionistic positions to accommodate his horny hands massaging her. Giving him an uninterrupted view of her pussy, she imagined him massaging her legs higher and higher before giving her a sexy foot massage with her feet resting on his hard cock.

Then, returning the favor, she imagined giving him a massage too, but one with a happy ending. She imagined him asking her if he could see and fondle her big breasts while she masturbated him. With her stroking him faster and harder, wanting to watch him cum, she imagined him creaming her hand and cumming all over her exposed breasts. Yet, even though Christine thought it was a good idea and a great way for her to flash her son her big tits by him giving her a massage, she didn’t want to copy Jennifer by asking Michael to give her a massage.

* * * * *

Instead, following Carol’s plan to expose her naked pussy to her son, she imagine getting down on the floor while wearing her sexy, sheer, short, low cut nightgown while asking Michael to show her the correct form when doing sit ups and crunches. Ever so wickedly seductive, she imagined her nightgown climbing higher up her thigh to expose more than a son should ever see of his mother. She imagined her knees parting and her flashing him her pussy when trying to sit up with him holding her ankles. Giving him a great up nightgown view between her legs, she imagined trying to do crunches with her knees bent upward and her trimmed, blonde pussy on full display. With her nightgown straps falling from her shoulders to her forearms, she imagined giving him perfect down nightgown views of her tits every time she struggled to sit up doing crunches.

Then, surprising even her, she imagined his erect cock poking out of his pajama bottoms. When she stood from her kneeling position she accidentally on purpose pulled down his pajama bottoms. With his big, hard, hairy cock right there only inches from her hungry mouth, she imagined wrapping her fingers around his cock to stroke him before taking him in her mouth to suck him. Yet, even though Christine bakırköy türbanlı escort thought that was a good idea too and a great way to flash her son her pussy and tits while doing sit ups and crunches, she didn’t want to copy Carol by asking Michael to help her exercise.

* * * * *

Instead, following Kathy’s plan to expose her naked body to her son, she imagined stepping out of the shower and walking around the house wearing just a towel that barely covered her big breasts, round, firm ass, and blonde, trimmed pussy. With him staring and leering at her naked body beneath her towel, when he least expected it, she imagined accidentally on purpose dropping her towel. Naked, naked, naked, she imagined being naked in front of her son.

“Oops. Please don’t look at my naked body. I’m so very embarrassed. Please avert your stare Michael,” she imagined saying to her son while being slow to react to cover her naked body with her towel.

Standing there naked longer than necessary while feigning shocked surprise that her son was seeing her tits, her pussy, and her ass, how perfect would that flash be for her to do. Who knows? Maybe her son would flash her his cock in that way too. Maybe in the way that Jimmy stole her towel and tickled her, Michael would steal her towel and tickle her too. In the way that Jennifer and Carol saw their son’s cocks, she wouldn’t mind seeing her son’s prick. Yet, even though she thought that dropping her towel was a good idea too, she didn’t want to copy Kathy by dropping her towel at the most opportune time to flash her son her naked body.

Instead, Christine had something else planned for Michael. She had plans on flashing him her two most valuable possessions, her humongous, double D breasts. In the way he’s always staring at her tits, no doubt, he couldn’t wait to see them, to feel them, and to suck them. In the way that she loved the attention from him staring at her breasts, she couldn’t wait to flash him her tits, her areolas, and her nipples.

* * * * *

It was a hot day and Christine was lounging out by the pool drinking and laying in the hot sun in her itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, white, nearly see-through bikini. Because she was so petite, a cheap date, being that it didn’t take more than two drinks to get her tipsy, she already had a nice buzz. Difficult to find a bikini top to fit her massive 34 double D breasts, especially with her being a 34 on the bottom too, and with her tiny 22 inch waist, she had the perfect hour glass figure. Only, her hour glass figure would need extra glass on the top to house her enormous boobs. Figuring she’d give Michael a surprise show of her breasts, she wore her little, barely there bikini, the one that wore like a second skin, the one that barely covered her giant boobs, and the one that turned totally transparent when wet.

Only with her having two drinks, because she was so petite, her having two drinks was like someone larger having four drinks. Moreover, with her wearing her white, transparent bikini, especially after telling him she couldn’t get her bikini wet, she knew that her son, Michael, would pick her up and throw her in the water. Always touching her, hugging her, touching her, feeling her, and holding her, especially when he’s drunk and horny, he’s always picking her up, not a difficult thing for him to do when he’s so big and she’s so tiny.

Because she’s so petite and cute, he’s always picking her up and carrying her around in his arms. He enjoys walking around with her and walking her by the full length mirror, especially when she’s wearing a short skirt, no doubt, in the hopes that he’ll see her panty clad pussy and ass. Now with her nearly naked, if he was to pick her up while she wore her barely there bikini, she knew he’d be copping cheap feels of her ass and her tits.


As soon as she heard her son’s car pull in the driveway, as if lifting the curtain on a Broadway show, she undid her top and got on her stomach. As if she was laying on top of two, foam pillows, her big tits squished out the sides of her. Not wasting any time in flashing her son, the fear that she’d change her mind about flashing him made her want to flash him her breasts as soon as he entered the backyard looking for her. At the very least and if nothing else, and even if she chickened out, she’d give him a good view of the sides of her squished tits and her bikini clad ass.

“Mom? Mom? Where are you?”

“I’m out back,” she said through the back screen door.

Just as she planned, as soon as he entered the backyard, she waited until he got a good look at her in her barely there bikini before she sat up while tying her top. With her bikini bra not very supportive and with the weight of her breast overwhelming her bikini bra, she knew that as soon as she made the move to tie her top that the bottoms of her heavy breasts would escape her skimpy bikini bra. With her slow to react bakırköy ucuz escort while busy talking to him and while tying the top of her bikini around her neck, she knew that her breasts would be exposed long enough for him to see what he was hoping to see.

“Do you want me to rub some lotion on your back,” he said staring down at all that she was already showing.

“No, I’m getting up,” she said. “I’ve been out in the sun long enough. I don’t want to burn.”

This was it. This was really it. She couldn’t wait to flash him her breasts, her nipples, and her areolas. She couldn’t wait for him to see her tits. She couldn’t wait to see his reaction to him seeing her big boobs. Thinking about doing this for a long time, but never having the nerve to cross the incestuous line, and with Julia and her five daughters giving her the reason to expose herself to her son, she couldn’t believe she was about to flash Michael her tits.

As if she was a sexy, busty stripper and he was a horny, paying customer, with her breasts escaping the bottom of her bra, his eyes went straight down from her pretty face to her big tits. She didn’t even have to look down at herself to know that her tits were fully exposed. By his focused stare, she knew that he was seeing something of her that he’s never seen before and shouldn’t be seeing now.

Suddenly feeling like the sexy woman she used to be, she couldn’t believe she flashed her son her tits. She did it. She really did it. Something she’ll masturbate herself over later, she couldn’t believe the sexually excited reaction he had on his face. Obviously he enjoyed seeing her big breasts as much as she enjoyed showing him her big breasts.

Wait until she tells the girls what she just did. She did it. She really did it. She couldn’t believe she just flashed her son her tits. Now she couldn’t wait to masturbate herself over the focused stare and sexually excited look that he had on his face when seeing her tits for the first time.

If it wasn’t for the alcohol removing her inhibitions, she never would have flashed him her breasts. She couldn’t wait to see the looks on all of their faces when she told her five, best friends that she flashed Mark her tits. Now if it was this easy to flash her son her tits, maybe she’ll flash her friends’ sons her big tits too. Oh, my God, so sexually excited that she was turning into the sexy slut she once before she was married, when was when so hungry for cock, she couldn’t wait to flash her friends sons her huge breasts too.

“Oops, don’t look. Please don’t look at my tits. Oh, my God, this is so very embarrassing,” she said acknowledging that she was so exposed and that he was looking, staring actually, at her exposed breasts. “Oh my God,” she said reaching down to pull her bikini bra over her enormous breasts. “You didn’t see anything did you?”

“Enough,” he said with a dirty laugh. “You have huge boobs Mom,” he said with a shit eating grin. “Wow!”

“Thanks,” she said, “but you shouldn’t be looking at my boobs. I’m so very embarrassed that you saw my breasts. A little slow to react, had I not had those two drinks, I would have tied my bra before they escaped.”

“Sorry, Mom, but I couldn’t help from staring when they fell out of your bikini bra,” he said still ogling her in her bikini before changing the subject. “The pool looks inviting. I’m going to change in my trunks and go for a swim,” he said turning his attention to the pool. “Do you want to join me for a swim?”

“No. I can’t. Not in this bathing suit,” she said looking down at herself before looking back at him to catch him staring at her as if she was an open bar at an Irish wedding. “With this more of a tanning bikini than it is a swimming bikini, my swimsuit turns so very transparent when wet,” she said slowing sliding her hands down her big breasts. “You’ll see everything I own,” she said.

She gave him a naughty laugh, a sexy look, and a subtle hint of what she hoped he’d do in pushing her in the water. She finished the last little bit of her second drink while waiting for Mark to reappear wearing his swim trunks. So wicked in her incestuous desire for her son, she couldn’t believe that after flashing him her tits she that she was thinking about flashing him the rest of her body.

* * * * *

With him in the house and with her still outside, reeling and sexually aroused after flashing him her tits, not ready to stop there and in the sexy mood to do more, she planned her next move. Encouraging her to be even more seductive and sexy in teasing him, she couldn’t believe the sexually excited look on his face when he saw her double D’s. Knowing that he’d try something, she wanted to be prepared when he came back outside. Figuring that he’d pick her up and throw her in the pool, she wanted to check the water to see how cold it was. Now that she told him that her bikini turns totally transparent, she knew that he’d want to get her all başakşehir escort wet. She wore that particular bikini for that expressed reason of subtly and accidentally showing him her naked body.

While waiting for her son to appear behind her, she squatted down by the edge of the pool. Knowing he’d push her in the water, she timed it perfectly that he’d catch her at the edge of the pool reaching down to feel the temperature of the pool water. As soon as she heard him coming up behind her, she stood and turned to face him too late. With her teetering on the edge of the pool, and with just a gentle nudge to her shoulders that had the heels of his hands coming in contact with her big boobs, he pushed her in the water.

“Michael no! Don’t,” she said feigning her struggle by feebly grabbing his arm.

Too late. Losing her balance, she was already in the water. As if she was wearing a bathing suit made of cellophane, she knew that he could see the color of her skin right through her suit. Wanting him to see all of her, she climbed out of the pool to watch his eyes staring at all that she was showing and all that he was seeing. With his eyes going right to her pink, erect nipples, she watched his eyes move down to her blonde, trimmed patch of pubic hair. Having practiced this move in the mirror with a wet bikini long before he came home, she knew that he could see her tits, her nipples, her areolas, her patch of blonde, trimmed public hair, and her ass crack when she turned away from him. The perfect garment to flash her sexy body to him, she knew that he could see more of her body in this wet bikini than he could see of her if she was wearing her sheerest and sexiest nightgown.

“Sorry Mom. You were right. Wow! That bathing suit is totally transparent,” he said staring at her tits and ogling her pussy. “I can see all of you as if you’re naked.”

Denying him any more of a view, she covered herself with her hands and forearms.

“Please get me a towel,” she said with feigned attitude. “I’m cold. In the way that you’re leering at me, I feel so exposed. I really do feel naked. I’m so very embarrassed,” she said. “How could you do that to me after I told you that I couldn’t get this bikini wet? Oh, my God, Michael. How can you look at me like that? I’m your mother and you make me feel so naked.”

“Why wouldn’t I push you in the water after you told me that you couldn’t get your bikini wet,” he said with a dirty laugh. “Besides, you have nothing to be embarrassed about Mom,” he said with leering look. “You have a beautiful body, a better body than some of the women I’ve dated. And they all would give anything to have your tits,” he said.

“Thank you but that’s quite enough about my body and about my tits. With you my son and me your mother, you’re making me feel uncomfortable,” she said playing the modest, moral mother that she wasn’t.

If only he knew how sexually aroused she was in exposing her nearly naked body to her son, she wondered what he’d say.

Only, instead of grabbing her a towel, he grabbed her. Picking her up, with one hand feeling the side of her breast and his other hand coming in contact with her Spandex clad ass, he jumped in the water with her in his arms.

“Cannonball,” he said laughing.

“Michael no!”


Once in the water together, he came up behind her and wrapped his big arms around her slim waist. With his chin resting on her shapely ass, he paddled her around the pool as if she was his personal floatation device. With his mouth so very close to her pussy, she imagined him licking her. With her breasts resting on his forearms and with her already having had two glasses of wine, while knowing that he was getting a view of her naked body through her transparent bikini, she was quickly becoming sexually aroused. Her nipples were already pushing against her bra and if she wasn’t already wet by the pool water, she’d be wet with her vaginal secretions. Then, as if it was meant to be, he turned his hands palm up and cupped her big tits through her bra. Glad that he was, she couldn’t believe he was feeling her tits.

“Michael!” She swatted at his hands while laughing with glee but he didn’t remove them from her breasts. “Are you having fun feeling me?”

“Damn, you have big tits Mom,” he said squeezing her firm breasts before sliding his slow hands across the impressions her nipples made in her bikini bra.

“Please don’t do that,” she said swatting at his hands again.

“Don’t do what?” Playing Mickey the dunce, he slid two, slow fingers across her nipples.

“That. Don’t finger my nipples,” she said. “Please don’t finger my nipples.”

This time instead of sliding slow fingers across her nipples, he pulled them out with his thumb and index fingers.

“Your nipples are so big Mom,” he said. “They’re huge.”

“Oh, my God, Michael, if only you weren’t my son, I’d allow you to not only have your wicked way with my tits but also with the rest of my body,” she said looking down at his hands. “I’ve been alone for so long. I have needs too, you know.”

“I’m sorry Mom,” he said running his hand between her legs and stopping only to cup her pussy through her bikini bottom.

“Michael! Oh, my God, you mustn’t do that,” she said wishing that he’d continue and never stop.

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